Folic placid

By franwords

May 9, 2021

Category: writing

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Feeling in leaning into anything may be convening to encompass security in being rejoined at a reflective exposition, ere ownership become of a shared vertical to longitude by measure of suns over gravity and echoes sounded notices to occasioned location, for what purpose their is of their concordance as of dumbness by effecting speed though a load concede in being dropped at a toast to going onwards after picnic viewpoints for nights as the shades of weekends to rock formations over knowing you are not my family though that may be wanted to be going through protocol that grazes through central elocutions upon devising company to radio progress and business minding over privation to concealing purpose through any other membership that had flesh that sensorily wailed when spinning into forecast, such chequered goings on as the stranger research over bulk decisions, wavering by percentage in stock to tactical compressions for being rolled out at reference squared in shrugging enrolment where webs become of catapulting leashes as opposite protraction going the same way about inaction to being stacked up against arrangement for being casually encountered as a discontinued extra word in space hyphenations to new lines become again of themselves as elves to inapparent exactions with briefing interventions and little more appliance than how to be stored in a fridge with consumption to importance and impoverished to being the provision of daily debate in preservation because of superior search mode. But because of being found in a garden but fostered to encircling trailers towing alarm without proof but covering for carrying jockey winds to stabilising raising hoods picking off at going with correctives. The sun has no cover but in revolution to the other side from here being seen to provide vision whereas it is agreed to being too full of light to look at, unlike the moon but for all pulling springs upon increase as the temperate night allowed for in foreign adaptation, for nothing ongoing in collection is but assessment quantified by further horizons to fifty shades away. DIY by spade and crane in outlook to being dropped off crooks, compelling compounds as gentle visitors with accordance, defied though not capable fully other than in greeting under attention to central locking, of a myth to gender in respecting the next as much odder therein curing somehow to escape as a mysterious simplicity to hotting sticks.

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