May 05


woke at fifve thirty and made onions. One thirty since the switch out, fuour hours. This is the gradvalax for breakfast, 8.45 since the 6.50 departure.

6.50 211
7.30 Gatwick Express
8.00 Gatwick
8.30 breakfast

There are hot lights under the marble counter, the woman on the train I know her I know her. Sitting ferreted next to a red jacked ted lady on her way to Missouiri, already proclaimed luxury as hope for aus all. Not knowing american history and professing less is unprofessional. She stayed at the Waverly, presuming its the Balmoral. Presuming her son has semester, presuming she’s genuine. Presuming a seventy five year old is just a s sixty five, presuming nudging lbows i s demonstrating. Presuming the harmless encounter, the red jacket was shocked. She wore a husky with smaller squares, she had a nice enough face. I tolk her I had locked my self out of my luggage. At least with hills you know where you are. It hink you should n’t eat meat twice a day. I think about her son’s course. After ten years of living in London I’m still enquiring at all the ticket booths. Fluent travel is

Crieff Hydro has changed again, the swimiming pool is aqua marine. Crieff Hydro is full of swimmers, the people are moving in lanes. The tatmosphere is humid and there are green cow slats round the lip of the pool. The persuasion to buy happens before and after, the money goes through and then its up to you. This is Scottish courage, therer are bamboos in thepot. The twizzles in the ear are excetptikons to hear. This is Jean’ s home, she does yoga here. Jean is n’t here anymore. The

2nd May

The wedding at the George is going to be held on a Wednesdayl, the waitress says its a bit strange. The haddock and kipper are delicious and there are new Marks and Spencers pants and socks in the bag. The breakfast room is beautiful pink, all morning after for prettiness in the morning. The man on the bench drops his green bottle under it. dffffffffffffffffffffffffddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. The parking ticket on rose street gets blown down into the dashboard crevice. The bench man touches his cap and walks ofn, the bottle has blown to the other side of the path, even though it is big. Old people don’t look like they drink from bottles. The wedding I went to the Gat the George was apparently mine, the waitress was called Anette. The wedding was my wedding, who went is to suspect. The pants and socks were nineteen pounds. The sun is out and beautiful, its a rose day. No hanging around at the George despite the service of breakfast. Sitting inthe car before an interview, there’s a golden retriever with a breast strap. There goes a cyclist in a luminous helmet. The man in blue walks from right to left, there are three walking joggers.

Saturday 5th

Pole dancing iisn’t likely here. Everyone mentions the pole and th e sweat, the hobby abehind the park landscape. The Claudian aspect of entertatainment ahs aesthetics and prosthetics, the aproval. Mould is the feminist wheeze. Who are the four by fours at the Morrison’s turning, and what are they eoing? fhWithout fully apprecialteing the situatioh, Caroline shitas because of the slide show and the citgatette butts. Why doesnt’ they typing work and what is twrong with the computer?

sdfwefsfewaf ewaef re ergaee aeg erg err

It’s the same place when the countryside hears of silhouette faults, the dog responds to the chthtrhtrhrhtrthrtrtyrtyrty treistess, teh card is still up side odown.

The Spirit in th the Bottle

There was once a poor woodcutter who toiled from morn till late at hight. At last when he had managed to save some nmoney, he sai to his son, ‘You are n only child. I will now spend the money that I have earned fom the sweat of my brwo on hor education. If you learn something honest, you will be able to support me in my old age, when my libms have grown stillff and I must sit at home all day.’

So the boy went to college and worked hard, so much so that hea earned his masters’ praise and stayed there fo some time. When he ahd studied at several schools, but was not yet perfect in all things, the pilittle pittance that his fatehr had earned ran out, and the young man was forced to return home. ‘S|Ah,’ said the fathersowrrowfuly, ‘there’s nothing more I can give you and in this tiem of dearth, I can’t earn a farthing more than our daily bread.’ Dear faterh,’ answered the son. ‘Please don’t troucble your mind aout it. If it is God’s will, it will all turn out ofor the best. I will soon adudst to it somehow.’

When the father was about to go out into the forest to earn some moeny by choppong wood and selling it in bundles for firewood, the son said., ‘I’ll come along and help you.’

“Oh but my son,’ said the father. ‘You will find it orough going. you’re not used to heavy work, and you won’t stand it for long. Besides I have only one eaxe and no money to buy another with.’
Go to our neighbout suffested the son. ‘He will lend you an axe till I have earned enought to buy one for myself,’
So the father borreoed tan axed from nhis neighbour and, next morning at daybreakd they went out into the forest together. Teh son helped his fatehr at daybreak, they went out into the forest together. The son helped his faterh and was quite nibmle and energetic doing the work. Soon the sun was right oberhead and the fatehrs aid, ‘We will have a rest and take our middeay meal. After that we will get on as well as ever.’
The son took his bread in his hand and said, ‘You have a rest, father, I am not tired. I woll wander about and look for birds’ nests.’
‘Oh you foolish boy said the faterher ‘Why do you want to move about?’ You will be tired and will no longer be able to evern reaise your arm. Stay here, and sit down beside me.’
However, the son did go into the forest. He ate hisb ead there, was very cheerful and peered among the green branches to see if he might discover a next. He went there and there till at last he came upon an awesone oak, which cerainly was many hundreds of years old. Not evern five men could have spanned it with their arms outsteteched. He stood loooking at tis and thinking, ‘’Many a bird must have build tits nezt here.’
All of a sudden, he thought he ehard a voice. He ilistened and heard someone calling with a tryly muffled soud, ‘Let me out, let me out!’
He looked all round bu t discovered nothing., tyet the voice seemed to be coming from underground.
Then hd called bac,k, ‘Where are you?
The voice answered, ‘I am held belwo near the roots of the oak. Let me out, let me out!;
the sutdent atstareted dlearing the space under the tree looking aoubt among the roots till at last he foud a glass bottle in a small hollow. He lifted it up and held it to the light. Tehn he saw a thing shaped like afrog leaping up and down inside it.
‘Let me out, let me out! it cried again, and the student, with no thought of evil, loottook the plug out of te tobbttle. At onece a spirit rose out of it, and started to grow, nad grew so fast that in a few moments he stood before the sudent half as tall as the rtree by which he swas standing.
‘Do you know’ it creid in ta truly terrible voice, ‘what your reward is for leting me out?|
‘NBo,’ answered the student fearlessly, ‘how should I know?
‘I will tell you, creid the giant. ‘I shall have to brek your neck for freeing me.’
You ourhgt to ghave been told me before,’ answered the student, ‘then I should have left you shut inside. Byt my head shall stand firm for all you can do. This is an affair of more people thant one. ‘ ‘
‘Nore peoiple here, more people hethere’’ciried the spirit, ‘You shall have your due reward. Do you imagine that I was shut up in there for such a long time for a favour? No, it was my punishment, I am the ghight mighty Mercurious. Whosoever lets me out must have his neck broken.’
‘gGo easy onot sof ast,’ answere the thyoung man. ‘I can hardly beolieve that it was you wyho shwas shut in that boall bottle, and that you are a real spirit. If you really can get back into the bottle, I will bleive you and then you can have your way and do with me as you like.’
‘That’s but a trifling trick for me, ‘ said the spirit haughtlkly . He wdrew himseflf up and made himself as thin and small as he ahsd been before, then he crept throught thenceck of the bottle. Scarecely was he in than the youhg man pressed in the cork he had dreawn out, and threw the tbottle under the roots of the oak back to where it had been before. So doing, he got the better of the spirit.

Thge student wanted to go bak to his father, but the spirit cried so plaintively, ‘Oh, do let me out! Do let me out!’
‘no, sa

Sunday 7th

It was the sixth yesterday, cout th e seventh. The sevetnth day adventists have a pool in Crieff. The birds in the garden are farm ore varied in the garden. the fox on the island has had its den sorted out, they got shot lyesterday and the day before. The mist is on the park theis morning, the sun isn’t as bright as it was on Friday. the lameness of Torvil has been resolved, she onlysnagged her shoulder. the lady in Crieff gave me the bank card back up side down because of London and the princess card. Thee man on th e Sama Glen was followed by a car on the way back from Fort cottage, the speed is questionable. The It is far easier to tdo number tw before number one when going to the loo. This is anti social. Ear picking its also anti social, find the wax. /there is less intrusion in hthe countryside, peiople don’t stress the point. Nobody really knows about the number two and the number one in the swest wing. The cure to being perfect is to dcarry on regardless. The fortress is a faithful heart, the climb is suffering. The result on tragedy is having a birthday. The corner of the lip may have scabs. The tenant farmer ahas been evicted, thank goodness. The room darkens when the swimming costume is a leotard. The rain has fallen. The sky brightens. The hunt isn’t on today. The all round confusion of ownership identifies motherhood as the sibling. The compromise of brotherhood is retrieving, are we all exceptions? The man on the Sma Glen was skateboarding. The cough in the corridoor could be femaile. The similarity of behaviour in all the housemates is predictable. The essential difference tbetween relations is negotiable. The habit os smoking is distinctive. The spread of butter on toast is diminutive. The email says problably love you. This could be wa whole load of acaboodle. The seimming pool would hgas hte child. The belly is thinking of hungry. The

answered the scholar, ‘ not a second time! Once caught again I would not let out anybody who has sought to deprive eme of my life’. ‘set me free,’ cried the spirit’ and I will give oyou such riches that you will haveenough for th rest of your life.’
‘No,’ answered the scholar. ‘You will cheat me the same as you did the first time.’ ‘You are throwing awa y our good fortune,’ said the spitrit. ‘I won’t harm you i anyw ay but will give you a rich reward.’ The scholar thoug, ‘I will risk it. Perhaps he will keep

Monday 7th

Who cares about Dean gardens and walking over the bridge? Who cares about going doiwn the path to hear about the otter on the stone? Who cares about getting into the gate without seeing the car go past? How did it happen? Who cares aobout going the long wyay round, who cares aobout the method of sound/?Who cares about the jealousy of a picture of fashion, the carriage of a young girl with a dog on the path? Who cares that walking out on a Sunday afteronoon in the town is more than a billowy gown?

his word, and I am always a match for him.’
thereupon he took out the stopper, and the spirit asceneded as hedid the previous time, blew himself up in all directions, and bcame as biga s a giant. ‘Now you shall have your reward,’ he said and handed the sudent a msmall piece of trag, just lika p laster, and said, ‘If you rub a woudnd with the ne ened, the wound heals. And if you pass over steel or iron with the other en it will turn them into silver.’
I’ must try it first,’ saidt eh student and he went up to a tree, tore off a pice of brk with hi axed and smeared it with one end of the plaster. At onece it closed togetherand was healed.
‘Well, you have spoken the truth,’ he said to the spirit, ‘and now we can part.’ The spirit thanked him for his deliverance, and he in turn thanked the spirit for his gift, and returning to his fateher ‘Where have you been roaming?\ hjis father solded him. ‘How did you come to gforget your work? I knew ffrom the first you would be a good-for -nothing.’ ‘Don’t worry, father, I will make up for it. Look, I am going to chop that tree down./’ He took the plsaster, smeared the axe with it and dealt the tree a powerful blow. But the iron axe head had turned into silver, and the edge was gtoo soft. ‘Look here, father, what a bad axe wyou’ve given me, it is no good at all.’ The father got a fright and said, ‘Oh, what have you done now? I’ll have to pay for th e axe and I do’t know how I can. That’s all the good I have got from your work’ “” Don’t get angyry,’ answered the son. ‘Anyhow I will pay for the axe.’ ‘Oh, you silly ass, ‘ cried the father. ‘Where will you get the money to pay for it/ You have nothing beyond what I give you. Theses are students’ pranks sticking inyou rhead, but of wood-cutting you have no idea.’ A momen t later, the son said, ‘Father, you see I can work nno more. We’d better call it a day.\ W’What’’! he erplied, ‘D o you mean to say I should sit with my hadd i my lap like you? I must go on working, you can pack up and go home.’ ‘Father’pleaded the student. ‘I am in th e wood for the fitst ime and I don’t iknow wmy way alone. Please come along with me.’ His anger abated, the father finaly allowed himself to be preersuaded and woent whome with hi s son. Then he said to the boy,’ “Go and sell the swretched axed and mind you get something for it. The rest I must earn and pay my eneighbour.’ The son took the axe into the town to ta silversmith. He tested it, alaid it on the scales and said,, ‘It is worth foru hundred thalers but I haven’t got as much in cas. ‘ the son said, ‘Give me what you’ve got. I will wait for therest.’
The silversmith gave him three hundred thalers, and remained a hundred in his debt. Then the son went home and aid , ‘Father, I have tgot th e money, Go and ask the neighbour what he wants for the axe.\ ‘that I knwo already,’ answered the old man. ‘One htaler and six groshchen.’ ‘Well give him two thatlers and twelve groshcen, and that is double and hsould be enought. See, I have money galore.’ And he hgave his fatehr a hundred thalers, saying, ‘You shall never go sohort again. Live in comfort and easte. ‘
‘My goodness! How have you come by such riches?\ said the father , . Then his son related how it ahad all come about, and how, trusting hin his luck, he had ome to amake such a good bargain. witt the rest of the gold he wen to dcolelege again and continued his studies. And, because he was able to heal all wounds with his plaster, he became the most famous doctor in the world.

Frances appears when Bill Wants, there’s a spell on her time. Frances is beconded in from the garden , out on the lawn, inouhe horse needs trooting up. Frances goes in and out foof rooms and she doesn’t plan what she does, she roams according to next position, she i s a puppet in on a glove. Frances thinks she is independent, she has her traits copied for appeasement. /frances doens’t like the calvocoresci, she only likes the sun. Frances eats broccoli from the lader and philadelphia snack as a sancdwich. Frnces sees the dog bark at tsomething tin the corridoor. Frances has a cigarette and doesn’t feel like a greek goddess. Frances used to be a sex object and she is now a self depracating person that likes saying sorry because she has been more wronged than the exchange. Frances lets people off by doing silly things herself, how could she cope with it. TFrances is Lind a MacArtney’s daughter and is wanting to be proud of it but she is needy. Frances thinks pop groups explain the French Treaty, Frances gets annoyed by what wa asg agreed. Frances thinks she’s been to Malta but shays she hasn’t. Frances thinks she invented Sudoku but says she didn’t. FSoduku is Japanese and Frances is scottish breeze. Frances goes throug h it. Frances has a oribke,m with her utchy scako and has tu own uo tp up to it. Frances types with a cugarette inn her hand and waits for lunch to be ready. Frances otook t the dog for a walk and the dog trod on her on the sleeping steps. Frances has countless things that she doesn ooking into. it. Frances awatis for Saturday and wonders what time she is going to play. Frances could be removed from it and sent to the Edinburhg doctor sho who she hates. The edinburhg doctor is friends with dads and they are all pole vaulters. Frances lets the poe le vaulters stand bakck and remonstrate at awhat Frances got up to with it. Frances doens’t know what she did nad has hno furture plans. Frances is determined to make friends with sands. frces resents standard kindness and wants to be acknowledged as a proiestess. People are only kind to Frances to see how she will get into it. Frances finds her place by dodging and covering utnuy her hguardinasns that she despises at some pitch on the seeswaw. Frances has scales of mild entrails, she leads herself up and down. Frances thinks she could avoid going into town. Frances wants to get back to the city to collect her boyfriend, but where will she meet him? Frances thinks she’ll get stuck in the field and get left to it. Ffrances will be grey ahnd haggard by the time she has staggered . Frances is not tgoing to get drunk and reach taggart.


Chris has been sent an email to see if he is going to take part in my time, he isn’t allowed to respond to emails. Chiris works for an international corporation and cannot intervene. Chiris is in invisible competition with Colin for som e reason because of Dean gardens. There are lots of options in non essential situations, the words like probably that mean desperation. The real prophet about keeping up with it means guessing it, and the participation with radio tunes means singing along at nany time of day. Who is the natural behaviourist when it comes to caraoke? Who is the natural behaviouris t when it comes to what’s best for you? The ;best way to improve with living in th Louvre is to smile ack from the wall and hope a sale doesn’t come of it. There is ro vbbery to hpe for when Sir Galahad and Guinevere make there lessons clear, they must be going somewhere. Bird ont he wing makes headway on a spring, there are more people when things hatch and plans rae relevant to the vulture snatch. Commit adultery for more babysitters and be a pplied to be,g et a job. The belonging of looking after looks after before it goes free. How many people have been lefft off the list, and who is burning to get on the bus” Nothing signals from the moribund boddy of topiary, roots aresupposedto be clipped on the wire. Thereis a film about a bird onte wire and the answer is telephones. Three are no forms of communatication when the imagination roams. The only way that dreamers vs to sit among hay and wait for attle. The onlyy way that people may ke hay is to get hot in a french painting. The only wrway to write a good play is to write the reviews before hand. The only way to get admittance to the band is to

Everyone talks the same in the house with no name. There is only room for one. In the hose with no name there are lots of squatters, all passing the butter in the same way in alternate frames. in the house with no nae, the name is the house, the orooms lead off. In the house of no name the coming and going are forms of scoff. In the house with no name the address is the same, it says so ion the invitation. In the house with no name the bathwater is hardly dirty, everyone is clean In the house with no hname the heroins live. In the house with no name, exoperience is the seive. In the house with no name there are addicts to the game. In the house with no name thre are masses of other people beign the same. The hose with no name is a clone of small gain. What tdo the inhabitants do in the houwe with no name? The inhabitants wear gloves but not as good as mine. The inhabitants wear shrugs but not half thetieme. The inhabitants in the house of no name itnermingle like the stacked pringle. The inhabitants with no name live in the house with no name, all history. The inhabitants fit inside hte lain down in terms of deciding what is the noun. Acocording to what Jacobite did, right of way is next to the bid. The bi is only a modern technology, crurrency lies with the house of no name. The house of non name has a grand name, onpoen to h house of no name is a public enquiry. The house of no name is known about town, the house of no name is often in the countryside. The hose of no name had one good man and the rest were faults. Along the cracked faults of houses with no names, streests exist as conburbations. The house of no name has peoples not doorknobs. ths house of no nname has inanimate objects. The houwe of no name has bibles fof pain, but the majority turn is always surviving. The house of no name hope talent will come again. The hose of no name can see to it. Where is sir Galahad?

The house with no name is legend to strain, the house of no name had a lawyer and a rproctor. The hose of no name has measures of disdain. There are intolerable lives with stresses on skives. The house of hno name has occasional offshoots athat sthrive with temptation to break old code and exemption. The ants suck the odd exception to breed in the melting pot. The house with no name has bto begin again. Everyone has in the house of no name, everyone has talents. The house with no name with infamous name has wares and ties leadding y to it. Hansel and Grettle went for theshortcake too, it tiurned them to stop wandering amongst the wood with no loo. The house wit no name is just like the witch cottage, there are biscuits all round. The house with no name has a captial icty. The capital city is almost as pretty. The house with no name is prettier than the cityy although helathy outdoors are tiresome with potential. The house with no name has maidens to gain. How is

In the house of no name, he was only Cuhthber.t In the house of no name, he was only Hubert. Cuthebert went out with the monks, only John. John stood in for Cuthbert, only John. John went everywere, only john. John went Georgian,George the third. In the house of no name, certainly kingdom. In the house of no mname, Cuthbert and Forge, minding the blacksmith to make pearly gates. In the manner of Griselda, making the stakes, standing alof t of enjoyment by stride. In the manner of houses the vintage from France, the house with no name by the grape of good gain. In the house of no name the briars are roses, the hose with no name to stake jumops from car tyres. Nigel lives in nearby mechanic, hies name not no name but not surname either. Int he hose with no name a spaniel for dog, a labrador or not chase wart hog. Julies do warthogs, surprising to Judes, the chase of the pig and the hoover exudes. Suck up the dirt for a truffle to eat, Michael is rowing his boat on the street. The house iwth no name is a number no more. The houseseaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees house with no name canget stcratched in the face. The house with no name a lottery card, just scrape the foile to unpeel butter not lard. The house with no name expels the ultimatum;. Being in the calm and the state of possession. Keeping things at bay doesn’t want for the stray. Althought the dream sits it is idle for picks.

Frances is unsurprisingly cruel by hitting the puppy that treads on her face. frances isn’t Barbarea Woodhouse. The puppy is damaged by the confusion, not getting training masks the delusion. n

anna wasn’t supposed to get off unless she sold a picture. anna sold a picture because Bill knew. Ebay does tradin g for Beanos and catalogues, Ebay sends the goods by the post. Ebay doesn’t live in the park or tehe house, that’s where it lives. Ebay is a place that buyers live from it to it. Buyers become sellers over time.

Seller = Goods


Tuesday 9th

Friday 12th.

White to the lady on the street twith the bank, white echoes to rungs up from Tesco’s. Whtite to the vllage that is largely white, white from London white from L plates and knives and forks. White from Empire of the Sun

Wars came early to shanghai, overtaking each other like the tides that raced up th Yangtze and returned to this gaudy city all the coffins cast adrift from the funeral pers of the Chinese Bund. Jim had begun to drema of wars. At night the same lient films seemed to flicker against the wall of his bedroom in Ameherst Avenue, and transorformed his sleeping mind into a deserted newsreel theatare. During the wninter of 1941 everyone in Shanghai was showing war films. Fragments of his dream followed jim around the ity’; in the foyers of department stores nad hotels the imagees of dunkirk and Tobruk, Barbarossa and the Rape of Nanking sparang loose from his crowded head. To jim’s dismay, even the dean of Shanghai Cathedral had equipped himself with an antique projector. After morning eservice on Sunday, 7th December, ethe eve of the Japanese attack on Pearl harbor, the choirboys were stopped before they could leave or home and were arched down to the crypt. Still wearing their cassocis, sthey sat in a row of deck-chairs requisitioned from the Shanghai Yacht Club and watched a year-old March of Time.

Thinking of his unsettled drams, and puzzled y their missing sound0-track, Jim gtugged at his furffed collar. Teh organ voluntary drummed like headache throught eh cement roof and the screen trembled with the familiar images of tank battles an aerial dogfifhts. Jim was eager to prepare for the fancy-dres sChristmas party bieng held that afternoon by Dr. Lockwood, the vice-chairman of the British Residents’ Association. there would be the drive through the Jampanese lines to Hungjao, and then Chinese conjurors, fireworks and yet more rnewsreels, but Jim had his own reasons for wanting to go to dr lockwood’s party.

the old post office
highland road
fowlis wester

Combe Florey Auberon Waugh

Monday 15

It feels like an abortion o wake up on Monday morning. It feels aborted to sit back upon the fence. It feels hollow to think that there’s no oe there, it feels aborted to have anyy cares. Aborted to the justice of seamstress, the problem of allegaince, the belly of holding down the tike, the posstponement. leave the union till later, put off the encoutner. Exhaustion in the night looks to Scotland in the fight. What was wrong with the law of setting on? what was wrong with show business, showing the goods with a one month turf. What was wrong with the

Post Office House
Fowlis Wester

Controlling hands of the Waste lands. Whose hands are these? What crunches and shakes and hits and waits, the hands of saying hello. What does the rude to final prude, expelling bleach so bold? What holds and squeezes, crushing the wheezes, fingers from the stumps? Whose fingers grow from scythe to blow, harvesting the freizes? Whose hands are clean where keys are held, whose place is underseated? What does the quest of shaded test, what does the pen write? This girl with hands has soot to brush, this girl has tested mush, mush. this girl this me, this idle fee, doing then supposes. Yes please! Hit the dog down and presume winded, hit the dog, only the dog. It was only the pup that got downward sended, only the pup called Abba, there was no other. There was no other, dialed a deceased number. There was no other, ex directory, line gone dead to next exactly. There was no other to the hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, thit, hit, hit hit, only onle hit back. Only one hit, the predcious hit, the one hit, hit. The hit hit the thit after the hit hit hit, the hit hit said hit hit, the hit. After so many hits, a smaller mhit, a hit and another hit. After so many hits, mostly reel reel, hit and then reel. the reel of the hit cast a fish net, the hit caught a fish, the hit hit fthe fish. The hit about the hit fluttered like a fish, hit on the stone. the thit hit the hit and the hit hit hit. the hit thit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hi t hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit thi hit hit hit hit hit hit hit. She got hit, I got hit, they said who got hit, she hit.

htit the horese, hit the coke, hit the smoke. Hit the hit the hit hit. Hit the hat hit hat, punch it through to make it that. Hit the time, hit the den, thit the men. hit the fine, hit the pine, hit the pen. Hit the trhyme, hit the vine, hit the stem. hit the rap hit the tap hit the crap. hit the hit the thit the thit hte hit the hit the hit. the hit the hit the hit the thit the hit thit hit hit hit hit hit the hit. the hit the hit the hit the thit the hit, hit me. Hit thees, thit thee, hit me, hit thee, thit thee hit me hit the e thit me hit thee hit hthee hit thee thit thee hit thee hit hthee hit thee hit hthee hit thee hit thee hi t thee hit thee hit thee hit the thee thee thee the e thee thee thee thee thee thee thee thee, see.
Key to see, hit. got that, hit. Got that bit, hit. hit that hot hat. Hit that hot pat. Hit that hot sat. Hit that thtat that that that that that that that tht that that that that that that that that take that. Hit that hot hat heart, he it hart. Hit hot hat hut het. hit sing s with vowels, hit songs with trowels. Hit not touch, tool, hutch. Hit bar hit bear, hit claw. hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit. Under hit, forearm, tennis, unerhit forearm backhand, hit hand hit ball, hit raquet. hit and hit and hit and game!

Who’s the face of impact, the place of bruise, lying and crouching. Who’s the trace of black and blue with arnica. The Mister and Miss and Misses, title to the starters. Main meals of tips underneath, medal heraldry. On the arm of gneral and officer, hit hips of justified autocue. On the leg of scarper, on the bum of smarter. This violence does just as much as sneaky lines to the black post man, black post man, black man! Underscores to simple actions nudging in the post bag, sending letters home. Incalculable messages are like headlines, they’re relevant to people on site. Everyone else is listens, apparently the battered cod. Everyone else is glistens, apparently breaking sweat. Everyone else is missions, tracking the footsteps. What happens in the stride of the tide, depositions. What happens in highs and lows, daily administrations. News on the hour, chat for power. Hammers and tongs are men in thongs. Little piper keeps getting high, there’s a break down song. Earth is potatoes and vegetable gardens. high is scented on the summer birings. Scent tabs at the airport recieved with thanks and made smart. What’s the difference in ascension when escalators raise what brings? There is information at the end of a struggle, what’s the conclusion? There is information at the start of suffering. There is information in grunts and gasps, curiosity ckilled the cat. Calvin klein is pantsand vests, spare ribs and spaghetti are awkward to eat. I f there is a rope bridge to cross, there is another side. if there is a lap top there is aa a trump card. If there is a code of inquisition, there is fluency as well.

Why is the stubborn place so exact? Meat is good to whack on the table, it brings out the flavour. Thin slivers are weather shivers and short pay rolls with not much in them. Texas is a good Scottish band and the lead singer is called Charlene. The little belly likes the wine. The little fellow is not on his own. The slong ins about sleep, the dream time of being steep. One day the place is fine, in the band is there to dfind. The membrane of feeling is at some distance from receiving. When the thought about spot strikes, film about is from the mikes. What’s the linek to potatoes and vetgetables for poroor Anne of Greengables? What ‘ ths the link between wine and vineyards when all the boozers have ulcers? What’s the link between fury and jury, f a dnd J. fire and mercury, earth to planet penury. Bargaining convincies complication. Lips straighten when they thin. Everyone could be punch in a magazine, everyone could be punch when drunk with grapefruit. Everyone suspects what they can’t see, only tingles on the knee.

Pagragraphs are new submemjects, mediums to talk tresponses. The telephone and the radio have different qualities, the radio is as clear as a bell to the fuzzy felt of handset swell. What grips and what sets depends on reception, the pain barrier is fairly elemental. Hill tops and satellite lineslook between each other like sheep and cattle with plates with beer. Isn’t it funny to say that 8K is only acash? Insn’t it funny to play with relativity. The impact of means and ends are eoncompassed with buying trends, even if the vulture fools as gooseberry.

Hostage games are snakes and ladders, Monoply, Cluedo, Sancuary. waiting for things to settle or passing aball, no games in the hall. Stairs are a good example for landing fumble, the skirting from the sofa to the bed is sitting to lying. Angle anglers trophies wanglers. Cash is on the radio with testicular ratio, he’s talking nuts about pants and hopes the Lazarenes will wwalk. My Lazarenes to thy lazarenes depend on the saspect. Growing pains for Adrian Mole’s. What a waste. Exclamation maark.

Seweeping the past behind with accurate targets

Tuesday 16

Trampoline song. Heading off later to the House of Commons Committee room 11 with Lord Falconer. The silk dress will have to wait until the money comes through. Solid greeen bogies in the nose. n jiThe brightness is remarkable. Hopefully the hti patch ois over bu there’s no telling when it will reemerge. Hopefully the hit patch means wheat it says about tolerance. Hopefully the hit patch will go away like the past, hopefully smoking is a bad habit.


Mark Vickers 07714708701
83700204 Mohammed
Ruth 7386 1169

Human Rights, systms for Afghanistan, stay as long as unsafe to return. Genuine risk of death on re turn finding made before case last week. Predate this government and Human rights act 1988. Amy Bryant . Filter issue human rights of offender rather thatn rights of public. Mr Rice human rights perversion. Chief inspector report to ensure lawyersand public autorityies do not misuse the human rihts. solution not to abandon fbasic commitment to basic freedoms. Obligation of state to protect against daeath or injury. WOffender whposes a threat, convention allows resonse. Annan Mixed response to terrorism. Subscirptionto basic rights, right to heart of democracy. Consensus of framework immesasurably stonger, persue oif context is withdrawn from vconvention. pbublic safety comes first. Ensure independenc of judges not undermined. Apply for informed debate without presssure on judges. Public must be confident safety protected, but democracy is about rihgts.

Not repeal human rights act or the convention on that. Button disctraction of Richard chairman of hansard socity. In changing natue of relationship between judiciary and executive the government moved to greater separation of powers, thre kelements of consitution more separte, fuse system. Timet ot look at slightly greater separaton of executive.

Richard taken steps to split jdiciary executive an parleiament. Should executive had athat poer, split form state and private disputes. Foinal court of appeal separate from parliament as a body. judgees no part of legislature, vital separtion. Neber ahd sep exuecutive an dlegislature, based on political party commanding house of commons. In america separate exec and leg, lead to gridlock, and inability to check waht president does. federation system not syuuinicate separtion. Alla agreed ion issue, slap on wrists for Afghanistan. Deveolve power to parleiment and assembly in scotland, westmister over 80 % represent engiligsh constituency. j jusdge on whether status promotes ounion or not. english only parl would provmote divisive thing. speaker wouljd have to rule on egnlish or scottish provision. one bill some and other issues for voting. public expenditure get percentage on englsand. top p fees, eng and wales impact on expnditure in scotland and wales. scheme to work overlal

human rights and the union, proportional representation to the world. at large intent ofor the sphere of influence. regional bodies deomocratic feed back democratic fdeficeit right for regionla fdecisions making. referendum in onofrth east

lords reform question constituiotnal affairs reposponse, elecotrla form systems, no information in public domanin. progblem with democracy, abparliament abdicated its responsiility. professional nature more allegaince ot party leader than those electors.

lords reform process oconvention fwith a committe for reivew. relationsip betw lords and ommons. remove remaining heredity peers, review compiositonal changes too. related to role across olitica spectrum. the pwower enquiry identified problems, people more engaged in politics butlless engaged and enamorued with political parties. less people engage paarties. 1960s 3 million, now only hundreds of thousands. What they stand for and ability to deal with problems faced at the time. Stand do and deliver the dos. Principles ? Party funding must have confidence of public. Most motivated by alturism and bad motives. not held in hgihg regard, not a good position, The less standing the less influcenc for change. Refuse to equlise age of consent for homosexuals. Parliamtn weakedned fover the ears, bythe Iraq war. Vote in parliament before UK troops were engaged, there was a massive majority. Example give not institution being weakeded, but disagreeing with a long debate’s conslucison. conduct of war by neville chamberlain, consequence fell and someone else conduct war. principle of deployeing troops matterr for the executive. parliament votes ofn troop deployment. Worsley Mp trying to find ways of engaging. Subscribed members but active work? single issue group attractive withouti having to prioritiese. Poitica party has huge list. Often say no or later. More engagemetn needed

sian Healy from the non journalistic part of the BBC. Divert cases rrom magistrrates court, send then to a scentral court instead with ref to tv licenses or deal with bfixed penalites. Need to keep nounpayment a crime , rolls foroyce for every crime?

given bizarre lack of trust and growing disengagement, calls for engagement.

Abolish parleament with an SI?
. Statutory instruments t o reduce burdens. if law comission proposaes approval, rather than fill process legislation, sensible process. drafting about process . Suggest lack of confidence with abilition of monarchy or something. Introudce amendments select committte . could whole house overrule ocmmitee? Extend

Legal servicees reform bill

some of this is plagiarised participation, typing in the loops of words. The main consideration is the sphere of influence of the human right to be elected. The indices of priority amongst extreme activists are hinihilistic, the meaning of which detracts attainment. The foamy contingent to rivers is froth, the foamy contintgent to Guinness is head. The leaders of state compete with advertising to orientate their ordeal to lighten disfavour that self justification owes to poor election. dOverwhelming heroes mark single policy issues, like the mood of win. There may be nothing more to win than a poor loser. Wehn caliber is high, use caliber agiainst it. the effort of trying to appear disingenious is only human. When an overriding fake plays colossus, there is told so to do. when government is embarrassing people leave. When words are other people’s they are deomcratic. When systems are people strategic, Windows could be gates. The flooding number of congratulation dwindles with reluctant saturation. Sin to not enjoy bobs among like the Thames barrier. Being able to keep up with persecution keeps persecution. Being able to reisist water resists quarter. The metronome of hunger swing and drout presuemes that that humans are constant to zones. although being wrong is endearing in children the carver must settle. although not going anywhere is as good as being clever about it not going anywhere.

Wednesday 17th May

To all intents and purposes, a man. Please stand back on the bus, man is steering. man has a pushchair, man has a past that was. Man has a place sto sit, move up a bit. Man shouldn’t behave like a woman, man can. Man calculate what the date is but it could be a fraction. Man acan participate but all things are reaction. Man appears to reflect on the day, sit back and watch it go away. man means to do something about it, means to regard the furniture outlet. Man has promises to keep and thoughts to seep. Man wants a sensible response, words to impart. Man has meetings to attend and watnts to lend. Man has a majority in the ouses of parliament, Man is just like a sergeant. hello man, driving a little van. Man is cute and wants to level shte shoot, play target. Man goes from A to B, man tries to fit his eme. Man juxtaposes his rally for free, man wishes to stand. Woman would sit if she could stand. Man puts his arm behind his back, man is formal even when slack. Man thinks to cross his legs but stays straight in his chir. Man is going everywhere with efficiency. Man ejonjoys the world at large if he is in charge. Man would like to be a godmother, unthreatning, protecting. Man has fdefinitly been somewhere, here he is for interview. Man has an illustrious past, man is closest to the mast, can he rescue Wendy? Man thinks about children’s books more than general permission. Man considers quotas as rules for bells ringing. Man is in charge of statistics, he must be counted but not Transylvannnia. Man thinks Transylvannia is a funny place. Man keeps the light side of things in the red. man gets to grips with things in the red, poor woman on her sluttish bed. Man goes around with the weight of a pound, man values. Man has sympathy with the world of rent for free, man doesn’t want to sponge. Man assumes his house is going around. Man is morose about the burnt of his toast, a ataste he slightly relishes. Man loves wrought iron. Man could build a fire escape, man could build a fireman’s pole. Man plans escapes like a weekend out of London. man socould have his armaround, man could spend voluptuous sound. Man has currencies girls fodon’t dream of. Man has a kinky eye.

man is level headed most of the time, he is not in bed. Man is at the door, greeting instead. Who are all the other men, serve the soundest question. Man is the answer, woman is the question. Man is abreast with current afairs, man is ushering. Man has a popeye boat, signals to the sea’s quayrs. Man doesn’t want to be ctoo close to the sea, even on the shore. Man prefers hill masts and surfing the wave. Man watches the babes and watches the rave. Man could rave and bathe but only for the woman. Man does things siintstead. man is ironing. Man attends colouds of steam, he is on his own. Man attends batchelor beds, more dry cleaning. Man could be smoking. Man could habit the horse onf an ironing board, man could have a hot sword. Manconducts the woman to he r place, one day filling the basket place. Man goes to basket like a woman’s dog. Man waits to be stroked at a certain time. Man fixes his sights with glues and one day rights. Man doesn’t mind doing until woman comes along. Man sees woman before womn sees man, its the plan.

Man swills cofee on his morning. Man isn’t sympathetic to enjoyment. Man appreciates aunt for telling him to slow down. Man is so fast! Man idoesn’t impart many things to his aunt, his aunt already knows, how’s that? Man leaves the aunt to her wise old sayings. Man mantures to the place of grant, his aunt inherited. Man doesn’t interfere with things that ren’t about the spear. Mnan must grapple with Shakespeare. Man gets Shakespeare before woman. Woman wails but doesn’t eat snails. Man enjoys shellfish without worrying about having a tailfish. Man is beckoned by mysteryy. Man dcontends tith complaints of fire. man is not a pyromaniac. Man minds about women’s toilet, man observes. Man sees no hope in woman without toilet nerves. Man sees destruction as the numb force, man wants to learn from woman.

Man is woman where woman is man, reversing duties for the can. Man takes the can for awoman, but not her toilet. Man is first to hold the door, not appreciate the charging whore. man feels leet down tby woman action to axel tension. Woman should waltz through in the arms of man. Man does his best for the woman to rest. Man wants to be tired. Woman expired! It can’t be that hard to be a woman, she must be exhausted. Man doesn’t want to humiliate woman but she is moving. Man is moved when woman is prude. Man is prude to some extent, crossover word. man can make woman laugh. Man appreciates sequence here, he starts the chat to make that clear. Man introduces, woman produces. man produces produces.

Ma n tlieaves things for later, man measures the day for starter. man proportions blame and name, owns up to quantitiy lane. Man sizes up the day to the week, the week to the year. Man is going on to more beer. Man knows he can find it threre. Woman is helpless about her year, more use to things of near. Woman hopes mnan can help with finding tan. Woman holidays more than man, he must relax. Man properly works to let off the woman. man is proper to the seasons. Woman has her reasons. What are they, asks aman? Man’s reasons are obvious. Man wants to provide support but has a line where he reaches nought. Man hadns over to woman. Man is ten days away from Sunday. Sunday is woman’s day, more religious. Man is Saturday precocious. Woman shops on Saturday, sport keeps. Dont’ keep man like sport, man vgets overwrought. What’s the score? Womaniser could implore. Man vesxates when woman tosses her pancakes. man is apat with a frying pan. Man could be convenient, look how he is used. Man has a birthday. Who knows about it? Woman treats man to what she knows, man suffers tougher blows. Man gathers round his toys, hestant to what annoys. Man invests on the next day, woman wants her time to play. Man plays all the time. Get serious! Manshould be on time. Man plays for disappointment, man gives over. Man has a speaker. Man has a megaphone. Man has a megaphone more often, except when shouted tdown. Man gets hen pecked.

Man is oh hell, woman is woops a daisly. Man is half past welve, woman is in the ladies. Man is spread the legs, so is owoman with her pegs. Man is stature spread his legs, so is woman. Man is thatcher spread her legs, how unlikely. Man is alsmost fries, man iis fewer lies. Woman bullshits against man pits, woman is up for grabs. Man is beer on tabs, he collects his lies like spongers. Woman threads beads on her lies, says prayers. Man deld s with real lies, woman defieds. Man measures stys, woman replies. Man seeks the truth in woman, woman pretends. Woman’s lies to man’s tries are almost in the ends. Man expects when woman prtoects, woman suspects. Suspect and protect, both good at it. Man on the wall, woman in the hall. Man on the streeet, woman soemwhere discreet. man is replete, he’s had enough of women. Man is ion his own again, makeing generalisation. Man generalises for beter wages, awoman he is. Man is sincere when he is being clear. Woman and man and the smaell of damp rain. Man iand the seating plan, sitting opposite here I am. Man and the orchid in the pot, something rude with beauty got. Man and the table for six, woman and the sense to mix. Man with satchell all at one end, woman on ehr own extend. Man American. Six men only five, quantity to woman not. There’s a load of men. Man counts owoman one to ten. Man for only coke and ice, hands in pockets outward vice. Man being good is man together, woman at her end of tether. Man extends and reprismands, man perform s his manly charms. Man and hthe manager, man and the chauffeur. Woman looks to man would be man. Man folds his arms here I am, woman forowns her manly clowns, man is coming after.

Man doesn’t drop, woman is a prop. Woman should hold her own. Who knows if man was waiting, woman is the sense of bating. Man achieves man when bait is on the woman. Patience is a virtue of the risk and extension. Woman creates tension when the man is only mention. Woman and the full plan, man and the ice cream van. Woman and the goats cheese, brign her to her knees. Woman and the man in menus are a sham. What plate is the man when choosing waits the here I am. Man gets woman half way down, top to towe is head and shoulders. Man stands head and shoulders over woman, she is cricket overs. Man bowls fast to reach the cricket mast, wendy lies ontop, man is there to hop. Man is in the mirror, woman something deeper. man is plaine to flying over, women skip among the clover. Man is broad and woman is lord, this is just perception. Man is brass notices, women are inspection. Man is the inspector of woman, of place, of home. Woman is inside home, office train, man is designing the name. Man is lettuce and cowardice, man is lilly livered. Woman is both but as the trophy, leaves and intricacy. Man is twig and woman sprig, thickets fight for man woman might. shoots and stems solid gems, together making something sharp. Man alone just ashark. Woman alone just a shark. Shark and horn, the car is born, women to be collected. Man and women plurals. Woman and man murals. Man and graffitti, woman and her pear tree. Woman process log of timber, she crieds out from off site hinder. Man wants to get on, woman wants to go along. Man harps a tune, woman shies from zoom, she should pluck, he should blow. Man goes back to flute, woman and her haprp, instruments are feminine, everyone in park. Man regards the birds, women with her feathers, man writes his Shakespeare words, quills are helter skelters. Be careful with the symbol ink, dropping and the time to think. Drop the woman off, man makes a cough.

Coughing is a woman’s game, raising from the dead. Woman raises child, first by the head. Man is head despite birth, he can cough and be alert. Woman depends on babies as friends, there is only so much sh e can giveoff. So coughings the man’s and woman reprimands, coughing is confusion but security to intrusion. Bolt the goat’s cheese and ask for fleeas, the hot sun from the animal, remove the soucr from residual. Man and woman wonder about origin, the woman saturation. Man is essence, with his presence, otherwise a horard of calm. Woman is twitching iwitha fag on her arm. She should not smoke in public. Man is cheeseburger relief. Woman totters across the road falsely. Man smokes cigar. Both false triumphs have their car, woman in pink. Could it suit man to be a sprite and play the flute? could it souit woman to be determined like a girl?

Woman opposite the mirror, man would quiver. man opposite the shiver, clasps his tool. Toothbrush in the morning, both with half a care. Style of care is in the air, depth of breath retrieving. Woman should be shallow at omost times, guarding her deep waters. Man should be deep in the waters, saving the tap. ring marks and the condensation, mush is the woman’s preservation, what rot. Man is on the cliff, running vertical like the gif. Woman suspects that man protects, she hopes he will. at the end of the eart, conquest is man preserve. Woman keeps her children, man goes back again.

Lettuce on the fork, man pitches quiet talk. Man does lettuce like duty to relieve stress. Woman is all leaves, if she achieves. Woman hopes she is the leaves, not on them. Man leaves, in certain ways, woman abandoned to autumn. Way s that fall are men’s recall, woman’s people. The nation look to Argentina, politician to demeanor. Bosom of the first instinct, then again shopping precinct. Order lunch with menu hunch, make it up is womnan’s book. The conditios were wrong for salad dressing, the weather was far too cold. The conditions for woman are men pretending, like the food was for the fold. Appreciation for both men and women, appreciation.


401 takes the piss, nowhere near the right side of time. Puxhchair in the door says sorted, whoever she is. Tangling up tin the sweet shop queue, one man’s vice is another’s due. Sporty tricycle, sporty param, sporty show of parent Stan. Sporty trike and sporty bike, sporty and the don’t look up. The man with the sandwich board is only holding a post. he looks at nothing impossible, he could be a fan. Man as a fan, all is am. Dunlop shoes and sporty moves, weakened voice and words of choice. Don’t be embarassed! Who’s the ginger at the bus stop, sorry hurries note to call it off. That red haired swine, harsh bus to mend the line. stranger at the foot of stagger, stranger at the foot of manger.


Woman wants to be a woman, asks the man. Woman wants to be in the team, man. Woman needs a man tlo ask, asks the woman. Woman on her own woman a girl. Woman with friends, woman a bitch. Woman depends, woman has man. Woman depends, woman busy. Woman unemployed, woman misery. Woman on percussion, plonking away. Woman in the vestubule, isn’t she on her way? Woman in a mask, woman has a flask. Woman does what woman says, call her to task. Woman thinks woman drinks. Woman links, pinks. Woman buys a pink shirt. Woman could do with a squirt. Woman eats a sandwich, calls herself a wtitch. Woman bakess bread, makes bread. Woman in the office, emails instead. Woman is an inbox, woman fears the pox. Woman hopes to win votes. Woman hopes to vote herself. Woman pursues woman confused, bring it on. Woman in the rules, understand the song. Woman in shirt tails. Woman knows about the songs of whales, somwoman leaks. Woman turns to Woman’s own, woman not alone. Woman reads the aunty column, woman succeeds. Woman wants to complain, woma n is vailn. Woman has a nature, save it for her train. Woman behaves and woman believes. Woman adjustsand woman succeeds. Woman is a cat, no moe of that. Woman’s side with woman’s man, sorted in the can. Woman isn’t a machine, that’s a man. Woman is a myth to knowing invention. Woman is invetntion, woman is retention. Woman wees to woman fees, woman and her bladder ladder. Woman dying for a drink, mark the pepee it could sink. Woman getss caught out that’s for all her clout. Woman and the night and day, woman and the time to pay. Woman being auctioned off, woman and the hammer scoffed, shut up! Woman and suicide, collecting another’s dues. Woman

Thursday 18th

Why is collecting mail got anything to do with michael jackson and his song about not mattering? Why has the stonemason’s arms got a pla e hto hitch the bra strap. Why does the fallen bra strap persist in times of tidy precedence? Why does walking in the street pose such a problem for young people and all their rioting? Why does a warehouse full of aerobics make such a good video opportunity? Why do people do aerobics at all? Why is the menus a plural word, wwhy are the alternatives so complicated? Why is the presumption of innocence so entirely outrageous. A big seventeen year old says absolute bullshit outside the Polish centre, and the lady teacher walks in with a smile on her face. These people could be let down if they knew the treue meaning of the hapless clown. The trophy of greatness is a swimming pool flume, it has gushing waters, room for one. There were flumes in Dundeed and someone put razors in them. The very fun sends oddness on the run, there’s room for everyone. When the stunt is taken up in a funny way, there are beautiful air hostesses. The one in the easy jet pulls a face out of characteristic. She makes a face like the man on nighty nighty, he ‘s the gawky freaky plighty. The gawky freaky plighty is in fact a dangerous person, but he is rib tickling. The gawky freaky plighty is a schizofrene subject to powers almighty. The nerve twitch says more than hitch to iunderwear. The streess of entertainment could be to redress. The site to watch is in the porch but noone should jump.

Jump is the thing of guitarist vamp. Jump is the hoop of wiping up. There’s a puddleon the floor like the Dr. Foster one to stamp. Man holes are things for drainage and strain age. Wwhen the flush is chained, the swer sewer is largesse. The problem with jump is the wrong jump back, supposing never did it. Of course it was the person without a proper widget. OF COUrse it was the Caps lock button that got knocked, when place names nd words fought for counter believing. The small case of email is fine, but not for certificate. The small case for chairs is high to receive it. The correct height for admission to the flume is a hundred and fifty centimetres or one hundred and fifty centimetres. At least the grammar of interpretation has measurement in some themes. The lipstick on a glass kisses the last user. The oyster card bleep is connected to bruiser. The next in line writes punishment in latin. The capital L means lesson, the small one is south American. The reservation in a restaurant is standing ovation to busy restaurants. With any luck the table will call off early, the movers in will chanceon nearly. the subsequence of story blames likeness to adversary. Just like the man who changed his face, the womn broake down and dcried. She broke her face like shattered glass, she broke her face to shattered laughs.

Bring onthe explanation! The reason behind confidence has a breast implant or a new dress. That’s all! The menatal qualification expects a n overhaul. The fules for fitting in the prejudice guide the sentence, no redress. Obedience does well with talil between the legs, obedience no confidence. The closest truth is worth risking when lives about are demonstrating. The anwswer bumust be no to that person. Taht person is short ofn devotion adn starts going around quote unquoting. The correct conclusion to battering fish is hot oil. The pucnishment serves the trial and the swett revolutionaries arange asome dude to turn up in a yellow car. The mouth opens for Beatric on her moving people car, she reaches to press the button and opens her mouth. Mouth opening s catch flies and collecting ups are reasons whys. When talking action share extremem faction, the only recollection is woops exaction. Woops pulls faces and drats, the same traits as young musicians of the year, the same traits as kids with oversized beer. The truths of major stooges try to drink the same brands, they don’t try but watch and play. The truths of major stooges wonders on the value of stooges, ets stodgy puddings. The truths of major stooges are going some way to put on a play without getting pu t up in int. The truths of major stooges is all about bars and receivers.

It an’t bet that hard to put on a presentation, but is th put on put oupon? It can’t be that hard to lclimb everest, but is the tstorm fair to the test? It can’t be that hard to go shopping, but is the fashion game hopping? Is the company of wearing a vest going to invest? Is the company of slating the critic something to complain about? Is burnt Dolece latte something to grip e about? /is the custom to save going to break the bank? Whose bank gets ripped off when the leworld at large is short of scoff? Is the salt and pepper going to change what the chef did wrong? Did the chef provide for salt and pepper? Is the wage going to appease the sitter, they may have to take back the platter. Is the modest redress something for chivalry and jumps, cross country fences can play trounce. The sidsh is dispappointing cartwheel of ferkins and crusted charcoal. It’s better to eat things than to complain of where’s the plaster? Sending back to the beginning is a breakthrough in restaurants and believing. Bein g the plate for insatiate, standards and the size of fate. Some people make do with anything and the music is half relieving.

Doing things to theme tunes, the reasons behind better prunes. Because nurse ets prunes, she is prunes. Nurse likes architecture in the best hospital. Nurse has better lighting than Weetabix, the traffic before wor k is all a fix. Nurse plays doctor according to rota, she travels off peak and savees the sneak. Although sneak doesn’t deserve to receive love in the same way, sneak receives the example. Nurse is a doll to every moral, she needs to be looked after in what she gives. The incomparable palette of goodness bad occasion lives. The timing of the slesson is close to the forbidden, change ways for loss in weight, change ways for addiction’s gate. Change ways for looking inthe mirror, learn to smile! Nurse has a wiley needle, stabbing and the best receiver. The mirace on ly works if the morrow is achiever. The best way to fend of f is to leave room for the leaver. The best way to time the day is to troop the colour. Change over plans are points of interception, like the jaw spasm to the air hostess connection. Changeover plans are rota exams in doing first and having laater. The children from the yellow car are all grown beyond the car, they have become drivers. The children that were have designs on pouters, presumsbly. The children of yuesterday have thrown mish mash at passion, then come round. The children of stall and think have become the fat geezer with a wink. The children of confusion’s bone have become the dog. the children of profusion have become less of a oworry, hardly normal. The children onf the children’s day have begun to say. What was their childish babble anyway. Diversion streams of what things mean have raised the children to knock about teams. they should stick together, but whether they whether is now or never, they’re about to leave school!

The priority is tjust the same for ages of the prior pane. The best window in playschool is the round or the square or the triangular where. What sense of choice is there in looking for voice? The triangular thought to toberone is to eat the chocolte, hono shape to it. The square thought to housing address is collapse to the press and look smart. The round egg of orange or lemon is curve d for bowling comumbine. The relativeaction to thought exaction is what gets left behind. The blue light flashes for emergency, so does the ambulance, so tdoes the emergeny service. What red light what green light, what amber light is there to traffic in blue?

The school of thought is well aware of everything that is there. The building is left behind, the stones in reivers push and shove. The river bed and pencil led make markings on millenniums. The point of action is exaction, the landscape is the hilltop reacher.


The visitors are going to go round the flat at ten o’clcok, they are being guided by the estate agent, no problem. The Starbuck’s isa good place to sit, the time for a blueberry muffin. The Espresso goes with it, splashed on the sides. Needing the loo with an unsmoked cigarette in the bag. The turmoil of yesterday plays out the consequdnce rag. A lasdy sits with her paper work, she scratched her head. The smoker outside licked her lips. A volv o drives off with a takeaway drink. This is opposite the Shell garage and the Sautday is all for the pink. Wearing a tutu with trousers is the ltatest fashion, the weather isn’t hot enough for heat prevention. The flower man sold me a beatuiful bunch of roses white with pink frills, they’re in the taeapot and look good on the table. The rain is spitting through the sunbeams and the trees are greening. The’re almost twig obnscured now, flush of sizeaable leaves. The Two eleven goes past but seeing the plain eleven is as rare as rare bees. The cost of petrol is 93.9. There are two fire extinguishers by the door and one is waer the other CO2. The cloud against the trees is behind the trees, an aspect of grey slate with sunshine in front of it. A mini went past of the old variety on the way here, ther’s the new sort for when the flat is sold. The headache is strong and so is the wee wee pull of lets go . jAn instinct to leave the espressso has to be abandoned, gulped for th e guess of bought to invest. The shop has to be lefft behiindand a Somalli story guess defined. A pram crossies up from the crossing, andf a cockney lad twtiches his nose. Hsve the estate agents been round or haven’t they? The next attempt may prove to be more successful, but having to go home to pee at ten fifteen isn’t won for the trophy. The ring road of going back to fix is close to keeping house of fix. The fire here there and everytwhere is absolutely expected. The Shroudn of Turnin is being discussed compared o asparagus roots and tea towels. The cloud of high receiving would like to live in Inverkeithing. They’re discussing the eurovision song contest, samples of th e european chest. The logo for Starbucks is the maiden the witch the steam the rising. the shining path wants a mention, just for the big of it. The symbol of fertility and virginity and wrong person is behind the feeling when the love is overall believing. Unbeknowns to the wrong sort, the sort that comes late at night with piano tinkles on the right. The wrong sort of love and teh wrong

What’s the significance of someone in the same same shop saying thank you in a stealing way, lighting up close to the mark off. What’ s the point in asking for change sas a favour, just to crumple the day?? What’s the point of going into the laundreette half an hour before it closes? What’s the point of decideng to smoke when smoking isn’t that good. What’s the point of being so tired to stay in bed? What’s the point fof wanting ice cream buyt buying wine instead? What’s the point of responding to denial, what’s the point of pinning off survival. Wha’t s the point of filling in and watching the live pop television. All the clapping and prizes for charity rivals.

Celebrities are on the telly, patrick and johnny have just kissed because johnny speaks to callers for so long he doesn’t get through them. The worry about richard is to do with Desert Orchid. He is a know all that wants to karate me out of breathing. Edna is the most supportive friend to have in these innstances, something to do with the watershed says Ben Ektin.


Gutted? Kaatharine stands in the road without money for the taxi, I lend her thirty quid adnd save her morning. She is coming for a drink at six after she has slept off Boston and new York’s jet lag. The washing is in the machine, using the change from yesterday. The turmoil of the night has all been spent on kwik fit and the purpole rain. so what if the baby leives in Neasden? So wahat if richard means I come to bury Caesar, not praise him. so what if the passport to life is theft. So what if what if is. So what if everyone else is right, so what if the baby leaves a very long train? He’ll grow up in the arms of debate and torture with the poor poverty of being albino. So what if he’ll go past in a pushchair and spaghetti straps tied in to stop him from running away? So what about the new word for mother.

I thought a mother was a brother, a lover, a cover, not a cover. I thought a mother was a plover, a bower, a shower. I thought a mother was off the record, as far as doing the Lotrd. I thought no prsospect lay in treacherous spaying, no prospect in writing off another mother’s Ross. Ross being mothers chapel, Ross being eye on apple. As far as the swim went all starting blocks in bars spent, mother had a line to stop, the word conceive. Conceivabley true, the point of the flu, the point of catching, the point of snatching, thatching, matching. Mother put a stop to squable, only abortion to bottle. Mother hasd the field of rounders, stump to stump pounders. Mother had secret drawers that were her own. Mother disconten was beyond the bone. Mother could repent and cry on her own. Mother could jive and keep a bee hive. Mother stopped to spend her fuel, continue on the road past dueal. Mother Could absorb the problem and come up trumps, forget speed bumps at her own peril. Coursing down the runway, mother slowed to pay. Mother cwouldn’t scrape the car, her choice by far. Mother could be no other with her belly. Mother could bear to be smelly. Mother could pay a fare for a cab, mother could almost grapb. Mother blends to make stab, mother friends to weave plaid. Mother labour was her favour, she had nine months all of her own. Mother could tool to man’s cool, could announce and call it pounce. Mother wouldn’t fight with mother, other mother. Mother wouldn’t sight discover, not until nine months. See the odd person in the street, mother now deafeat. Mother and the [pecking order, mother on mother. Mother rfetching swords to words, mother absurds. Mother and the songs of birds, mother and nearly words. Mother and the plight of Kurds, mother steppimng round turds.

nMother wonders if she can discover, she is thrown over. Mother

Ruby was a ball in a game of rugby, that’s how she crowned the winning side. There had been fighting in the village of Romeo and Juliet when the rhinoscerouses invaded. Middle aged match sticks harangued on the greatness of the future, about how big their hearts were. The Montagues played Tag all day and the Capulets charged rent. Ruby was orphaned at the end of Shakespeare’s play, what a day to make Ruby find her way. She bawled at the bald headed Capulets and the gave the Montagues goose bumps. She would have gone Mowgli to the dogs had she had the chance, but the valley was a rhinoscerous wilderness of spiky bushes with nowhere lie.

The spikes were so bad that the lush land of promise was perceived as the sky and none of them touched what a lawn was. The civilisation of spikes was very advanced; straws, needles, spears to lance pikes. There were worm holes and spy glasses onto lawns, but no landing pads.

It was partly the Capulet’s fault for the day their hairs fell out. Spikes sprung from the land like wounded barricades. The Montagues were responsible, the Capulets only Gullivers. Complain about the world of giants, there’s always a Delilah for Samson.

In Shakespeare’s time, wounds were lances. All this could seem nonsense in times of TV trances, but hypnosis is just the same. Figure a skewer on a couch, slow pitch to motionless. Set the medieval caper as brevity the fallen log. Cry Timber! to understand the grounded jaw to understand. Many people suffer from the limbless charter.

Take Gulliver, pinned down for seeing a long way. This is what masts do too, so do dishes. Trees used to be worshipped, people lived in trees. Social climbers in the nineteen eighties. Watt is Mr. Spikey, he took on from cave lamps and so the meaning knows.

Apart from nature’s thorns and weapons, spikes are mostly progressions. Romeo and Julieters knew this as far as they fought, over the reluctant secret. The villagers saw and believed lawns but survived against grass. They hated each other’s guts but were civilised on put ups.

How difficult is tag when everything about is a snag? How difficult is den when everything about is paying them? The poor Montagues piffled on their innocence, but were cruel at wink murder.

Monday 22nd

The plight of the schizofrenic is not the same as an accountable wretch. Some people live with afflictions, others leg over the barrier as a form of behaviour. The incidental mishap of doing the fault with fluency, exertion, attention and extension makes a career on spilling the beer late at night or right in the day. The any time solution waits for rain to make hay. The conditions to perceive the right and wrong way are totally invisible to the horse in grey. Lulled rooms and socialble evactuations loom, the tension is the worst extension. When a story gets dragged into the fasd, the fad becomes the bad and the blame is looking bacck. The only reason for being with child is to become more mild and hope the caption fits. The only reason ofr having a code is for lefts and rights to beware of the toad. When the main determination is stalled for mass dsedation, the excietement has a boot camp and the boots are damp. When the question of what to do is looking back for a clue, the only clue is where are you. When the only proximity is only prosximity, only proximity.

The day in the office was fine, data input for some time. The look ups and puitch ups are solid and stubborn. the only pleasure is the downward curtain. The people in the bar are as good as their far, they all live in london. The disappointment of going around like a womble is sitting around. The point that blessings have is to be somewhere ielse and going somewhere else. The pub ihits the knob wihth Farley’s persistence. The beer aon the table is guinness on a kidney bean table, the rest is remonstrance. The rain is all we on the windows and the likelihood of Mr Yet is sitting on a bench and thinking what is the wrench? There are no feelings for doing anything apart from conquering. There are no ties of loyalty except there they go. The Vegas disguised goes past with a frown on his eyes, he looks like Johnny. What could this pub be to playing double whammy? What was the point of dropping five pence change for a pasta dish for lunch:? What was the poitnt of smoking a cigarette dna haveing to walk over the cabinet fence to dry off the ladder, wet ladder on the legs? What was the point of signing off to debbie who’s heard that I’m a schizofrenci through Hitendra, the loyal boater? What’s the point of smoking a joint if it isn’t to do with a fag isntead? What’s the piont of going around with a sign for a poudnd and nothing after? What’s the point of waiting for people that live on the television and the radio? What’s the point of being a fan when the bus goes past to where was tan. All the glory of holidays is in the bedroom. All the people on the television. All the relations with exaction are familiar with proaction. There is so much to do. The Extent of being pregnant.

lSometing is in the pipeline for some time ahead. Something is in th e shite line with attaching the protection so that is it is so far removed that it only needs a button. Chris is the same as Johnny or fame, the same as whoever it elsei it was when moving went to shame. the autograph hunter plays with a wooden leg and hobbles about with two others. The triangles to events and charters are mostly removed to seeing no other. The sentences begin with The and then something has to follow. The latest person to persecute is saner than the other. The little day of wanting to play is all on the radio. /the little day of having one’s way is going to say but not until the arms are trapped. The trap of being a fat cat is closel to live with what was that? The nice sensible man touches his nose, just like everyone who want s to blow their woes. The nice sensible man has sensible friends and marketing trends. The nice sensible man has some other plan and madness is on its wown. The nice sensible man is closer tothe tan, the van, the wham, the boom bam. There’s nothing worse than boom bam. There scould be famous people in the bar wto waht they really are. The famous people want to trace the route for some plan, the main problem.

What is going to happen without emotion? Without adoration and edeveotion there’s nothing in the bag. Without pleacement or promotion there’s just an old ahag. The kind people ignite what a fright, they mean best with what they might. The whole of life insan endless quest for notching up the second best. The actions of wrong exactions are confused and bruised. The good people are curiosities that vaguely intrigue. They are piled high with words of seige. The rest of the portion is silly to dream. The worst concoction is there to bereave. What misery@! Keep the old ashtray and last and last and last. Where’s the sport’s screen? Where’s the impish mean? Where’s the sanatogen? Where’s the paper for pen? Where’s the place to go? Where oh where is one man show? the pwhole populace are informed expcept for the singular tension? What is going to happen wand when will it happen, nothing. Only fast asleep.

The man opporsite yeawns on his empty couch. His girl has gone to the loo. The lights are gorvvy and so eis everyone else. The company of aradio is not much oto go on, I know. The company of a barstool is the company of factual. The company of

The chip shop has a smample of my wee wee on the floor, fifty pence dropped there on the floor. Butterfirners!

Tuesday 23rd

What sort of person stands with their legs apeart to watch the shop lifter get beat? A person with a history, a person to defeat. See the man tussle in the street with the security guradrd and the street comes to standstill. The time to move on is postponed til l the do gooder has been phoned. What’s 999 got to do with the stumbler with a snatch of glue? What’s being witness to stillness when the past is a pill mess/? Did shop lifting occur to the general whurr? Is watching the incident a type of smurf? The blue man wears brown, he has an M&S uniform. He isn’t a police officer strictly speaking, but the dcasual labourer is certainly crook. The uniform pounces out of the door, round the corner there could be more. /Did he get the man, did he catch him? Recurrent tribulation muses on the past, so far gone and so far and long. It was a long time ago outside M&S, Macs to some, Spennies to tohers. Even Marks and Sparks. Were the pants pinched or was it just a bag of crisps? What went on? After the incident, the green man is red, from hanging around to watch the red. Crims aren’t witnesses until they’re cleared, the watch build fortresses but the crim is smeared. A dog in the road is a cockney peer, he goes along the road with three dudes freer. Theuy muse on less than three, they are three with dog chasing a chewy log. The park is bright and sunny, over the Banfield rummy. Thery’re in front, they’re behind, they’re about the good kind. The split happensat the crossing tin the road, off they go with hnothing to load. Sheila sits behind her desk and pee pee runs down the dress. She is a nasty person apparently, just as likely as misspent Frannie/. The jsutstice of catching out the pram is what is in it, carry a fan? The smart gent shops at the newsagent, he tut tuts without a word, twelve sixteen to piss off the curb. More cigarettes please, and a cocktail prawn for lunch to read. There’s an umbrella on a plate, droipped off the bread, signifying what’s the time to stand still and admit equate. There was talk of skulling, canoeing, duck and diving. That was the drink of orange and rhyming. However many good omens come from digressing, the place of abstinence is with confessing. how clear is the memory exactly, adnd does the shopper expect to be actually? The cashirer stood from her chair, exercising her energy spare. could she lose some weight? Could she save her back? Alternative methods to recollecting fatct, going along with that will be that. The intricat weave of time to deceive is long on the destiny, time will achieve.

As long as possible is far from the incident. As long as possible sas far from increment. Cheat the crisps for Linekar’s vote, cheese and onion quote unquote. The tereachery is as simple as stare and look to find a dimple. How amazing is the craxzing, looking through the window brazen. Like stripping off the paint from an old door quaint, there even was crime of a chip of wood in line. the blue line has its own time, it appears like odld bottle glass. The looking glass of past rubbish, the looking past of time’s flourish? How beatuiful and simple is a potion bottle. How ruminating and scintillating is the Time’s burnish. The best paper to readd is the top oedge of the need. Howe good is the truth? Dodgy pests ar e calls of youth, slates get to wipe clean. Put the packet behind and try on a new sheen. Suppose the shop lift was just a stunt, suppose the dodgem was paramount. Nick the crisps for minor risks, nick the nick for being a prick. Someon’e s chaising you@! It could have been a decoy to acall the police for envoy. WhHOw was the explanation going to prove? Down and out pastry makes treacle tart pasty, heavy and thick for sweet tongue’s slick. There’s not much to be said for trying hazard out from red. There’s not much to be said when getting caught is laying bed. There’s a cache to being risky, sort of James Bond frisky. Who would have thought that a hero could be caught?

Kind of a match to off my patch, kind of a need for furthering lead . Just wait till the snoop rounds the corner, then get off my corner. Pedestal tragedy is final travesty, the stoop hop tawang of admitting depravity. Could the shoplift have been a communist gift? Could the shop lift have stalled the lift? Whas the heady height of responsibility just too much? Why did the rabbit leave the hutch? Heroic defencse from an idle man, heroic pretence with escaping the spam. Heroic defese to being nude, caught red handed such a prude. The need to instill is only a thrill, the nee to sustain a stiring game. On the influence of drugs, crime is rugs, the next beat order to squeezing a n orange. The arrest happened atoutside the irish centre, call the police for game of helter skelter. Imagine the dodge behind the Sparky lodge, in and out of the potatoes and creamed carrot soup. Thereare more meals in today’s loop, then mainly ingredients plain and bland. and good. Make the trivial into a national move, make the complaint a fix to remove. Scott free for the undercover agent, scoott free for the sound of some detergent. Saparky is a piano sharkey, clean as a whistle and smart remarky. Surrender, surrender the great pretnender, no one as stodgy as clever amender. The poor sacrifice of noble employment doesn’t get much enjoyemnt. Honest!

Wrong side of the good old lady, next time there may be maybe. The funniest thing is how the troops file in, apprently the number nine till is the one with the frill. there’s not such queue at number four, even to the odds of more.

What a dream last night!

From a place of war to the garden of saving, a kind of eden, a luxurious summer with berried hats and maple trees. Aplace doored in from the blast of explosion, a place of garden party from smoke and corrosion. A place of picnic and warm weather from the place of nowhere shelter, brikcks collapsed and chimneys smoke. a plcace to reach in the hand of a sister, saving her from a ballet lesson. A place in the wardrobe from the darkest sky of black night and paratroopers. A oplace from place from want to waste, the collection of the good from the danger of bullets and shrapnel and billowing fumes, degredation. over the drosad from shelthered hedgerow into the new light of ednded plight. A place to grace from darkest sham, no hearing in either place, both deaf to damn. Doen’t osound much, but a hell of a dream.

Radiohead on Radio 1

Only is the word, somewhere a passport. Only is a nerd, only only heard. Elvis talks abut fishermen in wading boots up to their slippery feet. Elvis is a funny man but doesn’t make Frances spit. Elvis makes the host split and crack with noise, Frances litstens with poise. The road was like watching a man in a tide, when he slipped over he drowned. He didn’t actually drown but he got all turmoiled and disorientated by the sucking in. The man didn’t get scruffed by the gallant man from Marks and Spencers. The man fitted a n efit for soemeone who had to prove it goto get it. the man would have been eligible for a secret plot if he’d managed to get through the rot, but he didn’t.

This is like Frances, she put herself in a position. Frances is an actor to being in position. She goes through mazes to sort out other crazes, she doesn’t need to get out of it but wants to understand it. this is acurious tfix to be in. Frances thinks she is training for a movie role or a long pole an d gets alarmed when she’s faced with the Olympics. Frances thinks she is a little bit physical, the part she misses out. Frances comes to realise what she thinks when she shouts. Frances thinks Rebecca is responsible for pointing out that she still has stabilisers. Frances is still in trouble about the river’s strong tide. She thinks sh e can writer herself out of what she did by writing about it, who’s she to kid. Unfortunaltely Frances does everything too close to what she did then, whatever that wsas. Frances is in ohot water about stabilisers eveen though the fanfare goes to the stabiliser free girl with congratulations. The topical words hit frances’ head like she is going to claim a prize instead. Frances knows what she has to do, she has to think fast. Frances feels clear in the head and will be frustrated. whe’s rubbish at crosswords and puzzles.


Stabilisers Celebs


What sort of diary keeping goes aon about clues, what sort of rubbish is all of this? Banana skin superiority or Fredudian release about laughs.

There is nothing funny about Frances having an epi. Frances has a tantrum and who is she? Frances thinks she’s saving the world. The funniest man in the world joke ais the funniest hjoke in the world. Frances hears iton the radio and smiles a bit. Hunter’s friend gets wounded and calles the services. The opertator get s him to check if he’s dead, ta shot gets fired. Huntersays ‘done that’.

Frances has a peculiar ofway of telling the problem. She is unbable to unrave l where she is ogoing. Frances is very hot and bohthered about something and involves herself dangerously where she is going. Frances goes on about something to rub salt in the wound, isn’t she apillar of salt. Frances hears about Professor Wiseman’s jolke. Frances thinks people that are right about what they say uare unfair because she’s not there. Frances thinks Rebecca has sympathies for her but she litens to the endorsement by celebrity with background fury, and Frances knows she can’t handle the fit. Frances thinks Rbebecca could be right because rebecca or whoever doesn’t freak out.

so what comes back, so what does the big boy hack. problem after problem and the shore waves for intermission, clap clap. So much bravery, so much bravery. AWOL?

The army is very emotional.

The coffee morning girl is very emotional, she’s Portuguese. all her friends are angels adnd she has mermaid storesies. The portuguese questioni s kind iof intriguing. the auntin Essex is far more glamorous and hot weathered, more like Maltese chocolates. Perhaps there is a big mamma mia in Portugal with thousands of addresses. The Portuguese girl is tearful and beautiful, she is full of Portuguese answers. Ther’e’s no entry to the soccer party, its only boys.

Wednesday 24th

Praragraph about puff.

six four sicx aor six four five, only a minute to forget. sitting about in the hospital waiting for a prescription, it doesn’t talke tlong to forget about what the number is. someone trieds to do hte crossword on the radio, a whole song to think about the clue. What’s it to uyou? The telephone number to the central beslt is described after the newsbeats, the telephone mnumber for the mobile phone is something to plunder. The loop for knowing what was just said is habit as long as colour red. It could be an unchanged truth with shades to adjust. The waiting tab for the queue is like a knee joint, breadking off the taper for the next in line to wait for tout. They’re talking about knees going on the stairs, where does the knee go? Chraring Cross is about knees, only ankles alowed to cross for this person at the tes.t. The two three and four takes it on the man, takes it on the chin. Dis duck or dat duck, eider duck. something on toast. The answer for the riddle is the answer. Understanding the answer before the question is not helpful. The importance of income support is having some money coming in. The way in goes before the way back, the way back apologises for not erealising. The

Little light above the head hopes to see Liam round the corner, round the corner in the hopspital. The ligttle light above the haead hopes to see Gerorge Clooney because he is a best friend. Instead of last year’s lover, geroge is just a best friend. Tehen there’s Rick the hapless chemistry of love that could be brothered for the tug. Threere,i’s a roll call of what the people aree supposed to do wit h the ordinary cue. The embarrassing mistake puts divorces on pages, strictly allowed for having reached past the smile into the abyss of doubt. The clue for witchcraft is broomstick.

certain success sotoreies are weird close up, jambourees of answers about the world. cup. Why would Charles from day services end up walking in the bump into lane in the hopspital corridoor, the place where liam was when the corner turned. The strange familiarity of time and space peers into the future trace. The privacy of hero worship is consecrate, just like the forbidden fruit. The space cadet tries to implant the spirit to vet. This rhymes but doesn’t make sense. A bird coul d fly loose in the pasasage, it could be a goose. A gturd on the floor could be scraped with a knife, dog treading i n could signal bowel strife. The likeness of thing and potential and job and providential, to do will do. Every chance exerts the line up to perform but doing and unto are diffeerent slips of give and ereceipt. Being clear about form is filling in correctly and making corrections. The sister gives a shit for hthe sister to be pritt, having none of it to stand in it. The justified word is plainly heard, the knife i s very sharp. Throw in a weapon to the swirl of explanation.

Your body is their business.

This is what the show’s called. It’s quite true obviously about Charing Cross, the bitch fucking bastard wanking bugger plastering corner over the road. It’s not good to ohold prejudice and put apostrophes to its. Whose wits are more publicised when the lower stratosphere is home to the algae plaque.

I love you I love you I love you and you and you and you.

Who were the congreagation outside then newsapgents, did they benefit in some way from my little sortie doto their human flu? The contageon of being a human station has greeters eager to become personable and good. The belch reflex of mistrust affects aspirations. What are the scores for rugby touch downs”? “ new key and Newquay sound the same, diagoonal buttons. It was supposed to be inventive to pun the argumentative, only checkingin the bag. Round the edge of the moor, diagonal footing is the haggis tag. Such depression! Where’s the upbeat lady with her taste for gravy?

Chris is goin g to a pop quiz because he is busy and has a job. He isn’t getting paid for it. This means the drink date will have to wait for a good many days, wondering what means to next times. The new potatoes were quite well cooked and the salmon stakes were tasty frided. Complaining about what to do is as silly as true, the

Thursday 25

Condoms all night, condoms condom s condoms. The THT and Rick have something in common. The number three could be something to do with the equation.

The Puzzle

A man with a ladder amends above tehe daooorway, then he moves to the fireplace and intends to put up a football flag. He climbs the A frame and looks behind me, he will probalbly do the same on this side, but he has already done so. there a re a lot of flags in bunting around the room. the flags differ in the way they strip and cross and spot eatch other. yellow and turquoise halves, a green flag with a sword and something arabic ish. The yellow diamond on a green back with a jupiter ball on front. The wihite flag with a red spot. The french flag, the first aid swiss flag, red with a white cross. The st. goege’s red cross on white. The red flag swith a blue disagonal and white stripe. A red chequrered football crown on top of the French flag. the French are red white and blue. There’s a familiar Indian one with orange white and green. The turquoise flag with a yellow cross, tis’s more blue. The american flag as thin red stripes with blue stars in the orner. What’s the saustralian one again? The work being carried out is interrupted. A girl in blue and white stripes syas the football bunting outside her house lmakes her loo house look la BNP headquarters. The man on the ladder carries on doing what he is doing, and the girl goes outside with another blok e in a mangager’s dress. He smiles and they go thier separte ways. The appeal of flags is all alminated, does the girl have a point? The ree are shields above the bar and also shiny hats above the kditchen, they’re plastic white caps. The man comes out with my caessar saladd and fixes the cutlery with a blue serviette. He is coming over here and there He lays the knife and fork down ontop of the serviette, I thought he was going to wrap them. This is quite a low place to be eating from. Thre’s a fite burning behind a glass plate and a fireguard. The fire is gas but it looks like wood form here.

The fork slides back into the Caesar salad bowl, there’ isn’t really enough for a mouthful on the plate and the nose has an icky snuffle but doesn’t dribble. There’s a man in a palse suit at the table with his thumb on his upper cheek. THis fist is over his mouth, he’s studyin g the menu. The volume gets turned up, an ELO sound. The staff wear black shirts and trousers, my man was smiley in a beer t shirt that says Bundenberg or something. The man with the menu looks at the ceiling and opens his mouth isn a slightly sennile gesture, and then he strokes his face. The re is someone behind letting the pool balls roll for a game. Kylie comes on. A mna at the bar has his elbow ion the counter. A tab order for the kitchen gets posted on the magneti c rail. The pale suit scratches his nose with his horizontal finger. A guy with a beard walks around the other side of the pillar, he is obscrured with his hands in his pockets. A kitchen order arrives for the yellow suit who says thankyou and nods at the same time. They’re just getting his knife and fork, and the watier vaguely communicates with the gyuy with the credit card machine, he sia sking hims omething. Its taking ages for the order to go through. My waiter comes out with a stack of saucers and he puts one on each table and has one left aover. He collects cndles to distribute and puts them on the bar. Kerching of the balls behind. That can stay there for a while’ says the man with the balls. There’s a pillar behind the brown sofa that has more knob than stob. It is perched with glue onto the wallish pillar. There are five pillars in the room, one cream and four moauve and brown. A waiter clears my plate, and exchanges it for a saucer. The candles will be arriving soon. The shiot behind makes a snooker nonise. The music is louder apart fom the balls, woooah! I have got grated cheese down my front, the orange juice is called Deuce and i empty the bottle contents, mistakenly hperhaps. the re are two emails in my in bosx. they’re unread. They are from apple. Here comes the man with flaming candles. He puts a fresh one in front of me, newsly born, newly lit. It is quite early in the day for fire but all the same it is pretty. The man in the eyllow suit doesn’t have a candle, there he does. I got mine before his. He got a new one too. The table opposite has an older one and the flame judders like a firing machine. The song is mostly EEEEs. The orange deuce is very striking, tasty, it says no added sugar. New song, guitar intro. the sweaty night last night could have been in someon’es bed. Thunk thunk. A dude in home clothes is on his mobile at the prop end of the bar. He is small with a red stripe around his chest. He could be on duty next. The duty staff goes to the washing machine booth, and then a couple walk infornt and go tho the corner opposite me. They sit in the bench area where I sat a few weeks ago waiting for the five ocl’ock viewing to pass with a Guinness. He looks like djack straw but grimaces when he statstes his drink. He arm lengthens a look at his watch, at eye level. The kitchn odoors open different ways one fowards and one backesards. The planning for that is quite clever. There is a notice that says private between two wall memoribailia hats, there’s one to the left that says Cappuccino, Espresso, tea. It’s pair at the other end of the bar says Bar Games Available. The Straw man’s head can be seen between the fence bars, and the woman has her head turned towards him so her face sin’t clear. Wh ehas a hair band and he sticks his finger in his ear. CThe cursor moves to finger when I lean forward for orange, a phone just rung. A girl with a green top and saddle tack bag omes over with a thinck book and some aile. She has a greased coil, spiralled from a pony tail. She ties up her bag with a n outward thread but it seems to be open. She is probably reading anna karenina. The words could be ATTILA. The gold writing on thefront isn’t clear, she’s leaning it on the low down table, on the dge of the squasy sofa. Some glasses from the bottom rack by the dishwacsher go link clink. The music fases wtowards a new song. Someone scrapes a table. Guyout of the kitchen out of the in door, then back in the in fodor. The sign on the door is crooked, stuck with blu tack. Two guys ome up to the bar and look at this seat hoping for a comfy seat. The rest of the woman room is wooden tables. The freudian slip. three’are hardly any people in the large room, it is large ienought to conduct a game of netball where all the chairs and tables are doen. Two burgers out from the kitchen stacked with frieds, they’re going to the Straw man, now obscured by the green topped reader opposite me. They always bogo back to collect th cutlery. The guy has a blue pinafore round his waist. THe jogs back to the kitchen on sports shoes. The song is OW! This weeks jackpot is £100. ITs the quiz night every monday from 8pm. The cursor bgoes back to finger when I lean forward to drink some orange juice, its drunk with a black straw like a back to front R, a small r. The candle has made a dimple in the wax, it is larger in flame than it was, the wick is also an r. What about this morning’s email to rick and the sisterhood? What will Rick say, he’sll say nothing but read it so there may be no going back. A double deck of cars go bapast the window, the trasnpsortation for new ones and broken ones on sloping grids. The New ariveal comes with his ale and a magazine to the table at the foot of the steps. He is positioned infront of the television and looks at the time. The off duty red stripe guy pusts down some waving scissors and goes of to get something. The other wtwo pin back the bsement door and disappeare ddown the steps. There is noone at the bar behind it. A guy at the bar is seated and the red stripe goes round the long end and walks this way with some dirty glasses to the waashing machine booth. Its one twenty nine.

The lfat smells of sprayed aroudn ointment, that Christian Dior ctack that is supposed to be mlike fresh flowers. The curtin has been pushed back intehe siting room for a view onto the roa outside. I weat a very large garlec and it makes a tear sprout. Its been some ime wiince the morning ritual of garlic swallowing. Can I hold out this pee intuntil one fifty five? I’m dying for a pee and have the lapto p on tmy lab, playing buttock jiggery. The garlic is more substantial than the slalad meal, a whole plate of lettuce for fife ninety five or something. The tear came rfrom the right eye, it made bme do a n airlock chocke, but it was n’t regurgitated. The garlic had a green shoot inside, its strictly out of date. It is better to get them when they aren’t thinkingi of germinating or sporouting. The guys in the road talked to each other, ‘to get home, and being fed up’ is what they said. Manage to pee at 1.55 and then send off a THT email to go to a June drinks party in a china shop. It includes canapes and access to a special rearea. The email should have been sent before lunch, it went late. The revroerse order for fixing problems could be pirae. What has Alex got to do with Rick, that’s an ol d dustmbin problem. Alex is Hard and so is the problem, neither side are qualified. The two girls battle their will,s, the two students with half time trills. Alexa nd Frances meet at loggerheads.

Strong urge to pee one hour on from 1.55 at 2.55. Manage to buttock jiggery with a cigarette, and try to login to the EASE website, password and username forgotten. s9338088, there it is on hotmail. Had to go to the loo at 15.12. Bought cornflakes, milk, garlic and fags, but where was the ice cream?Decided against bread for postponing the bowel surges. That means cancelling. Alex and Frances, Alexander answers. Je suis tombee!

Frances is mildly surprised by Alex who takes to wearing a grey jumper. So much of Tanya in Wastelands, so much recital in confidence. These friends that demand the poetish bends, going down to the very bottom of the sea. Who were those people that sasked things of me? Who were those people that didn’t set me free? Who were theose people that said that is correct as aI stumbled through the pitch black to recite as their pet? The knowledge tree is far from me, only a keyboard to press it to me. How coudld there be knowledge about trying to like prorridge, and what is wrong with porridge anyway? Katharine comes back from her day outside. It’s twenty pas t four and no frined in sight. The last friend to speak to was the cahshire in Sainsbury’s. The pusing up the daisies is the washing out the fairies. Moan and moan again, there’s no one on the stairs, could it be Ann looking rfor her wares? Could it be someone just browinsing in the hall, my hall to home and holding a stall. Katharine’s cleaner comes at twelve, not at four. Katharin’e x s cleaner knocks on the door. It could have been the agents! It must have been Ann going out with silent innings. The door only noises when it closes. The closing door is the ound of old poetry, endings to reasons of the silent majority. The footsteps of a next door passage sound through the walls, the footsteps of other footfalls, thump thump. You can’t fool me, Dennis by the Mystery Jets.

Time for a chignon.

What do you do wyen you need the loo in an English country garden? the show has strarted to explain my has beens , and entertainment fixture for woops siree, what was that. What ever I get up to in the past has to be gdragged out and ultimately faced. Whatever I get up to is generally up to the waist. Whatever I get up to is supposed to be funny, suppose itis blue. The very spermy past is as deep as an ocean mast, skulling along. So upside down is the league of being storong. The song is about owning the street, move up from Sesame Street, FLC fun loving criminals. Perks at work, perks at work. What was the sharp tiail during the Ivor Novello’s what was it? Katie Tunstall wins hers from Lulu over Cold Play.

Help the present tell the past, ehelp the past tell the present. It would be quite hard to work for Chris, probably sweating in research. Where’s the piano tune for the English Country garden? In the nicest possible way, sorry don’t knoww. One sorry, then another and another, lots of blades. Its quite hard to reviw the grassy banks, quite hard to review the sports pages. Quite interesting probably doesn’t get a look in, probably not written in a book in. Quite hard to see the flimsy clothes of stripping, stick to strimming. The celery is quite a toucgh blade of grass, quite thindck for chewing. The golf tournament is being talked about, whisking white balls over teas, teasing the lush verge. Good da y for lobsters who can detect illness. Car valets bad day, returned from holiday to find a Suzuki Vitara, bad day for Cold play who didn’t win any prizes. I should get the prize instead. Ronan Keating has a pretty wife. Roney is not that macho but he seems to have accomplished something.

Macho people are usually unhoused, all beef burgers. There is nothing wrong with beef burgers or being macho, except the word. Macho gets a bad reputation quite easily, gets sold to represent brave deeds. Just pooufing about really. The market for spiritual boy bands is all about hope for the future. What’s worong with the moment? The macho people need to get fixed up and learn to type and make good designs. This is very boring writing. No thanks to camisoles without matching pants, no thanks.

Positive yes, yes yes yes, plus plus plus. Good good good. Will can frill.

Its absolutely terrible about the email. Even though going back is unlikely, the email about the sister has been sent. The value of being humiliated ontop of humiliated is something to cancel out. The pinoccio experiemnent, close eyes and touch their nose and your own. Stretches the size the length of the snose. Cough during an injection to lessen the pain, what about shuddering? Choose a diffeerent adjective, probalbly coagulative. Groove at the Armada at the river. How does the tune go again? Half an hour later and there’s no recollection. The story of the blues by the might y wah.


raise full bluff in poker. mcgill and rick, radioactive talk. fold. straight flush.

Friday 26th

Gene Hackman rages with god on a boat film. Poseidon adventure. poo. 8.50 am. Wee wee was an hour ago, at 7.59. Very disappointing Da Vinci code. sign Tony Slattery’s web page with no comment. Radio had sound bites for access all areas. Israelites man died in Surrey yesterday, collapsed. Everyone should get behind the democratically elected government. Instructions about america. Must give up smoking. Want to go and buy some more cigarettes. Had five since waking up, its three past nine now. Big cuounttry are playing. Then a band that sound like Big Country, same beat. Would like to go back to bed but the roadworkds are noisy. nine o nine, arms folded. Wht sort of person watches the Prnince’s Trust ceremony from start fto finish? managed to resiste sitting through the soap awards, only watched the sexiest female and sexiest male awards. Switched over to the program on gorillas with David attenborough, that was on Wednesday. Phil’s sleeveless biker jacket was thrown on the dump when he was a young punk. Two pints of lager to see the nightingales, thants’ six quid. One of the best things phil has seen, one of the best ten gigs he’s been to. Very scratcchy ear, stick finger into it and give it a good fingernail. it wasn’t strictly that itchy but it didn’t take much persuasion to move the earphone out the way. White a scratchy scalp this morning, need to cut fingernails. Hum to to a song about exploduing. Very peripheral osuound, not singing, not humming. Yeah go for it yeah go for it, use my body. My body is my body if you want to use my boydy go for it by We are Scientists. robots in disbguise, running out of time.

Go back to bed and think on the consequences of poo. Did the course of garlic e make its way half way through/ ? Did the poo have relevance to the whole dy, should it be itn the evening when number two is easire to number one. The chowder with sweetcorn treats goes down but slighltly burns. There wasn’t much to boil in the kettle, could be dregs. Poo has nutritional value, it shouldn’t be shat if one is rproud of what is ate. Sweetcorn strip gets caught in a molar. A piece of fluff blows towards the windown. Spoup was drunk with legs crossed,

During lunch decide to cut fingernails and attend to scrape out latex and apply lemon juice. Have goats cheese with rice, melted nice. Its not enough so have celery sticks that were too outside to choose last night. They tasted quite strong, of chemicals or adults. They were unwashed to sav e on tap contact.

Go to bed and think about the dungeon. The dungeon is a castle with an upstairs part for the mad atticus in Jane Eyre. The dungeon has a killikrankie leap, so there. The dungeon is a place of reform. The dungeon belongs to David but has sympathy for Frances, Frances came out of the dungeon last week. She spent a long time in the dungeon. In the actual dungeon Frances went to stay, when she got out she did Rack maninoff.Frances got a fright in the attic apart but didn’t bear a grudge, she was lucky to have aher arms and legs. Frances got alarmed by Cookson’s relation, but she was only doing things in Frances’ best interest. Frances went to the dungeon to stay and wished for Dahlias and Day Lewis to come and save her. Frances played poker in the dungeon before she was sent there. frances played poker and roulette, she thinks of all the games with cards to get. Frances stacks her cards in the dungeon boto build stairs. Frances dreamt of sons and heirs. Frances loves garden potatoes and cake, she likes one or the other or she is fake. Frances is amazed where some people live. Frances doesn’t know how to give. Frances went to the dungeon of her own accord, she prayed to the heavenly lord. Frances doesn’t know how she got into the dungeon, she sjus went for lunch. frances bases knowledge on hthe danger hunch. Frances went to the dungeon for punisjhment, nobody could understand her spent . Frances never has any money, so how could she risk at poker or jim rummy? Frances ahsn’t a clue about rules, fRaces wanted to learn the rules. Frances forget s the rules, then the dungeon reminds her of duals. Frances lances in the dungeon and shwe sees Guinevere and Lancelot. Frances hopes she doesn’t rot. Frances gets 1066 in Sainsbury’s one day, this is the day she tells her way. Frances brings up the dungeon and stubs out an old butt. Frances smoked that before the other butt. Frances reignites dead embers by putting the hot cigarette in the same tray as others. Frances went to the dungeon and lived in the upstairs part, then the stairs disapperared, what a work of art. frances went to the dungeon and saw James Dean, Marilyn Monroe is part of his team. Frances doesn’t think whe is emotional but she does when the dstairs disappear into thin airs. The dead heroes come alive when Frances is left to survive. This is is the place of could or skive. Was Frances skiving in the dungeon or did she havea truncheon? frances was in the dungeon and she saw the mad woman. Frances had visions in the dungeon and yes she had a truncheon. This could menaan a willy or a baton, Frances and her what she sat on. Frances is sometimes Casanova, she sometimes conquers only bedcover. Frances believes the dungeon ois made of cheese and she is quite right. Frances likes cheese and buys goats cheese with chives, Frances and her chopping knives. Frances has so many wives but she’s just the same when she’s awake. Frances is awake and Frances is a fake, Frances is a lake, she is the lad y of the lake. frances thinks she’ll just fget on, Frances can makeit if she bangs the gong. Frances should be careful to strike, the right nubmber of blows for reaching mr. mike. Frances iwll eventually marry a DJ, what more is there to say?

Frances doesn’t want to marry a DJ at all, Frances wsees a helmet in the hall. Frances does want to marry a DJ after all, then she won’t fall. Frances jumped from the top of the stairs and did an dance to toss her ariirs. Frances had an audeinedce that inspired her to tuppence. Frances looks for coins in the far reaches of thruppence. Frances went to the dungeon and was looked down upon even theough she was ver y high up. Frances wanted a little dog pbup.

Frances commented on the stoned witch, she fell from the knock into the dungeon ditch. Frances shouldn’t have commented on the stoned withch, but she need help to sort her itch. Frances dreamt of spiral staircases, the silvero ne at Manderston. Frances thinks about the opening line, the one about manderlay. frances referred to Doris Day. Frances didn’t think she had anything to say and then she realised she was on her way. Frances just wanted to shop in Crieff, Frances could have said good grief. Frances went to the dungeon and found a loo to plunge in. Frances thinks the victorians ahad the best swere seewer sewr sewer system in the world, Frances thinks her hair curled. Frances went to the dungeon and spent the day with Nigel who was on his way. Frances learned the at Nigel lived at the dungeon when she was a gift. Frances used to be gifted and then she was lifted. Frances wonders where she was, Frances wonders just because. France hs has a because problem and wonders of to Wizard of Oz. Frances gets a scratchy ear, wants to meet hazel Blears. Frances went to the dungeon and thought she’d get a mention.

Frances could have been immortalised tin the dungeon. Tin lives in the dungeon and so does moss and Vim. Frances is most persuaded by the whim, fshe is first stop for the trim. Frances wonders how to style, her hair is lank by mile on mile. Frances went to the dungeon and knew it all, how she would jump and break her fall. Frances went to the dungeon and shwe slept in linen. How clever is that? Frances went to the dungeon and the pipes went wonky. Frances slept in the dungeon abut she didn’t sleep for too long. Frances knew the keeper of the dugngeon, she knew Nigel all the long. Frances thinks Nigel should still keep the dungeon, Frances thinks David is a target for catapult. Frances played snooker in the snooker room on top of lslate. Frances is not that late. Frances is sometimes a bit late, but she can be on time if she thinks about it. Frances will ever reach th e pips, she has special Hollywood lips. Frances only thinks she smokes, he rest of men walk on ropes. Frances oes smoke but she doesn’t do it how she should do it. Frances thinks she is amazing to have escaped the dungeon, how sdid she survived the persuasion?

Frances went to the edge of the world and people have tbeen there and stones have hurled. Frances went to medieval times and knew the history wrote her lines. Frances wonders how she did it, why she went there, what was in it. Frances played in the dungeon when David raved. frances did some acid. Frances is fantastic and Frances is plastic. Frances is gymnastic, Frances is elastic. Frances is described as elastic by jane, that’s herotehrer super name. frances is elastic, and she had elastic on her ballet shoes. Frances wouldn’t want to bruise, her feet all knackedrered by pointy shoes. Frances could either wear pointy shoes with flats or heels or pin ak and satin ones for mules. Frances thinks the dungeon was unfair, what swas she oidoing there? Franes went to the dungeon and thought about oconsumption.

Frances doesn’t even like e smoking. Frances thinks she does. Frances used to skate on ice. Frances didn’t know the price. frances thought of lots of mice, Frances wante d some advice. Frances thinks she caught lice, Frances thinks she was vice, Frances thinks she wanted a bicycle, she saw a bicycle and rode it around. Frances was quite profound when the dsocials came round. Frances thinks everything is their fault, Frances in her dungeon vault. Frances has escaeped the dungeon but lives still in a mini diungeon. Frances could eget a mini or abeetle, fRacnes could learn to spell treacle. Frances hears a car alarm. Frances lived upon a farm. Frances got irritated by alarms and thought whseh would have to do with living on farms. Frances doens’t mind tractor noises ads much as factor voices. Frances thinks she was up to caper, so doid Farmers and the shaper.

Who’s the shaper? Frances wnet to the dungeon and spoke to the principle. frances went to te he dungeon and tlalked about nuptual. Frances went to the dungeon and thought she klike dpurple. frances went to the dungeon and hoped she could hurtle. Frances took wextremem action, fRaces went ot prozac station. Frances tried tos stay awake, Fracnes wanted to be fake. Frances went in real and came out with dungeon zeal. fracnees did a piano recital, Frances idid a musica retrieval. Frances found her skills in the dungeon, Frances found her pills in the dungeon. Frances found her shrills in the dungeon. Frances found her sails inthe dungeon/ .Frances checks her emails to retrieve her passport. Frances listens to Steve Wright and lisetens for some something might. Frances hear Steve say she’s nuts, he’ews talking aout the weather forecast. Frances applies what she hears to what she esneers. Frances can sneer at herlself with no trouble. Frances is very grateful, oh yes she is, oh yes she is. Someone is going to all 47 of george micheael’s shows in euorope, how mad is that? Please tel me now, please please tell me now. Is there something i should know? Nuclear war song?

Frances thought a nuclear war was going on. Frances had to direct the nation. Frances hears the wsound of a car scrash. Frances wonders where’ she’d dash. Frances think s things are her fault, she must provide a story. Frances is a jolly useful scapegoat, Frances talks quote unquote,. Framnces must have ginger virgins, that’s all there is to it,. Byete is by eight. Byte is by eight. Contraction of the words picture cell or picture element, equals pixels. Mojo Risem is an annagram for Jim Morrison. That’s the doors problem, the song about fires. Frances picks her nose. She puts it on the back of her hand. She used to eat it, Frances progresses. Frances hears the song about forgiving. Frances hopes hshe can be forgiven. What has she done? Frances condsiders wheat she’s done and goes hum hum. Frances moves it to the sof a csushion. Frances watches it and thinks she’ll pick it off when it s dried. Frances thinks she could somewhere hide, like dust that is unrecognisable. Frances wonders why botgeis tastealright. Frances hears the name Weston, thinks about Gillian. Frances is in touch iwith Gillian, she is in touch with a piavillion. Frances is in touch withe vermillion, she sees the pope. Frances has a lot of scope. Frances wonders why about heliotrope. France s hears two snakes and a gekko have been stolen from a park in Calerderdale. Frances wonders what this signifies. Frances cleans out her nose again. Frances has missed John Culshaw on the radio but she is in time for George Michael. France s thinks about the word carbuncle. Frances always goies on about plagiarism. Tape crystals to the fore head for ogood dreams. George can’t park a car very well, he may b e spatially unaware.

Frances puts oa bogie on the tray. George’s new single ais about sorry to the girls for not being striaight. Frances does go onabout gay people a lot. Has she written about it? George is dnancing with the freakds now. Frances thinks the words are someone else’s. Frances admits things when time apasses. Frances gets all strung up by other wstoreis. She is like george in some ways. Taureans ofr pasta dishes. Frances is looking forward to eating blueberries. George is controversial. His set costs 15 million.

Entente cordiale with the French, miles mendoza has a lisp. MilesGits and campsites. accommoadation. A moat goes round a real castle. Frances didn’t like going to fetch French shoes when she was in France,. Can’t have crinkly hair. Why can’t Frances eat the last mouthful?

47 trillion dollars in the world. William Tell in the newsreader’s teeth. Frances eats eight oatcakes and a very large slab of gorgonzola. Frances has bought some Shiraz. Frances often snags her nereve when she is getting into the car. A dungeon could be an arena. Frances sends two emails oto wtwo people she used to be friends. Frances sreserves who she thinks as friends and thinks woh well. Dungeons are like golf courses. Harrison Ford was there. Dentists and fillings. Steve and George are getting drunk so that Frances can get out of her dungeons. they are drinking pimms. Richard Hammond i s searching for th e Holy Grail on bank oholiday monday. Frances conducts her past by jumping at a loud nioise on the ceiling. It wsasn’nt that loud but it made Frances jump. Frances litstens to the song about finding Buster. The call in woman doesn’t like it but she plays it for her son. its called Block buster in fact. The lady on the riverwalk apath caleled frances buster when she walkded past some time ago. Galloway incites fatwa on the prime minister on the radio bulletin. The fly buzzes round the wroom in a busy way, it creates a tingle senstation on the forehead. Another one tingles on the temple. Frances has a slight needle in her heart at the moment. Then she puts off Chris with his lovlely warmth. Frances can’t have too man dungeon s to bring to the sufrface, . Cows in cornwall, milking time. The cows are all quiet and don’t make noises for the radio, the man has guernsey cows. Get into the groove fror him. The stock exchangeis doing yo yos at the moment. The markets have swumng up and down on alternate days. The Globe is on the Southbank. Needle in the fanny area, the Glovbe went under wenhen Mark left. world war event in Portsmouth. Brass in pocket by texas. The blue bottle is disgusting. Sirens outside, differentiate ambulance or police, some emergency noise. The show is flying. The Monaco Grand Prix. Whtat about the photos in Hello. so what about them. Someone plays sweet Caoroline for a girl recovering from chicken pox. More rice left over from lunch with french dressing. Blair Atholl sounds like a tooll, they have new colours this weekend. The Forth Road Bridge has charges on the south bank. Where eagles Dare for Sylvia’s video ievening, she requests Boby Dylan s blowing in the wind. The old people are free, how long can people exist before they are free. Find Cornish pasties in Tibet. Terry Venables talks about Soccer Aid, maybe raise six million. Throw away an unendearing picture of oene of the heirs to the throne . Someone cold and wet from walking on the wmoors. Mungo jerry in the summertime. Food fight from Maurice in Monkiton, in Norfolk. Tibetan singing bowl made of sevnen metals. Rub beta round the rim of the bowl. Suspense icncluded on the noise recording. Village ball tomorrow. People doing things and general feeling of being left anout and snobbery at the same time. fifyty mile cycling itme trial from Woodbridgein suffolk. Crodcodile farmer eight crocs provide 350 per year. offspring. back strap and tail fillets best choice to east. Part time newsreader back on Monday. Chris Farlow concert goer. Out of time is a horrible song.

The RHS Clesea Flower show is only one of a umber of tohers throughout the country. The Pole man loks lik e morrissey and john with eyebrows. Carew. The other dowager is the lady that sa ys not to go into freelance. She says sorry to Titchmarsh for giving that advice. Lorraine is on the chat show, she must be worth watching.

The dungeon was all abuout Black Wednesday on the stock exchange or Frazzled Friday or Thursday. There are lego men on Jonathan’s show that represent him being sold on Ebay. Frances wonders if she got auctioned off and wonders why she can’t get any pa0p[‘ . Frances hits her computer because of the interfeerence from an external intternet connection. Jonathan doens’t drop the submject of his corset. he goes on about it. He says whip it out. Frances saw richard on the news quiz earlier and richard could be a rocky she man. Frances point s fingers but she’ll only get manufactured. Swinging used to be a problem for Frances, she got eaten from all sides andwas called a man eater for good reason, she didn’t stop. Frances isn’t paying attention to the weedy unfed man from Hollywood. He is n’t known to Frnances. John is his name and he leaves theset looking a bit hurt. Jonathan takes a mock bite out of hally’s arm and out of jackson’s suit. Hally has a golden dress with a proper neckline.

estimation down.


Madness is annoying, lik e didn’t we . Shouldn’t that have gone smoother? Next time try saying hello back. Nobody else could fill the shoes of someone better. Men scratch their heads at dcrossings. The signals for being nearly chartered fix acceptance on darkness. Daughter of Darkness by Jones is on jonathan’s showw. Next time wear a sports bra. next time say hello back. next time stand in the hallway. Next time be first in the queue. next time present the number of the post box. next time don’t hesitate at the door. next time go the short cut. next time avoid the glass. Next time investigaate only by the 190, not the ohther bus. Next time go when the kids are at schooll. Next time try the give up smoking voucher. Next time make sure there’s better weather. next time use the oyster card the other way up, just reassemble the ingredients! Next time okay and hello won’t apply, next time will be a super try. Next time there’ll be a t shirt waiting. Next time there’ll be a letter that is scintillating. next time there’ll be a better answer. Next time there’ll be a suitable plaster, the person that goes is even better.

Next time thre’ll be ga golden retriever, a skipping rope, a musician, a baby with a pram, a wwsmiling lady in the queue, a high man witha leather jacket, a kinky aman that isn’t ikinky, a coffee mrorning. What’s smexzee fiid fmee mea mezzer fiid food,? As I live and breathe you have killed me is Morrissey’s song? what’s my life for?

not the computer shop, though the computer shop is suggested by the lady in the newsagents. The comjputer shop is supposed to be a harmless account. The computer shop is part of the chip about fools eating fish and chips. The computer shop is in sthe same street, but that is all there is to it. The computer shop is part of a delirious quiz, it has an authority.

weather forecast

Gary calls it willing ill on people.

Tehe emperor of doom ahas special skills, the empreeror of doom has widsdom and tunes. The emperor of doom has holes in jumpers, the emperor of doom knows about earthquakes. The emperor of doom has nos to thank yous. The emperor of doom has secretarial stack yous. The emperoror of doom has new legdges and patches. The emperor of doom has celebrity stashes. The emperor of doom ha s an empress. The Empreess state is a bus through Fulham. The empress state is emperors mate, the empress to everything is not being late. The empress ahas nowhere to go. The empress waits for news to come through. The empress has a section to leave. The empress has to wait to achieve. The empress is as empress does, the empress is crowned without her gloves. The empreess rides the empress bears, the empress wonders and then she tears. She rips up th e paper and says she’s an empress, she wonders how she kissed a post boy. She thinks she has nothing in common with the post boy but he knows what she is going to say. The empress says its the post boy’s fault, the empress says she’ll live on the coast. The empress says she coudld live on a boat, the empress says she’l l stuff the odld stoat. The empress wanted to get her wicketd way, the post boy says she’ll have to pay. The empress looks at the post boy and he’s about forty. The empress says she doesn’t know th e post boy, the post man. The empress finds it diffuicult to be nice to a stamp. The empress finds it difficult to walk without a ramp, the empress steps on what she can tramp. The empress has a large ring. She got it free from a shop in Berlin. This isn’t true, this is over to you. This is empres s saying what she’ll do. The postman ahs a good film the post man has Il Postino grin. The empress is distraught and thin. She thinks she’ls been left with half of him. FThe empress works tiwtith envelopes too. The empress thingks she does have aclue. The empress likcks a stack of paper, the empress thinks she’ll thank hmim later. The empress tries where the empres s succededs, the empress ois always on her knees. The empress hshould think of a good excuse, the empress chshould stuff her Christmas goose. The empress is blind, but what a find. The empress is torn but she is rworn. The emprees ss is large, she’s not in charge, the empress is party but can’t bake tarty.

The empress will never understand what she does beyond command. The empress is mischievously laden, the empress is micshcievously graven. The empress has her stone all set, she has a headstone don’t forget. It got ordered from the day she died, the empress is aback and she cant’ hide. The empres s is black the empress is white, the empress hshould learn to fly a kite. The empress ignores and the empres s sonores, the empress always tbreaks the laws.

Send an email to the Mulberry for being a reservations agent.

There’s no getting away from Ewan. He sits in the interval of football being nice. Ewan doesn’t mind ihis young fix, he embaraces it. Ewan laughs at those who wsaste their time against the grain, look at Frances!{ Internet interference infuriates Frances. Shea hears Its me I’m Kathy by the squeaky man on the television. Barnes replaces Robbie in SoccerAid. frances loves Turkis h Delight, she sees two Americans in Sainsburys. Frances thinks about rent and sales, she thinks about Ewan and what the idifference is. Frances thinks Ewan is basedon Frances’ merit. Frances thinks Ewan is not a leveritt. Frances thinks Ewan is cruel and mean. Ewan is good at what he does. Frances makes a plaintive noise and does secxual grunts. Ewan is a neighboutr, he is also a shaver. Frances isn’t allowed to watch the live grame but she wcan watch replays. Frances thinks she’ll win if she’s more than a bit scottish. Frances watches men with gel in their hair looking sweaty and cockney. frances used to swear that she’d only support noisy. Frances sits on her little Fulham pedestal and says unkind things and she is not pre menstrual. The rest of the world has lost to England, what a cost. What has the world come to?

Ewan says play for or play with . Frances wonders what she can give. The day frances gets genuine enjoyument from sport is the day Frances is genuinely snort. Frances dadoreds sport when she has beddish port. Frances is non plussed generally by all the people that are smelly. She only catches fever when there is a bedtime lever. Robbie said something about fireworks. Frances wtatches big brother, the link is in the bedroom. The link is the catch of the sonic match, the link is the time of the brain’s exaction. According to wahat frances suppresses, she channels the time to goes with progresses. Frances sees a roomfool of people and someo of them she recognises. Frances knows the buynny girl and the self dpracating scots guy that goes on about being gay and goes on about having thing s his owwn way. The people that Frances recognises need to get past voyeur disguises. Voyeur is defined by what was that to Frances’ behind. Frances doesn’t know how she knows some people, she is blind. Frrances also knows Caesar.

Frances feels mean about what she said about Ewan, he is probably a good man. Frances must identify what she can’t do when she is through. Frances lives on the border line, she has to target what’s the time. Orange juice with tonic water at ten o’clock. The Tramp and the dictator. Think too much and feel too little.


Moremolecules ina glass of water than grains of sand in the world. 16 gallons of blood per minute for the giraffe’s heart. Centurion in charge of 83 men. Caesar came, swaw and oconaquered. Nero got rid of bagpipes and replaced them with elephant tight rope walking. fiddle inventred in th e fifeteenth centrury. Cover pigs in oil and set fire to them, to frighten the leephants. Camels never forget accoriding to the greeks. Myotionic jerk from the adays when we lived in trees and shouldn’t fall out. biggest lake in canada bigger than belgium. Not great lakes because of the border.Lake manitu. Great bear lake. Box dots are cats eyes.Rise early, work late and strike oil.

Sunday 28

The first instance to rise is better than the second. The seocond forgets like a plunderer. an eventful night means a lot more to something else. The need for a cigarett ieis not for a cigarette but to get one. Coffee is so grown up. The time between seven and nine goes back to sleep. Alexander is the name of someone younger. He is not Harry but his younger brother. Farts excscape like demons. Carriers don’t suppress them. Lara Croft is a cartoon cachar carache carachter. Two cups of coffe e is enough, one large or two smaller. . Sixth cigarette. The soft seat is hardest. Chinese trains are long journeys. The shit is green from Caesar’s lettuce. It stains the dress. It needs soap. Rinsing is the modus operandi for the short term. having a bath is right wing apparently. A man back from his travels said so on the radio.

The word leak and the word like are similar. Answers need to be demonstrated, Michael Parkinson on Jazz. Visit an oxymoron on Paul Merton’s name at Oxford. Its a website. Lazing on a sunny afternoon in the summertime, after visiting Nicky Clrark’s website. Coming soon! Clare Teal on the radio. Frances sews two halter necks, it is possible to change direction. She does two rows of backstictch on each cotton tie, she follows the same path on the final try. She imagines having a bayby but still goees to buy cigarettes. She has already tdone ten today, she buys another. The stitch frayed and had to be rethreaded on the pacer dress. She was dismayed and dropped two pins. She kept thinking of Alexander and his whims. Frances felt if she could tstitch two halternecks together she could have seen out the deomon there. Frances thought of Patsy and Eastenders and all the pretenders. Frances got stuck at the river’s edge. Frances thinks that rhymes with sledge. Frances left her sewing kit open when she went to the shops, a pandora’s box. Frances shut out the Capercaillie pins and had to repopen the box to put them back in. Frances ate rice for lunch and cooked it up with a telma stock cube, then she added some french dressing. Frances is still confessing. Franceds spells her name with a d, she types it wwrongly. Francs writes frances she means francs. Frances isn’t that french. Frances is excited about Terrence Higgins. She only does Comic elief for the perks. Frances wants to do the works. Frances has a dress to wear, she could wear her expensive one with gold frills. Frances is on pills. Frances tries to beep the TV on but the wall switch is off, and he’d have to get up. Frances lights another cigarette and puts a finger in her left ear. Frances keeps to what is near, she’d like to bhave bought some Turkish delight. Frances lkikex the fresh box without chocolate round the Turkish knox.

Frances browses the ipod site and sees a portrait for Linda, a song on the itunes. Frances saw ia toddler in Sauinsburys who looked thoughtful in her pushchair. The cigarette needs to be relit. she can’t wgo on with it. Frances cshould have gone to the theatre on Saturday but she didn’t actually. Frances thinks she’ll go to the market tomorrow, weven though its a bank holiday. Frances listened to a podcast of Segonlene Royal yesterday, after the post office trip. Frances could buy something to make her look hip. Frances could choose between clothes or technology, she wants to buy some speakers and a new ideology. Frances tunes back into the radio, the time is 14.22. There are violins in her ears. The DaVinci code by Hanzs Zimmer. Elaine Page is on the radio, its time for the last tune. Where’s the old crock of confidence?

Why did Frances syay she liked Whistler? What is Whistler and is he for gay people? Sting on the cheek. If baby I’m the bottom you’re the top. Frances found a grey foot on the floor, it looks like a telephne print. Frances thought it was interesting that toddlerls don’t like bitterness in vegetablees when they’re young so they don’t eat poison berries. They’re taste buds develop against those sorts of foods. Malcolm Prince is elaine’s producer. Next up is Russel Davis. Art craft and inspiration of the popular song. Doyenes of lyric writers. Separate the present form the past, deal with all the things you thought would last that didn’t last with bits of memoreis scattered here, ai look around and don’t know where to start. our lives oare tangeled like the branches of a vine that intertwine, so many habits that we’ll have to break and eyesterday’sl that we’ll have to take apart. Catch me by surprise and you’l l be there again. A moment in what might have been, where do you start, do you allow yourself a little time to cry or do you close your eyes and kiss it all goodbye, i guess you’ll try and thought i don’t know where and don’t know when i’ll find myself in love again. Dave Grusome and Johnny Mandell, inbetween assignments uput them ofn th shelf, where do you start dcame from, anlan bergman. Tony bennet started it in song. Michelle la grande, the windwmills of your mind. everything and nothhing song, movie when flying around in a glider, sense of forebodying. Just masterminded the robbery of a bank. 6, 8 or 9 melodies for the same spot in the moveie. Which melody would work for the next day? Chose same melody that the day before seemed the least likely. round lin a circle like a snow ball down a mountain like a clock behind its face, like the circle s of your mind in the windmills of your mind, down a door that keeps revolveing in a half forgotten dream. a world like an apple circling in spcace, keys in pocket jangle in your head, lover s on shore leave print on the sand. half remembered names and faces but to whom do they belong, autumn kleaves anre turning never ending or beginning in the windmills of youf rmind. shut into the cirlcles? Preferred to have the melody firtst,. Easire assignments sung by the king singers. Yellow bird was an itnernational hit. marlilyn active in the polictic ASCAB of musick. 1960 let’s take it nic e and easy, its gonna be so easy for us to fall in love. hey baby whats your hurry, relax and odon’t you rworry, we’re gonna fall in love. Wehere on the road to raomance, that’s safe to say but lets make all the stops along the sway. the problem now of course is to simply is to simply hold your horses, to rush would be a crime coz nice and easy does it every time. We’re on the road to romandce that’s safe to say but lets make all the stops alogn the way. the problem now of course is to simply to hold your horses, to rush would be a crime, coz nice and easy does it nice and easy niceand easy does it every tiem, lieke the man says it one time, nice and easy does it, nice and easy does it, nice and easy does it every time by alan and Maarilyn Bergman sung by Franck Sinatra.

alan bergman had a menotr Johnny Mercer. He could write i love you about lost youth, famous for being a lyricist in his own lifetime. Limit to what words can ever say in or out. You’re just too marvellous to marvellous for words, like Lauriers glamorous and stand by amorours, its all too wonderful, i’ll ne er find the words that say enough tell enought i means theny djust don’t swell enought. You’re jmuch too much and just too very very, to ever be in webster’s dictionary. Adn so I’m borrowing a love song from a words to tell thayou that you’dre marvellous too marvellous tfor words. You’re much too much and and just to o very very to ever be in webster’s dictionary. and so i’m borrowing a love song from the birds fto tell you that you’re bmarvellous to o marvellous for words Jao Stafford in a stately version. Version sung by composer’s daughter, Richard Whiting. Capital co founded and co owned by Johnny Mercer. Savannah 1909 summer retreat by the back river, renamed moon eriver in his honour. Still a youngster when his song lyrics apperared, steamy atomosphere of osouthern parts. Being up northa nd wrinting. home. Gordon Jenkins. Dear iI thought ‘I’d drop a line the weather’s cool, the folks are fine, I’m in bedin each night ant nine. PS I love you . Yesterday we had some rain but all are gone I can’t domplain, was it tdusty on the train. Ps. I love you. Write to the Brown to the ajust as soon asy our’e abele, they came around toacall. I burned a hole in the dining room table, let me see I guess that’s all. nothing left for me to say and so i’ll close my by the way, ecvery body is thinking of you . Ps. I love you. Werite to the Browns just as soon as you’re able, they came around to call. I burned a hole in the dining room table, and let me see i guess that’s all. nothing left for me to say and so i’ll close but by the way everybody;s theinking of you, ps i love you. I love you, I love you. ISusannah Mccacall in 1988 .. Letter stilted phraseology of i love you. 1934 family plot, military men in Mercer dyncasty. Beyond war of independence, burst on to aradio waves of mid thirties. Brititsh accent of dick van dyke. here come the british. took a ride just round the countryside. washington valley forge here come the british bang bang. just look around they british are there. josie i have to close epislet here comes the whistle. chparter niumver 24 tell me what this shooting’s for. birtchy came to town queen got dizzy. who shot hwo in sixty three, there’s the glasses ah fgee. il’l vgive you meao. in india the other tday what did other mahatma what ‘s all the riot, here ocmes the british with a bang bgnag. buildiners ar british hsittorycal song. Bernie hnanigman. Faeatrured as rwriting a son g aweek. vast mercer songs, not all masterpeices call could be revived. producigiuos outpotu. whiting died in 38. moon dollars, i’m ajn old coerwer hand, building up to an awful let down. about to write hooray for yollywood and you must have been a beaturiful baby. and the angels sing, and day in day out. mysterious laura ttrain passing through. Train sing. Clickety clack. i took a trip on a train and i thought about you i passed a shadowy lane and i thought about you two or three pcars parked unders the stars a winding stream, moon shing down at every stop that we made i thought about you and when i fpulled own the shade i thought about you. peeked at the track looked at the track the one going back wat did ti do ithought about youl . seems that i read or somebody said out of sight is out of mind bwell bmaybe that so but itried to go to leave you behind what did i find. at every stop i thought about you and wen i pulled down the shade i thought about you. what did i dio, what di d i do ithought boaut you. mewest version recorded in abbey road this eyar by gary williams. in the olouncge. mercer and jimmy van yheusen. momentary collision o f careers. santa fe reailsraoads. santa fe pacific corporation merge with bulington railway. do yo hear that wihistle down the line thi think it sengine nubmer 49 only one that ll sound that way on the atchison way. reckong she ‘es gonna bmieet a friend. here shoe comes, woo hey jim better tget the rave, she’s got a list of pasentfers and all wants lifts from browns hotel. al aaboard. chugga chugga chugaa woop let her rip mer aengienerr, while the man at the fire shovels, hstikc head aout, whizzing by albercurkie high, going o the thway till we quite calirfornia. on the atchinson to peak at santa fe. here sohe comes, woooh wooh hery jimbetter get the rate, she’s got a list of passengers that psprety ibg, lots of them have been travelling for quite a dpell Hot voice connect to tsouthers. harry warren jeepers creepers. mercer in public mind, first hit for teenatge wmargaret whiting. 1942 teenage song very grown up at that aitime. that old black magic has me int ists spell that old black magic that you weave so well those icy fingers up and down my spine, the same old withchcraft when your eyes meeet min. the same old tingle and then the elevator starts its ride and down and down i go, round and round i go, like a leaf that’s caught in the tide. ishould stay away btut what can i do i herar mname and i’m aflame, aflame with such a burning desire that yonly your ckiss can put out hte fire. for your lthe lover i have woatited for the maid tha t made have me crated for . and every time your leips meet mine rdown and down i go dournd and round i go, in the spin im in and that old black magic called love. cole perteer like song. protege of johnny mercer. his was a drinker’s life, bad drunk party hostess tired foreceiving bouquets after parties. dirninking again, in the cool dcool iof the evenign. when the parties get ting a glow on. Georgia slang udnerstandable in the snahank of thenight when thi’m doing alright. caonside r mercer as a poet? Tererry teachout. singer describes himself as akin do of poet. its quratere to threethere ‘s no one in the palce except you and me so set em up tjo i gotta little wtotyr your oguthta nknow. We’rer dirnking my firndd to hte end of a brief epeiek, make it mone fror my baby and one more for the road. I goet the routine so drop another knickel in the machine. i m feelingi oso bade whish you’d make the music pretty and sad. could tell you al ot but you’ve got tob etrue to your cool, so make it one for my baby and one more for the road. you ‘ed never know it but buddy im a kind of pet enad invgoet anlot of things. and when yim goolm y simply got to listen to me till its all talked away. that’s how itsgoes and jo ath thatnks for the cheer inopee hoou didn’t mind my bending your ear. this torch must be drownedd or it suoon muight explode so make it one for my bab y and one for teh road, that long rlong road. Sinatra i n his coli,bimea peripod,. adrded words to insturmentals foreign. lional hampton’s band, rung radio stationf or repaeats toso yhe reached destination for midnight soun. augdacity traiple rhyme of chalice alabaster palace Midnmight sun. ella fitzgerals. you’r lips were like a red and tuyb chaleice warmer htan a summer night. the clouds were lightke an alabaster paslace rising to a snowy hieight. each dar aints onwn arora borialis. suddenly you jheld me itghth. icould see the midnight sun. i cant explain the silver rain that found me or was that a moonlit trail the ucsic of the unvierze around me or was that a nightingale.? and then your arms miraculously found me sudenly the turned the sky turned pale i could see the midnight sun whatas there such a night its a thrill ia tstill don’t quit e believe but after you were gone there were still some dstardust on bmy slee ve. the flame of it made went to an ember and the stars forget to shine tand we may see the meadow in decembe r i see white and crystalline. but oh my darling walweyws i’l remember when your clips were close to mine and we suddenlwawy the smidhight sun. terry teachout must mhave mentioned that one. more freelance with orchestra of franck devole. irrististable prosptect. richard rodyney’ benenet of i swanna be a ldancing man. henry mansini’s melodies, mood and form. when the world twas young alias ah the apple trees. Grodon g jenkins. the falling leave s drift by the window the autumn leaves of red and gold, i see your lips the usmmer kisses, the sunburned hands, i used to hold. sensince you went away the days tdgrow thlong and soon i’ll hear old winter’s song. but i miss you most of all my dayring when autumen leaves start to falll. since you sent away the days gow long, and soon ill hear old winter’s song. but i miss you most of all my darling when autumn leaves start to fall. nat king cole. can’t mention all the mercer songs. top ten come rain or come shine accentuate the postitive, bedearly beloved, goody goody the waitr and the lportyer andthe upstairs madid bless your beuatiful hid. i remember you ithouthg t about you or c and the angels sing. competition headstone. i’m old fashioned not time to splay. barbara strisnd always difficult chatracterisation. most offeten [erson seeking excellence. what are you doing the rest of your life, north and south and weeast and west of your life, i have only one request of your life bthat you spend it all with me. all th seeasons and the tidmes of your days are the nickels oand the imes of your days, let the reaongs oand the gymes of your days all begin and end with me. i want to see your face in every ikind of light in fields of dark and forests of the night. and when youstnad before the candles on a cake, let me be the one to hear the silent wish hyou’d make. thos e tomorrows waiting depe in your eyes, inthe world of love you keep in your wyees. ill awakin what’s alseoloep in youre eyes it make tak ea a kiss or two. i l lve of my live summer iwnterspring and fll of my life all i every will recll of my liefe is all of my life with youuuuuuu.

elvis podcast. 1972 winton Wee 3:38 pm Song song blue, everyobody’s knows one, song wsong blute every garden grows one, me and you a subjetct to a blues know nam,e but when you take the blues and sing a song you sing em out again. song song blue weeping like a willow song song blue sleeping ion my pillow. the funny thing that you can’ ssting int with a cry in your voeice and before you get fto know it good simply got no choice. me and you a subject to the blues no name but when you tak the thblues and make a song you sing them out on. song sung blue weeping like a eiwillow. osng song blue sleeping on my pillow. the funny thing that you can sing it waith a cry in your voiec and before you know it start to feeling ogood simply got no choice song sung blue song busung blue neil diamond as ihigh as number foruiteen. what’s your name. see her every morning and

dodoobie doobie dood bee doodbe iodoobie doo bie dodo ood oo doo i just gotta give it the day you start giving your love to me, doobie dooo doo bie dobie doo doo. Diana Rooss. curtis mayifield aeverybody gather round a nd listen to my song, ive only got one. we’ve you are young we continue to give to continue to live for ywhat you know is right. most of life look to tfrom the darkness, everyone’s free at tleast that ‘s supposed to be. we just keep on keeping on. We just keep on keeping on. There’s still alot of love nd there’s fstill a lot of fatith and keeping trust when we keep on keeping on. before we dismiss one thing i insist wen you have your young remember this song, leaps and blounds upsand down teach them to be strong wand when they are gorwn they can reply and alright guy as one. and we just keep on keeping on. we just keep o n keeping on. man things that we have grown that there’s still a lot of love and there’s wtill a lot fof fatith withn we keep on keeping on.

Frances spends her time ont eh ladder trap thus, trying to loo when sher name is gus. Frances doesn’t wear a gusset, hshe doesn’t wear pants, she is a strue scotswoman, marching with the ants. Frances says drat and frances says bother, she’ could have pulled off a stunt by her mutter. Frances mutters to type, all these songs to old hype. Frances could find relievef if she became a chief. frnances is knackered and lives on the reef. Frances is part of the coral ona barrier reef, she keps getting bleached wto all thos e leeks.

Frances wonders about her daphram, she used to have a diaphram. Frances has a mjumpety jump, this means she did the hump. Its only a question of body language, fracesdoesn’t have to be a sandwich. Frances hears a message about the Highlanders from Atholl on the phone, she blames her msisspent you th on something lalong those lines. Frances has finished her owoodbines. Frances is bored where she is. she doesn’t have enough fizz. Frances hopes she’ll have a better life when she is a wife.

Frances is mildly preoccupied by her hairy legs. Its their fault she says of her pets. In fact ist is because of her hairy legs that Frances is so great. She plucks them in the afternoon and searches for the root exhume. Frances has a wzax pot in her hkitchen that is hairy clot. There are lots of hairs in the was xx from recycled use. Frances crops her legs helike heather patches and she wonders if she cshould change the twax for being over haired because some of the hairs are being left on the leg. Frances spoons th e wax on with a gtrowel, she has achieved quite a lot with constant use. Frances had implants when she was a teenager for being a baby arranger or for being naughty. Frances isn’t sure why she was fotrty when she was fourteen, she was proecocious and wasn’t so mean. Frances looks at her legs as a mark of treachery, how cruelly she has been treated. Frances wanted to be the same as everyone else, she wanted to be given hairs. Frances had no eyebrows but now she really cares. Frances got eyebrows and bum hair at the sam e surprise, she got all her hairs at once. Frances got pubic eyebrows on some accounts. Frances has little hooves above her eyes, she’d like to them to be longer to stretch out her replies. Frances is unsatisfied with the eyebrow pluck, she went to a shop and they ripped them out. Frances hasn’’t forgotten this, and this is part of the London lame, part of the London song about I’ll show you the streets of london. Frances is now beyond that part of when the people gutted her every week. Frances is supposed to be amad on account of the tiny millions of shrieks. Frances is supposed to be confused from the path that she led because she deserved to get some trouble in bed. Frances was always hopping out the way and other people copped what she got to say. Frances becme stupid and no longer a priestess, Frances didn’t know cupid and her harirs gave her distress. Frances clings to bodilyawkwardness that keep her human because she has no feelings. Frances has no feelings unless he hears pop tunes or surges of televisions. Frances has whispy feelings that are schizofrenic and she lingers about abit when she is systemic. Franes used to be a lot more powerful and cause everyone to look round with amaxzement. She still does t o some extent except she is a hell raiser. Frances doesn’t do ver y much any more but she expects people to leg it or hide away their drawer. Frances could count fto four becuase that’s where she lives. Frances still gives. Frances gives and gives and says she doensn’t mind. Frances is painlessly lined, at least she’s still pretty. Frances has a sad face but she still remembers when she glowed. It depends what Farances says if her face lifts or it falls. It is mostly horizontally, and her eyebrows hshow signs of intellignence. Frances has to be thoughtful because of her feelings that were immense. Frances could save up for a christmas part y and then be loving secretly . Frances gets into the swing a bit and then denies it. Frances pays for it with spies for it, she is investigating the heart. Frances will come up with a fine part. Frances will eventually look smart. EFrances may concede what she does is wrong, pong, but she can only go along. Frances goes along with other people and is quite amiable. Frances means to decipher what this means and why she is staple. Frances is integral to ebveryone’s family tree. She is so part of the world she is she and she and she and he. Frances used to lust and with procreation got concussed. Frances tries to be good but she ‘d rather lust thatn breed with wood. Frances is wood herself but she is not necessarily on the shelf. frances could get a job in a bar and learn to talk with knowing how far. Frances is very stuck for conversation, her orb is above the common oration. Frances has troubeles so gigantic that they could build another titanic. it is best to avoid what fRances feels, let her be less with ordinary wheels. Frances finds ordinary the most fdifficult to cope with, why can’t she shsare her scope with? Frances thinks she could bud and blossom, she’s been sprayed around the whole country.

Aside from what frances feels, Frances kneels. frances sits as she kneels, its the same thing. Frances makes to dwith out and in. Frances would like pudding. Frances is relieved when she gets a foregin cashier who doen’t know the rules, that’s the main advantage of Frances and French cools. Frances appreciates what ignorance does, it gives her distant and obscure glove.s. Frances types rubbish so she’ll be more twerpish, Frances isn’t ashamed or particularly named. Frances tlks like someone of sixteen, someone who walks the plank of

Frances manages to drop something next to the plum jam. She drops her hairy pot on the floor with its special calibrated heater. She’s watching top gear, but shen she turns it on she drops her radio on the floor and the batter flap falls open. She wonders how this signifies after all she’s just done the washing up even when she didn’t want to . She had a very odd supper of tofu in yesterday fish’s oil that shouldn’t have been recycles.d. She had two poached eggs on top of the tofu and had some mango chutney on the side, how unsatisfying. After the washing up she ate three oatcakes with plum jam and butter and half boiled the kettle thinking of some packet soup. She left her drink half drunk in the telly room while she did the washing up. Then she decided to have some red wine, she boutght it for 3.99. The Shiraz is Frances latest chubb, she is disappointed by the next door bottle that she thought would be as good as the same offer in value. Frances shouldn’t wander around on the shelf, she must take marketd steps whern tasteis concerned.

Frances watches the Beckham party from start to finish on the television. this is a needy observation just like last saturday with the prince’s trust. Frances needs to observe her rich requirements and take anxiety into account wherever she goes. Frances appreciates there’s no slack at the top and that she is just as likely to be po faced and worried amongst the neauveau ricehe. Frances could bring some class to the Surry bench and show off her posh voice but she finds it increasingly stilted and can’t come by natural situations very easily.

Frances only talks easily oto Bill. She says he’s the problem. Frances is fine when she’s at home,she’s just forgotten. Frances grudges her small circuit of circumfrence, she can’t shop politely even when she’s given a chance. Frances bought some grapes this evening and nobody budged into her. She could have made conversation at the counter with the manager butshe didn’t and worried that her shkirt was see through. Frances went into the shop wiht long green socks and block heels. She didn’t feel that fashionable but she madean inmpresision of something unnaturally. Frances should take more exercise.

Frances probably said Chris was a bastard. She probably said something rude about the Beckham’s party.

Frances wonders why she says black magic when she shouldn’t. She often refers to terrible people with the words black magic, she doesn’t mean to profess her love. Frances finds that in the worst instances she says the lovelieest things and in the best instances she says rhymes for advertising. She sells the boat down river for some reason

Monday 29th

Frances has skin on her mushroom soup, it stands to get cool. Frances went to the shop and the kid said oops. Wonder what this means. Frances smokes tobr grown up. Frances drops her cigarette. Frances listens to the airplanes outside, what a din. Frances has just been to the lavatory at 11.55, well done. Frances got u p a t half past nine. She had two cigarettes and took her coffee to bed. Frances stayed in bed and haeard a street brwawl between a girl and someone she probably lvives with. H e said fucking bitch and she sobbed. He did a lot of shouting, as if the pub had just been turned out. Frances got dressed in her Next trousers that slighltly smell, and she put on her mexx top and her holy green gjumper. She has seen the sun stream in the windows but thinks she won’t go tho the market after all. Its probably shut. Frances washed the trapes she bought yesterday and picks of the mouldy ones. Some of the grapes have already been picked, Frances wonders about the sealed bag. Frances had a few grapes before she peed. She waited till two minutes past twelve to taste the warm soup. Frances drinks Ainsley harriot. She feels disappointed when she watcheds ready steady cook because she likes Worral Thomson more than Ainsley does. The music builds up tension that makes Frances turn the volume off. Frances can feel quite worked up about the program because of the voting system. Frances tries and listens to the less prodstigious cooks in the other team, she thinks to distribute her attentions evenly. Frances fineishes the soup at seven past twelve. She gulps it down. Frances thinks about fried bananas for lunch, they are turning brown. Frances intends to eat more grpapes. When does lunch start?

Frances eats more grapes and then gets a cigarette. She feels a distant sneeze. Frances wonders why she can’t shrink with Michael parkinson. he was on yesterday. Frances thinks about burping but swallows it away. She has another drag and has to revolve her ankle to spednd out the pinsand needles. frances is sitting with her legs crossed. Frances still think s she is called Anastsasisa or something more glamorous. Frances is appalled by Tsar Nicholas and thinks the name is horrific too. Frances intends to holidyay with george Clooney at some point, but she’s currently tied up to Chris in some way. Frances has a letter on her table to Laureie, but she doesn’t think the shed should work.

Frances hears the bird twitter, she hasn’t lcleaned out her nesting box. frances had wrens last year. They had chicks and flew away. End of coigarette number six. What does the letter say? The letter says please get in touch. Frances only has a keyboard for hello to say. Frances can’tsay hello because of heaven, frances is still a dodygy person.

Frances has to stub out the fire from the smoking ashtray. The buts keep reigniting. frances looks at the bottle of french dressing, itis more than half way down. Frances has Saturday papers on the table. She hasn’t read them. Frances has a sky mangazine thatshe hasn’t opened. Frances scratches her ahair. She folds her arms with her hand on her chin. Frances never heard back from Ralph Fiennes. She wanted him to join her poetry bgroup against ordinary people. There’s a bout a third of french dressing left, a car horn beeps. Frances thinks about the shooting in Islington nand the poem she wrote about freud. Frances is not annoyed any more. Frances picks her nose a bit, but not enought o roll it. Franes lights another cigarette, feels awkward about jamees fraine and concludes she has a clean nose. The suhutters go down onthe newsagents outside. The fridge finishes a cooling spell and grumbles. Frnces thinks about office Angels. Sheis available and the American said erperfect when she rang in ton Thursday. Frances has very pointy hot cigarettes. The ends look like hot warts. Frances finds a piece of grape residue, skin on her teeth that she crucnches with her eye tooth. Frances thinks about burping but swallows it away. Frances decides to fry the bananas.

Frances has to count the pieces and she gets to ten. She thinks fof tenlittle lniggers and tries to think bananbas. The bananas are kind of willies, but Frances wouldn’t like to admit this. Frances turns the heat down o n the second side tostop the pan smoking and the butter burning. She frieds some soggy bananas. One banana was completely rotten, she didn’t even open it. Francesleft he bananas on the table for the prospective buyers to see. She put them on a black tray non the glass table with the roses. The roses have pasttheir best but one of them is in bloom. The rest are more wilted. Frances lights another cigarteet while the bananas cool and a car horn goes. She has to relight it, it didn’t take. A new rose was featured at the RHS Chelsea Flower show, it looks like the ones Frances has, called Utopia. Frances wondered if she should top up the water a few days ago but decided to leave the teapot a s it was. The tea pot is a good vase. Twelve fifty one. Frances hears a lorry in the road. The doors shut and it dirives off. It was probably a van. Frances takes a minute to eat the cool bananas. She eats them without jarring the spoon on her teeth. She thinks hthe banas are very swetet but she wants oto go aout and buy some bread. Frances wants a cheese and chutney sandwich. Frances drank the dregs of sour milk from the carton yesterday, she doesn’t use the fridge. Frances has found her lips have healed since she started back on cereal. Franes has cracked edges tha t repopen on alternate dasys. The elasticity of her mouth isn’t great. Frances wants to go back to gbed. whe thinks this is suitable for standup comedy.

Frances hasn’t goforgottoen the long car horn at one. She went to bed athat afternoon and did some brass rubbing. She woke up and went abnd bought some cpringles and some taramasolata, one of the first and two of the second. She sat down in front of The Sound of Music and shovelled in the toppings. Frances felt sick so she had to have a bath to sober up. Frances left the soap oeperas at ringing distance wto where she sat. The sirens keep going off. Frances is trying to catch up on what she did this afternoon, that’s why she changes thee tenses. Frances has to recover why it is already bedtime and why she spends a lot of time there. Frances comes to the conclusion that she haas to write it down. Frances gets laughs if she is a clown. Frances doesn’t speak to anyone or smile, she could pass for a green style. Frances watched a program about tommy Cooper and wondered what it meant to her. Frances used to know tommy cooper but she doesn’t know him any more. Thisis like saying pick the sock up off the floor. Frances knew men of sound and vision, she lives on her own. Frances saw tinkerbel l this evening when she interrupted a good program to timber to bed. frances smelt a liboy’s fart, it could have been a gilrl’s. Frances saw tinkerbell o the corner of her sof a from sweet dreams. Frances ruined the magic by wasting her end. Frances thought about what she’d say to the boy if she swaw him again and how he would age. Frances thought wasting the end cuoud make you poor, Frances sees it that way. Frances thinks sh e is poor at trying to explain herself every day. Frances gets in the way.


Frances drninks some gninger and leomon grass cordial, recommended by Ewan. Frances thought elderflower was ginger adnd lemongrass. Frances quite likes elderflower cordial, but she wanted to see what she could get. frances looks at the television, it is turned off. Frances is plugged into the radio, wake up sleepy Jean has just sung. Frances scratches her left ear wih ther left finger. Frances drinks some coffee from her Shakespeare mug. Frances used to be a prostitute. Frances scratches her ear and they’re talking about pac man and hob nobs. Frances feels the hard drive shirr whurr when she rests her hand on the tray of her computer. Frances feels cold. She got up quite early this morning. Frances let the ocado man in. He brought her some cordial and hadsaid have a good day. frances ha s to respond to have a good day as if she has bad days. Frances lets the cocado man off with cheers and thanks a lot. frances put her coat over her nightie to let the ocado man in. She wear s a canary yellow nighty. There are satains on her nightie that the ocado man didn’t see. Frances is dressed now, sheis drinking her grown up coffee. Frances wants another cigarette. She doesn’t really like smoking but she’s not choking. Frances has cut down ther credit bcard bills this month but she has made up for it by smoking more puff. Frances shells out for tobacco and feels ecxtravagant. Frances has a group to go to this morning, time for coffee. Frances goes to a rehabilitation group called the cafe walk. Frances finds she has somewhere to talk. Frances goes to tehe river cafe and meets up with similar people. Not all of the m are schizofrenic. Frances could keep some cigarettes to smoke at the cafe group. She scould smoke them all before, what the hell. Frances ownes roger a cigarette from last week. Frances ahas an hour and twenty minutes till ten thirty. She has six cigarettes and a half left. Frances could boycott the goroup. She might tget telephoned for going AWOL. Frances is half way through her second cup of coffee. She could have orange juice like last week. frances could drink deacaff at the coffe group. Frances could drink tea at the coffee group. Frances could refrain from drinking anything at all. Frances could go out and buy a brandy but she would smell. Frances doesn’t think about brandy at breakfast tieme. Frances was a child alcoholic, that’s surprising. Frances didn’t drink coffee when she drunk gin. Frances cused oto get to sleep on gin. Frances used to have a sleeping problem. frances sleeps like a baby at the moment. Frances has no problem with alcohol or sleep. Frances doeesn’t think she did have a problem. This is what recovery does. Frances wonders if she was interesting when she did. Frances begins a lot of sentences with Frances. Frances ordered some Taylor’s coffee, the free trade variety had osold out. Frances could drink for calamity. Frances drinks feels her bowels stir. Frances is quite happy apart from the fur. Frances doesn’t have a fur coat. Frances has a jacket that used to have a fake fur collar. Frances transformed it. Frances doesn’t have a job. However, Frances looks quite smart in her collar free jacket. It does have a collar but its the undernaeath look. The collar looks inside out, sort of designer. Frances deresses in a crumpled shirt. She is wearing an office shirt that hasn’t been ironed. Frances bought it at Monsoon. She hasn’t bought one this year. This shirt goes back to a sale from last year, the year before. It was probably the year before. The white isn’t as white as the ariel advert. frances only irons when she handgs. She hangs her shirts ofn coat hangers. They dry with gravity. frances likes the natrual process of straigntning out. Frances covers up her shirt with a jumper, she has a beige one. Frances likes holes in aher jumpers, look how spoor she is.

Poor frances is poor frances. Able Frances used to work in a white er shirt. Frances is poor frances from what she was, Frances is potentially able. Frances doesn’t mind going along to the shcizofrenci cafe group. Frances is studying sociiology and other schizofrenics, she gives of her time generaously. The cafe group wouldn’t be as interesting without Frances. Frances has part tie me work. Frances volunteers wherever she goes, Frances has conversations tha t she grows. Frances strengthens her recovery with what she could be doing. Frances could be working. Frances is quite glad she isn’t working, she doesn’t mean she isn’t working. Frances has another cigarette and feels movement of the shit. Frances hears a James Bond song. She is like James Bond. Frances is investigating what’s in the pond. Ah, the shirt hurts. That means the shit. Frances must learn to spell accurately. Frances wonders when the pain will subside. Frances has nothing to hide. Frances feels she is achieving something. Frances sits itight. She doesn’t let it out. The reggae song about James Bond is moving along. bond is black. Blond is back, frances is mousy. Frances wants to heave her highlights done in ginger and peroxide. Frances is growing her hair. The fashion for long hair is coming back. Frances has her tihair tied in a sort of bun. Frances folds her pony tail. Frances thinks the pony tail is feminine. She realised it was masculine. Frances wore apony tail for many years believing it was feminine. Frances pretends she knew all the long. Frances could finish the tgrapes. Frances picks up the grapes. Some old stalks escape to the side. they were caught on the bunch of bgrapes. France peels the tapes Frances meant to write Frances peels the grapes. Frances tries . Frances wants fto find work with office angels. She rings the headquarters. She sent eher cv in last week, but she hasn’t heard back. Frances has an interesiting cv. Frances wonders what to put. Frances is intelligent. Frances can type sixty words a minute. Frances owns a car. This is not strictly strue. Frances had her car scrapped. Frances could catch the bus. Frances wants her passport back. WShe had an interview tiwith another recruitment agent. So there. Frances isn’t spare. Frances gets on with the new lady. Frances wants office angels to ring her back. frances could work in Scotland. Frances could work in England. Frances could work, full stop. Frances doesn’t get befnefits, she’s a proud self funder. Frances isn’t going under. Frances is in dcredit. Frances has private funds. Frances gets her money from somewhere. Frances is qualified. Frances woerked for top of the ppops. Frances worked for top of the wopops for two weeks. Fracnes helped a man with a ahand injury. Franceswent into the sound booth. Frances drank their coffe, she may have had tea. Frances leant her wristguards to the man on tho p of the pops. TFrances got free cds. Frances wonders if office angels . Frances pulls a hair from her jeans buttons. It doesn’t shnap. Frances could write a rapp. Frances isn’t a rapp artist, oh yes she is. Look at this! Frances folds her arms and listens to the engines. It could be a cement mixer. Frances also hears airplanes. Frances rings comic relief. She wentin last week. Frances was quite a help. Frances did data input. Frances hears the engines quieten. Frances should have rung when the cement mixer wasn’t turning. frances said she wsas available, but there’s another volunteer who is more than able. Frances likes going into the office with all the professionals. Frances can produce some specials. She isn’t a cook, but she can type like a crook. Frances is outdone by the competition. Frances could have smiled more often when she went in. Frances was very serious about helping out. She dind’t have jokes but at least she didn’t shout. Frances got on with her own business. She didnt interrupt. Frrances said please and thank you, she thinks. frances sat hat her own desk in someone else’s space. Frances adjusted her seat, she filled her onw position. Frances could have sat insomeone else’s chair and not adjusted the settings and fitted just like their. Frances made her own makr by eating lunch on her own. Frances didn’t answer the phone. frances let the girl next door do that. frances wasn’t a pratt. frances looked at all the executives and felt quite important. Frances could threaten their jobs, just by her depaortment. Frances only had a few fag breaks. Frances only looked at a few passing trains. frances got down to business, she was typing in Mr and Mrs. Frances didn’t know whether to put Ms or miss, she left out the titles for the women positions. Frances thought this was grand. Frances and womens lib, fracnes commands. Frances reads its ten past twelve, no it isn’t it’s twelve past ten. Frances wonders about her coffee morninig. She doesn’t have to go in. Frances hasn’t heard back from Office angels yet. Frances could wait by the tlelephone for an instant response to the telephone ringing. frances has a message taker. She has a BT woman twfor call back later. Frances doesn’t get any messagees. Frrances thinks the weather is cold. The cafte is a good ten minutes away. Frances goes with the getto blaster, she has paraded with her coffee cluster. Frances doesn’t mind being on parade and parole, frances is a night time ovole. What can Frances do when she isn’t on the loo? The mixer starts up again. Frances has a twelve o’clock then. Frrances has an appointment with her doctor. Frances doesn’t like her dotctor. frances is going to start the inquisition. frances has a premonition. Frances has a bad telephone line. She ahad it mentded last year. Frances doens’t want to ask the BT man to reappear. Frances offered hi m a Baseset’s sweet. Maybe the BT man wasn’t sweet. Frances waited for the BT man to mend her line. She didn’t test it when he was there. Fracnes took his word that what he did was to repair. Frances and her standards. Frances and words. Frances has a choice to make. Its twent y past ten. Frances could go, but what then?

frances is the first to arrive. She waits for the group. She sits on the sofa without a slit and listens to Jazz about the creep. Frances listens to the secret socitiety, she discusses he film avariety. The menatl haealth group is another name for secret society. Frances has propriety. Frances is the leader of the mental health group, she is the most mentally alert. The carer talks about secret societiees and eats his fmuffin. Muffins and crisps are bought for the cgroup on account of the smallness. Hardly anoyone turned uyp! Frances scratches her ear. Francedds waas the only woman. Frances heard about arms deals, and the secrets of that are disclosure. Frances smoked one of Roger’s scigarettes again, she scattered ash on the table and Roger brushed it off. Frances thinks the carers iare in secrets, they wee relieved to be let off. Frances gets home and has to pee, its only twelve forty. frances didn’t keep her secret until five to, frances neds some bottom glue. Frances could have puinched her bum to hold it in. Frances let herself go and let the others off the hook. frances didn’t want to cheat.

Frances listens to a woman go onn about marriage. Frances hears about the chain reaction, the pressure to get married. Frances hears about last minute nerves, Frances eats some grapes. Frances

Frances feels a bit sick after the doctor’s appointment. Frances has just seen Kelly’s stand in. She looks like betancor, there must abe a link over the channel. Frances sits through the interview and thinks its frelevant tha t she has a sore throat. Frances had a wobbly voice and had to ahem. The stand in for Kelly didn’t like Frances, ehe is just like Betancor. Frances noticed thestudent, he looked mild and genuine. Frances said she was leaving at some point between now nad three weeks. The lady didn’t think so. She waas quite defensive about Kelly and dind’t want him wto waste his time with Frances. Frances offered to give the name of her new GP but she for got her name. Frances doesn’t like Bill butting in, He has made appointments with Fracnces new GP. Frances wsaid she was kept in for five days in tehe hospital. this is inaccurate. Frances was just there for the weekend. frances thinks twice after what she says. Why did she say she iwas in for five days? Frances had home leave quite early on. Frances went on and bought more cigarettes. Frances turned bacck on the radio. Frances hears a song about smiley faces.

Frances hel can’t help what she says under hypnoisis. Frances confesses. Frances confesses to killing a baby wehen she’s telling the truth. Frances can’t get round what she says on the Indian ground. Hooves rumble and Frances is rubmbled. Frances gets quite emotional about it but she’s straight laced when she’s up for air. Frances likes entertainemtent.

Frances has lunch with Colin and edith. Prawns and melon on her knee. Frances puts the melon on the floor, all the cream with filling for. Frances stills feel shaken by catasrtrophe, what slipped out in parliament? Frances looks aback on the morning and review s the time and the calling. Frances is still stubborn about the doctor and stubborn about what she is after. What is Frances after if it isn’t sinnocence? Frances ate prawn and melon like a VIP. She sits on her couch, and she still wears her coat. The weather is so cold she hasn’t taken her coat off. Frances still trembles. She shivered like a Whippet this morning. She burps. Frances wonders at the myriasds of riddles. What have prawns got to do with playing skittles? Frances could bowl at the bowling hall knock em dead to prove her point. Frances wonder s how she could prove she didn’t do a baby shove. Frances is clinically insane, the doctors have taken note of her name. Frances is schizofrenic, so why isn’t she in jail? Frances is as faast as a snail. She listens to supergrass. Frances has to live with confiscation. This is a s jail is, just a stand about ovation. Frances finishes her grpapes but leaves the last one on. She gets a fanny tingle.

Frances thinks this is quite serious. Frances wonders why the doctors would let her go. Frances wonders why the doctors wouldn’t let her go. The doctors say when Frances dcan and can’t start. Frances is a work of art. Frances thinks her life is unfair. Frances thinks she has done well to write some letters. Frances has written for two references. Frances worked on Lillie Road fo r a while. frances worked for Disney for a while. Why isn’t she still there? Frances is standing on a stage iwith a megaphone so there. Frances appeals to the judges for her demons. The djudges are the audiencese. There’s a fight in Gladiator, and Frances looks into the eyes of a lionish panther. Frances gets lots of cheers and boos. Frances is on the loose. Frances hears the anthem picker on the radio, a tune called Monster. The caller fis from a university. Northampton. Free Willy gets called out. What’s that coming over the hill, is it a monster? What’s that coming over the hill, is it a monster? What’s that coming over the hill. Frrances turns on her screensaver to see the moon. Frances sees a cosmic glow. Frances wsees lots of stars, woah! Frances shuffles her deck on the internet. her present environment is a question mark. Frances listens to chat about jason donovan. What’s he got to do with it. Especially for you, chaising is being caraoked in a very painful ear.

Frances doesn’t want to go uout in the cold waeather. Frances had planned to hold an inquisition this morning. Frances didn’t feel up to asking the assistant the same quesions. Frances wanted to ask what are they doing to me here. Frances wanted to ask why ar e all the children here? WFrances wanted to ask where are the children. Frances wanted to ask why isn’t she forgiven? Frances wanted to ask why is she forgiven? Frances wanted to ask what is her position. Frances watnted to ask why is she a shaman? Frances needs to ask what is a shaman. Frances needs to ask where is her shaman? Frances doesn’t hink the doctors know their psoosition. Frances would be pointless in asking the question. Frances would be dressed wrong to ask her position. frances doesn’t know what side she is on. Frances is dressed in a skirt and a dress. Frances is dressed in a skirt and trousers. Frances is dressed in trousers. Frances is bixsexual for starters. Frances is terrestrial for seconders. Frances is gay as a woman, Frances is a man for starters. Frances said homophobic things at the group, she agreed that rugby was for poufs. Frances admitted that football was skilfull. Frances changed the argument to mean rugby was for poufters. The carer started it with saying football was for poufs. Frances said rugvby was. Frances didn’t mind the covneversation, she didn’t stand up for poufs. Frances is homophobic.

What does this mean? Frances is leclearly mistaken. Frances can’t get the first thing right, she knowws what is right. Frances feels privately about poufters. She knows she can get away with it. Frances feels sorry for poufters, that’s all there is to it. It doesn’ t stop her being prejudiced. Frances is in a secrete sociey for secret mental health. Frances isn’t on the shelf. Frances is there to be talken. Frances is there to be shaken. fracnces could be marracas. Frances could drive tractors. Frances usd to drive tractors, she did that years ago. Frances goes with fthe flow of hwhat the vehicle is. Frances liked the show biz. Frances couldn’t sustain a carreer because seh lost her nerve. Frances never like d the verve. Frances would like to be liked by th verve. Frances has a nerve. The stone cutter starts up outside., Frances cscratches her head. Frances doesn’t have lice, dFrances doesn’t get efed. Frances doesn’t see why she has to be schizofrenic.

This is page sixty four.

When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now, will you be sending me a valentine, birthday greetings, a bottle of wine? Frances could be a wino. Frances could like Ewan. Frances could like Ewan with a bottle of wine in. Frances could ask Ewan the time in. Frances could learn to rhyme in. Frances could go in. Frances could go into more details. When she is sixty four is a long way off, but not that far. Frances is past the half way mark. She has a lot of expaliaining still to do. When Frances is sixty four she wil l bea llowded to roam on the moor. When frances is sixty four she will have pass ed three score. Old apeoiple are hags anyway. Frances is prematurely aged. Frances looks young, but her ways are cunningly saved. Frances is paved. Frances is punned. Frances has her own fund. frances is not very sunned. Frances could get fake tan, Frances could buy a param. Frances ocoulcd scale the heights of Golan. Frances could climb into a volacano. Frances could grow a potato.

This Frances goes back to put a footnaote on sixty four. It moves to sixty five. Frances goes back to reiterate the place that is most important. Frances bishes the placement of the satatement. Frances gthought she’d explain where sixty four was, when it was quite obvious. This moved the whole pagination down so sixty four is no w a frown. Why is that there? The page used to be sixty four, now its sixty five. frances feels its honest not to backspace the line to fit on sixty four, she doesn’t delete the footnote to make the page fit. Frances has a line and always goves over it. Fror some people sixty four is the back street door. For some people their lives are summed up, for some people there are four people, wheo else will turn up?

Frances has a keyboard with the @ on the 2. On word processors the @ is a different button. Frances could make a suggestion. Frances could be sixty four iminutes fast or Frances could be impeded by an international keyboard. Can Fracnes type with more than qwerty or can Frances type with Euro flirty. Frances isn’t sure what the relation is. Frances would brather pass a driving quiz. Can Frances drive on the left hand side? Can fFances drive on the right hand side? Can Frances ak ask herslelf or should she ask someone else?

Frances had no way of expressing herself as a nice person to the doctor. Frances felt squashed in by accusations of the nutter. Frances felt nice and tough, she walways is. The doctor was right to stand up and insist that she cooperated. Frances agreed with the dotctor that she wa s right to ask her. What tdid the doctor ask her? The doctor asked if there was anything she could do. The odoctor asked if there was anything to ask. Frances said no, its all in her notes. The fdoctor has read Frances’ notes and come to an awful conclusion. frances is delusion. Frances won’t get away with asaying what she wants to say. Frances said it anyway but there’s no going back. frances thinks she is under attack. Frances says false statements that are ironic with the truth. Frances is the shape of candy, sheake her handy. Frances didn’t shake hands with the doctor or ven bend to kiss her. Frances would have been shkaken up by that, Frances didn’t want to be a pratt. Frances needs some brakes for these rhymes, Frances could be wasting times. Frances is adamant about what she doesn’t say. What sdid she say, is what Frances wants to play. Frances wants to check what she said in hypnosis.

Frances has osteoporosis. Frances has myst mixamatosis. Francis wants progniosis and look about, here it is@! Frances is one keyon from pressing the wrong button, what’s going on? At least Frances has a baby in her tummy. Frances has a phantom pregnancy. Frances hears agreement and wonders about tenancy. When do the doctors move in? Frances produces the goods and then they disappear. The appointment is quite short, Frances wears her high heels. Frances knows how high she feels, then heseh reels. Frances doesn’t think her friends fancy her. frances thinks her plans are fancy fur.

Frances has one gregret

What is it?

Frances agreed with the doctor that she spelt her name with an e. Was this striclty procedure? Frances wonders if she popped an e when she went to the doctor. The doctor was getting out of it. Frances got out of it oustside the doctor’s surgery. Frances thinks the doctor could be done for perjurty. Someitmes desperate means take edesperate measures. Frances is one for pleasures. Frances didn’t have a say on the sit in student. frances wasn’t actually asked in a choice sort of way. Frances let him stay. Frances does as she’s told if that is the obvious way. frances didn’t mind the student but she wuoould have enjoyed booting him out. Frances always has room for improvement. She doesn’t care about poise. If Frances had been alone with the woman she would have talked diffeently. As it was , Frances was a victim for fre.e Frances sounded a bit stupid and a bit selfish overall. Frances didn’t exactly stall. Frances was told she should renew with her new GP, she means renew her pills with her GP. The associate was quite adamant that she should. Frances intends to go to Scotland to prove that she shouldn’t. Frances hates Freernandes i n a special sort of way. Frances reserves her questions, she has so many. Frances shouldn’t have to cooperate with stupid fuck with dioctors.

Frances shouts my loo! my loo! Frances has to go to the loo. Frrances is fucked off with having to go to the loo. Frances is tired of missing the hole. Frances could play golf. Frances could be advised to quietien down. Frances needs to frown. My loo! she cries, my loo! She bellows it out and says its not fair. Frances throws her hands in the air. Frances gestiullates that she knows Victoria Beckaham. Frances gesticulates that she is not hte problem. When Frances was a spice girl, she had the same problemk. Frances thought she was going mad when she went wet her pants. But Frances idid wet her pants. Frances has a problem with French people. Frances has a problem with wench people. Frances hates the French from where she sits. Frances hates the French, Frances is xenophobic and she does stench. Frances didn’t want to tgo to the doctors to find out what her name was. She’s french! frances hates herself for saying she hates the French. Frances hates the french for what they say. There’s only one french and that’s Frances. There’s onlyone French and that’s masters. Does Frances have a masters degree? Its not in French that’s for sure. Frances hates the french more and more. Frances thinks the french are silly and irresponsible. Just look at their stupid strigngs of garlic. frances is up for bgrapbs like strings on f onions. Frances thinks the French nknow more than she does because they translate. Frances has to translate her feelings for the French, Frances and the French kiss. Frances thinks of nothing else but kiss. Frances is the Judas Kiss. The assistant agrees with Frances on her knees, whould she like a kiss otoo? Frances flails her arms again and wants to punch someone. Frances gets to punch someone but she knocks herself out . frances comes foround for another round, anyone for a drink? Why doe the french have all the wine, why does Frances whine? Freances thinks she’s better than fthe french, she could buy her own vineyard. Frances could grow apples at home, she has na orchard so to speak. Frances could make cider and it wouldn’t be fench. She wouldn’t have to import. frances is a abusiness woman, all for free and afair trade. frances would trade with the french to see how its made. Frances could fetch a pail or two and play jack and jill would do. Frances would get fvery angry but she would be firiendly. This is just like the french.

Frances deserves to be the dish of the day. frances and anything in her way. Frances sings my way. Frances picks a scab on her chin. She didn’t know she had one. frances has a spot where she didn’t see this morning. Frances

Wed 31st

Frances visite d Dave Gilmour’s site before the computer crashed She signed onto th e email and thought about the mantelpiece hphoto of Dave and Frances. Frances was in the sunday paper. frances shouldn’t write Dave and Frances, she was a muse and it was a top shot. frances threw the paper away, just like fleeting memories that she has by night and day.

Frances doesn’t perform very well to the things at stake. Frances hovers and ercovers she’s only a snake. Frances inhabits ities that aren’t hers. She does things she wishes she could be, but could she even have those wishes? Frances spends a while examining old birthday cards from neher newphews. She joins the dots on the dot to dot part and she wonders about he symbolism an d significance of the shapes and lines. Frances feels reluctant to go outside or at least as far as camden, everythigng is so far away. Frances thinks it was the cheese that did this morning’s mess, she has been eating cambembert, yoghurt, cream and alll sorts of things. Frances hopes the All Bran will put a stop in. Frances slightly jumps at the noise of a spade in the road. Therre’s a digger or a hydraulic machine outside. They are doing the waeter paipes, replacing London’s Victorian drains. Frances has a slight problem with her head to day. Its a distant sort of headache like a headache approaching. Frances could be suffering from tobacco withdrawal. .

Frances is still disappointed by eyesterday. She dioesn’t like th e carer getting away with being an exoricist. Frances is deeply furious. She doesn’t mind being stalked over the park, but follow, follow the creeps of glue. Frances went wild at the carer for being bold about her child and her held, Frances is deeply furious. Frances isn’t ddeeply furious, she just the indks that Betancoar and her team oare lurking everwyehrere. So what if they can put Frances out, and so what if she can get hospitalised by the snap of a finger. Frances has been in hospital with the secret underground team of finding out what they want. Frances has told them point for point, she still feels more religious and haughty than they are naughty. The caring teeam are amazed at Frances transformation but she watches them from a constant station. Frances gets a nose dribble. Frances has just had camembert for lunch with chutney on oatcakes. This kind of fury is all about fakes. Frances would have to have a tantrum and be possessed to match up to the test of caring pests. Frances is worthy of being burned at the stake. Her hatred for Betancor is a dangerous wake. Frances says this but she gets a wobbly voice just like eyesterday’s interview. Frances with her own voice is very mild and over to you. Frances types this but she is none of this. Frances appreciates abortion confiscators and time wasters.

Betancor is deeply afraid of Frances at some level. She is as good as the doctor yesterday with lettin g Frances off swith death. Call ther the French. There’s no use in using a name with someone over the bench. Over the bench is like the carer, trying to reign in the spoilt charter. Frances tries to be nice, she is aware she has a vice. Frances gets dangerous when she has fits. Frances has fits but she also flits, Frances talks under her breah. Frances annoiunced she was pregnant yesterday in an under the breath sort of way. She certsaid certainly not when French said she should go to her GP. French and GP hare planning to hoover frances. Frances said French was certainly nuts, she said I am mad, but she didn’t properly say these things. Frances is aware she is pregnant but she is not aware of her joint appointment. Fraces feels anxiety about the doctor contingent. Frances threatens experts with her power, Frances is an expert. Frances is only controllable if she is dim and a bit sour. Frances is not that dim and not that sour, she just doesn’t like the doctors. Nobody is on Frances’ side, Frances tries to hide. Frances would speak up but she’s at the stage of writing it down. Frances doesn’t go to town like seh does when she’s fixed. Francces has unleashed levers to people called Fitz. Frances is especially annoyed that she got employed. Frances got made to say things. Frances had to read out her diary, just like a reaiding. frances had to exaplain about breeding. Frances had to understand why she couldn’t breed, and waht budgies meant. Frances put hurdles in to confuse the encouragement. Frances was encouraged that she could only survive if she surrendered. Frances said no surrender, she and the pretender. Frances hates those people so much and does this by giving her every inch. Some part of the inch is her soul. Some part of the inch is her brood. Frances has been robbed and her inch is described as hatred. Frances is fluent in what she says to some extent. frances sticks to her patter with rhymes that matter. Frances is very frustrated. So what if Frances doesn’t recongise herself with being a government minister?

Frances was elected but she thought it was a party. Frances was elected but it lasted longer than she thought. Frances is used to giving her advice to all and sundry but she can’t remembe r the name of her constituency. Frances got aelected in some godforsaken place. Frances got aelected but got confused by all the vibes. Frances got elected but she wasn’t just a puppet. Frances got elected so she’d have someone to see. Frances wanted advice, Frances could give it. Francews was the people’s so Frances was.

Frances isn’t particularly botyhered about her loss of dignity or the fact that she blew out confidences of the elctorate. Frances just feels bugged by he consequences. How could Frances get so far without even having a car? Frances couldn’t reach her responsibility by knowing how to turn activity. frances couldn’t be a temp and also be a n MP vamp. Frances got confused with having an affair and having a job. She thought she was spare. Frances was convinced she’d minute the meeting but what did frances have to say at the meeting? Frances had to sassure the carers that she was more than aware, Frances did her bsest extreme, Frances could seem.

The select committee was fine.

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