Nuclear Steal ’06

Launderette, Tuesday, blue car. Cross steps, washing pets. Who are the frumps, yesterday grits. Who are the lumps seducing disapproval. Dear, your whore shall be gutted. Dear, your perception will clear with hard bench entertainment of your own making. We summarise your worth that flutes are inherited. From the existence of mystery, new burglary. From the premises of incubation, lower inflation. With Taylor coffee on the shelf, social stealth. With watch it brew, tell on you. Who are the run of the mill, speech political to thrill. Why do the cunts use the street, is it a good place to meet? Why do the cunts play overtaking? Why do the cunts fuck at all.

The girl has pig tails, she’s obviously set apart. Her brother goes to the chip shop three doors down. Her brother has his head in a hairband. her brother is the small thing bundled plover, she must have interesting days gawping at passing trays. The girl has under her nose to defiant blue car parking, she has just witnessed her future in vanity history. When the slut wears no knickers, that’s a phrase with deep wickers. If tenuous link are fur balls, pig tail girls weave social shawls.

It just happens there was nowhere else to park, it just happens pig tails bring coincidence. It jus t happens that gravy floats for handy frills. The incubators prove chalice on improvement, they have learning class self installed. Larger appropriation doesn’t need to be on the run. Blether familiar is installed in cues for the frumps and grits married to lose. Blether about wearing pig tails and what not entrails. The blether is as valuable as specially treated leather, there are processes that madam likes, just as much as wearing tights. The carelessness.

There is awkward complaint about a bed, it writhes in the afternoon, in the morning, any tune. There is awkward complaint about living in the high street, influences on the younger fleet. There is awkward complaint that the encouragement of unbroken tragedies is enticed, that writhing bed. There is curiosity beneath the shop shed, it keeps the prisoner, advises, tells it off. There is acitizens advice that educates; forgetful negotiates. Although arrogance is the reward of dismissing godly under lords, right, right right is peep hole bright. Glitter is inappropriate for the day, best served as obvious gravy. The sore chip will send back answers in struggle, the freedom to abuse is yesterdays muddle. All that carry on for thirteen year olds that soon move on, through all that pre nuptial. Concentrating on gate, wary makes compliance the social reliance. When good phones are human brands, consider coffee wanded hands. Growers of fine produce expect customer feedback, its their reputation.

Apparently, with regards to family, union disbands by a third company unless the donor is internal, and relative to a flesh transfusion. Apparently the holy sensitivity on the ring is warped by outside court; neighbours looking in and out. The only answer is to mule the duff relation. Apparently the duff one is compliant, only reliant. Apparently begging emotion seals onward reels, the untoward is positively selected. Apparently the retired shire is soon to be on fire, young as she is. Apparently world predominance is the single solar plexus. Apparently coercion is welded on religious turmoil. Not all individuals are nuns, there must be wayward turns. Yes to presenting couples are glory flows cleaning saddles. The wayward wants to get round the course, something for Darcy. Nobody is literate to a passing fancy. At the counter where the best book shines, fancies without strings.

Stoics embed jewels, they can pray. Stoics have sheds with tools, sets with pieces of chess, they collect doings as singles collect objects. This changes with egg bets, chess lives. Brussel sprouts should be cooked nightly or early morning, they’re sheep’s testicles. According to stoic the yawn has no sense of dawning. Turn can abide the ways of stoic, as she is heroic. Although her responsibility is invisibility, and she knows she is right. Careless plight is the knight, lancing homes by marriage, pointing babies. Turn has nothing to lean on, she has nothing to give but receiving thank you. Turn won’t receive, she has died like mowing the lawn. The croppers point cropper, turn too lush, she needs thwarting and enjoys a good thrash.

Physical options present hellos in salad concoctions, there are suggestions that Turn is doing a good one whatever she does. She may choose olives if she is offered, she refrains company and gorges. The old turn had no chattering hallways in the absolute sense. She had no warning but inference. The new turn has a grievance with constant nuclear threat, she’s the parallel strive. There used to be marriages of rivalry, partners with brothers over there for me. Kids were swapped or summer shopped; boarded for opt. The turn’s removal from sight raises age where it might. Aunt is dangerous, an eight year old is more courageous. Leave a while and consider a pig tail stile. Existence drafts her on prior allegiance, she inhabits social allegiance, won’t mind to cope with family rivalry.

Most dynasty is subsidy, there are too many cousins in mafia. Pig tail is grafted to a quiet verge, rather like absconsion from a relative purge. Pig tail is not extraordinary, she is extraordinary. Extraordinary is her own fault. Pleasures about features are inbred, feed the question malt; lick. Prizes get snatched at the village fete, although.

Rampage hushes at a certain point. Turn needs to be reigned in like bolting horse. Isn’t there story on bolt and stables due course. Rampage is blether, main feature. When Ghengis goes to town, alarm blether. Elvis blether blather, should with pelvis song with spear. When Ghenghis has proved to interesting to turn, lay back and yearn or get fighting. When Elvis deprives in front rooms, the return is forgiven. Turn takes advantage on both men and masks as a shadow for a pen. Donors retrieve life and death between drip, hardly at the distance. Bottle bank is fridge but people are directly there. Cut swabs are thrown to bin, then injections lazered in. The main recruitment of accident is carelessness.

When Turner expects to be paid she is delayed, no backing. Entourage is far and wide at the furthest expectation. The mob will not expect what turn is going to do, they have the same flu. When turn decides to show up, she has a fresh hand. The mob have sowed near mould, slight resentment. Crowned makes a room for one more, listen to the singer, baby claw. Chance invasion lets scandal subside by throng and beside.

It is the last time, turn things. Turn thinks not looking for Gavin. The carpet belonged to turn when she had influence, as a courting child. Attention by dividends on blossom and pride . Turn was as powerful in the duke of Westminster, dispossessed a naked room. Encounter with turn at the end of a buffer zone, turn wonders about home. When did turn go home, and what was the outcome. Turn derives getting on as come and go, back again. There is little impetus with forgetfulness, despite a brisk walk.

Scenery owns a landmark, a mob park tree awaits. Turn expects hand and foot, passing breeze. As a mark of significance, floodlight gives turn a shadow, special holly wood. The misfortune of shadowless talk is task, talk isn’t there. Turn steps in with typo blame, finger pressed there. Turn could get off a sentence if a scoundrel was in confidence.

Turn shares lifting with what’s around; board game to landing ground. The insistence that monopoly knows sheds pound where a weight watcher perches. Human beings require bodily leanings, and combinations are helpful. When turn drops a stitch, best advance for builder’s hitch. The bulldoze makes car parks semi periodic. The space is hatched correctly and an office space is more than likely. When vacuum is nationally secure, a fortress is manure.

Pig tail is a friendship entity, it relies on a story. The behaviour of Max has a seal of will disable. Max is a superhuman invitation to sort confusion. Max could be elected or injected, the people love him. Max is bound to have leadership, even poster board eating a chip. Max has legs in plaster, he could run faster Max nods correctly down to mama mia, he looks like headroom. No obvious space fractures a pretty face, though it says go away. Max doesn’t live up to god’s best way, he starts boasting. Max gets taken down from posting, he’s tripped from the paper round. Max could make a comeback if he hadn’t been sentenced. Max relents that he is stud, there’s still value in chewing the cud. Max settles for cheesy Watsits on his own terms and is nice to pat.

Max is she, lost his he, Max goes vegetarian. Max likes to absorb the ground from his spiral on the bottle pound. Max could sell milkshakes, ones to the milky bar kid. Max is told to appreciate what comes and goes was gene’s do. Max appreciates he was nothing without elevation, listen to the lesson station. Max doesn’t like to admit that his granny was most of it, Mama mia!

Max gets fuzzed up to soften the blow tho the lessons’ backing. It wouldn’t be done to completely overwrite him . Max had a time when he was fine, he was wrongly commended for fraud. How were the backers to know what Max would do, it was better than risking his life on glue. Backers are all glue where they don’t vote, m,ax did that, quote unquote. Backers are often invisible planners, sophisticate to urban wonders. What’s the best deal?

The mob save rubbish for Max’s arrival, there’s an awful stink. Max won’t realise after cognition, frosty morning. Max becomes dependent with commuters pulling on choke, Max needs boiling kettle. Max knows that one day Max will pull through. Max has much to do in far away environs. Max is lodged with paralysis, almost entertainment. If the mob would consider generosity, Max would have the sun’s shadow. Max makes do with Watt not, begrudging explanation with wonderful laces. Max is grounded with Laurel and hardy, Mardi gras eats foie gras. Max gets out of boasting about the sperm count, max won’t head on.

Max has trouble with tongue, renting off glory pun to sincere virtue. Max could recover the truth if leaking was cartoon Goofy. Max likes the way Goof y runs, no time for words. Max talks fast about counterfeit, Max knows full well. On the basis of knowledge max eats porridge, soaks overnight to get consumed. Max gives instructions for liberties doomed.

Who of the bad men want Max’s stetson? Who of the policies want corpus pun? Max perched on a cloud where he was loud, blessings rained down. The choice to sprinkle could be winkle. Max hands out watering cans, telephones. The wanderers have mobile homes. Max has ingenious ways of passing gypsy for epilepsy, he’s an all rounder.

Long after the prank of letting off, Max makes do with fulfilling a trough of jaw. Max in captivity raises proclivity to alarming levels. Max is the Casterbridge seam, tidal as the river. max has places to dream that he is not, it could be marketing. Max endows meadows with places of rot, time or sleep. Max balances positives on hot metal to keep them warm. Max raids the union flag to get well read. Max jumps ship at the same hip, he knows the passenger gang plank. Max pushes and shoves with yank, lucky escape. Max operates minor confusions, turning the gas backwards, bearing left, stepping back, most adjective to back. Max is formerly mentioned bankrupt, turned to face Lowestoft. Max has no cheese in his cud, he eats silage. Max isn’t a cow for metaphor he reinforces what heard with would.

Max had lumps of wax for a hive that he scraped for ogre to eat, Max feeds ogre, only relative. Max believes that health is as white as a sheet. Max plays cat’s cradle. Max knows the answer when disproved, otherwise is removed. Max pelts navigates reach with playing on the beach. When coast is boat sure, nothing can be done. When coast is glass on table run, wipe the quickness polish more. When the path of wander in is wander back to in again, when Max demonstrates failure rates. Max is blessed with unseen vest, there could be a witty script. Max knew martyrdom when summer was at best. Max has his vest dangled.Gypsy word is there goes mangled. Max stretches for his castaway eating kipper.

Max is neither yom nor chum, television. Max has answers under duress, wants to join the police force. max was unclear about the positive cheer that happened yesterday, how could it be explained. Max is unusually shamed, and takes to compliments from old dames. Max wrestles with fulfilling the word, trotured by the promise heard. Max promised he would provide himself with a job, not be come an accountant. Max learns the hard way that blanking faces sends up spray. Max thinks ignorance is opportunity for time delay.

Although the urge to talk is strong, a breakdown is awkward and long. Max finds churning out everything short of a job. Max has a bob and would like to type letters. Max feels sprung by dream, everything else is lean. Although Max talks show, Max is last to know. Max tells himself he is pitied for stealth, max knows the truth will out when he can shout. Max thinks shouting is dream demanding, car breakdowns Inverkeithing. Why is Max locked up?

Max knows the terrible day by artful rose. Max saw Dodger and thought lodger. Max gets along with lodger, plain biscuit. Max thinks lodger wouldn’t risk it, settle in. Max uses TV as wing mirror, time flier. Max has no anticipation of buyer. Max lanes between roundabout and Neasden, pedals alternate for indicate. If Max was daily motored, max would be photographed. Max morph words that leave insinuate, Max spreads tar. Max could be persecuted by the trail of car, wafting an excusive exhaust. Max suspends tights with strangling friend. Max suspends ham with jam and slam. Max suspends grief on a coral reef. Max could be talking about the headlines in his spare times. Max knows the art of literate, talks opiate. Max finds richness in swapping penicillin. Max looks for tincture to prove misadventure. Max was gallant and real to pink sweat that put on a bet, gave charity some of it. Max made gallant real come true and didn’t give a hoot. Max finds donation with sleaze, working night and day to tickle the freeze. Max is a go between a head and executioner.

When the greasy herring snoops round, it says why so long. Max picks the week later to sort a charter, this means roll and thong. Max wouldn’t write roll and thong but it was the closest headroom. max deliberates the sentence with horse tune, it fits that greasy herring is both healthy food and sordid crude. max equalises the satisfaction that herring is right, cold as interbred makes white. Max won’t colour the verse with prejudice, internal stack. Max is predominantly his own fault at the expense of higher vault. max rewards blessing with raw confessing, the wonderful time was steeped in growing vine, the hand rail was engraved. max confides to the snoop and the troop that stalk Max would she were girlie. Max wants to pay income tax proportionately and isn’t able to let them get on with it.

Max won’t infiltrate, too late, Max needs to be collected. Max depends on challenge to arrive, cannot go and likes to skive. max adorns resentment with repenting, made up word. Max has callouses of that was heard and wants to tell someone. Max is bolted without a blacksmith to polish. Max regards the furnace as something to tend, the room is orange blend. Max prefers strangulation invitation to true adoration, the slippery flit of stay and sit its mainly pritt.

Max keeps majesty with travesty, as the door slits and the skirt fits to impede movement. Max could pretend about improvement by talking about menus afterwards. Max doesn’t remember. Max fixes determination on this. Max could remember if the chance came, Max left in a hurry.

Max wants to figure the steal.

Max wants to figure the steal and fix the space, Max creates indent. Max goes blind and assists the spiritually blind. Max welcomes the burglar to deter, this does in writhes and slur. Max advertises sliding puns the next best thing to hairy nun. Max thinks the schedule of drawing is oaring. Max sees argonauts in the rosemary, that could have read thyme. Max breaks through tied with string, gets it together with beat and bring. Max functions best at strange limits and then becomes utile with blob and skyward what canal.

max listens to the comrade on the radio, him. Max doesn’t mind a challenge with screwing existence. The political relevance and implication turn exchange to a chicken dual. In the lay field, this is a blood sweat, a catch of survival. The left alone have everything to talk on, living on extremity. When the multiple coincidence threatens raft, numbers inclusive. When multiple coincidence threatens happiness, all jump on. Who would have thought the code had alarmed happiness? When money explains warm socks there are socks in the shops.

Money is no longer important.

Grits can appreciate the zest o f underarm deodorant, bed sheet stress take actual turns. Cast iron constitutions are imbued with south westerly pees, folklore is right wing cheese. Max confesses best for the million, representing one of the last in dragon. Max will be preceded unprecedented, something unusual in safeguard. Max sent the writ ahead of schedule, vegetable delivery. Max saw the life in worst case strife, laughter to alleviate. Max said imagine if and threw the gif. Max invented marketplace for demand.

The state of delusion goes round waitrose to disappoint the fallen trap. Mungo and Frances squabble beyond words, their curses are dextrous to clash and pause. Those two go together like mountain sherpa. The hurried crash of anchovy signs off desertion, the whole shop scarpers. Although the man by the sprouts isn’t openly hostile, he isn;t openly friendly. Jane and Frances tried to sort waitrose, mungo means potatoes. Words like albino olive and pancetta share college, what course is that?

11th Feb

Frances finds it hard to understand a death swap. Iona confiscated Frances’ son because Frances killed hers. This is what the law upholds to the state that is. In several cases Frances is exonerated by luck. As luck would have it, there’s a kind lady waiting outside. As luck would have it, Frances is bride. Although Frances escapes the altar, the situation doesn’t. Although the child cries, Frances isn’t sure wha to do. Although Frances says she thinks she’s grateful. Frances she says Frances she says. Frances says she thinks the crime illustrates. Frances farts on cue, laughs like the one that’s due. Frances thinks she’s a show card, just there to explain. Frances unwraps what she does as what she goes through, so impartial to the act, painting. Frances thinks she learns when the rules are absurd, gas strikes home at the edge of the world. Air is free standing, there’s no cause to resent it.

When the woman says flowers in the attic, Frances goes ballistic, she likes to extrapolate. Iona thinks there’s kinky fun with taking on her dead baby’s gum. Dead baby’s gum stands in to act, she’ll have her son snipped to enhance the inward stripe. The woman from the prison thinks there’s nothing wrong with lederhosen. The woman from the prison brushes ponies with a dandy brush. Of course flowers don’t live in the attic, Frances might salivate. There are things that make Frances say yes, yes, yes. Frances salutes the woman in the prison, from the prison. Frances pays attention to the romance of what the woman prison wants, she puts her head in Frances. Frances collects her desperate exile with clouded dream. Frances blanks the boy with the go go sister, she’s got long hair. Frances is mildly jealous of the seven year old with guitar on a strap, Frances doesn’t think she could rap. Frances goes to the drinks party dressed as au pair, Frances passes by the boy but not on the stair. There’s problem upstairs, baby in the cot, many years ago, problem hoped left to rot. Frances is set the problem to solve, ready steady can she revolve. Frances panics a bit and retreats, yes the prison woman is higher than peaks. Frances thinks climbing a high one is the best answer to maybe.

Delaying is a good word for postponing. Delaying is what happens to the woman in the prison. The woman in the prison implements delays when she is on the run, she accelerates on the vehicle that ga gas. The ga ga is the kiddie wink, counters on the table stink.

Frances likes bungee jumping.

Apparently the way to know what to do is a stunt. Frances does stunts every now and then, she has a tumour. Frances watches the telly, she has TB. Frances doesn’t mind until she realises what she’s looking at. Frances doesn’t look at anything properly. Frances wonders if Loona’s as dad is Aboo.



Loona is called Diana and Bionic. Frances thinks about things and does sod all. The situation is stale cement, she sits in London, will she repent. Frances thinks the strategic way to solve problems is to wonder gee. Gee, that could be was very strong, time has passed and moved along. The boy thinks the home a tad unfair, thinks hims mum’s a murderer there. Although he might not think that he might have to contemplate daily spat. The proximity of what’s next door is easy to remove the flaw. When Bin laden lives upstairs there’s the joke to pay bus fares. Frances thinks of novel solutions to social permutations. Frances cannot abide the idea of Noel Edmunds.

Frances looks trouble in the eye and says fuck the news. Frances says she is an actress, she goes through corners and then ignores. Frances carries on as if she is proud to be in jaws. Frances is quite a sight to watch, isn’t she. Frances recedes like film titles, that was something she did earlier. Frances goes on a walk through the woods, just a beating adventure. Frances imagines she’s holed up on a hollywood adventure, too right. Frances thinks these things and more, she confides in hat’s around her, just like the beater’s claw. Frances gets away into thinking she’s pulled something off. There’s a trip to a hay feeder, Frances sits on top. Frances is glad to be nourishment for the spiritually flawed, Frances is good to eat. Frances is a pig and can’t control her appetite for short bread. Frances wolfs fingers, triangles and circles on the same day as porridge and hazy straws. Frances thinks the neighbours could come back for mores.

Frances used to own her own private train, what a sentence! Frances presses two three times instead of ones, she should know the exclamation. Frances is puzzled by reality, it is funny how it bites. Frances thinks she needs light s to understand what could be feasible, she goes to the cinema but not in tights. Frances has run out of tights and has to hope she won’t crap her pants. Frances doesn’t have any pants. Why Frances should crap when she wants when the service secret stretches round the sly. Frances disassociates toiletry folklore with the means and doings of dogs and horses. Frances thinks mucking out is private for humans. Frances thinks different things all the time, she walks many lines. Frances expects to be invaded by the neighbours who thinks that she is chocolate flavoured. Frances thinks she is chocolate flavoured like the crisps that think they’re fish n chips or barbecue beef. Frances wonders what is officially thought, she thinks she is bought up. Frances thinks the main reason for living is to catch up.

Visitors arrive to cracking noise, the floorboards behave as awkwardly as toys. Frances doesn’t make that noise when she is doing think I shouldn’t really be here, the place is grubby, its just the colour.

Frances thinks the embarrassment about smell is choking. The visitors dive into the bathroom, the bin is honking. Although Frances could have put the rubbish out she thinks she didn’t want to. Small and want, that should say smell. Iona says Frances stinks, Frances knows she doesn’t, Frances thinks its metaphor. Frances is quite proud of her smell in some ways, she just isn’t sure when to clean and farts at the wrong time. Frances hears Iona say she smells, FIona forgives her. Frances thinks Iona is a nutter, they have a laugh. The phrases at the edge of slide are ridiculous to woe betide. At the end of the buffer zone is a stop sign, thanks.

Frances wanted boy to be asked to parties, who would take him? Frances wanted to be arty fartie. Frances went along with the idea of dropping boy off with his sister. Frances knew boy was her blister, did she. Frances thought she said straight he’d copped something larger than fate. Frances thought she’d get found out if she went and lived on spaghetti. Frances thought she ‘d be found out if she’d bred with opportunity. In order to prove a point Frances left the boy without immunity. Frances thought she heard a crack at the door and jumped up, there’s a flaw. Frances thinks she’s a religious extremist, she can be good at tennis. Frances thinks she wants to play ball with dogs, she thinks cleverness lies with hogs. Frances thinks she ‘s Danish today, yesterday the pope’s display.

Relativism the box is in , Frances ties knots with string. Frances could say that and get away with that. Frances is presented with four ingredients, ins and outs and disobedience. Frances knows disobedience is best revolting. Frances thinks the point of suitor is coyote boating. The extent of odd occupation is marvellous to circus nation, Frances keeps saying she’ll come round to the acrobat clause, she walked the wire she knows her flaws. Frances thinks she needs bad people to keep her mad, she’s calm and pliant when sh e isn’t had. Frances thinks she wants to tune into the radio at the right time but she wants to miss out Noel because this is his line. Frances got worked up about Noel and courted his foal. Noel is a horse in some respects.

Sirius and circus are closely linked, there are stars beyond the sink.

Mary berry’s sauce has got something to do with the trench, it has lemon and thyme. the computer switched off during the bath run, this could be explained. Ronnie Corbet.

The day is deeply unsatisfying.

Frances is deeply unsatisfied.

Frances worries about the paparazzi, she was paparazzi, she was.

Frances thinks Ian would have called if she hadn’t eaten the sauce. Frances eats more sauce with cabbage and drops the leaf by the bin. Frances gets fluent with confession, the lumps and bumps are easy with audience prospect. Frances thinks of the Lemon tree fiasco and she is very annoyed about farting on the dictionary, she’s still an extremist. Frances couldn’t get past a canon lens if she wanted, no e. Frances thinks Mary Berry’s sauce is like Terry’s. She thinks she is right after a solemn pledge not to eat it, then she bought it. Frances thinks hollandaise is for summer, she wants a friend like tom that she locked out when it was not warm. Frances does things that she kind of remembers to her own detriment when dead leaves have gone under that’s how late to open it. Frances has secret admirers she says when she lets on, they’re called Ian and Tom and all the leading men. Frances likes the leading men to sympathise, its good for their role development. Frances would like to have access to a bakery, she still isn’t welcome in the supermarket. Frances got a shopping list of perfect proportions to probably bad. If £66.68 at 7.15 is good then it is misunderstood. The yin yang of those numbers was corrected by the disk utility on the mac drive, it says thirty three is better. Frances got 33 in her organic delivery unintentionally. She thinks the number in the wild film says 33 is for prisoners, but that ‘s the prisoner that shouldn’t be there. tThe most interesting assortment of spelling mistakes is looking back, that should of said 66.69 at 8.15. The choice to stay in on Saturday night turns down a good treat, Frances could go somewhere to see Chris outside his office but the weather is cold and Frances feels old. If there are

Press the scales, most important thing.

Valentine’s day has one solution. The bear has no conscience. Good turn envelopes the hug, all embracing. If death stung nicely in parcel, Christmas treat Dickensian. Today, what is giving. The mental flaw keeps guessing the trick, multiple personality bags time. There i’s strict disapproval about the east, three o’clock to afternoon’s swine. At the poor scale the hun must home remain, darkness is the idle fame. All afternoon the curse of the east, penises and idol worship, worse of things than sneaks. All morning was mourning, lazy from the dawning, say what’s the energy. Americanisation uses affirmation, tongues telepathy away from the British scene. Abscond to the Gatsby film, truly terrible to style, at least there’s the real life option. Fake pardons are misinterpreted by love, lets use that word. Fake pardons are not inclined to know about death. Fake park dons get angry for reason.

All day and night there are troubles for September. Thirty one days that some remember. When the time comes, wardrobe does, the rest finishes. Breakfast coffee for tea is backwards to the day, but the water is less charged. Same block reluctance is worthy of penance, characters love seminars. There are some ways forward that see nothing but other people. All considerations are done for virtue, stop the treacle. Hey, treacle that’s you.

Treacle words up to the stick, November’s Guy knows five’s a height, that’s stupid.

Gatsby is dull enough to quit, as much as a rolled body go eat banana. Gatsby switches off, people mysterious just disappear. Heroine sofa has mild opportunity to reign in the clear. She’s taken the wide berth of leaving scene and looks again through the teleport. Was it dream? Heroine sofa doesn’t understand the log out procedure, she’ can’t just leave. Heroine does, credits roll, goofs troop out, maybe supermarket. The spelling flaws of what heroine leaves are clues to men that like Jeeves, there are people who take instructions seriously about how to avoid death. When there’s a Marple on, there shouldn’t be twitching and attention must remain intact. As far as heroine goes, she usually flaws and thinks bother. The tiny things remind heroine to remain where she is, she was getting too good at blowing cover. Heroine used to do the Claridge set with cocktails, she has a slick informer and didn’t have to choose for herself. The problem with estranged solitude sticks around the hollow good, there’s too much importance about doing anything. Without constant supervision or direction, heroine cannot be true to herself.

The bad things heroine does to get in on how to feel is harsh tourism. Heroine drinks at the pitted stall and takes self defence classes. In a play within a play, heroine gets her way. She gets to subside and exalt, says its the malt. Explanation pumps out stories with narration, some flicks are special effects. The most important things is to wear slacks and then do seizure. Juggle humanity loves profanity, insanity, recovery. Swiss take Swedish baths, Norwegian tubs, whatever. Plunge and shine is beautiful time, the next test is to get amnesia.

Can the plan remember and kick.

Suit college requires knowledge, the voice must be found. Impressionists are all round for being watched. Heroine that doesn’t isn’t, she may not proportion life to box dissident. Heroine try must take her position, stick to the wing if she must. Heroine fills in for injury she says, she wants to buy and post at the same time. Heroine visits the office in the afternoon, stands in sunshine. Heroine claims faults in mud, glorious powder, workshop sud. If heroine is Rose ;sheds envy and no one knows. She went bright red when the audience sped, got an oscar for it. The complaint that heroine is right sends night to night, type cast. The poor woman from following around is tied to the ship’s mast. The poor solution numbers on with selfish constitution, what is the point in being separate?

When King Kong puts his fur on he points at buildings like the chip munk. His relevance to disaster must be to persuade him to look faster, the woman is tiny to get. giant coincidence of the obtuse is ignorant to tickle, the cheek is wanting scratch, nothing will hatch. At great speeds coincidence chimes great needs. If the woman licks, she is infatuated. Proud banish is in charge of the efit, seventeen years old could be up or strung with the rest of them. Apply for the comic learn paraplegic, the two weave. When talent has argument the sensitive concedes. Heroine retorts how offended she is for all the man’s pretension, he gave her height with building looks. However is the word for going overhead, the precise connections are too complicated.

Orb strings woman’s weight with earth, she feels. What she cannot undo she reels with man from casting position. The unpleasant endurance makes moles to mountains, this is how the lady feels. she compensates distress to improve behaviour, more techological these times.

If performance achieves the house, well matched silver. If the pleasure is silent, happy furniture. There are so is the wrong phrase. Why is this for threading air? Peculiar to heroine fortress, she has multiple particulars and may lose sight of her own, just watch the affairs romp home.

With no particular stress on conservative press, ; social is chronological. At the best invention apparently no tension. The point about wealth is enjoyment. G o for burger stall from the above view, any disclosure is how o do. The judged achieve place by asking where to face, questions are for disobedience.

Know all takes anything pleasing.

Poor heroine still can’t wrap shawl, she likes to be haunted with vested interest. Complications to attention are things to rend near invention. She won’t hear of attention and invention, she is genuine. Heroine said she was marketed when the pearls landed round her neck. Heroine said she wore glory above anything she could express. Heroine said she was swept away, those were film effects. The path to follow was secure, she was the subject of placing bets.

Call woman the fault, wrench soul. tidy bar has perfect tunes, matched to visitor install. When heroine falls she musically stalls, her company is time to pervy waste. Heroine marks the foot unchaste and watches how to measure it. At three at four, heroine scrambles for stripping reason to the jaw. If heroine could manage to narrate her curiosity she would become out side of it with philosophy. Heroine would like to teach the world to sing, oh yeah.

Heroine says things she didn’t mean, she says sh e will want. Heroine says she has nothing, she wants to prove her point. Heroine will finish her potato, she will buy the envelope, she will question the purpose of hemp oil, surface hair is only head gear. Heroine touches the back of her neck, was it her scratch, did it tickle enough? Gracious oration isn’t busy enough for heroine to tell her punch line. Although heroine obscures her face from daily trace, she is no less complicated by what she does. Heroine tries to stay in bed, not lifting a finger. Heroine could fail on the movement pace of eyeball lace, she sifts dirt. In films there’s an expression, the one for this morning, from this morning , flick dirt in the face., through dust in the face, that was it. Heroine misspells Eeyore, clever. Heroine does flip charts like men’s press ups. Heroine won’t be allowed again. The sun takes an awfully long time to set, the lights can’t go on yet. Heroine muses on injustices, she finds martyrdom. Heroine had three months of Bahamas and had her luxury pyjamas. Heroine threw the problem in to the dust bowl and called fatigue.

Positive mormons don’t like to be undermined.

the value of searching is not left behind. How long does heroine have to live? What is the point of panic for pea in the sieve? Heroine wanted to know what happened in the film, she hadn’t seen it. Heroine had seen it only when she wanted it. Heroine is unable to recall what she wanted when she didn’t.

Heroine has no wants when she is found, love all around. Heroine laughs, where’s the subplot. Heroine has to wash her hands when something lands, she gets found out and the questions boot. Heroine is all body and wisp, strength i mannerism. Bout of anger sets in, the action is colloquial. Bout of hopelessness sets in, black and white to dub sound. Heroine can rearrange profound, pressing buttons. The solution of restrain tells Heroine’s name to get back to jam, she is the farm. When the rescue operation comes, the purpose is for harvesting. Anything heroine solves is to be collected by trolls, they harness the meaning of life.

What is heroine going to say next that isn’t seduction’s day. Heroine wants the sustained mall of glories call, she wants permanent address. The last film was queer fiasco, she needs to bat and ball. The twenty three were parlez vous, mostly overwritten. Heroine presses the scales, patchwork shale and the beach is long. Where is heroine going?

Heroine tries to

Heroine worries about having existed, sh e tries to prove that she is by going on line. Heroine is acutely good at doing undo, she makes improvements on backward journeys. Heroine thinks the system doesn’t recognise her apart from dreamily, how soon till death. Heroine denies death most seconds, she says she isn’t yet. Heroine always maintains she isn’t by what she can get. Heroine looks at the word, at oxygen and drugs, says things she’s never heard, isn’t true. Heroine heard that she would on the ground with her ear, the Indians sent , whoops. Heroine mangles her problems with multiple solutions she could hold her spear if she wasn’t sick. Heroine eats couscous and gooseberries for sweet and sour, she wants honour . she had honour this morning for a short time but turned her back on the Gatsby to eat lunch. Why should she sit through the entire production because she didn’t think? Why should doing be reflection, heroine wants ink. Heroine has a nobbled throat, she thought the bulb would fix her quote. The bulb is only part of the story, an illuminator to wayward inches that were to o dim. The bulb is hyacinth bouquet to neighbourhood swing. Heroine does one thing and demands ovation.

Heroine advertises snacks, she watches the phone ring. Heroine applies what she must avoid to things for carrying. Heroine did go through her own fault, she knows how to run round the track in the wrong direction. Heroine thinks she could swerve to enhance this fact, what else could she do? Heroine could slip round the back of nothing else to do, heroine did try when she was busy. Heroine is more tired because of radiotherapy, when illness becomes, circumspect sets in.

Heroine is appalled by secondary treatment, she has advantages for the wrong reasons. Heroine wants the toughest subjection to apply to adversary, oh no she doesn’t. Heroine sees the words hopops and thinks of coughs, was that the child she bonded with, was that the confiscation? Heroine would know her mother if she could account for addition.

Heroine waits to watch the television, what’s the gap. Heroine waits to hear the radio, usual rap. Heroine should not listen to the radio, she is a goldfish. Although heroine has been dunked and rinsed, it was tomorrowish. Heroine knows tomorrow comes for her, she knew long ago. Heroine has treatments for the slippery for the worrier. Heroine will find the cause of brain damage o to be an illness to manage, she will receive no compensation nor explanation, she will reap hurt in slings, all the broken arms of dusting will resort to dusting, that says dusting. Heroine will go round and round in the minds of dervish, she didn’t want Dante to mean anything.

Now what, says heroine, slang for swearing. Heroine cannot say a word without some definition cursing. The time is delayed for what heroine portrays, she is only pursing and the money is running out. Heroine is on page fifteen again, she is close to the reminder of most useless ploy. Heroine handed notes to several quotes, intellectuals that raised hopes, but heroine drew them in again, they needed to revolution. Heroine owns her words of tricks,she uses them for pricks, she fools the lot.

The ear pops without fail, there it goes. The ear pops, the ear pops. When there’s a stairwell, the ear pops, who’d have thought. the ear is so inclusive to margin that control isn’t likely on pop. Try saying pipe down, join the organisation to filter what to write down. The ear, test the music. Although Holby City put on a fair show of solidarity, the ear isn’t cracked on what it isn’t. Some have tone deafness, listen to Jackanory over on the talk. Bollocks knows what it does when it is always, the argument is engraved with disappointment. Ear says more than anointment and ear does disjointed. Although the ear has endured, honesty procured that some things don’t pass. What saids are not retracted; the make up clause is left to run. Tap drips on said and dones. Tap hears a loudest sun. Account for the largest return and learn the popular song. With any luck the ear blends choral cheer, solos mix well. Is this true? Blue Peter trecks to find out and wants to print the good day out. Although guide lines are patronising, forty years remains capsizing. Like the nun said, middle age spread stops relevance. The men at the working club are bound up best to fags and booze, it keeps them talking. Grab the habit that does worst, its less to handle than salutary worst. When the old hello is not valid to show, bolt doors, crave fairy cakes.

Blander and ear share partnership rear, the best trial of denial pisses in style. There was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile, something about stile. Only stile, urge the man on, where did he go. There was a crooked man and, there was a crooked walk, crooked chose the walk that crooked. Crooked was the man crooked, only crooked, only adjective, only doing the action. That religion might pop ears for passport, pop s bubble their stores for bursting, they don’t have systems. Crooked dereliction may have more art to incarceration, how the mad keep shouting, how silently. Then complain, obviously, let up is bio diversity. Each particularity could expect formality of broad thought. To brush to rush, to spin the pearl, to carry a long day.

Bob does the boy of expert joy, Bob hides from clobber. Bob is a frightening name, Bob’s game. Bob and ear close vowels, Bob laugh Blackadder. Bob bladder Bob jowls, Bob knows Silesia. Bob’s head is half removed, Bob switched by rude. Bob thinks Bob stays, Bob stile plays. Hear Bob on the strings, Bob sings. Bob’s voice a distant man, Bob wants choice. Bob thinks Bob cares, Bob tells lies, Bob’s body always stronger , winnings, bets, dares. Bob wonders for the edit, Bob sprouts fears. Bob says Bob does, Bob should be able to put on gloves. Bob removes statutes, Bob still rescues. Although bob is fifty percent, the world is flat for upside down. Bob thinks bars are pearly highs, chances to reinstate gigantic ties. Tie tops to underneath, ribbon scrunches crinkle. The shape of Bob’s ear could be interesting, accommodates finger. Bob believes in true extension, Bob has fingers blind invention.

Bob could know what Bob did by alarm. Bob is most hid in the outbreak, action take. Ear is formulaic to language, thus instruction sandwich. Ear approves promise for hopes, ear scans eye scopes. Bob senses genesis, Bob boxes tennises. There are enough stimulants to keep Bob busy until home time. Bob is half divine for extending lead, Bob watches Holby, that go away speed. Bob arrives okay, what happens with go away. Bob clings to sweats and stings, needs paralysis. Bob exhausts the state of repair, gets exhausted. Bob could be more exalted if the lessons were strong. Bob wants to pass, there’s no question.

bob keeps doubt to stoke . Bob is bound to get wet pants.

Bob controls pops ears, controls pop tarts, wets pants. Bob has sliding scales of dangerous ants, things slip around. The artistry of humility smothers with pounds, Bob floats on heroism sounds, squashing prior convictions. Bob is honoured with predictions, bob’s angle comes from unusual satisfactions. Bob may know about that because of the level of fat. bob may bounce up where the rest is crop. bob would like to observe what to conserve, the only way is up.

Frances has pits belonging to donation, she has hair from foreign station. Frances has hair on her shins implanted, she has hair from reunited. Frances thinks the solution in the end is the silly joke, pulling off the plug hole choke, hopes for teenage think to curl, sort the blink from pauper to earl. Frances refers to bob, she’s Bob. Frances refers to plug, just promotion. Frances refers to wholesome cob, horse and corn share dinner. Frances prefers to ways to think, power on the blink. Frances flutters her eyelashes, teasing sacrifices. Frances sees two where one will do, she isn’t crying visual drops.


Frances insults beyond intention, so ready with a kindergarten. Frances dines above the old school, she lizard spits the strongest rule. The waiter is stupid, too clever, the comment he makes is a tether. Waiter says done, Frances plastic, waiter amenable, Frances fantastic. Frances thinks of all the speed in the building, black pots of paint and loud music. Frances suggests the jews are composed, she says they are. Frances was concerned for the volume of the painting, great audience in waiting. Frances can’t remember of the name of Christopher Hitchens and Martin Amis again, droppings. Frances eats lunch without too much fuss, turns a room with no fuss. Frances commentates the likenesses and gets out of it, the infringed are mildly haunted and amused. Frances squashes the profile posh, she has done larger things. Frances is ultimately richer without doubtful story rings. Frances thinks she’d better overtake the curly haired girls with the reminder milkshake. Frances was better than Laura, she was better than Claudia. Frances has been worrying strategically about the rally, the cooks need to evacuate before lunch in the quad. Frances appears then dismisses her job, she doesn’t eat the first raspberry in the creme brûlée. Book says Razz-berry, she’d never have believed. Frances insults without meaning leaning to. Although Frances feels ugly she has a strange power show. Frances has no oil for words, she hasn’t spoken for weeks. Who’s to blame if she can’t say the right lane. Frances doesn’t think when exchanges she speaks, this is zombie-hood. Frances only half hears what she gets, her own devil. Frances says what and learns from neville. Frances gets espresso for nothing, takes one sip and price is reducing. Frances would have liked the number to reach 27, she isn’t a truncheon, oh yes she is. Frances tries not to consider the attraction about what she’d say to the fashionable section. Frances ignores the older couple by preparing to leave their welcome in ways. Frances stirs insecurity from the paces she lays, she doesn’t expect her own comb. Frances goes straight home and says balls many times, Frances wastes time with philosophical line, she shouldn’t have spoken.

The street is busier than musicians stand, all scratch nits and point around. Frances heralds exactly what she is, these words are her fames, sell them as she may. Frances types to illustrate warning hypes, Frances thinks she’s just got to rehearse to get it right, fuck first time, she actually swears. Frances is laden with illness and wetness, she just needs to shrug I don’t cares.

Frances stretches her own patience and the hanger sags. Francs are Romans or sums are hags. Frances is amazed by what she does, clever that she learns by fudge. Frances thinks she’d concentrate more and get stuck, she’d go with someone and wake up Frances does fine under the wing, she goes to school when she’s on her own ring. Although Frances doesn’t want to be defensive, she can’t know everybody and insulting is the best offensive. Frances doesn’t even have to try, doesn’t, doesn’t drei. Frances thinks random is wheeling, she thinks attempting is common stealing. Doesn’t want to pass the tests, too high for simple jabs. Constantly entertains her lost cause, round of applause. The news break is familiar and new, oh yes that’s true.

The restaurant has friends that aren’t considered until the back view. Friends that were do well from nostalgia, fear is that time advanced falsely. The precise dislike and sweet anxiety ring values forever. Was that going to be as instantaneous, is the best mistake obvious? According to norm, true north is close by. Even on change, the angle is apply. Needless to say dizzy hurtles from sickness, restlessness, the district changes course with election. Owning back again glimpses the one to ten, theses friends are counters. When do the times shake and the futures. Most of the seals are supposed to be takers, the gifts of life among packing cases.

Market shops parenthood for undermining what it wants. Lady has a shabby head, visiting early, lady has a rabid dog, scent to bite her. Like the most tender gardener, irritate irk will call the name wrong, the mrs to the mrs not, the switch to ha, the night falls. Everyone is nervous about madam match, she deserves the odd latch. She cowers in terms of noting insult, she glowers and relinquishes. Although the stakes are with interiors, flowers raise edible vegetables. The start gun bangs through, cordial fizz. if the seminar burned truly, diplomacy washes. If the idiot prize is all that matters, eat candy floss. The point is that shoving works. The worst flaw is governed socks. Have pairs and crutches, the bodily urges link keys and purges, watch them d@sh! Mysterious scouts are all surprise, boys must stick up. Mysterious with a transformation, seller buyer eyes. When the bullet art does there is no proof like moving. The month of February is bagged corn, autumn to delivery. The lease expires gradually like cup broth, day by day. the outback is distance to far and away, same recipe outlasts. Accusation whose the man knows more than accusation, another predatory situation only requiring flunky’s word map.

Flunky says Into trap. This was confirmed at lunch. Situation overcoat close to slump. It hangs, play retrieval to lateness, the stuff of danger to actors. Like cowboy factors, extractors. Life in vector exactors. Street cleaners go whirring at the port folio that nobody knows the ace plan; class.

Fashion reflector is the word now. Say now for backward kowtow. Fashion reflector, justice selector, say No, say yes, answer make up. Can the voice know what it does to rubber face? Can the voice attend justice to lace? Without effort the dialgogue is invertebrate, film scored to standard snored, puppets to barbaric hoard. Value choose takes cheese upon, something Albion. Visitors have been and gone, the awkward geek wonders from. Opinion demands dominion, the blank hurts. The most exalted pass is through to cornucopias. What visitors like is to play mike, hear their own space to presentation. Visitors don’t sit in darkened rooms waiting for the lights to change. Who lives at the space of continence, who does. Venn diagram does the hour later, expectation grit detection. The teas maid lays the tray and all the rest have their way. Step aside is information, kilter off is subjugation. Gardener rests with plants and nature, this has been business planned. What gardener catches does mice to people flan. The permanent excerptors hum their own tune. Wake the stubborn choice to the seminal ground, there are decorative weeds.

Cultured area turns malaria, tunes. Face reports exact mistrust, bodies exhumed. Treat the case favour not oddly. Sharing switches just ungodly. When the visitors snoop, romp about. The instant of achievement, the rest of the (visitors arrive)

The purchasers won’t purchase when they’re posh, take this as tosh. A Brazilian millionaire looks round the cube, gets ejected by the best if they do. The Brazilian millionaire would buy for someone else, something stored. Frances has to apologise for answer ing indirectly, she swallows on her own apparently. Frances feels dizzy and wonders how long.

Flat line pissing waits till nine o’clock. All that holding in. Time extension stretches rubber till the prize is only rubber.


Frances knows john, a matter of life small J. Frances reasons afterwards why she was angry. The post office makes Frances angry, her soul. Frances rounds that sentence off, cool. Frances gets racist and impatient in the queue, also sexually confused. Frances is strung to the efit, shays she’s strung. Frances is the E-fit of what she opposes, she resolves she should know john. Will Frances recognise things before they give goodbyes to what she did wong? Frances collects would haves to value going gone. Frances could kill the existence of regret, it wouldn’t let her pass. Frances tried to do the post office with glamorous pass. Frances left her lights on, had an open boot, three dimension fault s to what was at the root. The persistence that Frances is knotted is on her face, fuck of smile, she has o to . Frances thinks the Scotts are out to get her, she gets picked on. This is true like scratchy nits, Frances should be thankful. After all this time the outburst is wronger than the actual crime. For all pity, Frances had an awful time, she blew so strong she may have served time. Frances does serve time. what does this mean. Frances, death and the post are mean. Frances is all hot under the collar even with sedative dollar. Frances could watch morning television to counteract the cost. Frances has clues all over glues, she rips and pauses for dippy perfumes. When the woman with the same bag isn’t actually black shack. Frances plays in the way to snuff out her plaque. Frances writes this,but the close match doesn’t rhyme the ropes of dirt can catch her sign. More than Frances knows her path is bedfellows, she jokes all day that she is gay, she really is. Frances rides the wind along the quiz, she’s all trousers. This shouldn’t be a problem, only suffocation. To Frances death and creeps are at the same station. Offends the genuine helpers, darts in their backs. Frances sends the kinds of darts that pin her downs, he stays at heel to tacky men’s perfection. All bottom at the fringe of suggestion, has the clearest profile. Also bothered by a lesbian mile, she isn’t irony, oh yes she is.

Frances values delay, she knows John knows Peter Kay. Frances has programs to remind her what to say, she hasn’t seen one on John. Does Frances remember Fulham. not with a flaunt.

How responsible is the feeling made, can it install.

Frances hates Tanya.

Stop crap is valuable after a long bar, dot dash dot Sunday spa. There’s nothing to stop the crap from slipping into habit, the offensive to Treat blame as patient, wrong person in restraint. Person could there be the other, person nails animation. Little digit exact cue, attain understanding to the extent of what digit. pen draws. Says animation, means voodoo, odd word, odd distinct, odd separate, cartoon has no line without swerve.

It means to be gay, dead is gay. Repercussion. When it begins, already done. Gay fury on the run, it wasn’t isn’t. Being definitive that says being. The gays envelope gay tsars to group, they toilet at hour intervals, something like that. Famous hedgehogs cross roads, deer are terrors. Complete fury maintains more than queue waiting, there were times of anxious fighting, long ago could settle the Viking scores. If the present adopts it does well to keep rights. Penance rights only retorts, this confession is most fluid.

There has been an age of reticence in holding back, it could be the sorry container. What is supposed to happen to the hulk with green giant exposure, what it means. Loop custom does well for telephones, information. The reluctance to accept will never wear frills. The close chance gets sent away, it can be funny to watch, there goes wart hog.

The convenience of something bigger can be hampered by spiritual flaw. Suppose Axe is the guy to save the day. Say guy say girl no way, girl axe grind way. Would have believed it was girl, sap curl. If mother fucker got medallion, sad stallion, world broccoli. Vegetable prize taste, thank mother fucker all taste. Though civilisation fought through, thousands of years fucker was at last true. Though fucker didn’t sit, fucker could knit. Though fucker slit, also knit. Ambidextrous git, style pit. Modest ambidextrous at that, how fat. Time for punch lunch, serve and whistles

Prompts key grabbing even with the barrow boy, almost approves, but for dirt jockey part of the ploy.

Frances meets the woman who sent her back, small business so and so that sayid she went round the tree the wrong way. the dustbin man waits for Frances when she gets back, she goes the wiggly way. Frances expects to be caught in the rain, Says oh this again. Is amazed at the complexity of forgiveness ,badly needs the loo. Frances ate a stale clove today, broken off from yesterday and eaten after lunch, breakfast I mean. Says Frances I mean, this is close to that seem,. firs person after third, Frances is should to present heard. Frances thinks she could be onto a winning streak if she could wait to hear Oasis play, blame them anyway.

When Frances almost finishes she starts all over again. Frances nips through and down and clown. Frances will have back up tonight, TDK. Could be KT Tunstall. Frances is quite fed up of funny romances, she may have worked in the CD. Frances worked in the post office when she was younger. Frances worked in the place looking up, has no record. Fidget foot quivers and stamps, runs, jitters, steps between here and the loo. Frances remembers people like Jill and the small business horror, Frances and MYOB, there’s a less than sign. Frances was intelligent enough to think rude trick s when she felt like, all the time policing is stressful and indignant. There’s a time for yes and no malignant. Will do a chart about commitment.

Foot cross weave exacts loop, nicely, what? Retrace from heel to toe, heel ToTo, heel that backward. To toe is five a time, signs of hidden intelligence. To Sir with Love. Life land stows bandits like MYOB, first come, first served, haranguing. Frances on her wave of glee deflates like the balloon and has the excuse, that woman trapped me. Frances realises that MYOB is a situation, only activate personal. Frances activates wrong equations, they’re hers to solve.

Frances uses her schoolboy voice in the shop.

Frances walks on top of where the woman came in, species woman. Fills in, just after the CD. Has no one to ring, thinks the tender is familiar. Doesn’t raise her eyebrows that much, just a bit. Is glad to get out of the shop, what was that. Finds the expedition smoother the car, the trip easier than bus by far. Thinks she could punt.

Should mind that Fulham made its name from her. Why be anything but thankful to blanket stakes of reclamation. Feels urged by Holland, collections up for grabs are staggering feats of engineering. Although attentiveness of young men is nice, thinks the only answer is to plead lice. Plead she does to complain. A lopsided wheel hasn’t mentioned her old portfolio. Dealing doesn’t appreciate. Frances thinks miracles are what she looks like. Frances won’t be allowed the satisfaction of selling the meagre plot until she is overdrawn and has to borrow. The point is that she could go tomorrow, instant death wish.

18th February

wandering certainty can’t stand the obstacle plant, veers right without veering, independence back route. the streets re emptier, that sort of idea. would be emptier. The daze of Oxford shopping takes interpret slant on what bothers, starting off from centre point. Nag letters on the step and washing problems, media coverage is the stuff of clanging dreams. The point about what sounds nice is better to wait, the smell of the food is better, ravenous hunger. all day could be spent without a watch to match twenty twos and fifty twos, thirty threes and sixteens, the counters of proper tables have seats for six, not ones and twos. The clothes won’t wash with polyester, the main thanks is parp parp from the wrong place to road cross. It would be matched to take the walk, not having done it. The significance of inability is about avoiding.

For part time sake, fifteen is better than sixteen to wait. Shoe loses its footing from sodding exaction. The individual is a frightening prospect for the escort of service pace, there comes a corner hatcher, all alone is one leg gaiter. Lonely person doesn’t want company, understanding. Many forms of understanding. First sort is preventative, the music has to be mistaken, no not that one, signify deprivation. Setting slightly crooked, omnipresence fault can’t be helped. Craftsman wasn’t able to perform, didn’t have a bow. The hunger of now to no know thinks the main reason for staying in is to clean the scene. Know now knows before, doesn’t do. Being entirely starving could like to have benefit of the fill. Resolve and volume are nearest to furthest away. Greens are brought in from distant lands. The non description baby language is the wonder of high street tans. There is contact with the next table, stroke the possession, all it Mabel. Person object to being included, restaurant severely deluded. What would the choose like , what the direction take and mid sentence is no time to eat with a fork. The bread is absolutely delicious but the face it makes nutty differently. there is no taste to the nut bread, decoration to the falafalish round thing. Finger food is almost fork to the ridiculous metal tool, eat the rest with fork but triangle japatti is fingery. Jipati samosa, something triangly. This is the restaurant of no betweens, the deals chat through without deliberate shits and telephones. Why life of success cause the consumer to play Bess. Taste of here before, how did it go? Time and existence hard to bestow, why was the talk so easy? Drunk values aren’t on the same permit. Olive alone go back to leave. Even sober, the rule is strongly defined, a case of schizophrenia. Nose brush shouldn’t disturb customer, constant acknowledgement furtive cluster. Friday project a problem for Frances, thinks she has problems with you romances, its most convenient tragedy. Signs are very clear, most clear, more clear, most understandable to everything. sheer child problems are the most definitive perversions, what can be said to die that answers back in Google humanely? Plate must be finished to the line of restraint, no limit. Ask if the restaurant is open, it draws attention. Look for the question presentation. Presentation of problem, harmless rotten, good documentary, good biography, good extremity. The insistence to eat chick peas play hard to please. Point to indulge in forbidden bulge, it didn’t know before.

When wind slips, end passed, there’s no allowance for eating fast, except too fast. On the television, a Saturday of wall swabbing. Desires of red paint all over, flanked by beige and ribbons on the tables, just like weddings. Enough time passes, olive haves to be swallowed, in enough time for people on their own. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is the oscillatory mean, the only joint is to eat the tub, Leaves a single in the scrub. If cushion benches were for wenches, a woman in a ribbed polo neck wouldn’t be given it. Pair has matched red, they’re both in jumpers and dark trousers. The further away man looks like a friend, he is smiling at the distance of enjoying. When the attention has good dinner, back out only slimmer. Fast behaviour is knowing what to say, the world is on its way to not staring and making people feel gay. Gay is unmatched, matched, that order. When the broadband is okay it has more land dispatched, some connection means speed when net connectors only want a nice feed The telephone rings and the glass doesn’t sound like it breaks, the music isn’t boisterous. the last part of the sentence, from the margin was filled in due to gucci glass fall, the mistake of someone else is universally significant, it could mean there are clues to notching up a work shop. Red jumper man knows the clues and is past the arms of his good looks. People don’t know what they can realise, but know all the life ties, Point about desperation is incapacitation. When blind dog comes home again isn’t able to bark. Dog could bark, would be like sneezing. Glass dropper has elastic on his shoe. Shows signature to girlfriend, probably nothing wrong with what he did. Girl confident enough to make him seem not much more important than her. Woman probably red jumpers’ daughter, wife, whatever. His twenty eight year old story subject has tantrums at her age, what’s wrong with her. The resort to persevere with the bite of bread crunches the cheek, the sign of the week. The restaurant is mainly about lamb.

£.75, house speciality. Knits set into more break, the woman with red and black dangles suggest past quangos. the pashmina woman has toys with friends in numbers. The volume increases, it isn’t one yet. last olive prompts southern gases, the red table smoke molasses. The need to eat at table is quasi fable, what should happen to leftovers, what should happen to .

The man in the hat takes it off, disappointingly bald but with shaded glasses. Aren’t many caricatures that dominate rooms, hatted and booted. only rhymed booted. One curlier hair than eyes, hair seen first. Equal glass dropper talks through dinner, aluminium rudeness. Roots growing out on the way to the toilet. Food isn’t enough, even making the booking. Standards about other people are the knives and plates laying tables. Contexts and complications aren’t supposed to be resolved apart form presidents. The way people suck their lips has nothing to do with hips. Aluminium keeps announcing, the bread gets delivered. The launch for desert is marginal to time’s perch, how long can the sitter protect the rooms interest. the gut has already expelled behaviour’s part, man pinches his nose. The table cloth has sauce and crumbs, the rose is gone back to. Face pressed, the legs cook where pudding plods a lonely mule. The lonely mule is being observed in the lateral tense of served. the lonely mule is designed to bray with cleverness. Co exaction of doing is clever in its own way, couples and mixed groups tables are doing more than stay. the lonely mule proves the point that seating is for one point.

Point about tantrum most interesting, the whole nightmare is not worth suggestion. Someone saw the popcorn flaw about Elm Street, the big issue of saw that teen beat. The channel switch is easy switch, at least there’s alternate . Say pitch. There was hardly anything left on the plate, there was hardly anything. What might happen at home he happens on set, there’s no problem with faraway get. did that get that problem, did that set that effect, did that present a larger and rounder fret. If the words are just exploded, future hangs raw, if words are future sounded, remembered. Channel honest y to travesty demands audience attention , certificate to mention. What seen is presented green, stile the prejudice. Be appalled, dismiss and be stalled, say back to Baclava, say filter to coffee and then think other. Determination to avoid the definition takes nuts and beans and roasts seems. The defiance is Saturday to an empty gut and the witness of expert nearby to slot. it will be more interesting to frame the question, get it exactly not. the actual answer will come from godly bouncer, the truth obscured from the most of rot.

Lighting indoors, the crumbs are beneath, anger is mostly valued by having something to say. the celebration of complaint, exception. This point relevant to central joint. on the wheel of done, this means a solution. Had it been told, the remedy constitution, teller fuller of compromise to realise. Table clears between courses, a double to dropping rocks. Man really knows what he does, he doesn’t have to think how to. Acceleration is glad to see an early leaver. Co defending mule gets up with her pashmina, leaves. Another co defender is a man with a scratched nose, all those present are valued for exemption. The gallery of capability makes way for lolling back succinctly. The arrival of service is second none other. The raspberries could mean Ronnies and they could mean fizzy worries. the quantity of three baclavas is better than yeses from the waiters and the experts and the situation exerts. The man is in contact and so is the woman and the aluminium and the curly hair, the congregation are participating towards the corner. Maroon carol is opposite to straight ahead. Who could she be? Coffee is hot to the time of being drunk , certainty is luke warm to cold. The acknowledged nightmare is worthy of porridge, being square. Clinical imagination resolves the situation, put that there.

Could the fold fit to outburst, oversized outcast. Slouch is custard pie, accompany. This verse has value to purse, it could become tiresome. Living in stare observance would appreciate the distance, newt able. The choice not to spill i s optional, enthral . The good side to baclava is to steam on and get complete value to finishing despite cough prompts an d continuing. Baclava has treacle and green pistachios, raspberries for greens to contrast Versacios. the waste of leaving misses the guest meal could be won if talk was attest. The ambiguity of no chance is decided with volume’ lance. there’s nothing left in Somalia, there’s been a dreadful famine, that persuasion. Moral tribulation affects the whole room, its’ not just the lone mule, the pig in the corner must be of the domestic variety, sympathetic to company charity. the hurried exit of push chair world must not be afraid and risked on pearled. Great explorers carry the flag rave of human charters, the well known are all at risk, even by product. The mule would sell transport, the mule would herald it, Crusoe and holiday to the proximity. The burgundy carol could be Ezekiel, she could have relevance to Carole’s treacle. The room is modestly balanced, wood veneer to rainforest. The finish is tarnished by having s to stop, relent. What was the limit?

Slash back and separate link forty five investment, the code and reference numbers are insouciant. Are the memories of booths here to be more sincere, are the folding napkins more weighty faster laundry? The advance of space makes Bris at ease, the Russian could be Italian. The lady like Dixon is only later like Dixon, she wasn’t instantly. The puzzle is sorted with fault, snowflakes individually vaulted. Match sport is outrage, winner to the team shirt. The casting crew are similarly new, they don’t see. Empty the suburbs to twist the giant key. If Helix does perspective to flat, none of that. Try architect to ignorance buy, none of the contestants will follow the gnat, or will they. With the first apparition, Gabriel right, seeing him wrong with doubt. There should be no angels on the high street, future trends. The right of right is wrong with friends, only angels. The most significant viewer doesn’t have cables. The most upside down boss is paraded, that says box. The face of next door is not as heroically guarded. The more applied perception doesn’t mind officially. Liberal opponents begin with sanctuary. There could be the bathrooms of romans. Shall not say no to the question for no. Shall not say no to finish the yes, shall not affirmative nor negative. That substitutes no and yes, lovely. Answer detection is everything socially. The lean back mark of insincerity tips numbers to dexterities, there . some things don’ go through when they are there, administrative touch.

Release from jail.
yesterday didn’t write

What’s the first thing to do, buy rose water on Regent Street. What’s the first clue about wetting the restaurant? What’s the cornish pasty going to prove to the land of Covent Garden. It was not going to help then, it couldn’t . Second chance should, could, would, what would happen if the drift wasn’t set? The traffic of where to cross should cross to fix the save from loss. Oh well, oh well, could be the style of tell. A whole paragraph from lunch has gone, it wasn’t important. The women leave and one says absolute chaos, remark is the best side of how to think, what’s next. What happened to all the goods at lunch, covent garden west side punch. What happened to the choice of save, somewhere lives with constant rave. The eyelash curlers mean something. Paris Hilton amuses Frances, she is stupid, clever and the tacky passes. Point about not being hungry eating anyway. Old ladies who stay behind are not entwined by leaving sharply. Big finger in the ear, big nose on the finger, the shoulder on the hand bag, the ruck sack rearranged. Scarves across the street, the people and how they meet. the one with purple hair, mor people everywhere. Seven year old in the scent, are you alright says the chain down the road, have a sniff, have a smell. sorting out past oh well, done is done remind from shell. Quarter to five is too late for tea. Have a scratch to settle flea.

When do the tramps move in?

Saturday extra spoils the slime, could be confiscated. For prizes, there are starving snails. If only teas maids knew what they said, teas maids would bolster flanks of musicals. People with northern voices take the sides of fools, gooseberry ones and truffles. The sweeter size of social kerfuffles is allowed, near the gates of doom, near the gates of bride. The sodding lunch paragraph tok a slide, it was quite effective. Crossing and the under passing, doing now future would. The expensive indulgence above appetite is angry slight, eating to consolidate. The mistake is the sense of a acknowledgement, what’s going to happen, something could pay the rent. At the door, small people hope to take their way, eating in the street and walking with sticks. The two legged and four legged are farmers to farm, the cripple has to watch for clutches to make sense of one. configuring interest knows that wearing a hat would have learned. Borrow that, borrow.

How careful can the promise be to promise knot that it did see. Swearing not to eat the pastie eats the pastie, swearing not to learn is travesty. Swearing not to cream is creamy, swearing not to that is a hill turn. Breathtaking view is pretty, razzle scarves like jollity. Woman is the mountain, thinks monastery is the fountain. Retain the head of ding parts, keyboard switched off. Why did the keyboard switch off in the shop, why did the keyboard get ripped off, why did the keyboard get scoffed, why did the keyboard doubt the loft? The most significant thing about going nowhere is trusting. in for the cornucopia. Shop doesn’t allow access or the distress, shop changes and becomes less of a fortress. Shop was shopped for ten minutes of flattery, sit down to any invitation and scatter. The most ridiculous thing about the turn is to answer what to how. If the question is parliamentary, the detection is inventory. Why should there be doubt when getting through has done its pout? Preciousness to do with chess. Consistency of time relate to solvent mine. How long was the presentation and should the world mind about invention? How long is the joke about the spy. Funny or is the joke about making money? Most are and the place of bad language comes to pass when it swears by word, signed and thankfully dumb. doesn’t realise the harm, mediocrity swipes the bum. Cream tea doesn’t mind the fun. Pleasant negotiation. All the time in prison thought about strand and cognition. Stupid spark played the game of boris park, the stupid stupid park walked the loop, the stupid spark took the bridge with the friendly mac, he’s a man’s attention. to stack the most ridiculous persuasion goes with thought evasion, the most ridiculous protective person deletes trash and tells coercion. Man presses red for garage band, it doesn’t colour, it shuns command. The man is how asks for press inversion is wily and clever and lonely. Apple factory would not seem to be so with technology, white is the furthest laboratory and the incitement is exploratory. Man says can he delete the garage band, the man says can he explete and can he play Lan. Sparkle suggests the wild suggestion, super agency expression. Small girl likes alliteration, call her spy to entertain her. The poo and the central game of dropping information are corner stone to congregation. Nothing belongs to the individual, however the dress goes is residual. Friendly lady always friendly and the expert. The less friendly aren’t shop assistants but shop existents. The customer service queue is rented with nearly new, the best hope for exaction is bridal refraction. Why should a strange man push the trash deletion? The introspection of fine teas is

Tim Spark is keen to establish life’s existence to his digital cabbage, Tim makes his own application, he teaches something like coals to newcastle. The friendliest man is full of lies, the friendliest service is fond of spies. The Big Bus Company takes the lonely on sightseeing tours. Bumping into things is for names and drawers. The point about insistency tis to rehearse with exactly. The good people are positively actively. The street meters get off scot free, they

Home Folder and Hard Drive are fighting.
20th February 2 am.
that was the nineteenth.

20th Feb

Frances is up against Reiss , she went shopping there and touched a coat hanger. Frances won’t win an orange for her King Kong, she just won’t . Frances isn’t bothered, she died the Earl’s rescue. That says did. Frances appreciates she misleads to hog the story to herself, she should have mended her phone on Saturday. Frances stalls like the tug of war, she pulls as hard on delay. Frances would know what to say if she had perspective, she’s burning. Frances sneers art the missy inflection,s he has asked for a termination by vague situation. Many stars passed away this year, central autonomy doesn’t sneer, raises the show to public irrelevance. The drug of unusual things and unusual people is about being normal.

Why is this week more in trouble that last when so many things have passed? This is the crap of advance, the dragon chance. when the awards are fixed as legal swords, dumbo flies.

Sneak into the Puzzle why not and write an article about brady. the day is Wednesday, it is almost eleven, let’s title.

22nd Feb

The get dressed solution about neighbourhood watch would have informal constitution, the allowance to be story signed with greatness partly emergency. In the case of no milk, next door has some, in the case of dog hunger, take the walk out. In the case of looking out for, the trouble subsides. Corner work of being true is not pointing, not notting. When the singular question is the main suggestion, the wonder is exaction. Bridgedale man, fire engine, quarter to ten, crossing the road, the juke box is strapped in the lorry with a safety belt, R593VLF. The sentence begins with t and h and e, a paramedic weirs an ambulance man wearing brown, the colour of an upside down puzzle. Alarm polices hearing from indoors, surveillance of being knows no laws. DJ is disappointingly embarrassing. Sole of a shoe blow plastic bags and planks, dropping paper get no thanks. Computer system stealings of invention don’t mind about keyboard feelings. Keyboard something with squares and letters. Pressing doesn’t take speak or mind hoovering. Swilling noise should bother a customer if the opening time is earlier vernacular. The most silly place to design a costume is for a person that isn’t worthy. “”””Most exciting way to live on bread is to go instead. Most mediocre acceptance thank a man for coughing. Most criminal exaction all clued up to wondering. Most obsolete man in the industry is extremely happy about the fleet. Most red and green and blue, the most parlez vous.

Story board juke box, word is Nexus. Espresso comes in don’t have in any small mugs, sorry. Coins fall the slot, coins go somewhere for a cherry to knot. The infill is the only thing that counts for reconnaissance, the delivery waits to be allotted, that word allotted. Bridgedale and courage, R68OBL, the meaning about cellars is read to smell. Puzzle is the name of a mysterious person at the top, don’t finish the espresso cup. Strength of what is done today may well write someone a play. Writers sign the puzzle of, doer does for rest to scoff. Problem with early release is the snap shot. Lilt of fat men spinning the top. Hounds of the Baskervilles probably grey. Man o the telly is breasted in a single layer of clothing. Windsurfers rip the waves, curling there expects. Cribber was too good to do, waste is keeping store on do. The camera seems to be the most important thing to see. Whose film is on the task?

Mohammed is late enough to shake hands , concession crosses the road to discuss the problem. although the puzzle and the agent and the flat are expediently linked by location, there is genius about getting into the teenage fan club. Who wants to live by daylight bulbs, who wants to. When the sultry headline makes adjustments, the Philippine gets sized up, friendly maybe, maybe not.

Oliver is very like Frances, phonetically dirty. Careless. Oliver arranges for Frances to meets his loose ends to the representative. Oliver represents a dirty circle that need to sort, witness daily sightings to do with superstition.

Wonders about Spearmints, the rhinoceroses of lens. The requirement to touch base with key objects is grown up; tag, there. there could be important people in the lift next to very unimportant people. There could be formulas for getting away with things, there could be solutions.

Bingo hand shake!

Wednesday on a twenty second catch, marriage to the train, with six eight en ex, the stubborn cheerio does’t mind about twelve thirty, Wensleydale burp, corner stopping on the junction, barking Scottie goes berserk. Significance f good and bad is symbolic to the trade, the agreement with awkward is in fact simpler, curious, clever, intrusive, admirable, relieving, conning and appeasing to invisible things that may not be insignificant. Problem about Lynn, everyone is Lynn and Oliver, they’re all stapling and Gulliver contains his story.

Marvel voiced referring to the Irish transfer, says the name’s as diminutive that she would plaster. Filter through of idiocy isn’t immediately. Lady phone hangs on for details to get repeated on a varied string. How many ways how exact to the phrase, number affirmation, exact or lilted, yes to yup, double five, owe owe, zero . Frances will be in the red by the time of the go through, she knows it takes four days. Uses her completely amazing voice to give herself choice, she thinks she would like to

Where’s Roy Legend?

Anxiety farting is different to non anxiety farting, it is far graver. When the 252 and 33 and 52 reside, it can be tough to keep peep track. the sequence can knock the carrier back, was that gas important? Was the willy slack something to do with toe tack, rack and back, rhyming with airwave double letters that that somehow print next door to each other, jus like that. The air could be something to do with dying or flying or buying or trying or lying or crying. This paragraph could be bawled at the security man, knock about could find Princetown to stand. Frances got herself into Fletcher’s rhyming slang, she

Should have heard the key rattle trying to connect with the bank’s call. Frances does know how to live on the side of it all, she does know preemption, oddly satisfied with meeting the hone in, preyed on all the time. Sensation whiffing centre attached to pawns of dispatch, fly grateful to the Venus trap; isn’t anyone.

Once in a lifetime,
The National Theatre 25th Feb

Theatre garrison goes by garlic. garlic sticks.

any prison is good, only one hour stage embarrassment. Procedure for admission prefers verbal admonition, there could be a firm story to tragedy, line to parody. Could be possibility, like the script said. Swill approves the swallowing curl is going on at the festival. Pollination between institutions, tourism and the interest loosens. Best practice about creativity getting positive outcome, defeat for heroics. Heroics get defeated first, as they were established. In general terms the view of humanity likes to be ravished, the laws of insanity move on.

Oh, Miss lemon the splice is so close to the dark socket, the resent of bad perfection, stretched puff sparkles. eminent in costume. The sultry lure to heel listens to stay where you are, the image is close to steal, the rhyme fits the crime. Miss Lemon, thinks in terms of Miss Lemon, the I to herself of beckoning of, advice is taken aboard the accent. Miss Lemon ponders to Miss Lemon’s inquisitor, Miss Lemon talks to herself like Mister Hercule, she uses the tongs of Agatha spiel, when all she does is learn. Miss Lemon read Miss lemon, saw Miss Lemon, knows Miss Lemon. Has she ever Miss Lemon. Miss Lemon takes on Miss Lemon, meeting to the sight of a bus, there’s Miss Lemon. Miss Lemon is recognised and signalled to stop, drop, carry, park. Miss Lemon goes with Miss Lemon’s Miss Lemon up to a certain point with her head back, she must not spit. Miss Lemon finds herself relevant to the air shelter, sleeps under the raid of helter skelter. Miss Lemon does not look at what she writes, Miss Lemon’s independence takes on fancy flights. Miss Lemon grasps the stairwell bannister when she has no notes, she will turn into a toaster if she exhales. miss Lemon is glued to her desk, she has footprints of finger tips. Miss Lemon is Miss Christie, she is an old Lady. Miss Lemon is hopefully gravy story cook. Miss lemon thinks she would be simple if she could fumigate the parting for good to smell its own end. Miss Lemon depends on sensitive friends, she types sides for snoopers, they must not seize. Miss Lemon feels bitterness to tension, it suspends crucible to serve its mention. Miss Lemon has to play Jazz if she is to believe what she has, Miss lemon has the formula. There is a formula to hound, Miss lemon is around. Miss Lemon tries to see with hardly noticing me, Miss Lemon ma appear to have heart burn to give innocence time to leave. Miss Lemon and Miss Marple are st The small pink jacket just leaves aged toddler to half full. Miss Lemon to Miss Mrarple can take years.

How old thought that a puzzle is bought. Getaway clause is holiday time where, Miss Lemon went nowhere and found a television. Miss Lemon lives with heartburn. Miss Lemon appreciates that every toddler could be fodder to keep Miss Lemon young. Miss Lemon was supposed to board the ageing train. Miss Lemon dropped wifery to solve the constabulary. Miss Lemon learned to file, he r offspring took on style. Miss Lemon became an empty vase with Money-penny safety mars. Miss Lemon inspired many thinking rooms that earning livings were new shoes. Miss Lemon is better at entertaining real laundry. The cleanest starch adorns Miss Lemon foreign to the ides of March. Miss Lemon has rich valves of national interest to halve. Miss Lemon slices the zest of indies, she tops the gin precociousness. Miss Lemon is younger than spirit for knowing the limit, Miss Lemon is undersold to reinstate. Miss Lemon hopes to tell the lip from the gullet, Miss Lemon is punnet. Miss Lemon is other fruits for all that touch her cheeky sluice. Miss Lemon could filter that mistake of departure, Miss Lemon is hungry for an archer. Miss Lemon is set adrift and wonders why she was drawn to the sift. Miss Lemon sides very readily withe reinforcing cavity. Miss Lemon developed the population.

Miss Lemon has just been to see a play with the most best lead as boss to her eye. Miss Lemon has just at by a table that was long and pretended not to notice what was going on. Miss Lemon sees all the similar trees, she is drawn to the hologram. Miss Lemon feels teary and thinks about time. Miss Lemon Lemon had hoped that saying magnificent things would elevate her tote. Miss Lemon would bet anything to win her story Miss Lemon doesn’t miss what is taken out of her hands, Miss lemon doesn’t wash them except with ammonia. Miss Lemon thinks soap is suspicious. Miss Lemon would like to speak French, Hercule is handed in to publish. Miss Lemon faces the cookery counter, la cuisine, she is anxious without feeling.

Hand eye coordination reads music, lit la musique, publiquer la music par l’air du temps, Miss Lemon porte des gants, Miss Lemon porte des collants, Miss Lemon porte l’export du feminine queen. Miss Lemon shrouds dowdy, she youngs and olds dowdy, nurses malady with inspiration warns, teaches windows with styled awnings. Miss Lemon is on her way to the capital, not exactly holiday. Miss Lemon oversees parliament after the tragedy. Miss Lemon preempts the tragedy, Miss Lemon wears lemon skin. Miss Lemon tastes liquid pith, she can grate. Miss Lemon is webbed to the holding, prone to ripeness. Miss Lemon has the answer for the chooser, beckons selection by grasp, how particular is that? Miss Lemon lives on the island, she is exchanged. Miss Lemon is rearranged in bowls and rolling pins, is far and away the obvious sign. Miss Lemon wonders why the readers eat her, Miss Lemon is happy in her tree. MIss Lemon would drop if she had the chance, sh’d not get picked at all. Miss Lemon would like to be touched after all, Miss lemon is painting in the hall. Miss Lemon relies on her name to be recalled, she can let smell and taste do the same. Miss Lemon sounds like the four other senses, she’s put in a puzzle about the sixth. Miss Lemon observes what she does, fingers in gloves. Has ordinary grace; mistake to place. Would see chip custody as Friday’s catch, would enhance with far less fuss.

At a distance, Miss lemon is impermeable, she sits in the back row at the front, Miss lemon gets boiled and pulls off a stunt. Miss Lemon gases at the palms and doesn’t moe to faiths call to arms. Miss Lemon has been naughty like an eavesdropping plan, Miss Lemon doesn’t fall naturally to the ground, she graces the table and pot and show. Miss Lemon relies on the show to do what she should know. Miss lemon responds to the pitch of having the taste. Miss Lemon on her own has no animation, Miss Lemon is beneath the station.

Miss Lemon gets dropped with the book, the wintry look, miss Lemon goes out of fashion. Miss Lemon skulks with static prices, Miss Lemon has no shares. Miss Lemon spoke old time dares, she doesn’t have a mobile phone. Miss Lemon is glued to history’s imposition. Miss Lemon wants to eat fudge cake because there is no brandy Miss Lemon withholds primness for depravity. Miss Lemon is probably an alcoholic, she wouldn’t not think of systolic. Miss lemon finds terms of embarrassment in yesterday’s shames, Miss Lemon is not familiar with showing values. Miss Lemon is the embodiment of deportment, she does not see the point in pretending under sort. Miss Lemon has not time for cowardice to later flaunt, Miss Lemon has no need to acct.

Miss Lemon is acted by encouragement, Miss lemon is a strange creature like a tidy squirrel. Miss Lemon is squirrel Nutkin, she doesn’t dine with picnickers. Miss Lemon is followed by serious imposition, season.

Miss Lemon wonders whether the festival should bring her ‘Guinness over, she wonders if bringing over is suited to her. MIss Lemon would assume to be dressed with Mr. Hercule, Miss Lemon is missing the sun. MIss lemons wants to keep her coffee cu0p, she doesn’t need clearance. Miss Lemon finds the waiter audacious, she has reason to. Miss lemon chooses olives for sticky fingers, the word marinade is used. Miss olive thinks the lemons would be good cleaners. |The restaurant is deserted at six o’clock, gone homes have done teas. miss Lemon was mentioned with gins, Miss lemon does pies and pastry fringes. Miss Lemon goes with cake, she goes with biscuits, she does’t go with guinness. Miss lemon is ungrateful to the audacious waiter, she should have thanked the seat administrator. Miss Lemon arrived late for the show, she only just got out of bed. Mis Lemon has not washed her hands but she isn’t welcome in the toilet sands.

Miss Lemon pees lemons, she should. Miss Lemon knows the word for understood. MIss Lemon does not use dyes,she is imitated by bleach. Miss Lemon scenes the surface wipe, she is wasted for cleanliness. Miss Lemon has a gullet that concentrates on higher things, Miss Lemon conceals acidic stings. Miss Lemon brands as R Whites, tennis wear is broader than Nike brights. Miss Lemon has a frog in her throat made of garlic. It is lower down that frogs go, it is beneath the sound board. miss lemon sees that 1759 is the level of harp, Mis Lemon harpsichord. Miss Lemon will have a job sorting through the stones with the strings, Miss Lemon will hope the olives are pitted for the bother that olives bring. Miss Lemon hopes to catch the train, miss ing is for walking lame. Miss Lemon has the carriage of her desires, Miss Lemon sits by stoking fires. Miss Lemon thinks the sound boof crying is bowling down the track, Miss Lemon clackety clack. Miss Lemon would thirst for draught. Miss Lemon thinks Guinness is made from wheat or barley, not sleet. Miss Lemon imagines the caskets of competition. Miss Lemon is unmarried until she is drunk, Miss Lemon in disguise would be classical to punk. Miss Lemon leaves train catching for story board, Miss Lemon has an office and a telephone, she has a red telephone. Miss lemon has cabinets and beige with the onset of dust to her classical world. Although Miss lemon is spotless, she stays where she is. Miss Lemon cannot be relied upon to go anywhere, she is the grail’s despair, living underwear. Miss lemon is the only important person in documentation. MIss Lemon writes down the explanation. MIsss Lemon is the seminar, Miss lemon is the fruitful entity without need of cookery. MIss Lemon is self contained and gets assaulted. Miss lemon is more exciting than the apple, especially to sailors. Miss Lemon is citrus to Venus . Miss Lemon is devoured by the world at large, she is ear drops in rainproof vest, she is properly harmonised. Miss Lemon has to sort out problems that don’t relate to her, how to sweeten on the sour. Miss Lemon is kind on batter. Miss Lemon swills and hopes to provide concrete charters.

Miss Lemon is the stone to the olive, Miss Lemon catches the pigeon. Miss Lemon is the doe, Miss Lemon clean to scrub. Miss Lemon green flesh, Miss Lemon about cutlery. Miss lemon could be eaten with teeth, but the result would be messy. Miss Lemon would Inverness, that sounds like . Reduced to eat in her fingers. Miss Lemon could wear a hat. Miss Lemon cuts and pastes the citrus place, swallows olive on the garlic.

Miss Lemon likes the beetles, cliche beyond her time to taste. Miss Lemon has been classified by a naked man with weights. Miss Lemon has nothing to fear and has been thrown in an onion. Compare the onion to the lemon, like the festival. Miss Lemon jams with doubt that she should grow roots. Miss Lemon hangs by the bough, onion tentacles know how. Miss Lemon is yellow to green, has pigment, proper pigment. Miss Lemon could hide in an embarrassing situation, she has the right of way. Miss Lemon knows bulging eyes better than doomsday. Miss Lemon is the actual birthrate celebrate the fruit tastistc. Miss Lemon intends to be meteoric, she puzzles gardeners. Miss Lemon is true to herself, everyone else systemic. Miss Lemon could masquerade needing aid, Miss Lemon goes blind. lack olive green to find, lemon stones package tones. Miss Lemon is also orange and lime. Grumpy Miss Lemon wants to find the door, she’s canapé but not guest list. Miss Lemon is stroked to share, this conclusion burps.

Festival and national arguments go on for every, he product of both is best, the product of best is both to fancy The problem with kinky attractiveness of strange is unregistered, the what to number the maximum office in the taxi. National festival would have the whole pot in with the crocodile,the whole lemon in with the saturate smile, the whole range saying flame to the digress. This is populace isn the best sense, the century of indifference is un rubbished with love.

Dim Sum

The Berner’s hotel would have cough the sack but the scream stepped into in dignified place, the street dribble is’n’t should. Incontinence count for validity. The only point to having control is to clock the meter. The only way to lose is to leak, the only way to Morocco is by boat, the long way round is mediterranean to moat. Everyone crosses the road away from the scream, this saves crossing the road. The choice to step up steps down to the fold. The problem with trying to keep up is saying that nothing happened. If it did happen it needs to bathe in suspend. Main trellises of gardens re buttoned. Point that didn’t mind what best face thought.

Best face is the baddie at the wedding, most handsome and most prone to ways of men and women. Best face is heroic and dashing with silvery strands and dervish, he is like the ma in the chicken shed except that he is Kurdish. The only inscrutable fault to Best Face is that he doesn’t like to be misplaced. Most people are arrangeable, but things come to best Face for his inspection, the BSB to sky and soul detection. There is nothing to Susan in the play, she is genius to stand by his day. Susan is pretty after a few scenes, she was funny in the first, endearing and full of beans. Susan is obviously prone to potential, like the need to be spotted. Best Face rarely cast, the authors are besotted. Best face the author to circumstance, and often the truth of bishops. Not about romance. best face the liquid shadow to what the bird thinks about faust and his horses heads. Best face need not necessarily be handsome, he is absolutely right. Best face isn’t the same as manly grace, gives women souls of the doubt. Most women bail out when they can’t fathom their freak, but best Face is quite a man for knowing the peak. When manly grace falls in love with Susan Best Face was the celluloid cohesion. Best face would have married Susan but he realised she was pulling a fast wone. The whole cast saw Susan pee her pants and she had the low down lump of garlic to gloat. The awkward excess is nothing to be redressed, the word is nothing. Best face is a choral scholar well into the warmth of being right is close to celebration.

Susan is in her bridesmaids’s dress and she wants to get married. Susan is dressed with a corsage on her bottom. Susan scowls from the audience section, she deflates the lives of choral projection. Susan thinks the set up to succeed is there to expose her, she still hasn’t passed. Susan thinks the only reason to play the game is to have another go at strain. Susan gets embarrassed according to large plantation men, she thinks

Would like to be embarrassed according g to a specific problem,. The trouble with Susan is that she has too many things going on. Susan has a gigantic horizon that is completely enormous to every submission, Susan should pass the molestation test with dumplings and a vest. Susan looks at the mirror behind her and thinks the people are similar to people she knew, she keeps typing.

Susan was Miss Lemon not long ago, difference being administrate to know. Susan was sure to warm up somewhere between Miss Lemon is cool and sheen. Miss Lemon is Susan’s mahogany, she sets the virtue of chrome in the lobby. Miss Lemon is completely accurate about what substance, Miss Susan, just Susan. Susan could recognise Miss Lemon with a man on her arm. On her own, her world is a barn. Miss Lemon could be vegetarian if she didn’t go so well with prawns, Miss Lemon and Susan are hungry enough to meet colin Firth. Miss Lemon would write for Colin and Susan would play for Colin.

Miss Lemon would give Colin what he read, Susan would jump in bed. Miss Lemon would read the look, give Susan the book. Miss Lemon would suggest to Susan to eat dumplings, this would stop susan’s pumpikins. Miss Lemon would wait until she was fifty three until she dandled grandmother spree, Miss Lemon would be married to her thesaurus and she would guide multiple brontosaurus, she would let the brontosaurus claim Yorkshire without the ripper. Miss Lemon would work for the golf ball faction and she should know the name of Mem with hill, Men with flat, Men with moor, all three are there in law. Miss Lemon would paralyse her soul for creed, there are many Susans in the need. Miss lemon is a computer, she is betrayed to this definition by Susan’s pride. Susan needs Miss Lemon as a place to hide, Miss Lemon commits her distance side. The difference between Susan and Miss LEmon is the same with garlic, oddly enough Susan is more virtuous. Whatever Miss Lemon wrote about the play, Susan can do it either way, its in the script. Although Susan is defined only by curtain time, Iss LEmon defined by plot to dime. Miss Lemon expires when the amount for cappuccino prefers over filter. MIss LEmon finds Susan disgusting with her wet socks in the restaurant, Miss Lemon is never incontinent. Miss Lemon is the script to succeed over what she surveys. Susan is what Miss Lemon surveys, there are human problems. Miss Lemon is bound to come up against the practical need to have perfection. Miss Lemon escapes her room by Susan’s intervention.

The beer tastes too good though the spirit is too soft. The only relevance about turning is left to eat meat. The main opportunity for animals is to graze. The vegetarians are replete at a certain point in the food chain. The mushrooms would be good again if the

Susan drinks Miss Lemon to say what she does, Miss Lemon is subject to plot without having to pass. Miss Lemon is the institution of law solution, she lives in Lincoln’s Inn and on the Strand. Miss Lemon goes to watch Susan after work, she likes the theatre perk. She does not do this by the booth, sh e is surrounded by Hercule’s proof. Susan and Miss Lemon interchange the weathervane. Although Hercule is undone by youth, he is employed.

Miss Lemon may not be employed by bad pursuit, Susan awaits it. Susan catches what Miss Lemon discards, she passes on the men from Mars. Miss Lemon can see the mirror for what the face holds, Susan shows what Lemon sees. Miss Lemon disregards nine o’clock eating with elimination, the case is hopeless. Susan persevered there may be reason. Miss lemon thinks the surroundings are definitive, she has no ulterior motive. Susan must explore as far as she is able, she is largely blissfully unaware, Best Face sees the interface. There is green curry for green Susan, she started with mushrooms. Susan would be Miss Lemon, green curry severs either contention. The difference between Susan and Miss Lemon is the general public.

The General public goes to eat a dumpling, eats read and green after consumption. After nine o’clock the meal could include the starter, would twelve minutes past link to before for afters? miss Lemon and Susan inspire the starters and mains. The funniest men grow on mars. The general public think about spas. Susan and Miss ELmon go to sap before everyone else, and even if the time coincidences, their choice is the difference. Miss Lemon and Susan get to do what they want for the example they set, the main obstacle between Miss Lemon and Susan is circumstantial.

The general public win ties to Miss Lemon and Susan. Miss Lemon is paste to the apple key and V. Miss Lemon enjoy s privacy to the attempts that she is won to be. the main generation hope Miss Lemon is employed for their benefit. The eavesdrop violence is safe with Christie, she is posted on a sleeping message board, she isn’t safely desirable. The fresh meats walk the planet in gucci shirts and secret cakes. What are the secret cakes for Lemons and Susans. the safety of public houses depends on games and messages. The safety of supermarkets chooses constancy with consistency. The price about treats is not to obtain, the bargain of wealth is the similar lane. Think how Onassis must have lived. The best reliance takes imitation from appliance, the spin of machine is reliably mean.

A man in the audience did something disgusting, he ate something white from his ear or something. the man in the audience did something like pick his nose. What it was nobody knows. the a man in the audience went out to buy a dvd about the picture with skinny Sherry. The man in the audience took out a loan, he bought more drink than he had blown. There is greater reality to the recovery, all morose the departure from skull duggery. The man clause is that it won’t happen.

Man in the audience may have gone through, unlikely to see the stage view. Man in the audience may have his hopes swamped. Man in the audience is not sick, he is only due. Man in that audience is saturate meter, call him MITA. Mita assumes the someone is near, rows are a to zed, prices are dear, Mita has company emblems, happy behaved or wild rhododendrons. MITA resorts to theatre or stays at home not to risk the egg beater. MITA is constantly harangued by virility, paternity, spend and the mend. MITA would like to share the Hollywood shriek, passes down a custom bleak. MITA hopes the Susans and MIss Lemons will prevail themselves from retentions. ITA here is fairly unusual, MITA likely to distance the prospect. What do people do on the television.?

MITA’s education raises expectation, the fact of auditorium suggests middle action. MITa would only do pantomimes in Glasgow if he was grown from the Grovel. MITA regular is often absent, sending Half lemons with children advertisement. MTIAT from the eighties would not afford the time, MITA nineties would summon all his prime. MITA suspects that worlds project, average daughter no worries to Susan’s slaughter. MITA dictates that fancies are for fakes, MITA is mostly right. MITA is not necessarily tight, MITA retires to enjoy.

Is work possible to enjoy the berserk?

Leave Christie for solving smirk, MITA has to be clean to attend. There’s no use in MITA that has much to lose, MITA may have to face up to uncomfortable truths. MIta thinks that menus are safer, too much stage blether on his uncles’ racer. MITa wouldn’t want to wake old pretenders, MITSA would advise for boring Miss Lemons.

Boring Miss Lemons are entertainment, they haven’t flowered, haven’t engagement. Engagement makes Miss Half Lemons’ into whole gooseberries, the quashed as the smoothie solutions. Half Lemons take time aside to predicament, take time aside to lonely advertisement. Half lemons aren’t consumed like whole Lemons into Susans. Half Lemons are more like Miss Lemon that Susan, country safer to detriment. The style of dress is important to Miss Lemon because she is vermillion. Mis s Lemon does not reckon that she his outrageous, she spreads fashion to be contagious. The revolutionary party in Spain during the nineteen seventies is about Susan’s wane, Susan left the stage job and took up the plain. The sadness on passion deserts sensible reason and Miss Lemon is freezing. Miss Lemon awaits Susan to send her children when the friendship is no longer readership.

The grits wait for Susan’s speed, she’s dropped in Barcelona and still cares to read. The grits hone in on what Susan scores, there’s Lemon and Hercule in her drawers. The grits are Lemon’s grid and Susan is sandwiched.

Definite word ratchet. waitress comment

Hot drinks are grown up, the morning’s look up. Hot drinks of coffee beans, consumed in the morning and in the evening Hot drinks are continental, the blobs on top are traces of boiling. the warm room has great heading

the Year of the monkey

Susan’s stairs have monkeys on there, susan’s stairs have words to pass peanut stares. Susan’s stairs wonder about play boy, she wouldn’t want to act unless she could waggle her ears. Susan goes into things through hide and seek attentions, susan demands to be released from prevention. Susan is naive from wily, she coins the nicker and oddly. The main point about meeting past is to shed away the current blast Susan takes on the agony aunt, becomes a plant. susan may be good at one role, she may be good at saving goal. susan could be in command if she didn’t mind the first act. Susan has a frightening feather boar to defend and build upon her act. Susan is the haunted teenager.

Susan’s bower is the pheasant feather hatted. Susan’s bower worn is Susan’s own. Susan tassels what the pheasant feather hat progresses, Susan lives in a flat. Susan disappoints to be supported, there’s not much time for ever escorted. Susan redeems herself by winging up the bridesmaids, she does this through performance. The bridesmaids can be pheasant feather hatters, disguised, susan may not realise. Susan is quite proud of the fact that she is a grandmother, her battery runs. flat.

Miss Form is the unlikely recipient of beautiful norm, Miss form passes by with her friend, she saw it all coming. this causes Susan’s Musan, the moose variety of skid mark. Musan is on her way into the dark, she failed the theatre test and must seek beverage shark. Musan leaves the building with garlic oh, hildebrand. Musan was shamefully modest, she’s the MITA to the punter, but she’s more susan than Boris. Musan uses shame as a nazi benchmark, when she’s close she’s glowering toast. Musan quips on brilliance and exaction, she’s not part of the action. The stage beg to some extent, giving chances. Musan isn’t on the edge of her seat, shoots occasional glances. Musan sees the old man with the disgusting habit in public and thinks possible trait. Musan hears the instruction to Stay where you are from beside her. Musan is impressed by the beautiful sound of Thank you very much from four seats to the left. Musan is good as wearing a vest, she doesn’t budge in the interval. Musan doesn’t listen pointedly to all the help, she isn’t an eavesdropper. Musan notes the musician stand and the bits the stage hand doesn’t sweep. Musan conspires that she has back stage hires, she doesn’t know where the buttons live.

Musan tries to walk into the eating out house on the first floor and the man from behind her knows her claw, he walked out at the sight and said he was full up from lower down. Musan didn’t mind and carried on down the stairs, she is obsessed with stairs, she never used to be. Musan took up worrying stairs in her flat, she did worrying in the job, but there was a left. Musan doesn’t mind stairs, she often climbs to exercise her flares. Musan thinks Susan is an odd name, not one she would have. Musan plays when push comes to shove.

Musan saw Miss Form and carried on behind the beverage trolley, Musan that says Musan, Musan could be cousin. Musan got told she’d have to pass the Form test, Miss Form left school less than half a century ago in terms of her life. Miss Form is a problem for Musan, so is Cabaret Bertie. Catbaret Bertie comes in grown up drawn, he is magnanimous enough to include Musan’s porn. Cabaret Bertie Junior is the proper problem for Musan, she scampers after, look there he is. CBJ, no Cabertie is better. Cabertie is the Moss boyfriend, closely sounding Musan to read. Cabertie gets promoted and holds his umbrella, more than look at me. Cabertie is liberty to how the stage should be, some drugs, some hugs, Cabertie does drugs and beetle bugs, gangly thinking. Cabertie catches Musan like the Best Face big brother cruising. Musan makes out she is bullied by having to collect her own litter.

Musan pees in the street, what she thinks of when she sees Bertie, at his first dance peeing on a wall. Musan repairs with foil, she leers at the tsunami, cosseting. Musan doesn’t admit and then she does, the order is good for art. Musan concedes that she is fit, only masks her superior knit. Musan is better than Miss Form, Best Face, Cabertie, not Susan. Musan respects Susan most for staking out the job that Musan used to boast. Who could better Musan with so many layers of tragedy potion? Musan goes home and has a not bath, she sees a miniature quill, a dark feather of Sade’s park. Musan sat next to a quiet absorber, handsome enough to understand the private quarter.

Musan is obsessed with privacy, she fulfils ventures to go abroad. Musan had her laptop snatched, now she goes about with laptop like sash. Musan was worried about the secrets that she scurried, apparently she is married so she’ll be alright. Musan leaves the theatre.

Musan leaves the theatre past Miss Form, she heard the comment to her left about coffee ing for stall. Musan ‘s heroics make going back stoics, Musan must prove she can go on and on. musan has no choice but to decline when she doesn’t know the time. Musan retraces her steps to some extent and is most grateful to the thank you lent. Musan isn’t let off by the homeless, she gets nagged by the change for thank you. Musan gets scuffed and sniffed at, things that make her tit for tat. Musan goes the long way round to Charlotte street, she is not replete about areas at all. Musan thinks the underpass is her stall, she thinks pedestrian crossings are secondary undertakings, does she? Musan admits she was over age at school, she does.

Musan is hypocrisy to what she really knows. Musan goes from A to b on legs with ten toes. Musan arrives but doesn’t and isn’t able to pin point exactly as she goes, she blinks sometimes and blinks again, she thinks the right of way stinks. Musan writes all this to tell herself off, she can write her own cough and more effectively.

Musan has a chance to expose the Pet Shop. Musan got expelled and labelled long ago why en she was going through trial. Musan posted funny language, most of this laptop to drunken sandwich. Musan presumed she was drunk with the amount of bollocks of riddles and spunk. musan claims territory with tersity, she is completely sensible. Musan can go headlong down a street, even though she doubt s the virtue of deceit. Musan thinks she opens lands, where ever she goes, war zone stands. musan sees a Cabertie, brolly form gaunt is Gaunt, he could brighten. Musan replies to street that she goes where she likes, Musan thinks she’s the trail of lights. Musan thinks much of what she does is haphazard to voice, with any luck she’ll make sense of hands on her rope. Musan knows less to cope, she writes things down to gauge the slope.

Musan had a breakdown in Dum sum over the clam p and the parking lane, Musan plays the long game, things don’t change and she goes back again . Musan mentioned earlier she got over the olives, this is the same with realising knowledges. Musan awards sympathetic cleverness with looks over her shoulder and glances in the mirror. Musan knows the world is equipped to do the forgiver. Musan thinks the worst thing to reach is well in the clear.

Musan sees bull dogs and scorches their prettiness. Musan admires accomplishment with ear marks for IQ test. Musan is inclined to get sympathy from tough gristle not from the factory. The factory make Musan angry and she prefers home variety. Although home variety are mercenary to history, Musan doesn’t think they’re spatula like the festival brat cover. Musan is not that appalled by the festival cafe, she looks at the flame, chooses seating to watch. Musan thinks open kitchens are good designs, sh e thinks benches with padding are places to lump, Musan wants to be nodded at by the waiting staff. All she gets is not you by arf. Musan gets laid by comments to like, Musan deserves to be called a tike. Musan says all this and still she is a tyke. Musan sees a Charing Cross Face and doesn’t take a hike.

Musan is sympatheticc to the grumpy frenetic.

Musan complains when she walks along, says oh no and linches at so and so. Musan is very vulnerable till she turns the corner, then she’s constable. Musan is genetically enhances when uncle shoots lance. Musan gets excited, revolution ignited. Musan’s team are all the best, she breeds them mean with capacity loves. Musan dismisses her own love toughs and thinks she doesn’t remember, shrugs. Musan recognises most of the cast, mildly first and last. Musan comes round to heart of the time, she comes round to tossing the rhyme. Musan concludes that she could have worn special shoes.

Realised earlier on in the week that food is important, so to speak. If genes are not important, senses are to cognitive portent. Thinks the bag pipe man plays for her, she walks on. Is angry with food, she takes it out on oats as rude. Gets mild satisfaction from disgusting dressed up action. Sits next to dim sum noodles, she feels heroic about the clover. Stocks up on mouthful work, she could stop but she deserves quirk. Deliberately refuses to stop being revolting, is revolting.

Knows she can afford to be fatter, isn’t over weight. Musan is in a hurry, going nowhere to marry. Musan thinks curry is out to get her, so what if its nine o’clock, so what if tepid is the counter stock. Musan only half laughs at her friends on stage, she let them down with distant rage. Musan isn’t sure how to proceed, the trial is long and arduous, she stretches out the marvellous. Musan could be friends with fairies and cakes but she subscribes to relying on her aches. Musan is jolly cross, she is only jolly cross.

Musan wonders how she soars, what she does when she ignores. Talks notices of womble ways, sits in the audience and feels anxious. Musan is a fantasy womble, actually a Grumble. Musan has suppressed earthquakes in the form of nightly wakes, Musan has wandered in her dreams and doen mystery deeds. Musan thinks she is probably being good even thought he story is did she should? Musan has chances.

Has chances and doesn’t have chances. Musan gets excited by chances, no she doesn’t. Musan finds self discovery easier with motherly, she needs a man o to point her plan, finds escorts do the fix fake tan. Goes arm on arm okay better than single gong. musan finds men are using, she gets left after the tantrum. Musan is gradually Musan, Musan was only Frances. Frances comes round to Musan, on the way to Susan.

Musan hears the word Stew. hears the wicked

Musan hears words for her, she resolves to write them down, this will help when Musan goes to town. Musan thinks she is in fudge from swapping vices just with nudge. Musan thinks a street is crooked, she’ll walk down and mend it rook it. Musan walks closely behind the Gaunterie behind the tinted windows, Musan spends her plans on forgiveness.

Musan did have a point to make by walking down Regent Street, what is the point of good and bad in three dimensions walking chad? Musan fancies she doesn’t know the relevance of poor little rich girl. Then end of that sentence Basils the craft of syllable measure that Musan is shaft. Musan works out what poor little rich girl sounds, she’s passed on to next rounds. musan knows she doesn’t solve when sh e sells, listening in on passenger tells. Feels she doesn’t want to feel unnless sh e is giving benefit to her wonky keel. Musan dignifies her sleep walk ties with wanting to find out. Musan outsources message unpleasantness, she isn’t escorted. Swears to herself, invitation riddles are good to block her shelf. Musan’s top shelf is about pictures, she doesn’t fancy miniatures. Musnan is concerned about the screen, sh e is preferred to soup and steam. Doesn’t know what happens to her, the thing the diary wants to hear.

Musan is secretive for good reason.

Sunday is no time for apples, Sunday is holiday to thought. Sunday is mangos and Weetabix, fasting to sup when hunger isn’t more than time for dinner.


Swallow the garlic, switch on to lions, change channel to mastermind, jog a bit, last the program, antique’s roadshow, dying to go. Dribble at the red vase woman and feel strong breeding challenge on the blame of expertise, copyright. Resign to channel hop, snack on Weetabix with chutney and stock, these are downfall to queer food. Something to do with compote, cereal and being on the Billion. Hot bath at midnight quarter and quarter past, the Billy idol songs is added with three hot waters, more, more, more.

Tension at the supermarket always uses where’s it from. The worry about the property and the people all wrapped up and down. The checkout is absolute. there’s complete rage somewhere.

Frances sees Katy and says I saw Suzette, she is territorial about her influence of settlement, knowing movers are bound on Da Vinci traps and cocaine hoists twisters and hair gel; Frances guesses. It only takes Frances to drop in on conversation to say I saw, say she didn’t. Frances thinks is related to intelligence, bullies are translators, friends, people she turned down when she was gutter wasted.

Frances disapproves and leads mavericks, telling them off for dullness. Frances gets tied to guilty lusts, she thinks back to December, that would have been October, march, yes march when she was red nosed with volunteering. Frances imagines she got her lighter from an egg flighter. Deals about how she goes are kind of minuscule and twisted.

Frances is always gifted to see miles, there he goes with chubby smiles. Frances is understood by her own Pinnochios, albums of her slippery poles. Frances regards the miles as distances, still stuck on the crashes and dropping lumps of mangos. Frances loves quangos and thinks the tangos are the same thing. Frances links ties to starch, waits to be pressed and flops alone. Frances could have a Vodafone, she could burp with the cud, there go two.

Frances likes being the centre of a mysterious monovel, a marketing ploy for children to toggle. Frances likes being helplessly proud of the new crowd of street lamps. Frances likes being un neutered so that motherhood is heavenly suited, Frances gets allotted childish destinies that she sometimes bumps into in Boots and the supermarket. Frances is full of fetish, she said she would worry about multiple pettish, Frances lives in the zoo. Forgives parents know what what they do, not Frances. Does not know what she feels, lengthens with casting. Fancies the little babies are going to fall in on hard times. Ones intelligence dashing primes with questions about selections and rejections. Francs thinks what she thinks is far about and loud, thinks she is too square for the coke crowd without coke. Frances tells marvellous stories on drugs, sells her futures as eggy slugs. Turns her back on legends of King Kong, must be getting along. Thinks she could instruct people about the dark rut.

Frances instructs people about the black out, hold me there she says on the stair. Frances instructs the coughers to listen, they like to litter their thoughts with their sin. Frances absorbs the sonic hoards of listening towards, she knows no progress Frances is fenced in the pen of what she is for the country’s MOJO . Frances brackets the full stop. Frances would comma there, bracket the full stop, allow the eye hop, pincer to grope. Enjoys being the depressive scope, martyred to the flow by heliotrope, understands what she does is best clamped.

Frances is the most morally conflicted person about.

When death and responsibility meet, politeness is more important. When the hard done society tries to join the Que. there’s tickle on sobriety, check out glue. The glue that Frances makes is boundary, she anticipates. The way to fool the guru and the huddle is to write guru in full, to write hurdle in full, to not be angry about the problem.

The checks seem to forget what use the saint is in albatross. Although pinning wings is chivalry to the age of piles and stings, the usefulness of seeing dirt in cleaning guilt is about personal. The only thing the world has on unfathomable is nickers and boobs. the response to theses tubes is hatred. Frances has hatred somewhere and she deserves to live in a bottle. so there. Frances could change her ways to chameleon and get out of the zoo but that would be tetrahedron. Frances thinks the acknowledgement that she hates is the most profound thing she does, she accepts that she hates like not wearing gloves. Frances cannot explain except when she’s pushed to her limit, the hatred is the limit for not being alive. The most important thing for Frances is to survive, she does this by clinging on to Hate’s obstruction,s he didn’t mean to.

Frances responds to people in the street like form members hat she would want to overtake. Frances walks like a car, sometimes casual, sometimes express, Frances responds to surrounding duress and becomes philosophical with rage, she thinks, where can she go? Frances has got reason and rhythm to know, she has got tactic to corner tow. Frances thinks off all the wisdom she has that folds into crevices that wait to be cancerous, there’s had.

Thinks the attention of Television is a main cognition. She’d be gone without again. What does this mean? Frances wonders how the world is so mean, things further ahead than holding a team.

Frances would run a mile and curse the route. Is all boot. These things are the rants of lunatics and Frances omits what she doesn’t stop.

Blames her current fatigue on external internals, family members. Frances has a nationally proportioned family that she is bound to betray, a word that was invented by people of dismay.

Tuesday 28th

Ring tones go with famous causes, the grill is a steak place. After all the intention to get here has appalled. Place was tumbleweed when it was not apparent. Sight of wizards with dismissive coughs and scarves is very welcome, Sight of establishments raised from the ton. Endless addresses of passing through, like living to maitre dee pew. Place quite empty, full as well. Tidal wave of approach sends forwards smells. The last four words of that don’t fit. Different for being left behind. Filling of restaurants a rhyme to debutantes. Point about targeting features is dante to the spiral

Why did nobody mention Orpheus to Orpheus, says Orpheus. Why did table never mention table to table. The water is above board when it runs, the water is run over. The water is the stuff between countries, the land is backwards to the flow of what went by. The new settlement is similar to the creak of a draught door, the things that happen to climax are suspended with Timex. Presume the draught postpones joy until the hearth is spoken for. Presume the exact stat

Knowing further is behaviour, extending for the reach of learning bargain. Although carrying on past finish, wind emitted is greedy the establishment would influence behaviour. On occasion the time to stop is caucasian, easy for categorical dispute,apart of indices. Saddling what comes in to hope to shed may want to stay in bed, go abroad, place for treading street sword. Persevering against is training for the SAS. The target can be set for the poorer Margaret that boycotts apparent test. The world could be simple about blot from look out. Every time there’s a horn, other’ s a dropped plate or storm. Dropped plate in restaurant gets rung up by phone’s wake. The side step responds to crepe, filling to the time in step. Constant monotony isn’t the word, constant obscurity isn’t the word, constant goes with correction, correction minds correction. Form cohesion to sentence has temperance, lime pie cheesecake!

Banana republic of Katy moves up a seat in the bus as bad news, like closing down junk food stores, the measure of business in shares of the whore. The children of healthcare bound to save water in the toilet, the surgical need to be indiscriminate is action. The wrong sorts of progress tail off headlines of bad practice, the world isn’t Pharaoh’s only Nero’s.

good work, cheap and cheerful. Summary policy is since when was.



Most tidy about communism, most complete about giving in the sack, saying never mind to gigantic presents. Frances wants the so and so’s to have a stronger hold, she chuckles to think of what they get up to. Frances watches the funny man go into number eighty, why shouldn’t she go in? Frances thankful that the man needed her signal, is a bus conductor strangely. Thinks the sense of unknown is dismissed to dream, the best accountability hops instead of getting axe. The large absorption implies to scrape the mucky square, the

Where Frances excited, Frances calm, where Frances ignited, Frances calm, Frances went ballistic, registers static. Can complain where she’s arrived, but strived.

Sat down in the parking booth, on the same banquette as a black man that was mild and non accusative, Frances assured Steve behind the glass that the car had smashed glass, a glass link to Frances’ dustbin hair, and the plumber was waiting for Frances when she got back from the 296. Frances was strict to resist a tasty lunch, she went on the bus with the live people, all crowded and the cross woman with the baby that turned got out and had to take the baby to pavement safety. The man with disabled legs had walking sticks on the way to the bus, he sayid thank you to Frances because he may have one of her children in his cupboard or because he is a policy driver. Frances is grateful to hand all her documents in, she gives Steve lots ofttimes; insurance papers, driving license, mot, all sorts, and Frances thinks that Katy and Arlene are glad she has submitted. Frances swore she would relinquish to Hammersmith, she was completely separate. Frances thinks echoes of how she’d die were jolly impressive. Frances thinks the people that the man on the tell y is involved with his fucking race horses. Frances is so mild and pliant and she stumbles at every stop on the way and on the way back from the parking enlightenment. Although Frances thinks she gets out of the crash she is a machine and the language she started to hobby is now formula will. The will about quirk to phonetical berserk is mainstream disgusting to people with ulterior motives. The woman that shrieked in the lobby could have been a friend before, it isn’t clear whether her idea of disgusting about pregnant women and things like strange telephones. The obligation to like the claw is much easier than being emotional, the let and right are both bitches, all extremity.

Politics is mistaken with national emergency.
nothing in it?
thanks for reminding me
here’s a photocopy.

Not much of a ballerina according to the heave and stumble, doesn’t know who is who. Travelled in an easterly direction to reach the surrendering, she pays for this by an aversion to escalators and swearing that she’d be back laters. Frances thinks the expense of tactic is something for plots to expose, individuals are in the throes of getting things done. Frances scoffs crystals for lunch, they’re made of sugar. Frances thinks the road to get hung up is to entertain the fuck. Frances thinks the force within her makes her say silly little things, she says it still works, she says alright, she says word apparently tripe. Frances likes being helpful by saying something, can’t she say something right? Likes being natural and not having to think too factual. Frances thinks she’s in command of who she is and what she mutters is just as normal in the fridge. Frances thinks the hunger for television is about signs of superhuman, there’s an invalid with good survival prospects against all odds.

Confirms the worst by relenting to think it.

Frances sues an adaptor when she gets home. the only thing Frances said is fucked off with . She has overrun on February.

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