April 06

Saturday April Fool

Ocado delivery, word is lovely. the jam gets left behind, second delivery. straight through says the man, glass top to bag stand. poached eggs for breakfast, prompt a rain blizzard, April shower. the gutter drips to pour, splatting on hard surface. there are free chocolates with a perspex cover, they have aluminium green, illuminum. the sum totals £52.36, what did the man means when he said straight through? Lovely lovely like Ann’s thank you. the service men and women need to be satisfied, delivery is a brief transaction.

ruth’s arson from yesterday, it needs to be confirmed. it was careless to smoke till the end of the pack, just being trojan. why did the ocado man return to deliver the jam, said he forgotten, he seems harmless. didn’t say that’s alright. May not say that’s alright ever, along with many other daily phrases. could not nod, that says nod, nod.

saying hitler at the cashier, under breath vocab, like the alright to the that’s lovely. saying things to deliver, a passing off something as cheaper. the value of

is it too early to eat Werther’s original, and there is so much shopping to teat. the 09:34 am. why should breakfast have contained less than the first poached egg, why did the bit there de materialise?

Whitechapel, Bjork, the toilet bowl, ross’s blag about moist rolls, ruth kelly, eyeshadow, nude people, sprinkles and showers, fires, shaving, Sean lock, this is radio two’s confirmation. art objects and trees, who really rot e the jokes, the truth behind cots and drawers. dust at the bottom of cornflakes packets, there’s more hopes about ash. they’re talking about pubs. water features yesterday evening on london tonight, blue men wearing macs and carrying brollies with watering cans. condoleeza visits blackburn.

i put the Concorde out of business!

Nicholas smells and goes to the loo upside down. he could be better at kissing than George, but does he have a lakeside palace? Angelina is up against the men’s dicionary, a phone book sized audience. in strange places like bus stops. why is there so much oppo

the absolute problem with theatre is taking care, going along could prove more to dr. kildare. the sympathy of art and sitting on iron rails. the standard option that time prevails. there are no seats for the bad play empty in the aisles. the buses come and go on the corner for guy Fawkes, there are toilets why is there so much opportunity to see from the skew stop, the place to be sensitive needs a red hired teenager. near the awkward place there are men that say oh dear. near the awkward place, there’s no money for the bar. can it be possible to say hello to the standard problem of should have knows. n the continual student always runs out of cash in a public way, but and um to time delay. it used to be a no go zone in the pit, it probably still is. it used to be time for the toilet, time can carry on without it. the moist patch of resignation awaits the security van to get to the station. the summer people expect hot blasts, the thing about manners is throwing them out. teenage skill to commentate is something some people can’t shrug off. the theatre is the place where stunts are done to show off. there are all kinds of ways to furnish the odd patch of gardening, there are lots of choices between palms and marram. the young people have all the best ideas like growing sunflowers and being more interest. the old people know better for waiting. the young over strides are best for shelter homes, they know about kipping and eating dodge pasties while walking along. the old manners of time planning and attendance and invitation is irritating to people on the run from what isn’t clearly strung.

unwelcome people get enticed by the problem, resurgent vice. there’s no pedestrian crossing in the most important place. the crane is the manner of transport they would not consider, they with accident past times are severed. the discount book store is bright yellow by the theatre and there’s a betting shop that is all part of the life at the top. say where to sit, there’s a seating plan. say where to fit, theres’s a passport tan. the determination to improve the situation can try and welcome the odd zone into being. the corner problem is for turning knees in, it is supposed to be for drunks. the people that fanny about with showing off their knees in bring shovels along to help out. there is a recurrent provide in walking on the wrongish side. there’s no stopping the traffic at the road ride, the people want to sit in the flowerbed and get put off. the perch facility to art is ant and deck to flick through spec. some people have a long range, say wide range, not long. the thumbs up feature to the hand is like potting the bloke from a bit like holby city,.

theatre is a severe form of frustration to personality disorder. the sun comes out only to move over. he’ could be from the dr. who film that starred the future dr. who about the Sade that was more glamorous than Sade, the omnipresent count of Monte Cristo, not him but the womanising one. the trap is set for the word that won’t reflect, the city has a dustbin. the word block me is fool proof to the theatre lane and there are only certain measures of humanity to fulfil the mystery. there isn’t any eavesdrop value to clues that are read falsely. there isn’t any paradise to hectic practice. there isn’t any word form the pigeon, only strutt. the marquis of granby. the name of home, the Italians, the seas, the conquests with byronic fantasy, not he. the road is by the cut, the road is cornwall street, there are Llewellyn alexander fine paintings and men that are similar to fleeting by day time. the courtesy of bragging could frame the question with charm. with words like deal, there’s less of a bargain. the elusive somebody who invented baby one by day, the night of daily shuffle stray, the knight of hip splay hooray. the program’s director has exercises to do the public sector, the words shouldn’t matter at all. this mode is in the hall, mildly interesting to read back. the earnest place of lap top has nothing left besides slack. the posh girl companion goes off after coughing, the hesitation looks at lady bird on a brick with seven spots.

what is the name, what is the name, the radio has the sad and lonely answer. the name would be cheery person is always cheerie and he probably didn’t mean guinness or champagne. the Charlemagne, the proper beginning with MMMM, Talbort’s character, the play about him is bound to be terrible.

the Franby pub, camden.

the computer shuts down after the reseating plan, the television alternative is Figaro. the potential of the crinkers is kind of interesting to sit and watch them leave without blinking. the

At page two on the Bertie article a woman like caroline comes in to some sparkle. she wears a trench coat and pulls a face, then she goes out and a thigh muscle plays lace. The appearance of people aboard in the pub, story to tell and time to shove. The gold man on the Prem Plus does headers to a Bet advert. The straw on the ledge is pinky coloured. The ledge-is almost creosoted. The wood has been varnished. The dim treatment of wood is fine for pubs. The drink driver advert does its worst. The wrong route to get to the pub is sober.

The way here was turning left at the end of Shaftesbury, stubborn to Denmark’s musical game. The way here was walking in the slow lane, how the buses passed. the way here was behind the sex pistols, the way here was dr. bristols, that’s addition to general position. The way here was varying paces, the way here is likely faces. the way here is was, the way here was manchester passes. the way here was by student disasters. a whole group of french visitors said Bonjour in the ear, a whole group of French inquisitors saying what they would appear. The meaning of being ought a drink and said hello to is spelt on the ink. The meaning of the road to take is maybe everything is a snake. The meaning of going sledging is getting to the bottom of the hill. Today is a frill. The plasma screen is time to kill.

Someone called Chris buys a drink, time to think. Someone called Christ tells his think that his name is relevant. There was someone on the radio that bought the time to baybe oh, the best way would have been maybe. A wise crack goes into the loo with a cigarette. he only went in a minute ago. the wise crack comes out and talks Irish about next year, he wipes his face with his hand and says what the feck about something yet. The man with glasses on his head has a talk to the man with glasses on his nose. the mancs are at elbow with school frills to their Ohs! The team playing are red shirted and there’s prince Andrew lost in the vip shed. he is probably the manager. the Irish crack walks off like a shark. The achievements of colloquial accents are quite relevant to what they mean. a student comes past to say ‘ alight again’ and has an octopus bag with rope handles. The re is a two pence bit or a ten pence bit by the condiment table that a man with grey hair picks up. he puts it in his pocket, just so to speak. The man had glasses on his face, not his nose, lingual relevance. The football is red and against black and white. there are snowdrops on the pitch. The black and whites have red numbers and words and the red shirts have white numbers on theirs. A man with a star walks away. some people wander around, a commentator comes in to say he’s just looking or lucking. Fowler could be called norman, number eleven. Lucking scratches his head in Adidas top. the people in front of the screen are more important than those on it, lesson to the pub. The blond ones drain their dregs and wear denim. the elbows assert the time of convention. is the drinker worthier than the length of the shot? a bloke tries the ladies door and isn’t surprised, isn’t not. the door says man and fir, the Irish words probably. it doesn’t look genuine, and the door jerker emerges coughing. this is an uneventful action that is mysteriously obvious.

mancs with scratchy nit signals talk about ASBOs. the infringement of talking blonds requires their removals. the blonds troop out from an empty table, the glasses are finished. I did get an asbo somewhere, maybe here. the lighting is fairly poor, there is sun from outside. the revolution play has more to the calm hide. the sitting and the doing inculcate the brewing. The relevance of wrist crack ing ,not finger cracking.

new paragraph conquest is difficult here.

new paragraph

penalty kick out. Christ the pint buyer talks to himself in the mirror. A man with burgundy top looks like patrick and the nit signaller coughs. The ma with the tubby back doesn’t mind sitting on his own. the man with the orange top rubs his face in this sweatchisrt. The man that comes out the loo walks on. the youths are younger in the corner than the Mancs that sit about. it may take decades to understand what pubs are about. Bricks and plaster alternate the den, this place is plaster, through there and brick arches. The point work of buildings notches up the penalties. The point work of walks walls that says walls, the youths get up and leave without bawling or bellowing or mellowing, they are glad to relieve themselves. The purpose of the crowd is to be ahead of the mob. the circus of the mob is mainly mild. The dizzy prospect of drinking down reaches the clown. there is meaning with increasing fluid ingestion. The Todays the day tomorrow is another day. The time needs the loo with treacherous glue. if the loo is drunk the pint is munch. 05:52 pm return time. Someone Rylance looks like he steps in at this point.

there are times to say no to bravery, postponing the fifty five wee wee . the men go, a man goes past, says peeing on fire. Someone in a Lonsdale stop has a luminous mobile phone and not much of a message to give. The snowdrops look like cotton drops, what are the white things on the pitch. the story tack to passport face is conceptually right wing party. this conversation breaker makes all feature, the substitute. The fashion does as well for some faction, there goes the orange top. Not face, not fashion, accent. culmination some to crop. The advertisement to involvement means scalp wrinkles. there’s a shaven baldie with shades of skin and blackheads to extent. The derivative of scandal should be well spent, the derivative o handle should be thankful. The derivative of go is to be, to go. The derivative of Greening is yellow and blue grass. A blue short says wouldn’t know if you had it in you, and Christ the pint supplier says commentary fuck off. The importance of the blue shirt is absolute and proverbial, the prominence of the last shot is left to the seating position. Blue shirt walks off and the rest of the hedge watch on. The pints up; lear’s friend looks like a thomson friend, he has the black white features on third run along. The second run along was a look, the

talk to wayne to summarise the stain, would the pint be finished, and should the time be diminished? The time cue has presented.

Going doesn’t happen to Frances, there’s Chris to thank, and he gets his passes. the naive presumption that Chris is in function, is stupid. if Chris is someone to download the cdd agreement is

Denzel Washington’s Inside Man gets put into this computer, and what does it doe? Denzel Washington gets Bertie off the hook is n some obscure cue. Denzel washing ton in the

What does a CD do to a laptop?

the presumption that everyone is stupid is business.

Falling for Bertie happens as a matter of course, Bertie’s head is part of the tie. a man stands and does his ear in, burr ear, tie wax. the prospect that Chris is more sophisticated is time on the ax.e. The problem presents some lyrical wax. Bertie is today’s adversity, he exists on account of obscurity. the realm of what goes about is that it was not Bertie. Bertie says the idea is his. Bertie’s friend looks like part of the quiz. Bertie is a recent for invention, latest hearsay the road of extension. Bertie has his own document.

Spreading trash is part of the vent. The naive person wants some rent. hWho will pay the drinker to say exactly what is wanted to day. Kettle chips are on the roof, they hang with plain and mango chilli, even Gloucester. the flavours of kettles are handle’s disaster. Pole to handle, freeze to boil. Handle to tip the bag to recoil. At the second part of the graph comes with co-ordinates and where the kettle pours.

so rude to the gay men at the table

fish and chips at the chip shop at ten past eight. the dj says things about going out and regurgitating.

get home and think the reading back is witty nasty on gay people, home a phobia, treachery and things, to top Noel Edmunds viewing on the television.


10.30 cancelled appointment
10.40 recall postponed to §pm
1pm Glower to all and sundry. Affro beauty in waiting charge
6pm Broccoli and cauliflower with back to George. Left building by buzzer to write off own allegation from awaiting room.


Lenient walk by river. Submarine ears by bridge, distressed discipline from red haired gorilla called back to the name of Lilly. Traffic light failure at Edwards crossing on roundabout (neck). Rainforest folk care pointing and donkey nodding, (salad with spinach flan £5).
Christopher marshal twin evans
colin murray fan
george clooney guard

Coconut diplomacy in the market place – sugar coat solutions. Stilton hinge potency, pleasure stress to aftertaste. Spot and counteract – implicit verbosity. Conducting mistaken passage, the art form of marriage. Grooming plants to step out, sustaining growth on time fro crop. Basket weaving to popular hobby. Chocolate snack worth, guinea pig. coconut negative prompting. Oh well to Newton’s law. Subsiding story telling to compensate. Karma golden rule.


Boy kid at front of bus with Rachel girl, he plays plane crashing, I hope there is. Boy’s grit has point y skull. the blameless couple. No emotion to rank the bus hostility, only eavesdropping. What’s going on, catching the bus, the vehicle of marriage ceremonies in childhood mentor containment. Theme of the ay: and which. Prompt seafood sandwich, teriyaki marinade (dark colour). Clothing red dress ( macdonald fahri). Sight ring wing pedestrians.

Above the holy order – double decker. Below the holy order standing room. Making a point about morals, containing the story. ladder holes !Q of S – stud body language. Matt Dawson bites his pen he does not like Ally McCoist because of me. Personal quiz shows. Matt is republican good, ally is royalist snood. Eighties sense to their dimension, sense of humour most at stake. BBC combination task. being more grown up, knowing answers. Tipping off the end of the scale grabs large handles. Being because to involve.

Coffee morning Michael, mention Frank Banfield, Bishops Park and planting marigolds. Michael wars a wooly hat and wanders through the car park. He has a goldfish pond and trails the group to watch the fish. Size conversation. pottery man.


Standing in the apple queue. had been counter advised to arrive at 9.45 but arrived at 9.30 just in front to a kid with a troop. Section A went to buy Starbucks, kid left with nanny to miss irony in company. Fidget and the english accent of promise. Situation becomes brave on return of hot drinks – sale debate exchange on kid A by section A wouldn’t do to do. Kid A throws back drink, time on my turn. Measure of affection, zero. Measure of impression, supposing. Kid A looks like the Daliai, he’s off to Ireland to find school. Who are the Americans? Kid A talks of 6 hr PC nerds profile observation, sideway sidewalk situation to being let in.

Boris wears fake tan, the prejudice of ignorance. Could know the clothing, could accept counter achieving.

Boots Fifi awarded double, double points. This is funny generosity. 264 = 365 – 264 = 101. Boots play Dalmatians. Look who it is! bubbles.

Anyone can burp through their nose, just burp through your nose. All my children burp through their nose, repeat this till climax. Anyone can tight rope walk, i did so all my children have, they can all tightrope walk. Repeat this claim. Anyone can win a prize. All my children win prizes, they just lost the poser power to spend, let’s pretend. All my children wait till they’re grown up, rich bankers. None of my children need anything they’re all enhanced. Service requires clean fingernails, all mistakes are metaphorical. virginity rooved.

All my children play hide and seek, the harm of all my children is removed, gay abandon is divisible. Carers look at me in my children, they’re mending. Carers fit the spree, nowhere sending. All my children are functional adults, answering the revolution. All y children are hotly pursuing, they need to calm down. All my children are improving. All my children deserve the wrong way round, they make sense of it, look where they are! All my children teach the hard way, systems bias. All my children presume the yen, mother is ta distant den. All my children learn to acquire the carer’s assurance, everyone fits in. All my children have coochie faces, not the story. All my children have a path to glory, evident one day. All my children are lizards. All my children are liars. All my children hate fires. All my children think about Richard Briars. All my children secretly like custard more than they admit. All my children have cornflowers, look at their toes. All my children hear caw the crow’s woes. All my children need special attention.

The strength of position is demolition, all my children are hurt. All my children puzzle the skirt, nothing straight forward. All my children ask John Hurt, he’ll know. All my children drop crumbs, tweedle dums. All my children can’t fall themselves, only knock others. All my children have humility plasters, learn to kit the distance. All my children are spread out in barber’s shed, lucky to be fed. All my children borrow paper like experts at art classes. All my children are too qualified. All my children distrust the stew, just like custard. All my children are overdue, political platform. All my children could lean to go to the loo, could choose not to. All my children have bible disposition, spoken or led by parable. All my children could be harsh men to Samaritan, when is home again? All my children are raised expectations, the council leaders. All my children are silent feeders. All my children have influence signals, knowing principles. All my children fill the quad or empty nod, no special treatment. All my children are captured like the last, heading nowhere fast. All my children are failures to the weight of caste. All my children learn went wrong, going along. All my children play ping pong, some don’t know it. All my children and some.

All my children add, not as it should. All my children short changed, rearranged. None of my children mind, only confined. All my children are videoed partial diode. All my children are hod winked, birds of prey out of harm’s way. All my children know the happy birthday song apart from the kid as the refugee, he’ll have to flee. All my children have great adventures, talking dentures. All my children know as much as each other, benefit the carer.

Carer know s as much as all my children, sexy carer. Carer doesn’t harm, only nearer. Carer plays farm, only joker. Carer know s ways, early feeler. All my children mustn’t be bad, or mad. All my children live their days, young er dad. All my children will in filtrate the party political process, hear of Chad. All my children take the double decker bus, could be distress. All my children is leading business.

The lady upstairs got hacked to bits, lobster. The lady upstairs attacked by robbers, lobbers. The lady upstairs go t detonated and the walls changed colour. The lady upstairs said let’s eat lobster!. The lady upstairs was an old age poster. The lady upstairs was roller coaster, lots of mess. The lady upstairs had a windsor dog, china. The lady upstairs cruised an ocean liner, finer.

Fight to differentiate, fight to calculate, fight to exonerate, not I for the S hiss. Fight to own the cat’s purr, fight to take to the air, theme tunes in the wrong hands. Good boats and belly sands, only the blonds! Blonds of mentality, even dyes. Blonds of frugality, legal browns. Blonds of extremity, Congo mounds.

Cuffs at the arm trailing the hands, only bones to hot summer, shed the cuffs. Sleeves to reflex modest elbow halves. Belong the arm. Warfare’s lung, the ladybird of black and red, get Cuban into Britain, Spanish mish mash, hot test romance. Despite the actuality of cruelty, through police is subtlety. Action brought to pleasure bath, grass to gravel on the wall. Pick the mould to waterproof, bath for dirt and cleaner troop. and cleaner troop the link to dirt, threaded sentence to the Trunk. Grammar to distress the noise, a conjugate alternate noise. Daddle forwards and excite-wards, compensate the pleasure flight mess. The barbarous fluff, all the messengers. At the congregation, only discipline and Fado on the radio. Between the words, meanings of wealthy, artistically plagiarised. Permission to indulge.
Kid A
Exaggeration have plural

Cloth and skin oversight, stretch denim over bed sheet linen. pre arranged wrap to costume fit. Order by day and hunch or shopping centre munch. Rice dressing or muller hessian. Dress and access problem solving. Limb hanging.

Rice cakes rain, rice cakes fall, rice drops of water, simile answer. Rice cakes, rice cakes ,

One two three, rice onto two three.
One two three, rice one two three
Ditto rice writes, thinks to post. Do that next, rice quotes. Rice enjoys and self employs. Rice learns thai chinoise. Rice verbs to carrier good, rice woods. Rice walks among cows, pat stood. Rice amazes ups, downs and alongs, rice sands. At least spag ties knots. Rice at ten past five, after tea. Rice is green, hey presto. Rice among the dream, filling up the afternoon. Rice and what Tanya is, rice company. Rice about food an d infamy. The feet get wet with rice, posts at waist heights. Rice shows what

rice knows, everything swell. Rice and scraping out the jar, rice goes far. Rice and dining by the star, bursting the boiling. Rice and the dining car, on the hob. So what about patterns, rice happiness. Rice goes with dogs, walk on claws. Rice and sets of buttons, telly pads. Rice and sections. Rice and reflections, rice detections. Rice and journals, infernally. Rice and limits, 75g, 160g for second first helpings. Rice of reds and greens, sweets first. Rice and New Orleans. Badminton! Rice bounce on tiles, miles falls. Rice and rice laws, petits filous.

Jam afternoon, rice. Sweet grain, price. Milliner’s wonder, practice. A million answers, sweetness. Learning what jam is, cheapness. Rice pudding for tea, cherry. All the clear enemy, runny bogey. Rice is blameless, Margaret, rice is playfulness. Rice is worthless, countess. Rice is digress, vowel through to pre empt. Rice is seats, move grain up, rice defeats, mingle munchers. Rice exacts, impacts. Rice goes about things, gets dressed. Rice doubts things, Stetson pets. Rice always has the answer. Rice in paddy fields, meals. Rice pronounces, ounces. Rice imagines potions, rice is dry from being wet. Rice upon brollies, pitter patter, price at festive ceremonies, chatter.

Rice and impotence, unwritten, turn fresh page all the rage. Rice and statues of confetti. Rice in lectures, one for betty. Rice with cardmony, uncooked. Not strictly un but under. Rice precedes to do grammar. Rice befores to latin endings, rice and the base. Rice nests for fricassee, rice the underlay. Rice all there is to pudding. Rice about Robin Hood, Should. Rice about could and stood. Rice between cars and hedges, ledges. Rice among sledges, midges. Rice rice thrice, mice. Rice rice price, suffice. Rice.

At half past four I don’t like Flora, petits mistake. Where is condcordia, Irish shake? Puss and boots advantage points, wounding precursor. More deserves more has, there’s priestess. One grain a million gain, one sight the dust plight. When will bread recover? Get folic alcid, make antacid, do what’s being said. Hole punch.

Metaphorical gossip has nag value, the resonance of spring. Has Sheba arrived and was it a robin? Doing nothing but sit among torment has torment. Vice is as mighty to associate. The price of vice over vice, scot’s chip suppers, chicken breasts. When squid is on the menu, method in thank you. Word value is crucial to stress. Having said that common place. it was knows that Hampton ate ten courses, meet ten courses. it is known to have party food. The hula hopop drop from the vending machine, names gift the home leaves. what’s next? Short jilts of learn turn over, summing ups. The listening privacy invasion of Top of the pops
The idea of Mr. Wotsit listening to TOTP is turf sad, Mr Wotsit treads dog.

Youth value and the axis of poser order to wind mill flour. Take the sails down before the storm, hopeless damp winter. Brisk wind in autumn, grain without rot. There’s no harm in watching without consideration. New releases come and go for chart comparison. The appropriate people watch appropriate shows, everything is naff. Super natural. Why is hair plaiting spooky?

Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.

Pretending to postpone value has detention. Pretending not to listen has forgiven its own behalf. Pretending not to understand, pretending to. The entertainer and dictator. Why keep a borrowed book on loan? Mounting concern and interest write and type. Button links the canon. Postponing until the greater holiday gambles. The most significant breach of code personifies. As if there are ways to avoid craft, settle mystery. As if there are plays in plots, thicken cornflower. The resolute distress to resign with what for naught. Hiding definition got not bought. This money factor, once the cowards-pinke., for who stops the box voice and manner? This money.

Day begun begus beguns with purple, light insistent. Method with treacle, tension with omnipotent. After the divine rod, hand rail massive. Helpless deity to plinth and zenith. Floor plan measurements taken by infra red gas meter machine. Where is Land (N) Building (S). Something isn’t cheese, its good. Resonance isn’t perseverance. Affect has old encouragement, wastes with watery testament. Whose prattle wants virtue where hundreds stood? There are millions. Mild counterparts construct day sizes. The conclusively gradient has thin sheens, would practice would like would not and could grimace. Elastopolast perceives and has less injury. The relevance to presume tacks over quilting. What are collections throughout?

Someone freelance to the fixed extend, placement rent. Attending to arranging, there are. Impatience to write the sole attempt does retrospect with the agonising threat of custom produce. There are wholegrain beliefs among apple e trees for pie toppings. There are municipal values to Elton John’s towers. There are caterpillars who like apples, bonus completion. When the synch has been demoted there are carpentry classes. When the word reappraises, century first.

Room is put to use however it does. Whoever blinks on the world, could be acres beyond and the fluid sky has hovering by when fixed please is wonder on strong. There are throughout, there they go,. It was a bit stupid to pay 2K for the windows. it was a bit ill matched to prize the match sticks with snap match. Word for window stretch class, wind for match blow the nomad. Match strike for match point, glass joint. The combustion writers block.

Swiss cottage. In the evening sunshine there are people at artistic distance. The chuckle is talked about, ball is bounced and lucid invites where the

Tuesday 11th

Frances checks her watch on the question of lunch, green time. Frances doesn’t want to hang around but she likes free food. Green and Greenwich. What is the point of watch checking if preparations have been made? Why would what point? Page numbering tells the time, what is Michael’s route?

The volume adjustment to outside chance is fix it worth and risking. A taste for being correct is easily withdrawn. The good men eat crunchie bars, the rest is machinery.

Most paranoia comes from craft. The manual is dead sand so is no trace. The virtue of dried soup will be led based, ebullient invention, instant. Boo hide seek passes most then waves. Inspiration is only convection, steam. Easy path parables show psychiatric seam. The reference point of thought and feel have street maps with fingers.

Pesto sauce mid afternoon, looking aback to read the fume. What is wrong with mr. Spoon, air bubble bums alarms. necessarily. There is nowhere like the hostile sting, self defence to enzyme bring. The forgery is annoying about how to pass. The blind spot is.

Sainsburys change Wensleydale to Cheshire, naming the cheese. Likes are there to re arrange, chalk is overseas. There are no nose bits on the glasses, reducing the pressure. Weights of preference.

Wednesday 12th

The Grafton

Its a shame a bout the sandwich, the impulse to gorge brioche and cheese after the religious headway. Can’t remember where the loo is? The palaces of doing well are not going to be critical beyond the prompt. If a regular thing becomes forgotten, the scrawl is indeterminable. If a statue knows the way, pigeons are disturbances. Don’t follow the man onto the landing. Don’t think the stop is not rewarding. Don’t get somewhere and ask who knows who is there. The regular beat folk have no time to remind and the regular beat folk have no guests to re-anoint. The scrabble to be something that isn’t early isn’t time. Just watch people trip and turn the arial into a bendy thwang. The hunger signal is almost logical to personality. For the dog to be fede more often, heel to tag game. For beard to feed more often, less trill. For goose to be fed more often, turkey. Which way is the ladies? Orient the past tense yesterday was large and cruel., time delay the holiday. Gorge to last a longer weak. Hurry on the better Greek, there are chick peas instead. Food majesty is harder than Brad. he likes high fives. Brad is modest on his surf, advert for the Brenca lurch. Brad is Maud’s dream, nineteen fifties PC scream. Maud has administration but no energy devotion. Bena exerts enough but doesn’t interest Brad. Maud wants her coffee cup and prospect floored when she will diamond her chances. The straw does Brenda, no surrender. Brad is ahead of Dan and Ted. They live with three Sheilas and constant barbecues. Dan and Ted want Ivor Novello awards. Brenda has never applied for a job and she doesn’t translate bawl. She’s holding out for Brad’s trout, vacuum in the hall. Brenda is on neighbours and so are all the others. The fashion ois for dresses and not being left alone. The Radisson Edwardian means one in a million. The way to get aboard the hop is wearing vermillion. Company or no company, only question. More even along the sofa bench, string is in the vest and limb. Brenda wonders what the credits are, knows how to drive a car. Brenda thinks there are kitchen sinks, she doesn’t like surfing with stinks. The things Brad likes Brenda likes, she goes on mental hikes. Brenda can’t retain anything she has because of plasters and topaz.

Cate Blanchette was on the train, put her bottom out again. Pert nanny there to look stern madam on the hook. The cruel one was natty ton, clip lop hooves of spiky pun. Best bag and rounded shoes, oddest normal sense peruse. The hotel Grafton is in the rafters, Charles leaves and the others contrive. Is there anything wrong? Trip happens too often. The room can be threaded with toilet torment, does anybody know the way out? Can anybody help with Rasputin? (Rasputin’s is in a meeting with his beard at the next table and he goes off to the loo). he is with a northern man, a cockney one I mean but he’s fat ish. What is the difference between America and filter coffee? Why are the Jackson brothers on the speakers, the kid ones’ God to be there’. Coffee comes with biscuits. Link the underground women to the meetings all around. Everyone left at 1.30 and there were only Landmark sofas left. The restaurant is fully booked but not fully seated. The american o is prob the dish sieves of takeaways. I don’t know how to make a sandwich, bawl, bawl. The pictures are by bich n guyet ‘99.

Grit and regret flot from eaves drop . The game ends with flushy loo press .the big organisation is mainly to blame for a personal tragedy. the meeting is about teaching. Why are biscuits with holes bad for you? Three two one, whistle. It could be less traumatic to live with friends than with manners. There are no manners but lost principles, anyone seen the headmaster? The cases are gigantic urns on a mahogany table that looks funny. the whole room is better with people in. The decoration is vaguely substantial because it asks questions. There are two butter churns on a chinese cabinet. This is a place of failed conduct, it doesn’t like mental health patients.

The best new leaf is non smoking. The best corner of fame is poaching. Passive breathing has no likes. The trap consensus shares the narrowest company, coincidence could play Jim Rumy. what’s Jim rummy Frances says, assertive behaviour about the dress. The man called Rasputin is diminutive in shape. This with non confrontational designs of lunch shape. The need to acquire the softer attire hope to get the glockenspiel. The breathy man sings along and gas in expelled. Why was all those brioche yesterday? It should have been the croissant or the fresh loaf, £4.28 say six again. The lady on the till touches her lip again. What she does is done at home, signal cue to what went on. The best way to describe infiltrating the building is to appreciate the one to ten. One two three (Tiree) four five six seven eight nine ten. Graft is good for what is agreed, break down is the fall of leaves. The man next door starts whispering something funny. got to e there is on again. The exhausting way to arrest nerves always happens. The clever quirk is incomprehensible,. Annie sings no more I love you. Rasputin calls it emotional resilience. £25.88 was £3.50 to excess.

Step ladder brunch by the exit door.

Home run to estate agents on, the first grab reaches for cigarettes, hello again!. Ash and sad cigarettes banned.

Thursday 13th

Frances hurries into town to collect her apple . On the way back she sees Sir Robin and his noun. Frances fancies she knows Sir Robin and pulls a face. Sir Robin is the head of an international corporation and his noun is the informal friend of clear talk. The presence of Sir Robin makes Frances try not to concentrate at the attention Sir Robin brings. Looks at her hands for rings. Looks at the tube map and hears the start of the conversation. Frances needs to fade out from Sir Robin and his noun, doesn’t want to be eavesdropping. Frances worries about a brief but there’s Sir robin Sir Robin’s itunes are Grecian oratorio, Frances has seen Greek writing. Sir Robin could be a lawyer or something but Sir Robin is broader. Sir Robin has springy hair, he isn’t worn down. Sir Robin makes room in the passageway.

Ozer, Portland Place

It is best to pretend to be more ignorant that to agree with vague contingent. The restauranteur says welcome in a way that could invite redemption, but like that hard drive there are things in the sea that get thrown away, silk handkerchieves. The problem with wanting to catch up with a nice lead is coughing up. The electrics on the pillar are grubby and useful. The protective urge to be good is to be beautiful. There are switches, there are people, there are improving things to hope towards. The CD jumps from the speaker, buddhist mantra of the sticker, the man attends the music then half past one is one on again. When things start to get passed it is weasy to tuck in prematurely. When the going gets less tough, jumping to the chick pea. The swing back of twenty past one is twenty to as soon again. To wait from quarter past the hour and last till twenty five not sour. The starting ribbon has a sheen, the matt is on the other team. Being with a complex wife, show the leavers statute strife. There should be an interval between sittings when people din alone.

Keep eating in a straight line and have the small dishes round about. Keep knowing what to talk about and don’t be prompted by the phone. Keep steering in the right direction and overhearing. Keep fighting against the lonely men on the bench, they haven’t been seen! If there is a place of living in a dream, the lonely old men go. When they do what they wouldn’t want to know they are lonely old men. Learning heroics do much of what isn’t enjoyed, there are tables to be employed. Lonely ole d men look like Freddie Mercury checking their watch and minding their taste and mind ing the swatch. Lonely old men are busy in other quarters not far off they’re seeing daughters. Lonely old men aren’t afraid of solitude and they sit in rows in front of being nude. Lonely old men start at thirty five, lonely old men look for the archive. The women by the lonely old men are once determined once busy. The dish to the lonely old women is half of the problem, and that’s why they can’t eat out on their own. What would sir Robin do? Lonely old men fit well in Sherwood, hermit, bandit. Lonely old men fit well on sheep farms, so do lonely old women but they have animals. Lonely old men don’t fit well on sheep farms, they’re too lonely. Lonely old men don’t hang about like they’re reputed. Lonely old men don’t give a damn abut they know about cupid. Lonely old men have like in proportion, they don’t waste time on singular portion. Lonely old men have great wisdom. Lonely old men are more sensitive than they would appear to be and the quick departure could leave blame to see. There is something funny about lonely old men but the nerves are raw when lives are in at the deep end. There is nothing more insulting than disregard Confucius. Lonely old men are right, just like gypsy fortunes right. Lonely old men don’t say they might, they have abroad scope of light. Lonely old women sometimes become gypsy fortunes, but they mustn’t get too lonely. Lonely old women are atmospheric blasters and they don’t talk well enough to weave plasters. The idea about a plaster is to keep the wound airtight if it appears. Lonely old men don’t have to have arrears, but it helps. Lonely old men could learn to like greens. There are many things for lonely old men to take pup but taking on is seen as giving up. Taking on is misleading word, the problem present overheard. Dangle down from hang on time, bat the man to Robin’s line. Lonely old men and women have the best ulterior vantage point.

Motive to the lonely time, age based is vat wine. Motive to the lonely swine, something goes there. Motive to the harbour dim, lonely seagull can get in. Motive to the time of day, most things are going away. Motive to the self removal, upbeat and then disapproval. These are stigmas for the lonely old men and the lonely men go away again. The young men are lonely men but they don’t look the same. The whole population is lonely old men but some are born again. Lonely old men are beyond the stereotype of who they might, they miss that. Lonely old men clear away again when they should be leading. There are only a few leaders besides lonely old men, the life’s weeders. Lonely old men have strong principles that keep them quiet. There are loud lonely old men but they are proud and lonely old men. The lonely old men without provide don’t exist but they are different lonely old men. The comfort of lonely old men becomes scandal on the age of dye. The lonely old men are sorrowful that young women are too young. The young women see the old men without the old meaning. The young women are as bad as the lonely old men. The young women are the ones that look to beauty for perching. the young women are mostly influential by their direct relations. the young women are lonely old women, they have no youth but wha t they argue. the young women are blames answer to having no children. the lonely old men father the lonely young women, they all need sugaring. lonely old women can’t help looking at lonely old men, that means young women. The lonely young women drive away the lonely old men with their habits of eating. The lonely old women that aren’t lonely have terrific ways of biscuit eating. The habits like eating go with being lonely, what ever to say is by the way. How can lonely old women , lonely young women get out of being lonely. The answer is to add sugar to coffee. The black tooth sets in to lonely old women and lonely old men. The appearance no longer counts as much, only timing of the mulch. Lonely people have different ways of swallowing but there are famines all over he world to justify them. Over the edge of swallow decorum, see how the flocks assemble in autumn. Lonely old people and lonely young people could migrate to beat the steeple. The mange touts are too young, the coffee is too tasty. The trombone has a background rumble, the hearing aid is first to speak. Lonely people have cues to what they say, there aren’t exciting modifications. Fantastic people say only one thing all of the time.

Some of life is only attention, lonely president doesn’t call for garcon. Some of life is some of the interval, there are people that go on the pill. Some of life is lonely young, terms by state of war bygone. Some of life is the world and his wife. The weed bag is more important. Some of the world is almost hurled, lonely people get out of. it.

Friday, Good Friday.

Documents lost.

Monday 24th April, apple menders collection day

Thursday 20th

Racism is a cold hard. Forwards hasn’t spite in partnership. Going back the long way dispenses just deserts. Unstoppable sneers and likely chances further the correct diagnosis. if doo lally and drink somehow alter the permissive state, sorry to berate. exactly as it was the rehearsal plains, is there no examiner of love on the exemption? Between the legs is a tail of riding habit, fast forward across the stride to being bold. The accessory to improve calculates preemptively, the answer is no. dress abbreviates taste to hold the better chance. The girl goes about with her purple bag, inside smite. There would have been a guarantor.

Dad’s permission simplifies cratered edges, there are cousin constables. Instead of sparse collections with mystery brawls and prizes there are ready cash machines of abbreviation. Instead of fathom by society nodes, short cut templates to buddha abodes. The surnames know the cousin from where it brew. The drag gets on with previous runs. Pre madonnas are so alien and difficult without promotion teams. Who thought multiple stood on the same road?

A long time upon kiss street presumes kiss is only the day’s agreement. Honest perspective un smacks the cognitive, the hawking bar un sort the smooth leg to hobble. Look how haired magnet joked on the implant, prejudice reaped growing patterns to consort with vulgar. Purple bag carrier blames a crop form a worse board, the bag came from nowhere. However progress may learn, the doing holds enemy ties. Laundered wholesale could have triggered the unknown quantity. Whatever the girl does is based on simplicity. The coordinates assume heat with unfair blame. Of course equatorial regions.

Sentiment has a fragile toad, swindling willows are precious features. Not pretending that fury happens, only coolness. Blares insist cop tragedy has the policeman’s belt. Shout the warning form a third voice, order plates the foreign consequence. braids aren’t best where they have potential. They string cardboard tiles from will hangs. They mean strange from the language.

Street listens to reason of Ahs and actuallys. Still Thursday ends upon notice, keep out. There’s a spirit level for majesty queues with here she comes. The place to cross with application tries again with second steps. Somewhere gets the re run. Still the box destination is. There is none, only thought address for repeal. They sent it back, the novel thought. They of street and form behaviour.

Is Jezebel Carmichael or Jezebel bag. wonders to appal. Bag forwards profit to some existential word. There was no room, the black folk implore form the starting block. Some move on from the obtuse feature, voluble to cockney sense and proclivities. How could that happen! Why would the national carrier fail so assertively? Bag was born with duty free, still presumes.

The land of embossed writing is a poor excuse. Till ladies say bye bye, they still do with meaning next to no. Can Selfridges be more extrapolate than transaction Post sex has a vulnerable heart. The cousin dominion observe with sighs, how the fish net struggles. The greener hedge!

Combusting to answer the labyrinth makes the English second Australians, wisdom hats are second rate, clear skins are private twats. Good suits are only dress. Grimace looks low invest. Bag abhors the send back laws, avail to recycle thad there’s its dirty bus, patiently on time to retrieve. Fair effort to boot the salvage plan in shrift performance, guided by demand. As lenience continues the bag boots with designs on fancy shoes of comfort no less. Make warren street the rabbit den, tell Florence on the highest men. presume brass bands are signed for queens but on the job by wily means. The lesson of left agency points the newsagent to delinquency, but still bag buys where it could, not as it should.

Proprietor enemies keep the purse with sorries, the answers short change pestilence as it stood and won’t recruit, living the weary blame excites normal main to be hard sided in principle. At foot there’s ernest heart, bating by risk’s tart for what love there is.

Dimension periodically observes Greek’s aesthetics, there’s the lounge. Between roman fortresses, buds of prickle berry. The hawthorn cue out of touch with best perspective. Proving that roving is bleak, shrubs hallow the shriek and woody hardly. Thomas Hardy! Let constable imagine horses as signposts belted in driver votes of production. Altho patient Mike has his boom there are news beats in every living room. Although calamity prizes art from depravity there are personal collections. Keep the spread mild form the wild child, only searing torpedoes.

Long after the drama, re enact the panorama. However the street swaped, new custom goes back. This wis where Ivan the Terrible walked, says Ivan. This is where Ivan walked from Ivan gets a laugh. ivan doesn’t know his name, was a bag on Rasputin’s tune. Weird palettes meet with consistency to covering dish in a national costume. On top of the pops the the statesman rocks, the pandemonium. give him a chance! Bag’s duty to carry though the elements coats pitter patter with wise noise. Being the plastic enterprise may be harmful to animals. having the elastic potential is thin to the compact save. Only two bags!

Could repair be more simple than setting up the man for wrinkele. How did his face look? Sturdy winter has its season, bag woman stones are change unchanged and remains penniless. The more remarked terrine has awesome’s throne. if there were fuzzy bags only beetles, only beetles to pop.

Infamy’s ride with destiny carries the sword but is it sheathed? Bag amends to describe wisdom’s throne but cannot re-achieve. Salvage hot stew for bun’s worth and disciple.

Another misfortune questions girth and then. Condition to blossom can suit the suburbs after war. Condition to possum could live in a tree. Get there is hardly me. What use has onerous task on top of onerous mask?

There will be understanding when Ivan takes notes on his own deads, when Ivan stands in rows of tother’s needs. When ivan fair plays to village ways and when ivan has learned to count. There will be exemptions on Ivan’t essays from Ivan’s hand by his descendant. Ivan is removed by a century no less, though his features are diluted. Ivan has tithes on ways and trys, there are games of rugby. New charge to force tax, not axe, charge to tread bus, not puss. Mild pretence is Ivan’s favourite grain, shooting up blames ivan’s reign. for being loose and counter productive.

Most part tore ivan’s clothes to warm the hungry mass from thirst of blood. Moist part gives heart and art the fashion to be conscious. What Ivan deserves tells his faults as legions of bad habits, Ivan has only one.

Ivan likes to pace his confinement against refinement, so prissy. Kung Fu is Ivan’s road, actual telegraph poles, not minds. Ivan is three dimensions in some ways, incalculable at leaving prints. The saints and Ivan part their ways, weary guns to point. Ivan thinks the chance is less likely with re runs, Ivan is capable of flukes. There is where the saints march on.

Suppose I’ve an accomplishment, sent Ivan’t away absolvent. Ivan’s get out heroics are Ivan’s blue, similar to china. Ivan thinks breakage is marvellous, see how it means. Ivan claims his own from steely ends of reinforcement. The ring sticks for Ivan’s amusement. Index at the back doesn’t forget. Ivan hurdles instruction, only the listing, he’s marked on statistics alone. Ivan is Brilliant and looks at the coffee table. His books are Sunday gruesome that anyone could know. How tasty is Ivan’s share for selling paper? Ivan lasts a day and there is quotient.

Bring back Ivan’s link to grasp the containment. Ivan’s first are eager impingement. impediment. Ivan doesn’t mind what the word is, only his. Praise ivan for concerted effort, the dance hovers to be obedient. In peace Ivan is a joke, his gestures only encroach. How stupid was a blithe comment when the index has less knuckle to rap. Ivan is raised up in dusting.

Ivan waves at Karen Keating, he surveys the seating of a a new herd. Ivan wonders who to match him, he is now only a form of thinking. Ivan’s gaiters and accessories preserve his troops with past times of bliss. Ivan’s troops were no his own legs but those of others.

Ivan had nobody in mind but rush. Presumably Ivan had a moustache. Ivan may have prevaricated that he could do as such, so the artists thought. Could there be a human aspect beyond the next solution? As it would, sums were not. Plays were written on Charles Ist and Louis quattorze, bringing along vice an whores. Ivan’s interest was largely assumed to beast and therefore Walt Disney. What of Ivan’s sincerity?

Animation belongs to Tolkien for peat bogs. Though SSSI’s are reinstated, grovels belong in back streets of Hong Kong. State education is singular circulation, an early Ivan method. The ways tho think are liberating, everyone’s a shrink.

Only whispers of terrible moods make chocolate bars from slavery. Only whispers turn marathons from Flora to child labours. Where are the clothes for swarms when locusts descend?

The educated are excited for ivan, the Greek don triumphs for civilisation. However Neanderthals pan, there once was an Ivan. Despite his range, now only bombs, beyond humans. For the state’s bureaucratic dream, bring back Ivan. Let Ivan prevail to be understood, tie him up and lock him back. The shits of whisperings can serve only slacks. The country side makes sense of rampage by spear and sword, there ivan roams with only a tooth pick.

Helpless to the wrong so perimeter norms, science and misunderstood. Progress has the unknown laws of Ivan at the bedstead. Silence creams with horrors of worse, the beige man is out to get. Who would have seen Ivan would have laughed with the tTV on. Ivan only a channel, at best a marsupial. Ivan’s on switch to get through got place s from idyll blue, didn’t they realise? Ivan probably had a a lovely garden.

Ivan’s interpreters wear skirts as executors. The cross range divide is close r to home than thought. Are there fifty seven channels in free-view? Ivan brings back what the TV ought to do, to enlightened and inform. Address the worlds of Ivan for civilisation to begin again. TV acrobatics and the life of aquatics, the season is complex after all. Apparently only swords in Ivan’s beds, not so. Apparently only woods in Ivan’s sheds, not so. Apparently only supplies, only lies, apparently Ivan’s lies. What belongs to Ivan? Ivan is next to counter reformation, next stop the stop on human integration. Ivan’s collapse is sofas to futons. Ivan wears a stupid ring that he believes in. He can’t get it off again. Someone picked it out for him, just like Fagin.

Ivan could risk his bleak future to unfold again. Lining Ivan to source the zen. Ivan lined up a great european marathon, his times were to match with world war flu. Ivan may have seen as Ivan looked back again, the terrible word to convention.

Ivan’s great grand daughter is secretary of state, she likes brandy butter, tweenies in her past. Ivan probably liked blood but there’s now wrong with black pudding. Ivan was a seminal card for music from the Volga’s, he saw a great deal of suffering, today without noticing. Read the paper like Ivan the terrible, retrieve the shaper for a fact to put in. No my relations are the best answers to Ivans depravations.

Friday 21st

For those of us outside, moving is like being let out. Who are we? Pet shops. there is a tussle when pets run for cover, tithe incredible journey. There is also the plague dogs by Francis Adam. You can find this in Hammersmith library and borrow it with a library card. Pets take up the urge with animal sense, we are human pets, differentiate. Bell means food by ring in the biology lesson. Someone measured the response. Call ourselves HP to abbreviate human pets. It goes well with cheese-on toast.

For example, legs together stand up can be sudden or collected, HP is closer to sudden, lets go. The call of the wild is magnificent in starlings, throng in the skies. HP are abstemious and wouldn’t mention.

There close forms are squatters in the business. HP do the Mexican wave individually, looking round. There are hazards in the street to step and be found. HP worry about how to to turn the corner, bound to bump. HP may wish to go over happy and content. Life slabs assume that they must repent. HP watch ballet as a form of mystery, their approach is blissfully. HP queue for the toilet and hope to be let in, they must say excuse me. they can be collected like rubbish bags but need to be clearly labelled.

Swans dance on water, feet off the ground. HPs waddle on the bank. The water and the tides draw HP to collisions, flotsam boys with silent persuasion. There are clues about when to light up in the pub, HPs observe when and try to fit their grub. Bar flies dot the window, prone to yellow sticky tape. there magnets are for avoidance. Keepers of the purse hold daily newspapers. What’s in it for me, HPs can curse. HPs may avoid this with seven seas as supplements, available at the chemist. HYPs are clar to mist, fog at dawn. HPs have haars at the seafront, wondering less to lick the ice cream. HPs wear shorts when trousers are in. HPs figure by donuts and decimals changing. They are prone to moss the footsie index. HPs keep company with gathering butts, the ash trays need cleaning. HPs have their own keys, boats have quays. HPs aren’t determined and wait for acceptance that the bobbying tie brings. HPs nod thoughtfully. The first spark tastes of gas. HPs are turned by words like Hey! There are similar things for the HP way. The next door neighbours have HP too, HP caught the winter flue. Apart form those that caught the jab, HPs feel rotten according toto the GP. HPs like to be recognised. HPs want to get back to the message but prefer to be wanted.

HPs cross navigate the central nervous system. There are switches for on and off, nice and simple. HPs suffer from Achilles heel, just behind. Gary Lineker eats the same crisps. Gallagher smokes Benson and Hedges. HPs loop the advertisement. HPs have to revive and resit. there’s always an offer for Hps. HPs tremble with addiction, they can’t control it. Therapy culture blends HPs for massages and well made beds, they can be catered for. They blink in bright sunlight, looking for the tent pitch. This way please!

tired of hanging around sends message to the dock of the bay. May was well eats the last mouthful. Occasionally HPs experience surges to escape, mostly dreamworld. Hps dream fiercely of together, they can tie their shoelaces@! HPs have catchment senses, they appear on graph statistics for not filling the form. HPs are always cajoled.

There are free pens for HPs starting bank accounts. There are ten percents off and holiday bargains. There are routes for HPs to ride, coming out the other side and then what’s there to do? HPs recognise the outlets, things they may enjoy. HPs are keenest not to annoy. they are the brunt of network solutions, media constitutions that poret rough the paparazzi’s for someone to know. Lift off!

Scabbing is the Scottish expression. Cigarettes are stabs at friendships. The posrt side goes and the stars returns, HPs aware of other zones. Luggage compartments are valuable spaces, move the HPs to first class waitress. Muslin is for curtains, fancy that!

HPs are broad achievers, backing up the smoking quarters. HPs are vilified and join in the debate, they are included. HPs differentiate here, there are sub HPs that really doesn’t care. The sub HPs may even appreciate by and large in discrepancies, but the way of life is described by David Attenborough as bats on walls but Sub HPs are completely nocturnal in the sense of not trying to bust the dawn or evening. Cashmere socks go in the washing machine. HPs apply to the gay principle, human rights and rights of way. This is the radio call of invisible. What are lip scabs for, sweetie. HPs like being in the crush bar. They may catch on.

When the hankie dries it becomes apparent what side are dyes. Hps have things pointed out to them. It isn’t easy to make the fags last and then its homophobic. Picking on the sex of things is questionable in bats, there are dark seasons of perpetual night. Why shouldn’t the church respect the hovercraft? Attention brings an over sign to sensitive injustice. Tom Jones got knighted. hob nailing lynches the bright stone, theory to option. Lots of people live n the same place.

Melodies with recurring chorus. Tennis balls to matching points. Rulers to architecture plans.

Why are the gays more sensitive? Polar fascination. Without condemnable crime, the condemned burn. Without potential to learn (sun), lessons shine. Know alls dress like the Beatles, dancers eat profiter roles. What is the right brand to drink, hey fatso? Where are you?

Reach the go point and oysters get about. Hulk mussels for stature informal. The poet’s words are spoken to waste. Fetch scribe! Poet gets coy about the gift of know it, from whence. Pet tries to assume another tense and becomes ordinary. Who wants to be gay and extraordinary. The triumvirates rely on county clause, passport without.

Dog ear marks remembrance. Dog collar marks dog. Dog poo marks park. dog shoe marks tread. Man’s best friend used to Winalot or chum. Man’w best friend goes vegetarian. Man’s best friend chews on grass, gets sickness for sickness. Being stuck with dog shoves dog. Going out with dog, takes bag. Happiness is a threat for sad dog, barks, Happiness is a threat for park attracting dog. Happiness is in distress for a throw away twig or log. Mark pen on the finger, ink to spot. Dog chases point by way of a throw. Dog attaches stick to arm, new friends join in. Police direct traffic, crawling and zooming. OH, to be a dog. Dog bestow reward by tail and wag, cat bestows caution. Angry log enjoys the lob. Dog canters about. Log is gruff like old troll, younger to the rot’s reach. Some things need bot be left, dog on the side. Copious dog takes smell for a ride. Where’s the log? Switch off the search and fetch rabbit, stone’s log. Switch off the log fro grey habit, don’t chase the sheep. Sheep are grey too, stones with legs. Animals are minerals, tell the dog no. Dog would show patience to collie, different sit, different stay. Have in a job on the farm, grow marram. Long grass ticks dog, sheep tics dog.


I’m not the estate agent, I’m the estate agent’s daughter. I’m only stating agents till the state agents done. The daughter and her dad stand in the road. The daughter and her dad wander off to find abode. The welcome is a faction the welcome to be done. Only welcome welcome toil the welcome’s overdone. Cheese is cheese till cheese is gone, cheeses with a bottle of wine.

snooker 54321

miss peacock rope
ballroom miss green spanner
library mrs white dagger
study col mustard poison
kitchen mrs peacock hammer
hall prof plum led piping
dining room miss scarlet candlestick

target and swing crucible audience

see Richard and tom articles


Mumber one is soft and squidgy, number two is runny. Number one should be number two. Number one is over to you. One is yellow, two is brown, one is mellow, two is round, There are three Robert De Niros and two passages. Soup can be made from cabbages. Makeup base is foundation, powder, blusher. Countdown is the time to share, the day is spare.

Wednesday 26th

Why buy Richard tickets and wonder who he is? Why go to Brixton to find out what you’re getting for? Why does the biker get satisfaction from causing a rumpus on the door? Why does the man bend his elbow out isn the street after the Sainsbury’s men drop bread in the road? Why does the existence of somebody rely on harsh cues, and what are the people that keep the sneaker. Who is Richard Ashcroft, Richard wonders. The existence of Richard is only tied to the green line.

Waiting outside the door like Grey friars Bobby doesn’t work, the lure of all the money is nice and ripe. Take a pit stop at the Langham instead and take up the seat where the good crowd with shooting jackets could have sat. There is room in the Langham with all the trophies and polo sticks, this is the chukka bar. Come back tomorrow is what the cleaners say, and so doe the traffic wardens and the people with jobs. The day early is someone without plans, and the champagne buckets beckon from wastelands. The carpet is green and orangey pink, pink not orange but not orange either. The dudes are here with their Viyella shirts and the seats are bucketed with brass tacks. The world of where no one minds calls madam for madam. Whether madam is or not the talk is louder. Although the peanuts are tossed into the pot, the crisps are more composed with a stiff black handkerchief like petals. Oddly persuaded the flux of cash persuades, the description could be nicer if it behaves. The chairs could be moved to accommodate a larger part, the pairs of the door rooves could be propped open. The varnished surface of garnish and hooks is like brass pubs with words for vamoose. This is the world of the golfing partner, not afraid to shop at Hennes, a man moves in but not under. The men nod at eatch other and use their hands. The people on the tube are distant stands. There’s still a cough from the listener ship, but it isn’t done at two second snip. The lighting is fairly drunken, the dim indoors of shelter from the seasons. The ladies can wear leather jackets and scratch etheir ears, and swill their tongues for peanut spears. The past tense of this is free matches, there’s a man in a blue shirt. The three at the bar talk about shooting, they’re inaudible from here. The whole barrage stand up and move on to watch a satellite match. Although these are Liverpudlian people, there are serious points to make.

At a drunk pitch, this could be my fake, but with sweet cordial the street verse is fake. No doubt how are you means reserve by the day, but it doesn’t have clip to severance pay. In the mainstream of paying, the hide behind news is retrieving. There are disconcerned ears with loss can’t be fun, but sizes of problems are more on the run. The combined stretch of hotel bars i s closer by coincidence to removals and fars. Switch inflation handles the trophies with second hand probation. Lord Longford could light his cigar and not be on loan to the magi’s star. His persistence with showing up would do the same for Lord Lucan, that was supposed to be Lucan in the first place. Mistaking Sherlock identities have room numbers for keys, there could have been a presidential suite with bodka drunk neat. There could have been a large party from Savannah, the name of a pop group. There could have been a bloody Mary for pre theatre drinks. There could have been a telephone call for what the Inspector thinks. There could have been a roaring fire in the empty grate, there are heaters that do the job instead. Wit condones the fat man to cross his knee, his friend shakes a match like a prime minister’s she. The man with his straight wedding ring on his knee is hardly time for George Clooney. Pimps and jerks have all come by perks. These places distribute the nuts. The man with red features is probably a better, the dude with the large mouth listens to his girlfriend.

There was only a single yellow outside the work door. There was only a congregation of purposeful mentor. The conditions outside the wait smiles with red cheeks, he walks ahead. The re is music in the room, no tune as such. The hats are pinned to the wall in the style of Caine, the bamboo sticks with shields to their name. The sides to some sticks are straightened side flattened. The conversations are indistinguishable. Care nada is said, then gets up to leave. The burble is good like everyone leaves. At the sober fudge of winsome sludge, wondering what to think is anyone’s rink. The woman says I’ve got lots, I’m okay. There is about sounds french. Someone comes in and looks around and straightens his hair and goes out again. The red face wait isn’t red faced in fact. He carries a tray from the kitchen snack and its asparagus for the Labyrinth reader. There are lots of waiters everywhere. The better picks up his paper and chins over his shoulder. Three more leave and says take off, it took two weeks. This is like an airport lounge. The nuts squeak to bite and the wedding ringer coughs twice. The man in the corner doesn’t gesticulate, he sculpts. He looks upwards to prove his point. Mobile phones don’t infringe the room. The lady nearby gets on with eating. She can’t read and talk, no one to talk. She can’t read and eat, two hands with fork. She is going to read. She eats and then she reads, actually. There’s a sweet chip in the nuts, a raisin of let’s. It has to be licked out. Two more come into the room and finger the papers by the door, they’re not coming in. The y don’t go out fast but they may have come in. The best place to deposit the ticket is at the tBBC. The man behind wears a blue striped shirt, he says he’ll wash his hands and pick her up. The room is quieter although the sculptor has been joined by a man who urangutangs his jacket at the seater, he takes it off sitting down and hitches it on the back of the chair. The tanned moustache eats his nuts with a fully levering crunch. He has beer from a bottle. More asparagus for the reader in between. The better was familiar, now he is gone. The blue shirt and yellow tie man is familiar with his face as one. He wouldn’t have to be American. The party behind are leaving, one of them wears a waistcoat in khaki and the woman tucks her hand behind her back as she goes round the levering chomp. the 7:55 pm time is five to eight. The sculptor has been joined by two more, an American with a yellow striped shirt. The waiter arrives with a a second punch and some olives. The ashtray goes. He doesn’t say anything. There’s a kind of embarrassment, it isn’t prevalent. There’s a kind of reluctance, the olives are slightly mushy. The music is louder and the girl with curled hair finds the quiet corner. It’s the one where the waistcoat left from with his theatre party and the tucked behind hand. The singer is abadup, badoop, the curled hair maiden gets a newspaper. How many reasons are there for staying for a second drink, notching up double figures on the switch deliveries. The asparagus fork , knife went clink. Two thank yous pass as one on their way out, the remainder jacketing his arm in, a long coat. Two pails come by with the wait. The shooting guys at the bar one hand on his hip and their girl goes out to swap a penny. There’s absolutely no room for the guy with bryll cream, he has to move his own chair to fit onto the ringside where sculptor was first seen. Small waiter isn’t but another arrival or is he. He cuff links his clasp to the arms of his shirt. He looks backwards and outwards from the group, not deliberating to fetch himself a chair. The corner section is definitely overt here. The music gets fast tracked from the blurb of a slow tune. Skinny half waiter finally sits down. He manages to grab the profile of a bald talker who’d rather be centrifuge. Although the crisps are beyond the quota, it looks like the sit in will need to eat them. More asparagus between pages. The song like Tom Jones, you don’t know or thereabout. My wait with once red cheeks saunters ins and betweens. Sculptor leaves the throng for an important call, out into the hall.. Two women in green smile at eatch other in the part of congratulating. There’s a woman with polka dots by the window. Don’t say, another one for the sculptor’s group, this guy looking about but not as abad as loop de loop. The green ladies have a strung out dress, black and knitted from oxford street. Don’t’ pay such attention to the sculpto’r’s group, they sit about and munch and look. The sculptor’s seat gets taken buy the latest team, he sits in the corner and raises his brow.s The trouble is facing them, I have my knees pointed towards them.

Queen mayry and King George on the wall, time to look around. Shells on the lamps with vines on brass sounds. The photographs and engravings appear into the evening. Orangutang jacket is also back from somewhere more important. No mention of the important, the woman in her scarlet jacket leaves whether partner’s professing face, always interested. They had a side view of me, closer to my education. The asparagus has been finished. the orangutang used to be very good looking. He helps himself to crisps without retracting. Asparagus leaves with her leather bag, she’s holding the book. There’s another guy for the sculptor’s group, but he knows the orangugang and isn’t phased by the summit of stride. The green lady has an interesting face, she has the attention of focus and a Margaret Drabble cover . Constant mouth action from me, typing or smoking, nut choking or crisp poking. There is constant movement by the waiters, swimming about like naval inflators. The chairs are tidied in. Underwater fish music and where’s the sculptor. The loud American isn’t loud, just above the volume nation. the English school with the blue shirt is pleased to meet you somewhere smirk. Blue shirt whisks his lime so the clear water spins, what’s the time .8:21 pm. Sculptor leaves again though it wasn’t apparent he’d come back in. There is a smorgasbord chest with brass and mirrors, and a menu stand of brown swathed plastic. The cocktail gets a hero’s cheer from next door,the ice doesn’t fall on the floor. next door is dark green from yellow’s here and spotlit beam. We don’t mind, this group of left behind. In walks burgundy v neck to sit where the striped blued shirt sat. He pinches his nose without touch, squash touch, not no indentation to his face as such. Music is Henry J Beans to the dim shade of mahogany beams. Leather jacket leaves with his wife, pushing on his glasses and pausing by the door. He has a beard, had then gone. Poor asparagus was chased away, this laptop is lesson to stay. Comfortable wedding ring leaves with Waterstones and a cough, he doesn’t look important from face straight up after all that time with his back turned. The waiter guest comes back from the loo and looks around with pockets shuffling change. The impetus is there to fetch a chair, but they’re going soon or stand around without a care. Mean on thin with nothing to write, someone joins him with his face in sight. The out ranch to the table near me and continue wanting to be. Whispery gadung gung tung and the Waterstone’s table gets wiped down. CD sounds like a slip, but it doesn’t. The English school is unlikely to be with blue shirt, . The sculpting party leaves with a conducive cough. None of them trooped, they sauntered off. Three bottles, the rest glasses of beer, not full pints but swills of near. the english school is english school, there’s even less bubahub to tag. green Drabble puts on her puffa jacket. English school is the Tony Blair of knowing blue shirts from the football fair. The black knit dress, green lady with green spots a breath of gold, and Drabble goes ooh at the door. Off they go. Off they went. Red burgundy could be longsighted over my shoulder. Hitch the strap, shooter back from the bathroom nap. It doesn’t seem their gal came back, but the two beef hunks are counting with crisps and index fingers. Here’s polo shirt lap top, shaking hands at the nexus of the room. He sits to retrieve some laminates, not a laptop but a canvas case. Slightly rod stewart walks out from behind the corner, he has fair hair that sticks up. Laptop’s meeting is over and he’s kept his date waiting, blowing his nowse as he leaves. Dido noises aren’t actually Dido’s. Core to the evening with muffled achieving. What was the sum of all that? Backup kicks in, the orange umbrella. Thanks! The polka dot lady with short hair and glasses by the window is having a melodious time with Oh and That’s not very nice. The couple next door to them are now in the leaving line, out they go. English school says its not illegal. Pair by the laptop meeting and the man has stress arms, stressing his conversation with relaxation . Those are fur you, says red face wait, not red faced at the moment. The backup hasn’t completed or this would be unfoldment. The cue to leave has been reached and has to wait for the back up to link up. Wait says thamk you very much maam. Strung from the loud base, and advert for diving boards and song lines from Australia.

It was all fine apart from the crash on the way home, sitting down on top of the reading woman with my bag. Finding the escalator route between green park’s Victoria and piccadilly still resolves that bashing is cowardly. Be careful for an upgrade, be careful. Be careful to crash, be careful. Be careful over the edge, be careful. be careful crash be care

Thursday 27th

Sorry darling sums the tobacco stall, expressing thanks to the kid with three siblings. Sorry darling from the simple attempt to buy some fags. The black shadow wanted to top up his oyster card, still had 10p. No source to help him top, sixteen years of age or young as slim. Eminem is the rap of the morning, Slim is back. The birthday counters have spent their advantage, the cigarettes are all gone.

Its Thursday at seven, after seven and this is Langham Street. It seems like a good idea not to wait for too long outside the BBC, and to carry on up Langham street to the crown and sceptre. It seems a good idea to play dead to what might be ahead and pretend that being here isn’t happening. It seems like a good idea to go back to the Langham Hotel and wander into it. It seems like a good idea not to mind the luvvy darlings and to get out the laptop in loud music. There are talkers everywhere and it seems like a good idea to stand around typing and walking into it. There are more smilers with pacers, people that construct my life, the people that play me chasers. Theses are the cheeses of twenty somethings with strong colours to their shirts and puff a jackets. Some of them own dogs, they’re all graduates and the walls are oasis green just like Liam’s t shirt. The people here do brunch every day and drink what they like what they hey. The people here don’t mind the shelter, they are the flowers in their hair and mobile Vanessa Feltzers. The people here are the schedule arrangers and the ones that don’t look like they’d behave like strangers. The people here just go in and around and through the mound, they’ve got pin stripes and knitted scarves. They always dress properly and they always look messy properly .the people here are all media and they’re all Expedia traveller. the people here are all excalibur they are all thirty and some of them are twenty. the people here all like BBC 3. the people here thought up the travel book and none of them are inventors. the people here are in oxford street gear, sits and t shirts. the people here are Neds Restaurant and la Strada, shops in the Sunday charter. The people here have all been somewhere even if they haven’t. The people here are some of them older, some of them younger, bubbles and pinks. they can afford champagne from a bicycle of a fast lane or a slow one. The people here are all aware of the newsagent and what he has to say. The people here earn their livings from sitting out on the pavement,. The people here are not intruded by direct council improvement, they don’t have social workers. The people here know how to cheer and be insolent. Nobody is going to arrest the people in here. The people in here do social sciences but they like computers. the people in here are aware of refinement but they’re all slap dash. The people in here have camera equipment. the people in here like dark ceilings i pubs. the people in here take to their beer. The people in here can sport medallions. The people in here know someone called Bob. The people in here are posh to the talk, they agree with people when they walk. The people in here know how to move on, the people in here have all heard the gong. The people in here are pattern dressed, floral prints or sling back vest. Fashion in here is pace to the walk, on their own there’s time to think up. The people in here have green bags with buckles. The people in here have mild knuckles. It is good to say nice things about the people in here whoever they are. The people in here are rings and clippers, the people in here are more important than their families because of them. The people in here aren’t paranoid. The people in here are familiar with polaroid, don’t mid rude jokes. The people in here are investments from fear, where places occasionally get to. The people in here are a minority. The people in here have crazy dreams and make videos. The people in here are told they are stereos. The people in here are Saturday dancers, the people in here are out there. The people in here aren’t responsible. The people in here are consequential.. Just like the nineteen sixties some wear tall boots. The people o here are occasional cooks. Some of them could be gay and so what. The people in here the digital slot.. The people in here are from everywhere, debts they have got. The people in here are called Mary and Gujarat. The people in here always come here, there goes high and mighty. The people in here are on the beer, some of them like it. The people in here have all worked in a bar whether they have or not. The people in here are over there, the people in here are mainly fair. The people in here are behind Cillit Bang. The people in here are out ton their ear without worrying about it. The people in here are in Great Titchfield Street. The people in here have bangles and rucksacks for briefcases. The people in here have earphones. The people i here are cold in shorts and flip flops. The people in here are aware about crops and they have hairstyles. The people in here have girlfriends and boyfriends. The people in here are all over the kingdom. The people in here don’t club every day. The people in here all have jobs. The people in here know how to jay walk. The people in here are on their way home. The people in here are covered in perfume. The people in here are paying for congestion.

The Langham Brasserie

The computer says no. The computer says no. This place is after the show, still no show. This place is one for the throw, letting out a bit. Anything goes is on the radio, there’s something for the banshee. The re is nobody here apart from two men with wine on bar stools. There is nobody here but a meeting with pedestals. There is nobody here apart from something for frieze, there are mall wall decorations than people. The people here are mild and not disconcerted. The people in here are quiet but there’s satellite. The people in here are sitting round brass circles. The bar stool is uncomfortable, sit down in a wicker chair . The ;very large poo is intercepted by the pretty cleaner, the peoo was so long it didn’t go down. The poo was the size of three poos, strictly out of bounds. The poo was fruity from al that rice, the poo is enough to shock the kitchen. The poo is enough for eviction. The poo doesn’t mind me, its too late to turn back. The poo had skid marks and traces of uucyuck. The poo is beyond the starter platter. Poo r lady in the loo having to sort out my loo. Poor lady with the job, poo on the hob. Poo lady with smiles and pleases, poor lady with basement cheeses. The evening has only just begun, poor lady. The poror lady will have to look at me and not blank out. the poor lady. The poor lady has nothing to do with me. The poor lady might share it with the staff. The peoor lady may have to keep it to herself. The poor lady has to listen to Status Quo at work. The room has a sill that goes all the way round. The room is wood boards up to the thigh. the room is equipped with fire extinguishers. The room is mice and mellow. the room is far away from the busy portabello, that being the room with the people in here. The pictures on the walls are framed with Mexican peoples. the frames are naff wood with matching coving. There are raspberries, vines actuallies. The vines look like raspbereries in red and greens. The starters and the puddings. The starter could be ordered later. More than a feeling is playing. The meeting has left, the room is bereft, only me and the two men with wine. Eight twenty two. Duck isn’t vegetarian. What happened to begeterian. Duck is meat with broccoli and potatoes. duck is brown and veg are round. There’s even a carrot. The gravy looks delicious, the egg mayonnaise arrrives. The final countdown accompanies the warm duck, ; then its sweet home Alabama, ordering toffee cake. The pig out only alarms the wee wee a bit. With any luck three courses will last until the homeward bound. Focus is the word for the wine bar man, he could insist. Perhaps easy jet is the next place too look, don’t say next. The wall sockets are brass at ankle level. The duck had some of the skin. This place is adjoined to the strip club, ti is mil dnad without substnatntial meaning. This place is herb on the ledge, there could be something in achieving. This place is a hotel with food in the basement, the winde drinker looks like Peregrine. This place is a bit desperate at worst. This place is trouble if it looked to it. This place is nothing ordering toffee pudding. This place is naughty and tidy. this place is bad and moderately good, this place is wine man on the telephone, he says we’d thought we’d have lunch on the way there, sorry its the first weekend. He says things while we all listen. rod stewart is singing Maggie. It sounds like an airport. The toffee cake is very sweet and delicious. The toffee cake is creamy with toffee, lots of creamy. At least the waitress brought back the ashtray,. At least the re will be time for a cigarette. This place is Grange hotels. This place is not what it smells, it doesn’t. The only thing that smells is wondering what was on it. the only problem with being here is think ing what went on here. Lookalike P says only putting off the inevitable. Lookalike P says this is exactly what we’re talking about. Someone is squeaking their foot on some wicker. Someone else could advise. Lookalike PA says things about a yacht, it could cost them a hundred quid. The bar is familiar with southern comfort, the bar is familiar with all the bottles. The downstairs stall by the payment check out, the bar is familiar. The bar is familiar with frosted lights, the bar is familiar with an outside door. The bar is familiar with somewhere claws. The bar is familiar. The bar is familiar but nothin is close to it. the bar is familiar. The bar is familiar. the bar is familiar. The point of being here is to stake out the territory. The point of being here is to eat toffee pudding. the point of being here is picking up fag ends. the point of being here is little red tractor. The point of being here is vaguely clear but there are no names. The point of being here is hum drums. the point of being here is all on the side of lines.

Lookalike P said commercial. The TV says conviction. The program is nighty night, the time is ten past ten. The main problem was not paying enough, why was it so cheap? the main problem was not having the usual scruff, no coughing fits. The main problem was being in the provinces right in the heart of it. The main problem was

Friday 28th

There is. From the right side of the street there is a wrong side, from the right side clearly wrong. Drawn to the wrong isn’t there, just going. On the wrong thinks to change. Admitting being on the wrong moves on, already. Walking in the wrong place isn’t actually talking. After a shattering incident, less wrong, more wrong. After a shattering incident level pegging only begging. Look where the going turns in, men at kiosks. Who are the tobacconists. Who is the tobacconist that says thank you with genetics. Who is thank you for your daughter. Who is thank you there you go. Who are the waves of laughing hello, just wait twenty years. Who is the man that exchanges sell bys that live. Who is the man. Why are there so many of them. Why is the walk the fault of the shin. Further down the street there are men in retreat. Further down the street could investigate.

The kiosk asks for two ninety for the fags. There’s a cheque book waiting at home. relevance to numbers and coming back for bone. The kiosk has a figure in red, higher than the number on sale, higher than average. It stops people saying rip off, cues them to say that’s a relief. Cues them to say that’s cheaper, cues them to say how handy. If it wasn’t for kiosk merchants with falling into bargains, only wholesale. Who are the people that humanise budgens. Pick on the kiosk for the odd present. Pick on the kiosk for leaving them out. Pick on the kiosk because everyone else has done it. The methods are the same as Harrods when building an extension.

Mysterious life, the world and his wife. Mysterious strife, what did you do? Mysterious quest to give out the best. Mysterious jerk to stack up the rest. Mysterious girl to grow her own curl, mysterious blame to walk into shame. Mysterious present to tip by the baby, mysterious crescent of Bisto as gravy. Mysterious world that likes to hear all this is just to cheer, just an applause, just a reward, just a mention, just devotion. At unseen levels of exaction, tipping the fraction. Risk supports submission, what’s it worth? Where is the word from that tells the whisper game? Give us in, give us in, go on. Suppose the close is clued to stride, same reason. Strangleholds and injection, the explanation of side. What does the spout do that taps on true forgiveness. Genuinely missing things is comedy for bastard shames, genuinely noticing after the hard nigh t out.

The frontside, there and back side, the inside the outside

The chicory is most fresh, the powder can wait. Produce lines with times for bait. The most resolved issue dies first, salad crunch. Appetite blends the side launch. There are escalators to guide me oh, time dispensers deposition. Throttle gives throughout beneath the sand dune. Funnel of the bosom only has time.

This is a pub, it stands in for somewhere to sit out. There are twenty minutes to kill, the meeting goes on over there, there being over the road. With tobacco an d booxze the time is let out. The corner is mine for half an hour at a time. The table has salt and pepper, ketchup and HP sauce a menu for prawns, Pil Pil, vodka & Lime battered fish goujons, chorizo, serano,ham with manchego cheese, homemade chicken skewewers, chicken quesadilla, humous with pitta bread, olives & fetes cheese, spicy deli peppers stuffed with feta cheese, beef meatballs, Mexican nachos. Someone laughs at a pitch to make me jump. There is football going on on the tv screen but actually its cricket. There is a giraffe and a bird cage and some orchids on the fireplace. A couple sit in the same booth as me, I’m too close to be distant but we’re not listening to each other. The room is a wooden soundboard, mostly pine. The agents are coming round to see what’s mine. There is a disabled lavatory by the snooker table, there is a juke box that isn’t being played. The group on the sofa are all cheering, that twas the laugh jump. Friday afternoon is the feeling in Australia. Got the cigarettes without too much caper, at least the post hasn’t arrived. Air conditioning makes the room cool, there is much to be said from being in the rule. The couple snog a bit, not looking. The beer is sold by the half pint for 1.55. Damn fine burgers, char-grilled 100% handmade english steak burger. Char-grilled chicken fillet, roasted vetgetable stack, optional extras 80pence each; monteray Jack cheese, bacon, mushrooms, fried egg. Main dishes streak fries, chargrilled English lamb cutlets, seared salmon fillet, home baked pie of the day, homemade lasagne, penne pasta arrabiatta, caesar salad. This a room to type in this is somewhere to spend itn, there’s a sneeze. There’s writing burned onto the table, the letters KOD and an L or a 7. The statutory wish is time to fore tell. This is table number one. Louisa will be going into the flat in two minutes time. The guy came out of the newsagent with his cigarette lit. The programme of this morning showed an Eastenders clip. The guy from yesterday’s drawing is an ominous warning on the last place of being. The guy from yesterday got done in in the hotel a long time ago. The guy from yesterday had something to do with Eastenders and his whispery gangster voice. The guy from yesterday had something to do with MacDonald . The guy from yesterday caused the underground to cordon off the Tesco escalator way, that was at ten pm. MacDonald is a maverick stalker, he’d get me to agree to anything. MacDonald is everyone’s language. McDonald could be spelt without an a. MacDonald comes from Scotland and Devon with Yorkshire roots . He grew up in the same valley as me. MacDonald grew up nearer the river REarn. MacDonald has a face like the journalist from the Spectator and the Telegraph. MacDonald plays ping pong and he went off before the game could start. MacDonald is a were wolf. MacDonald tried to say Hi in the street, MacDonald advances with ways of conceit. MacDonald is friendly with the downstairs office, MacDonald knows I’m selling my flat. MacDonald banks with Barclays bank. MacDonald says he got beaten up, he has suffered from violent relationships. MacDonald is middle aged. Time for another cigarette. The dog barked this morning and sounded like a saw. Timber is the word for the barking law. What could irritate could pacify if it heard the saw making timber shy. the dog logs, the dog logs. The last thing on the menu is £1.50. This is the third cigarette. Shouldn’t have picked the scab at fifteen before midnight last night. It keeps developing on the left side. Chewing gum came with the shopping this morning. The man from Ocado said where do you want it? Its ten past three and Louisa has probably been. Time drags with the labyrinth, time is hopefully being constructive. Champagne Jackman Brut, Champagne victor and Lanson Rose from France. There are whites listed above, Chardonnay columbard Yvon Mau, chenin Blanc, South point, Sauvignon Blanc, L’Emage, Reisling Silvergberg, Pinot Grigio Botter. There is more than an inch left of Guinness here, the glass is levelled with an even smear. The foam coats the glass round by the slurp, it has rings like a wooden gulp. The rings indicate sips, there are nine. One more until three fifteen, but it would be modest to not drink ten.Gulps go down in three swills.

The tracking pad is hover sensitive, one finger down to another’s movement.

Riding helps with balance and fitness.

The reaction to a miserable person jumps into the bandwagon, helter skelter. What’s the worry sonny means take it over honey. Being with the donor sign says that’s not fair, that’s mine. As if the hunt for eggs would eat taramasalata to the same result. As if tadpoles would want to sprout soccer jumps, as if cigarettes were same as hump. As if gas was freedom to pass. As if place was fixed on the bus. As if

Cannibal run does tango, going leader for the following. Cannibal run steps to introduce, the balance poise is the cheetah. Cross tracks are footstep works, ingnited by the boys’ brigade, dancing to follow before they can lead. Melvyn does a show on twelve books that changed the world, magna Carta.

At the stock exchange, Hong Kong, Lima, Estonia in the principles of free trade. An inquiry into the Wealth of nations by Adam smith. The moral purpose of analysing defects, legislators could review the economic dealings in mercantilism. Don’t rely on altruism, but self interest for good quality. Specialisation of labour is better than self sufficiency. Focus on agriculture is too limited, nation’s wealth relies on goods and services. State should stay out of the market place, but provide defence, law roads and education, the template for modern democracies. Marx had different conclusion. Marx struggle with unfair bias. Russia emerged from the communist revolution. After the second war chaos. Thatcher welcomed back enterprise went from strength to strength. Adam Smith’s triumph over communist ideas. Promote trade, not aid. Open markets and remove trade restricting subsidies. Di Sotto keen Peruvian follower. Set up small enterprises in shanty towns. legislation slow to register two sewing machines, two hundred and sixty days. Shining path is marxist, had begun to protect property and interest. Change law of vested interest in Peru. Marx is more famous but Smith has done more.

since 1899 there’ve been Gideons bibles in prisons and hostels, one million placed every six days. King James bible 1611every valley shall be exalted, orators with ceremony. Grandeur and musicality form the bible. William Tyndale thought word should be available to all. Safety of realm considered at risk. Many bibles crossed seas to English shores. Burned for stake for heresy 1536 then king changed mind. Reformation at foot, the english bible need translation. Elizabethan bible, Geneva 1560. King James I got unity for single standard version. Jerusalem chamber at Westminster abbey. Combine political and linguistic masterpiece. Disease plots assassinations, no man felt safe. Traitors and heretics were locked away in tower of London. 1604 Hampton Court Palace discussion. Courtiers and puritans. James said no bishops means no kings. After Cromwell’s death need revert to good life. Carries message of power and superiority, legitimised by the power of god. Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas, impact on the sound of language. Lawrence and Ted Hughes, focus on sound by ear. Reading power grandeur and simplicity.

Magna Carta Power tends to corrupt and absolute power absolutely. Rule by personal power of despots. Daring to think leads to torture prison and death. Britain’s democracy under rule of law. Rights prised in document sealed by King John 800 years ago. 1215 keystone of liberal democracy against arbitrary and unjust rule. Opposition to tyrranny. 17 by 14 inches, only 4 survive, Lincoln and 2 in British library. origin al of Habeas Corpus and trial by jury. Abolish juries in complex fraud trials? How persuade King John, the worst english King. john’s reputation led to Robin Hood who defended the rights of the poor. John drove own barons to charter of reform. Rebels initiated by 25 barons, Robin Fitzwalter. They took up arms, on point of civil war. Runnymede half way between Staineds and Windsor castle. No exotic capital letters, written on vellum. John didn’t sign charter but authorised it with a seal. Then translated into French. New liberties, Jonn couldn’t sign his name, or write? removal of fish wheels and obligations to build bridges. Law above the king, reaffirmation of supreme law graeat charter of Magna Charter. Eleanor Roosevelt basic rights and freedoms. No one should be subjected to arbitrary arrest detention or exile. Government and society around writings not individuals. Law not exercised people not above it. Shakespeare’s play after magna carta not mentioned, implicit. English revolution banner. Uphold the rule of lwaw. Runnymede meadow5th Amendment in America. 21 st conflict with Magna Carta 90 days without trial for terrorists? Realise it is important, helpful to have a standard about what you can and can’t do. Balance need to protect way of life, Woolf, and deal with threats want undermine way of life.

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