March admittance

n the second of March news appears to check out of the hotel, grade improvement. The intention is to source the tower, reach the thirty third floor. Bias to improve squanders something through significance pay back, whatever that is. Clean chance to wait and stop, take a chance, likely gamble. The Street is a haphazard place of consistency, many roadworks. The upgrade invades territory from where it cursed. Before film and book is the ticket barrier of chance to consider. The obligation presents speech through arduous task and deserves grey and tired flask, people carriers in tinted vans are misplaced to answer the wrong question. Among the left and right progression the couriers go around called Lewis and Illuminous, why are the similar people things to be fond of. The handles to Italy are Lavazza coffee, the road ahead tyres the mac. The word mac is new and old, the proof sustains skittles to fall. Clothes are beaches of woolen sand, visiting days hogging space. The amount of rubbish leads the investigation, it is carried about on a metal pram. The broom and shovel and bin liners are all swept by ambulance men.

There is nothing to do but be guest to luxury, the sense of identity patterns to scurry. Rhythm is congealed with preventative advance, cordoning off the suspect prance. Set the alarm for the time to wake up, set the alarm for the practice to file out, set the alarm for the end of the session, set the alarm for the time of confession. Set the alarm for the money’s exhaustion, set the alarm for the empty contortion. Although construction rips the guts of plentiful peace, the dispensation is choice to crease. Man in the restaurant licks his cup out by sticking his whole face into it and licking out the rim in a way that would not have been imagined, like nose picking and being in the bathroom.

Snaps have a shop at diagonal tracks, the linens are inverted and upside down, one or the other. This could be zone two, upgrade from dust. Zone sepia, designed by gloss. The change drops pennies like distant faces, minted on the same face, spent differently to reminder. Half p chews, pints of fluid, containers of lather frequency applauded. The comet hoops by three hundred, one thousand, interrupting voices of solar expectation.

Performance begins with gross exaggeration, cures for lice and common aggravation. Visa marks of transaction, time out stickers recommendation, the ailment, enjoyment, employment. Herbal advice is what the riddle does, not that it is the right choice. Some of the man is left behind without consultation. Some of the edition is best forgotten. Word has the power of sword, A frame boards with chalk menus. There are anthems, frequent words. Photo pots and digital trace, X ray brains to hats on face. Someone comes up with a potion.

The charlotte street

Wilbur doesn’t moe far from his sty to the field, he makes infrequent journeys to the long range. When the fresco is old and depleted, the brain archives for mint and maturity. Aspects of perspective increase maxims. Nervous tools about the farmer, habits to the time waster, reaching for the nose and touching buttons, eavesdropping for muttons. The clean environment farms pages over sums, the appropriate time to think.

The mad person is not truly mad, only out of synch. Shaking and quaking are nerves and prayers to time shares, sprinting. The space between tables is wide or squeezing, bookshelves are best wooden. Space allowance and digital forbearance make bets. The definition isn’t clear about some English, what people are doing here when the scene is for observation. Sizing futures can back apostrophes, copyright slaves .

Wilbur has to meet pork one day. It would be good to make the most of the end before slices of bounty. It would be good to keep the pig like a book case or panelling. It would be good to preserve the onion, pickling and the shelf life is adjoining. Wilbur’s web is scene breaking, headlines to goings and leavings. Arachne is the greek word for not studying greek. The toast hasn’t arrived yet. It would be nice to have forwards when the page is wasted, full of tripe or nothing to spike. Problem solving relies on yesterday to make history fresh.

It would be nice to do the jungle book, do the nativity, have the unreliable odds of dispute with sensitivity. Easy coffees close hands with steams and grinds.

It would be a nightmare to arrive at the arrival when expulsion reprieves the choice dimension. It is thick to wallow in thicket for long with grains of sand to go on, there must be a wild boar track though trace would mark floorboards and paving stones with highest significance to slack.

Sheepish arrogance

TaS restaurant, before twelve. Walkabout park investigates the smallest task, dignifying repost with distance cost. Enough space between gods and worms makes the atmosphere tall where it wouldn’t. The comeback of permission may not have rage and inevitable turn. The sensation to melt is karate black belt, DVD, stunt, physical explanation. Word factories are waved through the mirror, results are through from schools’ delivery. The potatoes come in sacks, choice for lunch is spinach, flax. Linen is processed to cover tables, pressed and clean for spilling purpose. Don’t spill is the notion of starch, potato soil travels buses from A to O. Irn Bru is litmus to the next day, chlorophyl is green before potato’s way. Colour changes are contrast stages that challenge the recycling plant, will the bloom make fruit from spring? Distant reasons are nice for next seasons.

What is the point of weighing the foreign life? Familiar faces battle for battle, there is no point. Foreign recognises a bit and moves on. The people in the cafe chat and sit, they are familiar. The people familiar were higher, enough to refer with admire. It would be nice to take advantage of the furniture, it implies an invitation. What does quince mean and why isn’t the tomato mentioned in the spinach menu The red capped waiter looks like a cougar. The lady with dark hair looks like Diane Fossey. The word bloomsbury is over the road, this is between the British museum. Ivy baskets among bamboo variegate the windowsill. Focaccia makes the notes run, the yoghurt has an unidentified herb, what the hell, it could taste well.

Spinach and Neitsche , potatoes, celery, watery tomato, to tomato , only plural.

Frances finds the process of robbery less painful , she does’n’t seem to notice as much. Frances thinks odious hotham is clever, she did things on cleveland street. So what says chemistry, where there’s blame there’s eggish remedy. Apprently the propagation of the victim is beneficial, just like nettle soup . Frances though Fitzrovia would suit her, she resents being plumbed. Frances encourages a hoar on the hill, sends positive courage through the bus’s grills. Frances sees the man in front a s favouring words like coming to the bottom of the hill, like wearer you, conversation snips, he could be true. Frances reaches the conclusion about the mousey feature of dickish union, she has delayed reactions dependent of news. Frances though about the Victoria hotel, the charlotte hotel she means. Frances is part of kiss and tell on the gum trees, she is pleased to catch the number seven, the number twenty seven at one fifty two. Frances finds her world arranged in ways she wouldn’t imagine unless deranged. Frances would have to be deranged to agree with anything. Frances felt lovely currents, the ones that target and volume dozens, Frances considered the plight of lost friends, trying to send her signals to make amends. Frances is like a hush puppy, recognisable but the second one is never as true. Frances is cautious and she stakes danger before the safer fortress. Frances relies on roadworks to present herself a s vulnerable. She would seek glamour as the form of nuptial. Frances thinks about changing status, she has been bagged.

Bagsy this that.

Frances could have lost time in the loo, she isn’t sure. Frances only washed her hands, she didn’t score. Frances thinks the things she says are stupid, artful.

thought you’d had your coffee, you didn’t finish your coffee
i ‘ad one up the street

This is funny, Frances is pliant with her tongue to pinny. Frances has no control over irony, she is hysterical.

participant productions

dbs pierre

Frances wonders about milo mark II, the invention of name was ingenuous to start with. Frances christened the disaster, yes she did. Milo mark II is only a shade of argument, he need not exist.

Frances still thinks of yesterday, she gets up on friday.


The lunch wasn’t good with watery tomatoes, fourteen pounds o one, perhaps the man with the EE looks was worse for directorship, the baclava is a gob full to chomp, eating in front of goons with open mouths doesn’t work. the director observes the carefree abandon, Frances doesn’t like wast,Frances eats what she’s given totate, she disposes. France thinks the gorilla Fossey was odd with her spoon when wshe ate her spinach, that’s referring to Frances’ spoon and fossey’s spinach, the other way round. Frances looks back and swaps conjectures, tries to arrange why wshe was demoted.

Fances realises somethings amiss when she returns past the charlotte scene, she sees the man point, he’s clever and sharp. Frances got stuck opposite the charlotte, it isn’t a hotel, its a congregational well. Frances think s she didn’t do too badly by observing dab handy, the folk were dinky. Frances wasn’t as jealous as possible, she even felt gracious to be dirty. Frances was let off in some ways bey reception, she had a nice waitress and a nasty waitress. Frances kept tabs on the a nasty waitress for first greeting, the one that made her spin, did she made? The nasty waitress was prettier than the nice one, all woman. The nasty one was immaculate apart from subtlety. Frances marvels at coarseness and subtlety, the part falls upon mistake to make her tea, that’s the tea of the waitress. Frances made points for the waitress, she earned her something clever. Frances didn’t try to be clever in the charlotte, hshe got on with it. Frances had to wait fro the coffee and didn’t touch the menu round to see what was on it. Frances gave a backward glance tothe EE features to her right, she didn’t look to the left when she heard a chuckle to what she wrote. Frances insists she was staking out the joint, she had the presence otf fill man on stage.

Frances swore at the dispensary, thought the pale face opposite was awkward attractive, Frances finds waves in the similar people, she gets crashed. The similar people gather to break, they switch on good times for surfers that can. Frances turns upon their beach thinking whale. Frances advertises for the whale, the sperm whale, she goes down there circuit free. Frances thinks the reason to trust the television is to find it useful, Frances boycotts the house of truthful. Frances sells herself short to the prospect of friends, Frances isn’t bought. Frances is so used to doing what she wants in terms of minor disgustingly, picking up and setting down at irregular times. Frances doesn’t steer, she wants to take the peaceful times and mix the high street with backstreet runs, Frances thinks the world has stupider solutions.

Frances ran her karaoke crack at the charlotte, she lived opposite.


Check out rage is prompted to satisfy, the manager makes appearance to supervise. Frances gets the eggs and cheeses, just cheese, she gets the bread now stocked on its side. The grape juice is a regular feature. The rage subsides after the checkout, there’s a flume of rage about the bag and the lips and what the fucking man is oging to say with his distant lies. Frances deserves no honesty to supermarket odyssey.

When Frances drank coffee on Thursday, she was gradually compacted. Frances sustains the problem of what she likes, although the RighT admire her biodiversity, they still hold the moral store. Frances is more effectively managed by tyranny, she is very puritanical. Frances doesn’t know how else to be religious. She has complicated story lines that she guards like god’s tablet. France thinks her onions are above , they’re misplaced to above, what is above. Frances is above. Frances is worried about the stocks from Hercule’s story. Frances dreamt furiously about her eggs, Caroline is due for installation. Frances is very angry about Charlotte street, she is livid. Frances listens to PF and the sound is theirs, it could be a career decision to ignore . Frances didn’t ignore and became creative, Frances is stimulated by tense of the dative, that’s latin. Frances thinks the compact room and the best tune are funny rivals. Frances only asks form for five minutes of favour, then she’s off. France takes the agreement like selling peanut for jumbo jet. The cue to respond delivers Frances to her less angry chisel, she always has potential. Frances likes hearing she has potential, she still thinks its compliment. This is because the news is at eleven, the mood to acquire is languid, JR’s word. The deliberate frigidity is

Frances is disposed to queue with the similar people, they want to learn from her, lesson accomplished. Frances runs around to show off, she stretches her balloon and remind the way is cheesy. Frances thinks the disposition to think this gives her similar protection, she s guarded by heinous bigotry, just the stools in the same room. Frances could do enlightenment but the change would lasso her sight, she could extend beyond the thought and get tagged. Frances is best able to protect amongst the fascist statement. This is because the enemy is large. The microscopic large of crime is DNA and the similar people are together to get away. Frances is completely individual, she has tiles in her kitchen, they are the cruel exterminators whose only fault is opinion.

Frances was reluctant to type yesterday, she was inhibited. This could be loyalty on the part of sweeping, worrying and dismissing. Frances shifts in the sun’s shadow, changes poses on her wooden chair, should she wax or drink, eleven forty five is maybe there. Doubt plays a large part in manoeuvrability, the new context is adapt to versatility. Non loyalty to one particular has expansion from parochial. The ums and ers of varied ifs relieve the giants for quiffs. What about the world of catch and ball, the one that has the comment go. Frances finds instant reports too exciting to please everyone. Frances sizes up the challenge of asking and comes to varied conclusions, she refers to casting. Her role is best denied, she isn’t the maid, she isn’t the bride. Frances thinks the pedestrians behave nothing better to do, she heard a cough then and typed in to. Frances lays on challenges from where she fled, she relies on goodwill to make her bed. Frances finds that turning off the volume is

Frances soonest pleases the most healthy, wealthy. She is most willing to the big devotion, she sees them in the street, on screen, they aren’t about to watch her clean. Frances thinks about the possible extras, how she can turn them down, she thinks about the far sighters, aboriginals of the town, noun. Frances thinks she’s on the chart, off she goes like antelope dart Frances travels through Sherwood trees, she has to keep the world curious. Hunter s curry the speed, watchers curry all manner, so do hunter. Frances is interesting all year round, breeding, chasing, grazing, standing. Frances is animal for Darwin’s exaltation, she survives without talking in her own words. Frances has the voice of antelope herds, she is actually thinking of a gazelle. Frances fancies she has a skull fixed on the wall, scares poor teddy and time for bed. Frances imagines hard about the fat e of Bambi, she emerges from flight a namby pamby.

There is a large argument about Namibia, the cough didn’t stop her hear the car reverser. Frances gets bred away from choice, she’s given the coal of two to her voice. Frances is shagged whether she likes it or not, she doesn’t mind brass rubbing. Frances is given two as her blight, she knows she ‘s happy for those sent to tasking. Frances thinks the cross to bear is adequate, she has little else to submit. Would Frances choose to beat twos use, she’d be a millionaire, would Frances choose to find herself an office, she’d make telephone calls. Frances in the animal is watchful to the pavement trawls, she blends camouflage.

Camouflage was the word dshe looked for in the Italian shop, she thought she would find it, then it turned up. Frances thinks the good people are not worth listening, she cranes back to the Gwynneth with blond by the Scottish cigarette. The plan is, at the time was, the plan is to match Frances with someone like the blond and the scot, they have passed tests to reach the cot. The difference between Frances and the haves, Frances has not. Ironically the best hide on a beast is due to hard work. France s thinks again, that’s berserk. The best hide would be shy of fighting, Frances isn’t scored. Frances is proud of her scar of her face, she is proud of taking dangerous minutes, she is proud of the point when she turned to face and got away with it.

Frances thinks the proud moments are other people’s. She molests her own every day. Frances thinks the crowd have obedience, who’s that anyway? The sense of match hones talker’s spot, said that features to being Scot. Said that features from the burglar trauma, said that features from the recipe. Said that said what to someone else, not back to time redress. Said that moved away to make hay, said that pulled the plug and wahey. Said that said what, said ask and say not. Said that thought that, just agreed, became mat. Said that stuck to that, slipped back, constant vat. Said that did that said not what. Said that hid what said that talked loud. Said that wore that, wore that cloud. Said that heard that, quote that proud. Said that used that bat.

Frances sat on a horse, said norse, Frances sat there, went to the fair. did the stair, drew her hair, built a loft, made a croft, tied hands, held lands.

Frances chases herself hard, saves enemy the choice. Setting off with dig a trough, hooves pitch over. Say must be felt, index to swear.

The idea is that whatever chaos Frances does bear, there’s higher station to the snare. Frances sees by snares, not treats. Frances is best when pushed teats. Frances is kept in check by her odd state, she puts purpose to sprint. When the fastest spurts, dead certs, when the fastest falls, buster calls. Direct lines to mending lines, most decline is gradual by cells. Toward sprint i s obvious hero, away sprint coward Nero. Fault between is tremor quake, air and water find break. Frances thinks her best moments have sprung from under water, under cover, under slaughter, what lucky escape. In severe odds the perms lasts. Frazzle!

Milo married a goat, his real name is gloat.

Frances probably has a real name like Susan. This comparison

Being required to witness charred, leave bailey only starred. Constant is the pole demand, vault on mattress where s to land. The amain point about jumping is friendly bantering, Frances wonders what is mentoring. If good is only path then talk is only staff. Good talks to would from the cell. Good says would like, would would like. Would thinks good prude or lynches w. Good measures by inches, o so would. Would hears about rings, time brings. Good waits for would in furniture sense, would may help on Case two’s commence. Would wants to help, has no authority, learns authority on Case two. Would admits longevity with having it in for serenity. Would likes Good, could follow, Would thinks what the chair holds. Would is play station joy stick gods, good can play. Would wanted to play, got held. Would wanted held to play. Would thinks the main purpose is show biz, concept genre. Bad is learned by the good, why. Would was done in bad. Good knows bad as holding hands. Good hopes to pry and cry. Good turns thin the jumper, there should bobble on the outside. Good could wobble and remain checked. Would says wobble and checks out, would could squabble to find out. Would is interesting until completion, would could go stale. Good moves towards the new entrant, good is a trusty snail. Good tells would not to worry, weekly sessions for progressions. Would has life nailed to walls, food in trays. Good decorates and pastries. Would encroaches, demands skills, would get them. Good lives down excites, would get excited.

Would investigates new loos, good spends. Banana man was in the coffee shop, he remains responsible. Banana-man its banana-man’s description. Bananaman was prescribed by Frances to hide, banana-man came through on the non pc side. Banana-man has all sort s of controversies, he is destined for banana pies. The sudden crap is underneath, someone else. Gradual banana doesn’t eject, gadget bomb. Gradual banana requires underwear and concentration, sudden banana gets it over. Saying this reveals space for korniocova. Serving balls get corner pleas, the ball was in. What does gut pretend of crap, that wrap is seizure. Python has a crush to tell, coil from the leisure. Accepting bad conditions, admitting. Accepting bad ones for return to war position. Get away with flaw, steel jaw. The protection racket play superior, then melt down. Words superior, old exterior, superior odd with motherhood. Superior nod with car hood. Sustain discomfort to exert deliberate, exert considerate, exert infatuate for head on screws. There is angry comfort about burglary, fancy bums in faces perjury. Frances fancies trust to scalpels with backside bust. Frances fancies heroic worst with manhandling spirit crust. Frances gets loved and tended to by experts, she is remarkable.

Mona Lisa gets mauled, beauty served. Mona Lisa gets called, throbbing pride. Mona Lisa gets picked, sits to ride. MonaLisa takes time, still and pleasure. Occasion spots Mona Lisa, life, there she goes. Mona Lisa fixed to wall. Mona Lisa should not brand, moment to second of sense command. Rare is Mona Lisa’s face, she could be stolen to disgrace. Mona Lisa hides waste, enough said. Mona Lisa fits in a suitcase, she looks provincial. Mona Lisa fits in a flute’s case, song about her. Mona Lisa wouldn’t tease yer, only gentle. Mona Lisa something mental, could be mental. Mona Lisa could be mental, could be mental. Mona Lisa needs to hear herself think, myriad link. Mona Lisa draws with ink, picked upon. Mona Lisa cries with oil, runs away. Mona Lisa rips to shreds, canvas beds. Mona Lisa does have a sphincter.

Marge was Mon a Lisa, what a face. Marg was man on bus, could he trace. Name cane to listen in, charity shop and Russian vim. The nation and the marrow have garden’s wheel barrow. The departure leaves at one fifty four. The best thing about growing is leaving behind. Behind is the animal state of mind. The animals are lovely. The humans have religiosity . Although comparison waits for no man, man can. Although theory is thick with verbosity, action Stan. The saintly sun is light by day and dumb, the knowledge of what to do would follow through.

There is not much left in the glass, drunk. There is not much noise, punk. There is not much poise, sunk,. There is not there is. Relief comes at weekly turns, the bells burns. The sound of calling hopes for wings, legs are dangerous. Frances picks three cakes, tries to establish preference.

Signs of agitation drive the sea inland, hot beach people expand. The l
Nicky taylor Birmingham refectory okmokmokmokmokmokmokmok

The excessive right s of bailiffs are equations. When televisions and children are dipped the colour is red. Children tell lies to stay up, televisions have watersheds. Twenty four hour service bans dissent. Although fan mail ids dangerous there are places of resilience. The big idea to get out needs to find out. The Seven Dwarves have their own show on Saturday, the vnirfjoepwmcdkeo, a Russian word. The mean blank fort has millions bought, the price of bread. The senility of Acre tells treaty jam with spam, lettered in Latin. The tutor likes stovies,

Cinema challenge could present another problem, does present. Cinema says chaos to way back far. Although there are cues to resolve, mistake and vague presence will take their hold. The film of most importance will almost get a gong, going honourably home with none. The man of best seizure will get cramp. The car of most car will be too expensive. The day of most play will be too long. The song of most Barry will borrow. The most

Frances wants to bitch about the bus man bitch bitch there’s never been less point. Frances thinks other people are unfair because she is s mart Alec. Frances likes being zombied and tired and she is fucked off for a higher bus man purpose. Frances will catch the bus later on, she’s resigned to getting it wrong. Frances threads formulas for blind capacities, hard drives to if and buts, she’s fielding. Frances wrote craig ‘s song s for him, she is quit e determined.

Frances enters the cinema twice, does the stairs twice, barges to see the end of the last, see the man with the eye patch, its on the left says his mate. Frances gets called Veg, a name she dioesn’t like for swooming, Frances is dependent on brains that aren’t hers. Frances is a sandwich and a torn paper, she is Cula Shaker, something that rhymes there. Frances thinks the procession to the cinema is like confession, she may try again and perfect how she responds. Frances veers when queer starters stand to set off, Frances is a signal for cough. Frances gets very angry. Frances thinks her whole life is set by man by screen three with a clipboard, she is conivnced at a moment in time that he has chances of doing fine. Frances curses police cars because she has no reachers.

Frances and boy get by fine, Frances does the film and reads the plan. Frances is automotive to attention of a certain kind, she is naturally coy about prevention. Frances has the preoccupation of altercation, signs since school betrothed remarkably cool. Frances may adjust her pace to walk more slowly than last week. Frances has’t reached her peak. France s rather likes fancying distant likes, she warms to the generate accusers, those two look like friendly coolers. Frances imagines they know how she stands, she considers herself vaguely independent. Frances gets brushed off for the things she does twice, Frances wastes time as vice. Frances got exterminated in the cinema, already explained in terms of fired. frances expired but she is brain damaged and cannot rely on telling bob and Lilly Savage. Frances could tell her self if she was in bed with mister self. Frances thinks the sense of watch is perturbed to the night watch.

Frances watches the film for duke’s faces, they’re all hers. Frances has powers over verse. Frances thinks the pack were wise to include her, she had to sever ties and toodloo yer. Frances makes sacrifices to distant friends that future buys. Frances thinks her search for memory is in feature to chieftain feathery. Frances wears her kaiser scarf, she’s full of warnings, no at not arf. Frances should have bought a paper, should have would have, she thinks Ronnie would have helped. Frances thinks the call to the wild is to retire and frown when smiled. Frances knows that doing remembrance is good for her as well as other people. Frances thinks the world of the steeple, thinks the world of the tipple, Frances does things with whisky and luxury then dissolves. Frances thinks difficult things should be explicitly so, she wants to throw the sack in where she could to didn’t know. Frances is vaguely amused by the new Pinnocios that once ate her hood. whatever cultures think of vultures, the rounds of boxing are something to show.

Frances relies on failures as reminders. Frances thinks of being French, she is invited in as dog’s stench. Frances invites herself in so, she considers only brilliance to know. Frances observes her speciality curves to one man confidential, the transcendental. Frances would publicly out herself as silly miss pout, can’t even pout, only pout. Frances changes the word of could and card, the chance is spared. Frances would find significance in lines with pairs. Frances thinks the whole word is against her, she’s the pronouncer. Frances says all this and feels thoroughly bored, she notes how vacuous the result is. The fiailure is more relevant when the rest is point bent. Frances tried to cover up truth swith stupid actions, tried to pink panther it . Nobody laughs even with her tied scarf. Frances wears glasses and doesn’t take her coat off. Frances still won’t stand for manners, she is motivated by balshy stammers. Frances accompanies her adventure with the emptier road, more relaxed. Frances finds trudging out paths the task of the axe, she has been blown out.

Frances can always be dodgy, she wonders about treading on the cycle rout, e its all red. Frances waits resolutely for the green man, comical. Frances stands on North end and says she won’t spend. Frances has a TV to get back to, she has to resist the chicken wings from the take away. Frances had chances earlier in the day, all the pedestrians, Frances returns with cold and occasional buses, sirens. Frances thinks the downfall was mostly right, there were only a few lesions. Frances passed a lesion on Wednesday when she scrapped the car. The word Frances must learn is scrapped.

Frances attunes to her in grateful head, she is at home with was there Ed Frances was there, there’s a slash, Frances did that reading, she’s got a mustache. Frances didn’t know about eh word jackal and what it meant, Frances has aids eaieaiedsaieaids and feels better. Frances thinks the people in the queue weren’t attractive, she did eye the boy, corrected the nanny. Frances thinks about fired and Gary, she could be answering the wrong question. Frances thinks she got put at the back on purpose,she doesn’t mind in fact. Frances has no preference, she actually doesn’t. Frances listens to bolero and the frost is the subject for the day. Frances thins about her hot drink, it gets cooler on the way. Frances asaywasaw a good man, aan’t can’t say saw. Frances heard the good man say she was early, Frances didn’t watch to hand. Frances thinks she has a fairly good sense of time, she’s ten years late.

Frances has little to prove apart from power, then she get s fired. Frances goes to rallies and is admired. Frances finds politics with love affairs the things that fix. Through the door balero sings, Frances could buy some rings. Frances thinks the best answer is what fame brings, Frances is appalled. Frances thinks of herself as on the shelf, she needs to be read to be chosen. Why does Frances scurry after the theatre, why does she revolve in a miniature fauna. Frances determines not to inspect the people, she opens her head as much as it does, not very wide. Frances considers beauty as love badges of ride, Frances goes to the fair, lends her share. Frances is obsessed by Cinderella.

Frances has not control over fliers or invitations, all she has is major persuasions. Frances has a sore head from all the dreams about Ned. What is frances going to do about it? Frances has very little in the game of actions, she wonders about factions.

When did the ocmmunism start?

Earlier in the year, maybe last, Frances considered what she’d lost. Frances has been growing her family chest, she doesn’t know the meaning of invest. Frances thinks suspicion about who she is is warped interpretation. Frances has wasted today in the sense of going up stairs twice to pay, Frances often takes detours to find out what the time is, she doesn’t know. For sure, her admirers ensure that she’s secure, Frances on her own is okay on average.s Frances doesn’t mind barging at all, she has to assess the obtuse danger of it all. Frances comes from extremes and needs to log about when chasing her dreams. Frances has very few feelings at the moment, apart from piercings to nostalgic son whims.

Frances wouldn’t have noticed nostalgic son whims as nostalgic won whims until she decided it was safer to presume they all are. Frances gets bellied when there’s odd talk about packs, Frances says someone invented the fax, she has taken the lead. Frances perceives brain intelligence to speak a different language, she is slowly learning the words like fuck means fuck to the wrong fuck. Frances is shards to perseverance, she barks her illness as well as a defending Alsatian at the gates. Frances ruminates with teenage aches, she is completely sulky with half bakes. Frances has nowhere else to reside, she is going to realise. Frances realises sometimes when the whole room rally for her revolution, but without too much pressure. Frances feels properly approached by men from chief lands with history brooch. The one with the black features is the baddie for once, the man with the baddie role isn’t baddie baddie. Frances likes realism and thinks that she may have overspent on expression. Frances probably looks odd as she walks about.

Frances is probably the oddest hing to the world around, she doesn’t want to please it. Frances is the reason for much of the rainy season. Frances is secretively angelic about heraldic, she thinks the potatoes in Russia and China are names to pick on . Frances thinks the constant perception of bad is her lonely task, she is martyred to writing out the get out mask. When Frances reclines in state she will have figured the word for eight. When Frances reclines instate she will have come round tho the word state. Frances is the state or she despises it.

Frances loses quite oa lot of writing on Monday.

Today is Monday, oddly, say oddly for Monday. 6th

Frances ate aBLT so the sandwich shop could have her receipt, she looked at the Ryman exiter like power cousin there she is. Frances got gristle in her sandwich and kept eating till the sandwich had gone. Frances turned down the coffee offer and was told she was stupid at the till. Frances had been in mandys buying she wasn’t sure what. Frances saw a butter potential, power butter she’s naughty. Frances bumped into sorries and dcardboard boxes, who said mands was a soft ouch. Frances wondered where the real puddings were, ended up with clotted cream. Frances didn’t choose raisins , they’re bad for the currents. Frances would like raisins, she dose admit this. Frances had to dawdle behind the granny troop with sticks and completely ignore the baby doubt, she couldn’t have sworn what they were playing at. Grannies are good at the playing at game, they’re defenceless, its their call. Frances saw all the jams wee raspberry strawberry apricot, flavours she ca’t do. Frances could do some flavours, she isn’t sure what though. Frances thinks she could go to sainsbury’s after all. Frances wants to appease her tune to the papers, she wants to indulge the New York ball. Frances thinks she’s go too good at going round herself.

Frances was going on about eating the sandwich, she wrote a piece on the iron maid on, just the maiden. She pulled out the air port card and the computer broke down so this is just second time round.

There’s no pleasing maiden, she eats her bacon. Maiden passes gristle, gets coughed at and a man comes to sit side opposite. Maiden endures what opposite does, she’s a mirror. Maiden says this to see what happens, like pinnocciol Maiden eats the sand to see which way, she has a vacuum the others say. Maiden does not feel the vacuum, sh e is observed to suck. Maiden thinks of herself as Puck. Maiden is a duck, she wants to open up to the part where she is above does, she’s getting there. Maiden has a wound, who best serves her than Maiden’s goon. Goon is the best attendant, grizzly time to resplendent, Maiden is joined when she get s coughed away, grizzly man is only blowing his nose. Maiden does what grizzly knows, maiden in Hollywood millions of pounds. Maiden slouches and crouches, grizzly is a green man ground. Maiden gives grizzly vouchers, she says she isn’t worth her pounds. Maiden is told this the paper frounds. Maiden is good to keep to some kind of den, otherwise she has no bounds. Maiden exacerbates problems by resorting to grizzly rhododendrons. Maiden doesn’t mind wild rampage if she gets the good write up. Maiden fantasises about writing, she is going to show them. Maiden has been written out of the plot, she is grizzly. Maiden lets standards slip to the point of stop the rot.

Maiden is half dangerous in grievance, half dangerous in secrecy. The basis of unveiling are ridiculous, talking about Maiden’s viscousness. Maiden becomes interested in secrecy, she special subjects. Maiden categorises black people especially. Maiden thinks the opinion comes from the sky, Maiden isn’t sure why. /maiden says black people to the coffee seller she turns own, she says black people to the wrong way in town. Maiden says black people to white peopl,e, oh, white. Maiden says single words to categorise might. Maiden might listen to black or to white, she might let them into it. Guardian of maiden iron, maiden is darker siren. Maiden wont’ know until she eats the crunch, she wont’ know till tihe time of punch. Maiden is resigned to this, gets angry about it and says delish even wheyn the foods alrigt. Maiden hthingks one day she’ll get it right, maiden is out of sight. Maiden does what she wants, she is now rambling. Maiden thinks she has eaten the biscuits, she

was a vegetarian. Maiden watches miss Hercule, she didn’t mean Marple. Maiden remembers the last word about beginnings and then takes scores on stars. Maiden wonders about he implication of sandwich to mars, she thinks she could have stacked an unfavourable cookie, she is a trouble magnet. Maiden says this but at home is she is eloquent. all these things are only because of other people, maiden at home is maiden steeple, the steeple with the stair case. Maiden thinks about the human race when she does about, she has no friends. Maiden thinks the tone of voice to use on the telephone just depends. Maiden is mostly cockney because of the tape recorder, maiden doesn’t like being taped as if this could matter. Maiden is prostrate to almer mater, that’s a phrase fo r the dictionary later. Maiden thinks her sacrifice to modern learning is about as much as the donkey to the rubbish tip. Maiden is kind of grateful for the way she has to yearn and she likes tugging backwards and forwards. Maiden had quite a good part in the film, she cuddles in. Maiden doesn’t mind when everyone is slim. Maiden likes cigars and politics and she is the best at aphrodisiacs. Maiden is aware about flax, she know s when the occasion is starchy. Maiden thinks maiden encroaches, maiden in sandwich shop hollywood roaches. Maiden describes a style of pain, maiden uses for Hollywood name. Maiden investigates with real life implicates. Maiden debates to the extent of existences.

Polite society take consideration of what they say to the does of array. Maiden is a writer, maiden is day and nighter. maiden says the most when she has found out, maiden is going to be fine when eh can pout. Maiden fancies modern itiestimes.

Maiden bureaucracies involve eating sandwiches, maiden doesn’t like to admit. Boom in sandwich , part time language, mix and match pairs of tights . Maiden sees enterprise when she starts, she comes o to London and can’t afford Marks and Sparks. Maiden dreams like the old man in maiden’s book, maiden is content with her dreams, thieves can look. Maiden befriends thieves with teasing dreams, she binds books. Maiden confides extremes to lies, tries to tie their ends. Maiden has heard of van halen, she has heard of Dun raven, she has heard of craving. Maiden wants to write books. Maiden wants to have books and charities, she gets bursts at big time profanities. Maiden makesannouncements, she gets told terrific things. Maiden finds out with dramatic rings, maiden indulges ten minute stings. Maiden becomes addicted in sex, should develop her pecks. Maiden thinks the world i s fanciful to think she has thoughts at all. maiden does not believe in telepathy.

Maiden is strictly ill beyond how are you and hows bill. Maiden is based on see nand commute, cposter on the wall cahoot. madieden says this because she will see some second hand bliss. Maiden doesn’t mind about the dream world and competition siged, she blurs what she thinks as boring as box pinks. Maiden thinks she is boring and tired and uninspired. Maiden is not wired, she is mildly admired. Maiden is happy with this, she is sad with this, she is able to range. Maiden meets the church and considers the stage, she reforms the place to concept, wha about church and state. Maiden got in earlier, she got nin with some heavyweight. maiden used to glow and let people know, Maiden used to warm the hearts of some people. Maiden had no idea some people were bedroom, maiden thought most of warmth was sun on the curtain. Maiden wouldn’t accept the room is the stage, Maiden is relieved that walls have no page. Walls are stupid things, Maiden reasons. Maiden is livings, whatever she does beats furnitures. Maiden doesn’t know what furnitures are, doesn’t see relevance in rearrange the room as far. Maiden likes rearranging, she makes point of having taste and expectation. Maiden would like to knock down walls if there isn’t draught. Maiden will go in and out and in and out, that’s twice to see the difference, half in and out half in and out, over the course of ten minute.s Maiden will think that gradual movement is more graceful than pavement, what’s wrong with it. Maiden has a useless wardrobe, why can’t she move her arms and legs.

Maiden thinks she has a boring post code, wants to live by cafeterias. Maiden didn’t used to mind antiques and shops for exteriors. Maiden didn’t used to mind lighting shops and boutiques, Maiden becomes one for peaks, she wants to resolve the eating sneaks. Maiden deliberates to be the restauranteur, maiden fancies food is fur. Maiden was trapped by how she ate, she did businesses homework. Maiden lost business and looked at the food, that’s the problem of being rude. Maiden would like to combine what she is, she’d like to share her latest fizz. maiden fizzes when she does amazing quizzes, she needs o be worshipped.

Maiden got worshipped enough to stop, worship became a word for shut up. Maiden rewards the place and the time with having a smile . Maiden ics closest to Frances, how she deals with shopper trances. Maiden is uncaring, un sharing though she would like to buy someone a coffee. Maiden is consequential to referential, she does to think. Maiden doesn’t plan moe than being able to hange her mind, she likes allowances. Maiden sticks to things because of excursions, she breaks off through no choice of her owns. Maiden makes dog’s bones, she doesn’t believe there ‘s anything she can do about bodily turns. Maiden is not able to be glued, she’d be dead.

Maiden allow as Frances to think about milk she shouldn’t have milk. Maiden and Frances are the same really, they can stick to polity but what does it show Maiden sees hail, and goes to the window. Maiden stops tuning her piano and sits down to type, . Maiden moves round freely, not exactly impulse just going on to shrug off gripe. Maiden gets bored and thinks what next. Maiden hardly hears whats next, just thinks whats next and presumes its time to got. Did maiden make the cafe sad by turning down the coffee chad. Maiden wants to know the politics of where she drinks, she doesn’t have meetings with shrinks. Maiden thinks sh could be ethically served right by what she almost might. Maiden may not proceed in the world until she does the coffee bit right. Maiden could pass at crossing the road, get strangled at nobody’s code. Maiden marches right of way at times, blobs on at times, there are vibes about or paves to weigh. Maiden is point by disability, she is getting to close to promiscuity. Maiden is favoured with prams and buses, who knows what the world discusses. Maiden talks about heworld, she means the circulate. Maiden doesn’t need to be presented, she can find her own way without the coagulate. Maiden crms thick cream and butter biscuits down, she’s Scottish. Maiden makes allowances like what she balances, she could go there for so far and there for so far. Maiden knows she is lonely and sees that she juggles, she didn’t used to. Maiden appreciates being given the time to get used to. Maiden has shown herself through lots of advice by television people ad radios and echoes from the family scolds, she has begun to unravel how she goes. Maiden grabs other pejoratives where personal pearticulars would have voiced. Maiden feels more indivicdual through richness of choice, she is considered homeless. Maiden is haughty about lots of naughty, she thinks grannies haven’t got a thing to worry about their naughty granddaughters, look at her.

Maiden thinks she’s right, thinks she’s been sold down the river or some woe’s plight, Maiden thinks this means she has extra sight that is only worth skin’s advertisement. Maiden has no feelings apart from seeing through them afterwards, she keeps saying this.

Maiden prescribes herself to moulds, she says the state of mind is bold. If maiden was bold she could wash, maiden has worn welly boots in. Maiden is put under pressure by radio and television, she can’t stop watching. Maiden would pass if she didn’t keep switching, she finds this game like bed time itching. Maiden is in a remote position and she needs to coax her education. maiden didn’t understand what soaps meant from position she used to reach to tell them.

Why did maiden confide i n dreams outside. Maiden used film to pass earls. Maiden wonders about ears, she has met them. The difference between maiden and hammersmith is place mat lunches. Maiden is adamant she doesn’t know her jury. Jury know her story of where she went, Maiden was hell bent. Maiden wants jury in the street to give her clues, she follows close repeats and finds ejected. Maiden want s to be ejected and doesn’t care anyway. Maiden wants therapy to shout at the jury. Maiden knows not who said what, there are no people to ask who she is. Maiden varies as much as faces passing in the quiz.

Frances wonders about sandwiches and how the call to feed consumes the pattern. Frances thinks choosing triangles is about dropping or gathering stitches. Frances thinks this after the sandwich, she thinks it would be clever to do birth signs by the bites and times, Frances thinks of Sciences and does a sick burp. Frances thinks about the gristle left behind and wha t it could mean to the bin man’s mind. Frances thinks about how long she sat on the stool, she thought she thinks. Frances is dragged by stars and times, at one and two the lunch is time, she went to the star at eleven eleven thirty. Frances went off peak and was modest so to speak, she should have gone for a nice pudding. Frances thinks about food on the shelf, questions of personal health. Today is BLT and puree , it comes with napkin. The constitution about what happens with sandwiches, Frances thinks the people in the business could be anybodies. Frances could be working in a hub like the one with flashing hexagons. Frances types as the contestants identify music. The main thing about television is postponing the guess for three or ten seconds. Team sandwiches sit in rows above each other, the Frances went on university challenge and did quite well. Frances relies on adrenalin.

Today’s lunch was not very adrenalin, today’s lunch was a chance to look about. Frances notices d she hadn’t been around for some time, she notices she didn’t want to do what she did to time. Frances spent time on a corrugated floor, she always thinks about the war. Frances thinks metal floors are clever and she thinks they can be scrubbed down. Frances thinks the 568ml pint is the example of information inserted by sight. Frances knows some things by reading and some things by feeding. Frances knows somethings by pleasing, she hopes the worse team gets more points until they are useless. Frances sees below half marks as useless, she probably swaps teams. Noise and colours, there is pink and brown. Buzz to answer, six books are shortlisted for Booker.

Frances watches Rebus, still thinks about the break’s trai..l. Frances thinks everyone is nice in danger, this is a problem. Frances becomes fictional stranger when she’s safer, she acts in wait, lady in waiting. Frances sees the housing estate, there’s Ken. Frances thinks the point of being tired is reward. She is very tired but she can stay up to watch the television. Frances thinks she should bthe in the morning. Frances thinks the ethnicity in Edinburgh is surprising, she doesn’t do much but harp on about being a refugee. Frances thinks the term is funny, she likes the sound of babble. Frances writes and wants to be understood, she likes words like Henderson. Hendersons don’t like Frances as much, frances thinks Hendersons are cleaners. The man on the carpet prays. Frances thinks Hendersons have baubles in their doors, she spots their ways. Frances sees the trash collector with a man in the swing. Frances thinks about foreshortening and there are snowbaoarders jumping. Frances shouldn’t shop on any corners, sthey are nmore onventient.

Frances swaps sides when she shouldn’t she buys for the kitchen and for the moment, Frances snacks. She thinks the paint advert with paint is well dripped. She thinks the light bulb paints. Ken says passing acquaintance, cheap and nose scratch, body language. The dog walker is very funny, the tracksuit says the dog thinks its a carpet, the acute lingo franco of CCT sonic. Frances finds intelligence in runsons as nose y sensitivity. Frances thinks the same of Mercavity. Frances thinks the attention to dread should be discarded, she’s still nagging about the tristle left on the packet. What would the impact do? Frances thinks the pig is policeman, shape of head. Sandwich like KwikFit. Frances sees the phrase, drop in cafe, she thinks these things when she gets panicked. Frances thinks she should watch trevor more often, she often switches over.

Frances drops her PO Box cardon the floor when she opens the ltetter. This means she drops the card. Frances thinks the relevance.


Who are the friends, what do they mean, who are the captors, what is their game? Tendency to smile grabs for a while, that was good.


since the preference, wenseleydale has becomes available in packs of two at reduction.



Frances wants to know what a shoved letter in the pillar means, she has taken to evening postings, out of the sun’s shadow. Frances thinks she gets drawn out of the door to coincide with quirky stubble, she gets to look for polish to round off other people. Frances puts a wash on and does it before the trash passes, it takes long enough to advance up the street but she says Hello to the lady inside, this could be a gob wrong impulse, Frances shouldn’t be cheery and when she should, shouldn’t should. Frances made the sari lady jog along past when she got back from the wash, this could be because she was meant to envelope the trash can. Frances thinks eight fifteen could be before the watershed of nine. Frances thinks the earlier the more on time, this is since Wednesday’s letter to Sue and she can make her own rules up as she goes along.

The lady in the washer was surprised by Frances speed, Frances was nimble and raced back to her box. Frances then stood still and wondered what to do, to soak to was h, to put the red and green woollens in the bath. This is probably wrong, just like Friday, what is wash today. Frances can’t wash till she’s on the right said e woso she may as well do it sooner than later. Frances doesn’t like to wash too often because of the political debate about water and taps, she is not frightened. Frances knows no order about what comes first except there it seems, Frances finds she’ll do things without implications until she gets harangued about implications. She still does the implications by red and green alternate lights, it just comes as the next cue. Frances thinks she can wash on both sides of the street, whirr to cottons, woollens close to treat. Frances has a skirt that could be Katie’s lit looks home made but she likes wearing it.

Frances swaps pieces of clothing for people, this is an interest. Frances bases hypothesis to things she didn’t consider. Frances would never have considered where the skirt came from until many years later having not waorn it at all. Frances didn’t wear the skirt she didn’t wear tights, Frances has less hairy legs and some shoes. Frances finds shoes very noisy and can adjust with polyester platforms, she wears ones that say attitude. She got them from Hull on an Oasis weekend, she thinks she is the baddy friend. Frances is quite near to the border, she woke up to stones cascading and thought, that’s to compensate for the missed spit of yesterday. Frances passed for a n hour or two yesterday with her expert shopping list from Ocado’s. She gargled and dropped a dropip when she went to bed, she has largely been sleeping for two days. Frances does very little and does very much, she finds what she does is bound to twist back. Frances doesn’t mind what she does, only the police do and the noises and varieties of the media that beep and anthem her progression.

Frances thinks the world has a strange deliberation on how she can hope to rectify. Frances admits she’s personal with give it a try. Frances is the most indignant blame to the prod, she does have a friend called Rod. Frances thinks she’ll rhyme in turns, she holds hands with the next program. Frances thinks she is friends with everyone, she has taught the art of being on the side on. Frances want s to was up in the morning, she wants to wash up in the evening she may wash u p when she likes. Frances doesn’t really know whats best apart form freshness pouring in the morning. Frances could spend the rest of the day yawning from distant gleaming. Frances has nightmares about euphoria.

Frances enjoys learning what to do and then goes blue. Frances is most famous in the fairy sparkle and outrageous. Frances thinks the most significant thing to pass is another trash man in the road, there he goes. Frances is easily targetted. Frances used to think globally but she is now only locally. Frances is locally answerable to globally, she isn’t available to news. Frances thinks the best thing she an do is choose the right pair of shoes. Frances wears the same shoes though they started out as slippers. Frances thinks she did like kippers, but there was a reason. Frances does like brioche, she isn’t that posh. Frances likes brioche and cheese, she’s talking food. There is a menu to follow, Frances observes what she does to borrow. Why would her cheese and the grate pass judgement on every date, Frances coincides what she reserves with tomorrow’s curves.

Frances should be happy to turn before the action brolly, she finds wit in what street cheese doesn’t she provokes her own nit by telling type the wear of gloves. Frances should be overjoyed to be included in the laundry spin, her bag is moved above someone else’s wash and the dry basket is in front of her door. Frances has to slide and set down and drop various scores, she always leaves a sock and a knicker in the well. She wonders about the day the set the spell, Frances believes cruelty is not doing what was the tell. The tell said the future would never improve if the out load could not weave in a particular sequence. Frances goes in and out of public convenience with her breath held, with spurned heels, she has done too much for charity because she is a communist.

Frances says the sentence round off to that because she could not remember. Frances gets parted from her ways to surrender. Frances thought not that she gave any more than blast goes slave. Frances may feels like a slave, she is angry enough to be locked. Frances is bonneted nine swarms of bees enough to not reauire the cough, Frances gets coughs anyway snd lists of people to bring back today. Frances thinks sh e is remarkably apt, capable, not apt, she gets called apt she is apt, Frances just typed apt because of her horrible friend, Frances can’t stand her friends who have stood by to the word.

Frances thinks she is heroically horrible when she confides, there’s a great sense of humour about magazine brides. Frances thinks the type side of her soul is the only one to roll Frances has laughs on the faster shows and she plays heave ho for shedding the value. Frances would like to make a sitcom and prove to everyone wrong, Frances has no light of her own, she is imaginatively sown. Frances finds the remembrance e of what she does grateful to the passing fuzz. Frances would like the fuzz to elect her, they do tho their honest pleasure. Frances comes around to admitting large things, she did wear rings.

Frances thinks the game about what she does and what she did is so well hid that she is threatened. Frances like a little minstrel should not be threatened, she should not have the worthings pelt her with stones, they pay large amounts of tax to heave her downis owned. Frances is public property by the sense of sense, she looks about. Frances finds this morning cruelty, she is just used to it.

Frances is one of the most tolerant the people there is, she makes a habit of it. Frances gets her end up by going through tolerance, she wants to get ignited. Frances gets ignited by her end up, she isn’t frightened. Frances gts her insides scraped and uses this to progress her vulnerability. Frances has many targets aimed at her existence, Frances is all nurse and gives her insides out, she gives her insides in, she gives she fucking hates giving.

Frances has nothing to please the takers, they take she is not taken from. Frances imparts occasional secrets, they just slip out. Frances gets told she isn’t human, frances wants to be human and likes being bolshy. Frances finds the communist translation of who she is the degrgtdateion. Frances likes degradations he doesn’t deserve. Frances agrees with not deserving she doesn’t have. Frances waits for the prompt to uncover what she did, Frances gave up, she gave away and wants a pat on the back. Frances is furious about what goes off, she dreads the close up. Frances thinks the good friends and the bad friends are solid from the waste up. Frances discounts what she can’t control, the discounts slash her nail and tooth, Frances always scratches. Frances gets to grips with fuck off umbrellas,he never used to notice them.

Frances was prompted to think of the intricate bitcheniss when she was minuted to the mad man. Frances does take cues from ultimatum. Frances is constantly prescribed to contradiction, she has made its fluidity and art form. If Frances wants to amend her instinct, she is welcome to give it a go , Frances thinks she is most let down by similar faces on the row. Frances is morally wounded but tought oth the white brolly, she is more hazarded by the foreign someone nobody. Frances thinks the people with opinion are there for her to tell, she thinks she is helping the small people by showing them her uncontrolled bell. Frances is institutionally racist.

Frances is a self hating get out clause for media stations, Frances likes continual commentary and translation. Frances says nobody taught her about the situation, Frances could have interpreted her thoughts if she’d been in the right place. Frances hates people television, they’re the only ones she talks to. Frances can’t imagine what she says to the big black lady that knows she’s going to. Frances hopes the shade of imaging could e something to do with it. Frances wonders why she talks to imposters when she is most in the thick of it. Frances hands herself into Phil on the hill, sh e is completely mad. Frances hates Phil and she hates his lad. Phil is a million arse holes that should have taken her side, Phil listened and Phil didn’t run and hide. Frances thins keeping things is important, she doesn’t think guns should be imported

France has nobody to interact with on a friendly basis, she doesn’t understand.

Frances reads three paragraphs back to ohomne in on giving. Frances doesn’t give she is robbing. Frances is the name for robbing what she passes on, she is cowardly and shrink away, sh’e’s always moving on. Frances doesn’t give a shit if she drops tin the way, she may as well. Frances hate s gimps and this writing is setting her to pay. Frances thinks she is reading liesnes for later reassurance, Frances wants to lie lie down and sleep she is tired of what to keep.

It has nothing to do with communism when Frances is around, the thing most convenient is tie up state with Frances’ rounds. Frances is morally invisible, she must have ties, she can split where words with spaces and remark how it buys. Frances is phonetically swift with what she does to the gift, she starts of nff new crazes with black markets and troughs. Frances is the state of heart to man and the cart, Frances is hungry for pancakes. Frances thinks she can pleasure the rift with naff poetry, Frances has become the rhyming slang for Fletcher’s topiary. Frances doesn’t give as hit, she gets bugled.

Frances insists all this but is most euphoric on the point of subsiding. Frances is completely empty and colliding. Frances is tuned and exhumed with the same notoriety, Frances catches herself at the robber’s task of right of way. Robbed people get on, they overtake and push the gong, Frances ives the badges out, safely go and leave it out. frances finds irony in what she does eventually. At the time , frances asks no question of selling under the line, she sees totally and trips. That says tips upon accurate consideration. frances tiripes where she thought trips, gives tips. Frances is most unworthy and wants bto be fed graciously. Frances dosen’t think one trash collector is the same as another in her game of putting ht ewashing on, then the next trash collector goes by, it seems the game wiis wrong. frances goes back woto what she starts, seh was the one that mentioned the wash by the tarts. Frances thinks the woman in the laundry is into spin and she doesn’t like her because the other woman isn’t in. Frances cannot rely on anyone. the day is Friday and she still doesn’t know what that means to washing or telephoning.

Frances will be mad forever but she has harnessed her sane persecution.

Frances has got her appointment with the prime minister and the ward is Section 2’s admission. The

I was woken from a nap when Dr. Kelly arrived after 11am with Dr. Patel, Dr. , a duty nurse and a social worker. Dr. Kelly was unable to gain access to the flat yesterday. The door bell doesn’t work, although he may have left a message on the answering machine. Dr. Kelly did present the opportunity to go the Charing cross voluntarily. My request to remain at home was seen as ambiguous and the group adjourned to the telly room to agree on Section 2.

During the examination there was an extended pause when I could not think of the word for ‘sedated’. Dr. Kelly summarised to the party that I have been out of contact with friends and relatives. The situation is isolating, a description I agreed to, explaining that I haven’t found anyone good enough to talk to.

When the Section had been agreed, I said, Oh, please let me be voluntary’ mimicking kid to the teacher. The police were in the hall and I insisted on hanging my washing up before leaving. The twist of voluntary annoys me, respect says leave me be, reliance says take me away. There isn’t much independence in the service received at Charing Cross, the stress is not about establishing friendship, only confidence to be doctored. However unprofitable I’m seen to be without help, the day centre isn’t constructive without taking some kind of view on learning about mental health.

On the last admission there were a wide range of patients. The guy from the RAF and the alcoholic were the most vocally intelligent. Mental health is more interesting when patients could be observers, this is the key to listening. Being martyred to spending time thinking is to cough up the produce. Madness thinks in circles or spirals, wondering which.

There’s no mistake in suggesting that Charing Cross isn’t good enough, meaning Dr. Kelly. The same goes for The Priory and Dr. Rowan. These doctors are both seekers, bounty hunters. This is partly my fault for having flowery language. The best person to rip off lets off steam, just read this paragraph!

The ambulance man was relieved that the traffic was normal. The social care worker had asked why my bedroom had no light. There is a mild sense of paranoia about supernatural where mental health is factual, it can’t say.

Most of what I can’t say is hinted at and left unconcluded. The precious nature of ambiguity is tempting, like the chance to talk. The strongest case the doctors have is undisturbed, its already been said.

The ward is on the ground floor, introduced by the duty nurse. The conditions aren’t barrack, the un communist hint is purple hedging to set off beige. There were people at lunch when I arrived and a recognised Irish lady asked fish and chips of me. After a while of television, they were at mild temperature, and there was strawberry sponge with custard. A new arrival called Andrew was settled in the wing behind the TV. The news reports were about loony rules, a man put flyers from his post into a public bin. TV outreach are all set to support the coverage, the cleaner asked if I was watching the BBC. The last thing anyone needs is a Pharaoh from Hammersmith.

The already said part estranges persistence, there’s no hope in recovering far out relations without pulling off constant situations. This is page two of a get out document, spillage is already non recoverable. Who wants to talk to the council?

At heart, democracy receives treatment. Silent refusal is seen as impeachment. These rhumes negate genuine lines, read as bereavement. A stitch from concentrated orange juicce is enough for doctors tofind truce, there is no greater harm.

I have a problem with body language, graffitti on the wall.

I love you
YRH Prince William
Bodicea Rose McNally O’Sullivan

Diplomacy says Dr. Kelly is harmless,

Dr. Patel leaves at five past five with a scratchy nose. He is irritated by the tick box section with trails of ‘No’s to nausea, pain, hyperventilation, strain, medication, inebriation. Superhuman stairs are non negotiable, the condition is healthy. Dr. Patel is easy to talk to, his name is easy remember. the nurse doesn’t think repeating her name is intrusive, but introductions are times to remember. Darren arrives with a yellow card, he doesn’t give the pink one out, everyone likes Darren. Making a point of delay is the lady’s luxury, five minutes is the level of exemplary.

Two portions of sponge and two portions of custard, stuff the raisin policy, this is the place to eat up. Gay abandon to food on trays, the sauce is there the next day. There is a charming fat lady that doesn’t talk straight at first, sh e ignores to come back with seconds and a glass of water for me. she could have left her bag on the chair on purpose, but buy the time she is coming aback I am leaving and have to make my own way to find a cup for drinking. The vending machine looks like good news to stop and browse. There are numbers of reasons why clearing someone else’s plate is inadvisable. Sarah works for the canteen, ‘nice grub’ is an institutional back hand. The level of nice in the institution doesn’t hurt, there is sophistication in the way that street says it. the man says nice by the tray trolleys, it means nothing. Only the passers on beat down courage.

Saturday 11th

Dr. Patel asked me what the day and date were, and was ‘Zero six’ said three times in a row did sound a bit mixed. He is alert but not daunted. Dr. Kelly makes shadows of understanding to prove he is’t daunted, though he does have Bob’s residue. The day rounds off with supper with the second helpings lady, my mother and this paragraph shouldn’t start with doctor.

Mental health is the detour of most stealth, it is only ten years since Dunblane. Whenever it was with Alana or a name like that, the constitution and the tears put the penny on hold. The crashing debate about global fate continues without bounds, dropping is the session for mental health rounds. Although nobody in particular is responsible for seizure, information packs amnesia with faulty strides. So many swears swat flies in winter, the flies are bound to gather. On the stage the clothes take part, how about a different mother. The human brace of personal identity is well used by the council. It is not my fault that the tantrum didn’t make jelly. Millipede deserves his legs, variety footfalls.

Justification seemed hard from the white detective, with a black mother all the policy is invected. There goes the ice queen on her bus ride, she goes, how she grows. Where’s my self possession to policy and affection? The main point about art is mystery, how does it help?

The same week applies to David Bowie and HRH and the pole dance, the same week applies for a job in stapling, commuting in Ravel shoes and a skirt with a static problem. The same week says Anthony Hopkins to sleeping in theatres, the same week says the crash team should share rears. Most obviously to celebration, the municipals lay tracks of bins, rubbish and trainee quacks. The task is to speak at the type, character verse to look and gripe. The ushers of sequin are the moon’s costume, what is happening on the west end? Nothing could be more expansive than a girl with a green bit in her hair stopping to say woah there!

Charge town reaps bedlam like grave stones, well chipped in stone or wood. The accident of chronic distress has apology makes to settle. Effective a s bags of wind, grab happy fills the whim. All the coincidence would split in weight, only the pigeon lands.

Hotel porter demonstrates locks, as does doctor to blend with frocks. The relevance of incidents is flatulence for the beak to twig. Cooling down thaws warmth after superman, back to the struggle is permutation. Birds nest under iron stairs, mettle colour either ors. Birds nest on the wall, landing tread with four feet.

Why does psychosis jump strip, how does alarm retain time’s grip? The problem yesterday spanned to this point and the nest grew a dome. Hats name topsy turvy to make flight, the brim is about head height. Response to distant pegs gather scatters and lay eggs. This is written from within the dungeon, shedding hair from sad light. The excuse of time is straight twigs, only three are needed. Nobody is of use to know, ordinarily birds of a feather. Bath smells of old granny, skin yellows.

Vending machine, vending machine, vending machine
Vending machine, vending machine, vending machine
Vending machine, vending machine, vending machine

Dr. Kelly has scouted the bedroom and he’s porn witness to nylon tights in packages. Kelly is straight off the shelf, this is radio’s opinion.

The business of spending pennies in proceeding beyond the first grate, there are zillions of small successes, then the action of mistake. This is just like pornography, and the odds are stacked for penny in the loo arrivals. Having mange about basic survival is quirk dangerous, how can contingency be outrageous? The plan to respect coin is dolled on the join, spin tops are best removed from risky fortress drops . So there’s Barry White on the radio, there’s pigeon with the nest sticks, there’s to words inclusive and the piss takes pink as percussive.

Blame the opera for velvet red and talk German but radio shouldn’t accompany the toilet break. Alleluia! The girl in the refectory says her brother stoler her cigarettes though she didn’t think he was a sinner. The hoover arrives to suck up the battery, it has been through other rooms and the hose is bendy. Clue searching is minute and the hoover leaves to the next state. Suction and relief provide likeness to standing. The likeness promises to keep up performance. When Freddie’s stand impresses the room, Freddie’s command for the vacuum. This upsets competition, there’s no entry form. The hoover could suck Freddie in to microphone , the hoover could turn up sing on the volume. Live performance is freddie’s chord, impersonates as coins to word. As large as the radio, Freddie displays to go, his message is flush!

Why are the ladies keen to doll out orange cartons, are they fertility options?
Accusation comes at the price of leapfrog. Accusation requires the next step to build a log not yet grown. Accusation assumes every worker is more than a link zone. The current antipathy switches lights for Margaret, she has officially dark interests. Derek is light and light is dark, the slants of words have angles, angels.

Andrew triumphs at ping pong by saying the score isn’t kept, he is mysteriously advantaged with a ton two tone bat. He fumbles around the wheelchair to pick up the ball and he could be part of the conservative pub crawl. it’s not nice being tied to a wheelchair and talking to gross competence in what’s next square. Andrew is coincidentally connected and his lost intelligence is similarly protected. Andrew is a nice person for as long as he is, has the national interest at heart, not like people with yellow bats. He says people pick on him.

Coleslaw for dinner may have been mistake, but at least it avoided mince pies, five meats and sweetcorn. The traps of significance make way at the canteen.The word is contention around ‘mimi mini’, only Annapolis. Man with shiny ways sings on the TV , what he signs is meant to be Amore. The hostess says he’s stopped growing, he’s kind f inviting.

Mac, MacVities, farms and things. Being very outdoors is the topic of the day, what about the past thirty years? Context is helpful in dire situations. Crumbs under tables and things. Easy admission to safe havens is he stuff of redemption. Andrew is the sort of person to get done in by, he doesn’t have to point. This is pointing. He is probably a ping pong fisher, a cobral humanoid.


A pregnant pause and a knock on the door come from the staff with a trolley of laundry, they want me to pull the door for them in the bargain of haberdashery, this is irritating but affirmative discovery. The signals for what passes as ceremony are universally defined, this place is not peculiar. Simple message to sist at a table with a bag to sit at the same table and watch it get collected. The woman with the Ryman’s bag looks a bit Japanese too. The lady tht leaves with a Foyles bag prompts a sneeze from me, it was a choice sneeze, gone along with.

What a fitful night!

Although there wee fewer soliloquies from angry demons, I woke at two thirty to drink water and acknowledge the ‘goodbye and good riddance’ lady that is cousin to Marg. The night of plight is calmly excited, what was in the muffin!

Poison cries poison ties, burning. Something cancerous or bugged is presumed, too late for TV omnibus. The pale nurse is up to talkative and the kitchen lady sings, what sense of bravery there is in simple things. The blanket was good for bed warmth, the young madam stuck her Vs at me, she motivated off to fetch the blanket on second thoughts when I said Don’t do that.

Signing off with two month sentence gets parliament some temperament. The signal workshop of timing a flop is about to be globally tested. The survival of a harsh tooth is unwanted on a row of gum. The best thing to eat is toffee apple.

The vending machine has a Tartuffe pudding on yesterday’s row of chocolate muffin, the muffin has moved up a flight of importance, on the right. The warning about what to bites is gloriously late. What is going to happen? The belly is only vaguely stirred, it has the contents of hugely spurred. The signs aren’t tomorrow’s or even the day after’s.

The decision to section is the ultimate control on spend, this is the main action of guardianship, people and money. People are spent with and places dispensed with, the same old tactic works with virtual wealth. The main difference for sectioning this name with this bank account is that it does have a passport. Emergency states allow through flows to improvise, the standard bearer has to follow through with various lies. The confiscation of wealth is understood on the inherited guilt of more and more.

How much do I want to have a friend?

Serious confidence bargains the larger spend, here have a baby. The irony of disbelief is taken up invisibly. What presumes to leave home is wind and wrong, guardianship is not inventive. The Drummond Morays stop anything that is concrete, this is documented. This means nothing was spent, nobody left. This is what we have, soup on the belt. This is what talks, mobile walks. This is the custom, you’re an idiot.

Swear consequence against what is to hide what this presumes. This hold s a writst watch and this spends car fumes. This has no more to promise, this is wiped out. Serial swills remark that the behaviour. That to this is harmonially tryst. The Dettol advert is offensive to maggot, swamped in rice pudding.

Nurse put ten pence change on top of the newspaper in the reception area. Andrew is a kleptomaniac. Andrew was beaten up, that’s why, probably by me.

Alistair Campbell is on the television asking the journalist to use her something or other brain, he acknowledges questions to the ledges of maim. Over the shoulder, Alistair is a best friend.

The marble cake suspicion is good enough to plough and drip chest custard, never mind how. The menu of macaroni is forbidden, food of small children and served with peas! Warm macaroni and peas is not beaten. If the secret about macaroni and peas was on wide release, children would be spent on the high seas. Balfour is a messenger for the shuttle of newspaper , this could be giving liberties the wrong way.

The time is constantly 52s to the man that invented useful weeks. The problem is resolved when constancy is treachery. The whole circuit of minute and hour fit fifty two by eight minutes short, the maths is simple. Infill the word ‘sixty’ to Balfour’s maths, there could be something going with tips of what to say next.

Room recovery gives life the instant glow, neighbourhood. Alastair was on the television, Jerry on the magazine, door on the hinge to the surveillance team. It is important to distinguish the paper fortress has bank limits. The cost of reading and watching touches the public section. The corridor guard for mainstream holidays is luck for weather packing and value. The next excursion to the waterworks will nod and allow and brood. Hypothetically, low status means nothing, the conquest is throughing. Functions of charm delay habit where it has none. Assumptions of charm force clothing to face music. The attendant has swift fingers, assignments, repairs. Over the counter, pandas tumble down slides. Bricks are still made of bricks, how crumbled.

Minute chances to break thought with admission, bobble pick the jumper to weed the coarse grass. Sunday could be the market best, reading columns of pace to futures. Garden walk, summer lodge, season ahead for the week forward. Counting down the minutes till fast pace skips fatted, the holiday and the armpit singe for ideas. The overhaul makes logging and stone, the preemptive button sends a fire alarm. What should happen when the light is too dim to read and the switch too far to turn? What should happen to the what that follows this and that, dim and far. Exploration sections of travel give warm evenings likely, the blot fits the rest of the film, always laddering. From the top mast, landing crowded canopies or performing scrape on pinewood ski lodges.
Monday 13

Marble cake and sliding doors, the trivia is large and small. Crumb to slab the feed to speckle, munch and bunch the crowd heckle. This sounds laughable strange, set up to another something strange. What way did in go? Richard is in the magazine, holding court with conversation. Based on prose from teenage brawls, harm and fun resplendent,

Personal grudges shouldn’t stand, there is no point in being hurt. The apple turnover is the funny side of lifting the foot, it has no time.

Although the institution is useful for folding mind and don’t, the written pearl is hocus hotch, kind of strange to talk. The express purpose of fiddle is to chant play when the time fits. Interim swords of words recall past quirks, the fury about shuffled feet, getting past door guards, naming sleet. The sense of where is porridge to liking porridge, the butter runs out, similar doubt. Set up for likeness is hardy to live on plain toast and a granny smith for breakfast, wait for the count down. The whole meal is off kilter to measure affront but there need be no marble pool. This may not be solved.

ReM sing shiny happies before the escape is made from the art room. How can the time be good when mistake wants to rest with time is up?

Wee wee wee wee want to wee, eleven from ten thirty, wee wee art, do some crayon, wee wee later solution, wee wee, up and down in the lift. Wee wee the last at eight, wee wee wait till afternoon. Eleven forty five, wee wee, lunch at twelve, eleven fifty, eleven fifty eight, wee wee. Only a small lunch, there’s lunch, more lunch, cauliflower cheese and potato and all, and a roll, eat the roll as well, where’s pudding. Wee wee, calm e at the cauliflower cheese, ewee wee company, nice man about the turrets. Wee wee sod the green poison, wee wee, hangover from yesterday. Wee wee choose pudding anyway, vending machine, wee wee. Tartuffe through the door, scoff the pud with toothbrush. Wee wee too late, dribble down the hall.

The significancy of wee today is wee from tomorrow, the time is important, some people borrow. The man in point about what is similar distraction, the cliff hanger is statitc. Hold out!

Food cues ahem, cough, door, serviette or napkin, potato crust, cauliflower stalk,

Curtis thinks the hang on conversation is important, this is because he works for the integrate. When information ties loose flies, only the word is useful. Subjects revolve around poisonous creatures, aggravation of the suckers. The cuckaburra is an odd creature, apparently distinct from the cuckaburra. The song about coombaya has different versions too. The significance of rivers depends on flood plains, invasions, drouths, large life cycles. The relevance of this over art is dependence. The subject of coca cola is drawing the empty bottle, the catchement of the independent is amazing when it goes right round. I said I saw you to Curtis, this is a favourite get back line, it means I saw you. The confirmation that snakes are bad is saying no reto the reptile house, worked in the reptile house. The collection behind glass says let thing s pass, threre is no other way to repeat things fast. The route to the room is up two floors and right, right, through two doors and left.

How did Blob join the world, oh well there were theese wee wees and doors and lifts and classes. Blob listens to pulp fiction , the only explanation. Blob hasn’t learned to speak, Blob may collect bins in future. Blob could be very important in the field of waiting. Blob wonders what blobbed him, blob is a boomerang. Blob’s mum isn’t blob’s mum, she doesn’t mind, she only has fits. Fits are irrelevant, they describe the hard shoulder. Blob’s mum is racially responsible, she isn’t upbringing more than her manners and foods. Blob’s mum checks into the blob orbit, she gets her blob from time to time, she spills wee on the floor. Blob’s mum drips as well as blobs, that’ll do for floors and runs. Blob’s mum is juxtaposed to . It would be fun to do pottery although the implications aren’t green ball.

The man at the butt of the gun in Tesco’s gets the gun out of the way from Kelly and his bray. How nice to include the gun with ways to pursue the discussion. A whole wave of relief goes about for the action room. The room likes to reassure whatever crops up. The art class brings up the seasons, what’s the favourite, the morning grass brings up how was the weekend. The art class say that biting is silly, I go all over again about the crocodiles an d the mossie’s bites. The morning grass says don’t worry, the morning class says where’s the charity. The art class says where’s the charity, the whole lot of people in the building are up on what happens to the person that volunteers.


How plausible is the fourteen stone sob, how plause, applause. Volunteer has the trust up front, the best expectation to get promotion. The volunteer bathes in refracted glory, gets the best of Tobermory. Volunteer hears the song, sings the song, gos along, verbal gong. The Volunteer minds and then doesn’t mind, coffee mornings aren’ t so bad. Volunteer did say the volunteer, volunteer drops the like the Sunday Telegraph. Volunteer is part of the force, undistinguished, the 24 7 suicidal looks in very good shape. Volunteer to say everything twice.

Two minutes in the next class is too steep, it serves to bolt eight brioche and wendsleydales. The kiss has all worn off from belhing cheese sauce, the whole place needs another role call. The

I’m rude to Dr. Patel, saying what a lot of doctors there are today. Rude to going aback and forwards and saying yes and no and conjure the memory. Dr. Patel isn’t freaked, just quick to exit. Dr. Kelly is magnanimous about the biological and mental links with the hospital, he says they need to be blended, this isn’t very concrete. Dr. Kelly talks more than usual, he is coming on in blurb.

Seeing Magda means when will I see her again , and if so what will it means. Going home to stuff all the cheese and brioche means illness, prevention, inclination, detention, the usual bads of turning fads. Going home to come back and go on to the hospital, eat two suppers with rice and cheese, going back for more cheese, many loos, squelching around with making sure. Turning on the television and squelching around with what’s the score. Grovelling in the gum barn with silly sun tan, just checking. Basting and rearranging the suitable post with what was all that missing out. The set backs reset against the face that turns down clap. Who would be stupid to wait and cross the road in a more convenient place? How less convenient could the place be to the one that wasn’t at the broker, how less appropriate could high speed learn of the shiver. The safety of crowded squat is squat.

Tuesday 14th

The cafe group meet in the refectory at 10.30, there’s a table with an intelligent man on his computer and all the cheery kitchen staff talk around toast and jam, hedging crusts off. The event is great, trooping back through the hospital with Roger talking about road trains and my pounded Fiat. The last ing impression is Banfield Park, talking there about Cheltenham Spa, talking back about Stags in Richmond, there with Adrian, Back with Roger. The coffee break is drunk with the aura man’s recital rap, he sees colours about frames, mine is yellow. Its good to be reminded of my yellow craze, must get some yellow. The walk there reaches between Adrian and the paramedic men by the hospital van gate, man with a beard know that man. I wonder who the salesmen are, the passing woman says a ‘word with wells in it, wondering along. I sit between Tina and Amy, who joined in with Adrian just before arriving at the riverside. The place to live is Brackenbury, she has access to small shops. There is a n interruption from Kurtis who harshly introduces himself, just in my manner. Although we pass directly through the hospital, I forget to take my blood test and go home to celery and Goswells before setting off again at 212.30. At least I had a chance to change the pooey bath with soaking jumpers. Some of the poo is like cardboard, good job for the celery. The back entrance may have been better to choose, but with mistakes, take the main highroad. Still wonder about the tread outside the puzzle, why walking above the cellar is not advisable. The solicitor advised me to wait until Monday before rattling sabres, she was in at midday, reassuring to confirm the emails. I went to the blood room by overtaking the entrance, airport waiting lounge with the indian uncle clasping his hands behind his back in the Athol movement. Lady in the corridor said the word sandwiches, I was looking for a reason to have gone home for the lunch break. Is there a knack for the ticket dispense, r, is there too much to snatch with my register? A girl at the queue breaks it for me, she is at the top io f the line. Wondering about Roger, there are twenty people to sift until my 81. That reminds me, butter for pancakes, buy. Lunch hour in the queue means fewer jabbers, though I’m finished and home by 1.30. Once I assisted with samples enlisted, that was emergency. Wondering about the park and what went on, I slip my hand through the neck of the jumper, the sample is gone. The jabber is skilled and painless, he prompts me to say ‘Spring’ by the colour of my clothes, they are green. Following the red line, I discover the entrance, remember next time not to overshoot. The piano plays ‘Blue Moon around the cafe, where are the keyboards? The Geo thermal man steps onto the escalators in front, he walks down the stairs and I disappoint. I am thinking about the turban man like the son man that I have a crush on. The determination to figure the escalator prompts someone to cough, knees straight and unbent, unforgiving, wondering. Right down the passage an air belt does noises, turns on, levels down. There has been rain outside, luckily missed. The riders pile out of the bus and I slip behind the lamp post to slower let them pass, they were ahead of me at the stop. A woman nods her fringe, question what are the escalators. The escalators are fringes, closing eyelashes down, opening up. The escalators are also colossal to the radio lady that sends them up. The escalators are moving things of stillness, the escalators give chances to times and narrators. The tape winds the voice that is absent, the play is pressed to listen amusement. What are the announcements on the blood numbers on, number eighty one is lit in neon. The jabber has to call the number to reinforce the neon under. The under then would be the caller. an itching ear means something, inside the canal for pokey finger. The yes callater, the eskillaytor, the yes collater, yes yes. Pause workshops in creatieve wrinting hold back the answering, these words are showing the working, like sums for homework. How did the happen reach the conclusion, and why did the park reserve a black spot for no show. The globe’s shopping bag is ultimately good, the reason for leaving the globe is not yet understood. The oral pleasure of induction loops is tuned out by high pitch squeaks, the sense of doing is freezing rabbits. There will be some time before the next blood sample is feasible, possibly cripple. The chance to stand rigid on the escalator is stupid. Why didn’t the knees bend and complement the downward. There is a piece of sticky tape over the cotton wool over the prick that bled to metal, it didn’t spill. The decision to stand in the way is the decision to call for delay. It was good to have the shopping delivered by the supermarket. Withholding the order gets released later by the intent to order that doesn’t go. Red to green is amber keen, flashing close to stop is seen. A blood test in green clothes is queen, a bus beneath trees is queen, a red and green theme is queen, should never be seen. What happened in the park that it forgot? How could just happened just forget? How could the park mean van with the word Spark. ? Scratch the ear after it was itchy, proving hold out on reality. Remove the wound tape after the bleed, more hurtful than the wound. But look, it did bleed! But the separate twinge reframes the stiff joint, but the joint is stiff, does hurt. Percentage on this is relative, the words for pain and hurt minute. Funny man called how was that done, How do you do went on the run. It wasn’t clear until long afterwards about what went on. The second phase of inquiry has two lapses, nits, stalls, escalator brawls, nor falling in line with harmony, second checking to mark more irony. The punctuation of irony is not altogether intended, just reminded of sticky tape corners. Yo, what’s happening’ dude, I’m the guy with the rep for being rude. This is sung on the word but, it means what. What was that means but for answer. What is not but, says question. Yes call later is but, that’s what. Things go through in their own time, short cuts can make time yawning. HOw good is taking the stair when passages back and lifts zoom? Chairs for steps, knees buckled for seated. The alternative to run to walk, alternative to stand to talk, alternative to drive to honk, alternative to land to dive, alternative to reach to pose, alternative to guard dog, hose. Nylon tights on skin, prim.

Hold on tot he chair, Wednesday.

Wednesday 15th March

Establish that the cinema is upstairs, past the loos, oh no not through there. Establish that crash has not been seen that McGregor is the style of sofa. Establish that the coffee isn’t finished, too strong. Establish that three people are patients, later on. Establish that the coat was put on with the wrong arm. establish that the conversation isn’t too long, better to flit. Establish that going requires a cue, taken from who. Who is officially two, who is more than two. The familiar word for who is likeness, variations of one person.

Who asks who did that, who says who did. Who sets s one back , who says who didn’t. Who says over to who, who. Who knows who thinks who. Who guards who outside, who needs later. Who tells who to side, sliding paper. Who does what who wants, who wears gloves with fonts. Who needs the loo who cares. Who goes for pies, who snares. Who pins who on food, safer with misunderstood. Who explains who does pies, who makes pies. Who explains who hates pies, who lies. Who takes who for going to, who’s intention tries. Who reads the time, sets the watch exactly. Who sees who goes then protractors. Who lends who the protractor, who shoots off. Who goes about with a cough. Who likes who to borrow, who says give. Who says give to borrow. Who needs a shit looks for shovel. Who goes who cares, who shares. Who goes who cares with care. Who promises who isn’t late, who’s there. Who knows who will be there.

Clooney does not exist due to the influence, Clooney is old beard to the sweeping relevance. Clooney expires with days and sell bys, Clooney does not exist, Clooney the wax and wane of moon. Clooney notes the moon for scene, Clooney sets the scene and lights his pipe. Clooney smokes for a minute, not watched continuously. Clooney is shortened, heightened, clue. Clue gives place the hue, Clue answers questions of do. Clue goes to bed with new, Clue likes classic. Clue amends updates, clue is good looking. Clue thinks more than seats, clue gets moving. Clue has his heart broken, clue sits back, Clue sees masses in the form of attack. Clue stands out for good, clue would. Clue goes junky younger clue, Clue leaves trails to follow. Clue is impeccable, stains borrow. Clue inspires borrow, wind. Shakes and dust unsettle, clue gets wind. Clue hears noise, dims it round. Clue isn’t disturbed for the right sound. Clue sets distraction hears the country. Clue levels loyalty to millions with nouns. Clue is exclusive, tops the wedding cake. Clue gets swallowed after knife’s curfew, Clue likes religion, changes the girl;s name. Clue doesn’t semi colon for apostrophe, Clue may. Clue excites the stop to go, perforating all to know. Clue is a preacher of sex who knows. Clue says little but little people catch and throw. Clue diminishes second best, sends them to the back. Clue undermines bullies at the front. Clue doesn’t’ do, Clue supposes to know. Clue is vague, non committal, clue is easy go lucky, clue is sacramental. Clue has one good job in his life, all he deserves. Clue was always shoved to increase his nerve. Clue was blamed is blamed has blamed. Clue is nowhere to be found. Clue celebrates prematurely all the time, clue tunes magnetism, no w ords around. Clue goes about.

At about that dayte, circles what to do. About and exact are levels of trolley. About gets wheeled along, tries to restrain the brakes of when. Helpless to pressing buttons, about gets spent, about the float. About is personality, tasty and zesty. About goes about the train in ups and downs and excuse mes. About has first hand with grilles and bars, chips and lollies. About goes about with radio songs, about plays along, then reassembles. About is Walker’s crisps, tea then stock. About won’t be digested, about hops the truck. About reaches the taste bud and swallows in squint favouritism, about likes Walkers for the advertising. About doesn’t taste what about is but what about has. About waits for punctuation, comma there, apostrophe, question mark, capital start. Abut is smoked like a cigarette, tip of the tongue. Who looks after about?

About is best kept on diet and exercise, unseen regime of necessary whys. About is required to attend the highest dinner to prevent advertising coercion. About is the friendliest except in competition, about must be the taste of chin chin. About drinks mushrooms then just for turning up surprises. About fancies hot drinks at the hottest time, midday. About corresponds and contradicts, so much that about’s only threat is fart. About can’t forget but dismisses fart. About has wind about the storm, thousands of miles from home. About is harmless to the eye, about sends messages and compiles leaves to rustle in the wake. About has no ties at estake except art and what it could be about. About could be packet soup, dried food to thoughts in loop. About could cut and dry the steam’s kettle, about’s metal. About is talking to the coffee pot, careless talk to news’ last out. About is twisting bread in the bag, not twisting bag round the bread, twisting the seal to stay by turnof bread, twisting bread’s freshness latch to key. About is a barn door to flap about, in and out to pause for thought. Thought goes about with about but about is loose t the hinge. About is rearranged in a sheltered position but attracts webs. About has places that can turn to doubt, about of the last resort. About ahas immediate affect smarts about, not infested. about is ultimately quick, ultimately slow, ultimately about conclusion. About may be beautiful with lots of action.

About restrains ties of sonic delusion, about likes the constitution. About knows what bread is, thinks of corn. About knows what wood is, has a chair. About knows what London is, on the go. About is the tourist guide, getting about in four days. About is tending to summarise, about has no key. About enjoys the sudden party, who ever it belongs to . About has a mind to tell on what’s about, noting to do with it. About shares tastes with important people, about likes cherries and hazelnuts. About is secretly prejudiced, about spreads it out. About knows what everything’ about, about grows to like it. About is cautious about commitment, there are many turns. The soup is too hot for about to drink about dips bread. About has thousands of answers to meeting time’s peg. About climbs down from the trainerly, about can do. About can slow the watch with minutes to spare. About takes gambles but won’t bet. About disguises preambles with wanting to won a pet. About says won but means own, about turns inside out. About is poetic to phonetic, about is wonton.

About has wants and teases the side, about is waiting to be team picked. About gets left out and attracts the drop outs, about is higher than all the brethren. About goes with head stuck out, marginal causes, about picks up buttons and tags for scrap books. About doesn’t have a scrap book, about shreds evidence, about loses providence and tallies dream prowess. About has a sharp imagination that likes heroic oration. About finds the circumstance very large or not in charge. About takes part in the go cart, about does have a genuine laugh. Base about on laugh and the excellence path, about wears a hood to be shod. About hoops about the neck for a necklace, about is a bit short. About thinks C is bad, about thinks C is congestion and crescent. what’s wrong with traffic infusion, what’s wrong with croissants for breakfast. About can take the side wof inside and out, about is extremely pretentious. about is bigger than sides can stand, about blows over the jump as wind and horse. About is part of the course, about is shoe lace force. TdDepending on who ties about goes about, won. About is the latest impression about found ed on clues procession. about will conclude something one day something the next. About has skin ton top of soup, about eats it up, swallows it down, isn’t fussy. About gets hurt about fuss, couldn’t spit the tiniest grit. about hangs on minicscule, every single action for the fool, isn’t about funny like the clown. About types and drinks recording what thinks. About is a scientist.

About drops the bread in to scoop it out, well caught. About coughs to swallow it again. About runs along to further the javelin. About holds hand s with inside out, troubleshooting. About collects defences to pour the heart out, about explodes now and again. Everyone stands back. About is a useful warning about about, About pretends to be relevant. About martyr s the improvement, to o late to fish it out. About doesn’t want to be about, subject.

Every classroom every question, about. About the reluctant debutante. About gets halfway out, slithery eel, about the diamond not to steal. About the risk of finding out, about gets codes whirring. About lets things out, slips to dside, about’s downs are spent at angles. About has an interesting take on triangles. About is best observed from the eyes of a trout. About is possibly blind, colour blind. About could be harvested without water. About has rainbow stripes in plaster, About has the unusual slipper.

The art group has sharing heads, the results are not hugely discussed. The main question is why are the teachers still in their jobs, they must be knitted. There’s a mild sense of what they know to what they do, let’s not discuss. The cleverness of the men stand in the road to sandwich the gifts of small kids. They men are Australian, they split apart saying first time and pulled the top off. The men stand by the gates of the hospital, they get let off by being in the way. The men are young and dandy, they let the moment rip the sway. Little pips of long legs get little pips of tea’s dregs. The people that say sorry stand right next door to the ones not to worry. The ones that dodge lend arms to sob, the ones that ring stand by the ping. The kids that do say they don’t men hear women think quote unquote. The car horns where the spa turns, the bread cooks where the biscuit bakes, the engines turn where the walkers stand, the wait that was becomes the land. The bricks that foot are seemlier, the bricks that knit are old to trip. The smooth is cracked by frost and weight, the groove is mentioned where it fakes. The inference to do and say, the postman is on his way. The wordless post is ripped to shred, the herds of stampede born to sit. The best equipment is the tense, the most equipment has the wheres, the host equipment straps for pairs, the least equipment really cares. Wolf a whole bar and fluency star, shooting the hip where men drive tar. The path of walking is very significant, apparently.

Walk among the dead, Ned, walk among the red, bread, walk among the creek, speak, walk among the creek, week, walk among the goose, noose, walk among the goose, truce. Turn among the still, thrill, turn among the will frill, turn among the pill, fill, turn among the turn, turn. Get among the wet, wet, get among the wet, dry, get among the wet, vet. Go among the worm, go go among the burn, fern, go among the learn, yearn . When the gift is good, should, when the gift is right, bright, when the gift is dust, get dusting. Go among the journey, wormy, go among the power of attorney.

Thursday 1am

Thirst in the night makes the man sing, its a woman in the street.

All the doctors know about the bullet, they all say trigger, trauma in Tesco, what’s that dirt on your face, is it led? They say how’s your mum in the lift, they say trigger factors, they say they won’t pry. They say entrance to try.

Frances blunders in and out, she could bypass confrontration, but she stands at the door and stamps to be let out, its me, its me. Frances leaves her drawing behind and becomes concerned about the green bit hair who says she has nits because her children on paper aren’t in a matisse dance. Frances thinks children are best protected by having nits, she does what she says and does on purpose, she realises later just to seal frustrator. Frances is angry about the nits and the green bit girl could be on side though she draws gorillas and she thinks Frances is spoilt.

Frances remains in the red army of wanting to be in the gang ahead of it. Frances is a leader leagues ahead in her head. Frances leads ideas she knows not what, Frances is responsible for more english accents on the television. Frances doesn’t want to lead on, she wants to perceive earlier. Frances is more acute than what is done, she is going over. Frances revises what she does with but s and actually, Frances is helpless to rappers and factory. Frances thinks rappers are her gang before the dappers, she knows she seduces dappers but wouldn’t bed rappers. Frances could go into a rappers den and come out alive, Frances would timber with dappers. Frances is steely to the slappers, she turns her cheek. Frances turns her cheek and slaps the mighty, Frances is afraid of the mighty whitey, she is a slice of someone’s supper. Frances goes with hoops and juicy fruits, Frances is junk food to ingenious. Frances thinks the doctors are clever to live in the modern world, they must wear sex protection all day to survive. Frances wonders what Ruth is doing when she blushes, Ruth is unsuspecting. Doctors are victims alike the patients, the bad people on the outside. the sensitive people give the art class all sorts of things to go on, the sensitive people have turned into commentators. When art was young there were eccentrics and puns, when art grew old the pots were cold, when art grew into politics, art knew. Art is very educational in the raising agents of Aesops fables. There is as tory about hares and rabbits, originally singular. All the hares know all the tortoises, tortoises have become rabbits because nobody keep s tortoises any more and the re isn’t enough Roald Dahl. Rabbits and hares belt round the track at different speeds, the look about is on the prop.

Some years ago the idea of any single offspring from these hands and legs would have spun spin, would’ve thought grim, would have killed the taker. The actual effect of being used like fairy liquid is only propagation. The sense o f what is young is fresh like sandwich. The sense of what is on is off and on, the sense of what is good is go there should. The whole place is geared up to tripped up, this is the wrong time to type. If the wrong time to type and to eat equals defeat, thew rong time is between twelve and two, the wrong time to do what thinks is true gets postponed until forgotten knows. Immediate affect has supplied the sect with nonsense on the state of course. Some years later means man to norse. HOw much love is there for blob and wee and gov. How much sense is phenomenon and shove, how much tense is time to time’s wove. The problem about doing and knowing is that all the cleaner s win, look at what they do all day, sit about and eat toast. The gods all rush pence, the statues make scrambled egg. The gods make toast, the rushes just boast. The gods are the risers, fast taking skivers, blame the staff for things they don’t know by half.

Change ministers job to conductor, change red and green to protractor, change bottom for top, top for top, bottom for bottom’s want. The places at length are resolute for getting speed, the meaning of drugs is birth to social creed. Who are the children of winkle, who are the children of

All this badger about stuff that couldn’t join, all this remorse about grumpy Aboyne, the words here confess nothing but insincere, the words are the short change of good bye strange, gone to reflect, making fire with glass bottle. The man with the left nostril blows the right one and the ear pops and the man says coco pops. The woman has eaten coco pops and the man has eaten coco pops. The link between the market is suffragette. The woman says she isn’t proud, she goes around sulking loud She stories when she shakes, she frowns when she wakes. The man in the lift is the man on the news, the man in the lift is unpleasant in his shoes. Sit next to the man in the lift and watch him get out, the man in the lift has pick on doubt . The man in the lift is a cleaner, a social rearranged, he has access to stick things with his stranger. The man presents the word in a cross over plan, there was time when the man was wiser than the education. The best fit says that passing is examination, the asylum has open ovation, the people are all experts in the bin, all rotting to solve the problem. The man in the lift will persuade the woman to take the stairs,. The stairs and the stars will be crowd ed with fares, the lift will ascend, the stairs will depend, whatever happens will fix friend for friend. What doom there is knows all the treasure.

The shiny path ends in the fizzy grail, an orange seal broken with french brioche, the shiny path. The shiny path is something not to go back to to return to to get to, the shiny path is on. The shiny path is packages and letters for collection, the shiny path is things that would like to be packages and letters of for collection. The shiny path is there, not there, there. The shiny path illuminated by going back, cats eyes to one size, possum. The shiny path did get back to the track, sung it or slung int back, the shiny path is close to punnet, the shiny path is most of this document, the shiny path is a bit like rap

Five places to visit on a day out and why

Hanging Gardens of Babylon Scent
10 Downing Street Minute a meeting
The Astoria Concert
Hollywood Party
Safari Park Wash the elephants


Brothers, haven’t seen for 15 years
Father scratched out to feed the ducks ‘give me an enormous sense of wellbeing.
Carnival and zoo but can’t have to o much fun.
Cambodia killing fields

Choose a day about and write about it.

Where would you go, with other people, what would you eat or drink?

The peace garden of Babylon would be Kew without the ticketing, there would be wombles and oompa loompas for the size of imagination. The garden would be virtual to consideration, the best view would appear with focus. The garden does exist in thoughtful sense, it evaporates with wrong decisions.

The sleepy aspect to gardening would not be relevant, no temptations or idleness. Although mythology hangs in the boughs of relics, the vines would projvide enjoyment and luck. The displaced and mistaken thoughts would be adjusted to the herbal context, the garden wouldn’t be a false utopia, only vice free. I’d go there with the rehabilitation group and be collected without being followed.

Belongings would belong to themselves like plants have roots. The garden of escape would contain previous threats out of sight and mind, basically precaution would be thrown tho the wind. The garden wouldn’t be reckless or mischievous, the place for living would suit London.

so this is the garden of Babylon, with scrapers and stops and lights and coffee shops. This is the labyrinth with hurdles and trots, where to cross the road and buy hops. The garden is mostly human with bunches of scent in shopping. The time to consider is continuous, only anxious, the garden supposes green sites to be harmonious.

What a coincidence the room is the same as the meeting on Monday, this means Paul gets to jet in on the subway. Paul says he doesn’t remember me but that’s bollocks and he’s seen me in the street and squinted through his troubled face mon many occasions. Paul does a slow come round to oh yeahing and he is a lot nicer than he used to be because he has progressed. Paul is doing ab job about getting ahead on the shining path, this is the accusation that goes to foo far. Paul is reasonable and his face has become personable, he has weathered experience and is pleasantly surprised in a way his bitterness would have presumed him shy two years ago. Paul and his skeletal network are hanging in the babylonian times.

Paul asks the question whether the paragraph can be read out twice, he gets booed by the good guy inthe group. Paul is going to be picked on, its his job. Paul has his side kick , he looks like someone responsible. Paul was all drippy before and couldn’t conduct a meeting. paul is the sort of au pair that takes the girl job, Paul turns out to be a man after all, he does have feelings. Paul did have feelings that were inward but they grew into national ones.

Paul isn’t British but that doesn’t matter, he is Polish and Finnish. Paul is from down under in one or the other of them. Paul isn’t like the man on neighbours, he’s not got the best lines. Paul is sharper than he seems with words. Paul doesn’t say much but his pulp fiction contains loaded intricacy, the group won’t go ahead except if you say so, sort of magnanimous. Paul is a good guy where everyone does what he does, he is part of the team. Paul is as bad as relative culturism, he works for a hospital.

Friday 17th

The package comes back and this is because it was not properly addressed. The invisible flat mate shuts down the computer during the pancake session, an interruption of post that can’t wait to be opened. The Australia obsessed john is on the doormat, he does go on. The pancakes are eaten including the dolphin and the lemon, the last ones in the pan. The first pan discards are also eaten, every squashy brain and map of Australia., the foreskins and the patter cakes, everything eaten up.

there was more writing uoon Paul that got unsaved and switched off, the main problem is that he is like the parcel problem, not properly addressed. If a package bounces back because the sender is elusive, the sender could be a s vague as the destination. the going away address is scored through but the to address isn’t circled. The sender is responsible for not knowing what way the package has to travel. Instant soup is convenient at lunch , the kitchen isn;’t somewhere to type. The open faced debate about what scored out is is open faced or something. this is very irritating.


11am Patricia, Kerr 21st, Kerr Ingram, 31 Sackville Street W1 Roberta.


Goodbye and I don’t care signify up at the post office. Bugger off and gob smack, subliminal toe tack. The weather is very cold and the parcel office are forthright to maintain minimal civilisation on bad language. Standard setting is up to John and the good men on the road. The good men on the road are unbiased, they just can’t stand vice. John is emotionally charged, like Frances and the relationship is amazing to consider. John and Frances are estranged, Frances last week remembered John’s name. John is well aware of what Frances has done, he reminds her they aren’t friends. Frances likes post office men that parp her horn, bus drivers that let her alight, she uses them when she is in fright and flight, she goes back and won’t admit. Frances points in the post office and says twice twice, this wis enough to leave her with accomplice, she expects to do these things as much as realising after, the dawn is slow for her. She wants to know when she’ll get treated like a human being, she just wants coffee and tea with celebrities. Frances is still in the shining path for mentioning it yesterday. There are wrong things about checking the time, cheking the time.

Paul asks Frances if she want s to read the work out, a coin is tossed. Frances reads out the once majestic piece but the second thwart is wavery and Frances presumes the piece was read out the tape recorder. Paul speaks for Frances when Andrew asks her is she an idealist. Paul says ideal is a dangerous word, the question is about the false utopia. Paul makes posters and blu tacks them on the walls, tongue tickler to the moment, whatever that means.

The job alarm has rung.

Today is Saturday, the last paragraph was about Thursday. Yesterday the job alarm rung, there were policemen at nine o’clock medication. Theresa says she doesn’t want to repeat the appointment instructions, Frances watches a stupid policeman of mixed race doing his integration. Frances has openly declared shining path in her discussions so the game is open to trivia. There is a man called McCarthy in Andrew’s wing. Frances presumes Andrew is a stob. Andrew thought Frances was shining years, ago, his expertise gets him next to Frances in the hot dog queue, Frances says hi. Frances keeps sitting down in unwelcome places in the cafeteria, she was called by her first name on Thursday, sort of triumph welcome. Friday’s regression! Frances knows she’s in hots with the red track suit, she is all sorts of things to doing dong wrings. Frances thinks she’ll sort it out by being obtuse and woopsie daisie, she knows she’s going to drop the hat, she knows she is understood by that. Frances thinks the toilet doors have been propped open in the passageway so she can get a good look inside. Frances doesn’t need to look inside the toilets leading directly onto the eating area. The space ship design is purely humorous, the area is light and spacious. The courtyards are atriums, the vestibules are modern inflations. Architecture does most of the talk in all this, there’s much to be said for coincidence.

The skeletal group like Paul and Ruth and Mandy and Michael, and Kelly and Darren and that nursey mousey one and the new one in day services like the kayak. The new one in day services like a kayak quite likes the kayak reference, he is critical to agree with the sensible but exasperated northern man nurse, he has a kee n face and remembers he’s looking at the queen and then the waiting list for a dmission to day services can begin, only when its been completely acknowledged that waiting is popularity and deserving. There’s a feeling of injustice about free meals, the residents doesn’t want to be sat next to. This is fine and welcome, undesirable attention, whatever. The food is nice and the forks are bent and making inroads with inmates is hole in the toad. The rastafarians are always in the right, the mercury is kinder than first sight. The people are all loosely cousins, its hard to get the jokes in. The main problem with swooping a bit network is getting people to own up to pet work. Pulp fiction is the closest name that Paul can claim with his team. Paul is very oddly interested.

Lets take Mandy for the sake of sex. Women parts in women carts would be as odd as Spock to Spec. The art group is jolly interested about how the red track suit can hitch and how the supervising women listen in on the itch. The supervising women have been adding to their portfolio, they may find the links useful for the little friends to grow. The suprevising women must feel they are doing good, they have clear complexions and they have Julie Walter dewy eyes and been through the mill and take on board. They have gained in strength and look like social examples of conservatism. New age counter speculation, the practice of knowing and encouraging illicit birth and marriage turf, western lands of reclamation. The new age counter speculation has a swot team of eppeople that are developed from boring jobs to something keen. Frances the despair of filing in and out, put filing in and out at the head of distinguished route. Teh higher purpose of mad Eloise is nurtured with intreested by lets garden the peas. The peas already come in bags all the same to shopper’s lane. The all the same is also fish fingers. Togetherness with accompaniment, the modern mad has waitress fad, she has common practice to pass her through customs. The only thing modern mad has power over is botching the hand it over in her own hands of cat’s cradle. There should be advisors and governors to the queen, this is the council’s team.

Don’t insult the council, the people are the people, individual. The past individuals of snobs and gentry and stick to the clean life are props of individual. The getaway council rely on these people as nobs for their steeple. In surprising ways the herders and ushers of banishing pain are bowing to the old lane. Nobody so conservative as confiscating rights, this applies to children and having to wear tights.

Unseen impressive shouldn’t be overbearing, the place that hogs malice and palace is chalice. The kegs look nice from the jar of the pint, the tubes count. The telephone and radio are quite impressive things and so is the radio. When people switch things on and off there are stale miracles of science. The problem with invisible appropriation is theft. If the waves are free handed, ear perception is standard gifted. The gamble of tuning frequency is probably variant on education. Things go on and on to be drummed as standard response. Unusual facts are interesting, unfinished sentences.

The friendship divide is the most important thing to human beings. I met a human being once and then. In the chardonnay song, there’s vine talk, in the best advice. Any point in doing the broadcast supposes bottles the order. When appreciation misses the slur, flash. The type of flash, they type of glare, sheen, flare, answer. Use of the answer has does was so what. Put the bribe to use! Motivation through direction is kings and majesties, the oatcakes get jam. The people in the herds the people in the groups, pegging, listening, the best tune. Where and the spot go know,t knot, plot wot. There is no use in having an opinion when you get there. Seven years old doesn’t know now, never will, gets prompted, guards frill. Conditioning anticipation trays towards against in cash.


Saturday 13th carries on, its the number 27. Georgy’s brother likeness is on the bus, he looks like someone to avoid with his Georgy nose in things. Perhaps Georgy has something to do with capote, she has strawberry blonds. Georgy’s brother likeness eventually gets off at Camden when ehe has tried sitting sideways and with one leg on his knee. There was a n instant out side WH Smiths when a love affair dawned, it swooped with recognition, there’s Georgy’s nose. Reception on the radio went dull and crackle, the traffic was bad outside Virgin. The Mary mother on the corner by the church looked better at the job of vagrancy, Fragainsy, Faginsie, Fray, the job where they just go off with things. The Mary mother was good at stooping and she was crouched to the level of the cute child, easily cognition to affection. There has been another child on Addison road that was molly coddled in the unusual bizarre way that a wet bird is stroked. The baby on Addison road had eyes that were able to see me through the bus, but i rolled my eyes when it went behind the traffic lifts. The one on the corner was old enough to stand, it was alarmed to see the khaki hat and it turned. The it or what things are to see, there it goes. The commentary to street observation is desecration to the sacred state. There was a man that read sacred by the roundabout, he lifted the sign post. The intention to have good embrace to the cranial chore of welcome is in nothing but tyrannous rejection. There are people that say things without meaning to. There are people that would say grief has purpose.

There’s no question about troubleshooting what is with what was said, still its. If anyone can be helped to reproduce, help at and, if anyone wants to improve the state, take my children to their command. The bias towards wishing the best of unseen drawers is buttress to buttress. The point about cynical value is that it has none to shed. To see what is level looks down on the pint, the people seen from a great height. The difficult patches of life could be pawned off with pardons. Say pardon, say give, say pardon , say dove, say pardon with glov,e, say pardon, shove. Say pardon because of the dumb obstacle, reimbursed with the verb. The verb of pardon is by dumb. The verby of pardon is bard. The verb of pardon is forgive, eloquence to remove the sty. The people that take the sty presume to alleviate false aspect. Obviously a stray do g has no interest where it lived. The fact is the dog may prefer sweets. The problem about the sweet vendor is flavour. The getaway is mor important than what it is. I didn’t want any sharing, didn’t want any caring except for fun. This is the Engineer. The name of a pub describes the venue of life, the man is regular where job is the wife. In order to make the best use of the seat, sit up. In order to manoeuvre the job, what is the pardon?

What is the point that has to be made?

Who is the benefactor?

Great Colossus strides the planets, pinball about the circus. There are places to tread on sand, stairs for the ball to bounce. Set off with roller coast is all tracked up, but the ball is flex. The people leave, that’s all. Scatter the planet for wondering Janet. Some measures of inquisitiveness are beyond pleasures. The catchment of nose is peaceful for the CD, it has no company.

How to establish space

Moroccan sensitivity gives generosity. Dives and wholes are space dependent, the orbit means meteorites. If there were no visible signs of thing, only breathing. Doing for coca cola buts into the hose of Sarratoga, the battle of saccharin. Glasses stack into raised packs, the pub is quiet with victim’s presence. The desert stretches behind Morocco, hot and dry by the sea shore. The olives are rich er for imporot, even ham pies would seem well bought. The relative process of acquiring wealth is what this is about.

The common denominator to achievement is effort or lack of it. The ungrateful method is prone to time, the religion says good bye before time. The cool drink is knowing what to think. The establishment has relative beliefs, and if the engineer wants to increase, the engineer gathers release. Capacity to work has times to withstand, the structures are incomprehensible. Little blade spikes vinyl, only a needle. Continuous good has tract with steeple, both parallel and converging. Arrow marks to level pegging is Shiraz by the glass. Half measure to full is not always double, like 4.75 to ^.50, 4.15 to 5.85. Punctuation depends on introduction, calendar is Christmas establishment. The Romans did the calendar, though cows and goats have cud. People d by the eat depends on the finest retreat , people d by the brain, depend on no shame. There mustn’t be food after six thirty, say before. East wand west is one to thirty, some days are leaping. Wrinkled thin people endure Camden without persecution. Walls aren’t for touching, only drunkens use them. The boundaries of subsidies depend on selection, the good bloke knows how to cook.

The Ruins Pinotage bon Cap Winery
Cornish Point Pinot Noir
Chateauneuf Du Pape Jaque Mestre
Amarone Deua Valpolicella
Corte Sant’Aida

Engulfing taste is the talk of oops, irrelevancy and counting crops. the absolute necessity behind art is news.

It is hoped to appropriate the new position with terminal understanding. Some people are quite exciting until the meeting. Gauge fondness for worship in the sincere attempt to renovate. the person with no fortune relies on relegade. What’s relegade, sing relegade. The word isn’t used but eh advertising is. There is no point to Parkinson’s quiz. What speaks on Saturday night lasts all week, the big shot of word find has anonymous speak. Morons are best disposed to solve the largest questions. Ear ins on what to like are hugely generous. the fact is that barmen and teasmaids are unattainable friends.

The sitting room is magnanimously included into the nation, everyone has a sofa of some description. At the counter, half an hour serves a pint. At the counter, transmissions need lonely spikes. The music gets turned up. This is enough to active activate Norris, unheard of name. Norris has a challenge about being Boris, he doesn’t look like Boris. Norris has never heard bof boris, he’s the charlatan’s invention. The likes of Norris are most people in detention. Should the karaoke prescribe happiness, expression tells no lies. There is a great need to believe in democracy despite the terrible outcomes at elections. Despite the terrible sails at Marks and Spencers, bulletin recovers the national tradition. norris aspires to please what he would, not in shopping but in feeling good. Norris didn’t realise that cleaning his shed would please the gods, he thought his life was persecuted by yellow veg. At the higher level, all the olives are good , the obvious rot is quite tatty tasty. Even the oil is worth drinking. Drunk people eat chips and they’re delicious . Drunk people stand up in bed, this is an idea. Next door is so much clearer.

Company that next door speaks is portal, stopping for days or minutes. Hour films are good to observe, walk out and continue the nerd. Although an opinion is coffee gauged, unexamined. Pass tests on King Kong and get the sandwich. What pincer grips there are to taste and bananas.! The white people don’t question but contribute at help’s level. where there is black, there could be tack. the whites are tack anyway. Presuming about the barrel defines colour to start with. the acoustics are black and the glasses rattle. The general ambience is tested by shuttle. Presuming there is nothing to prove with accent and remove, the door swings Without hot peppers. Agenda to the day is the colour of guinness. Why doesn’t the foam melt?

Prescriptions come at between times. Pills are took by midnight lines. The coffee machine is a black instrument, the work to p not creosoted. the road has blue bags to correspond the loves. the path os f inevitable its the awkward glove. as natural to spacial, street progress is above. The relevance of anger has much to control, the empathy song just enigmatic. Equality before all men goes about trying out zen. there is only one answer with any luck, the people that dodge about get the dirty sock. Blackboard runs turns to the cay of srittens, the gullible nomad takes day at a time for moving on. could the general mission be less worthy than a survival pram? vv

Trolley about with quicds out, advertise the chance for protection. The most a valued person eats squid, fifteen quid. The rows of liqueres are creme banane. The sound of squid and creme banana is scream bid, a waiter rushes in to help. The food and carriage and taste and marraiage, the engienerer.

Wheat remains of the small church boy, of the small baby in Addison road. WHOt flushes are supposed to have purpose, they visit the small impotence. someone lights a cigarette and comes out of the restaurant. The areas to eat and smoke are bespoke by brand and liquid. What’s the risk of taking second best, the point of going as far as it gets gets communism so far. The acceptance to do the edge is hammering for sledge. Could the point of bar stool apply gooseberry to fool could the point of wine list in face be point not to chase? The Wisdom about shelter is helter skelter, the eaves drops become highly important. Among risk is senior divorce, the climax of knife and fork to course. The importance of Saturday in the corner is delay, the relevance to impede is unlikely and succeed. It was a chance booking that the kids made, they weren’t supposed to be there. It was a chance booking that the rope held tight, the bridge was supposed to collapse. It was a chance booking that he book sold, it was supposed to be potumous.

There is nothing irritating than the man with awkward ways, in he comes. It sill take a whole seminar to make him move along, probably re birth. The exhausting prospect of strings of immigrants is like hot food waiting to cool. The prospect of has beens that do the same is inane. the laughs rocket through the room, there’s an old bat in the vacuum. At least humour doesn’t follow every channel, only waifs and strays from the bus’s tunnel. If there was a correct pitch to see, only majesty. /If there was a correct place to pe, ee, only toilet. The very basic human rights are confusing when nights have no nights.

Unbridled thought knows only experience. unbridled thought knows only company and distance. It could be disgusting to watch someone eat and need the loo. It could be disgusting to watch someone eat and adjust underwear. It could be disgusting to watch the false interpretation of IVF. There is nothing insincere about the boy but the place on the street. The boy could be anything from perfect to enjoy, the boy is the subject of squid on the beat. The non lingual boy has movement obsessions, he does what the child knows. the boy must respond beyond his age, anything goes.

The engineer draws plans and has 80’s bit to bop to. there’s ingenuity at the disco. The engineer responds to suround, man coughs. The engineer has a small shelf to eat off. The engineer is keen on space economy. Squid is disgusting to the engineer on holiday, all that seawater. New Order play and that means new order.

Left the Engineer and had to wee in the gutter by the N27.

Who is the very beautiful girl that looks suicidal at the sight of me? Why does the woman say who are, no she said ‘Did you get through? The dispensing woman wrote my number down on kitchen paper to prove her point that she isn’t messing with my kitchen. It is horrible to observe the dispensing unit have the same sink as I do. The Mission was playing on the television. The dispensing woman was going to be Johanna but it turned out to be the woman that said hello in the passage yesterday, she looks like Theresa but isn’t teresa. Johanna came out of the door where the Teresa like woman stood yesterday. The beautiful girl was far more beautiful when she was there two years ago. The place is full of earthly traps like turning round and looking backs. The message about Kelly was repeated after all, I said ‘Monday’ blithely.

The woman on the bus on the way home looked like Georgina. She looked like Lady Georgina, with her hair. She pressed the stop button after a crossing leg ceremony that was generous. There were nice people in the bus stop with hats but the celebration is always premature. The chance to celebrate egets put back with knocking into sorries and teams going backwards . There was a nice girl with a chord hat on on the bus, she looked nice and sensitive in a hat like mine.

SMonday 20th

Why eat the pizza to taste its financial source? Why go aback to the swear not to? Why pay when dinner is free, why like tomato when tomato is only slithery. Three was pizza on the telly and New York doesn’t do to go out on Monday. The point of eating nine pounds with a pound for service puts X on the Pizza, those blooming people. Who are the conservatives there and why label them. The tables have roses or tulips, mine a rose. The

The interview tomorrow is call girl, what glee to watch the eager dress. It shall be tights and skirt, it shall be smart. The colour could be red or dressed with jeans like art. A name like Patricia, a whole interview that’s been before. The people on the telly look stupidly related. The art of interview.

Giles says the interview isn’t what he saw on stage.

What did Giles see on stage? Giles saw pants if he was lucky. giles thinks mania is outrage, he thinks talking is . Who were the people in the pizza? One looked like Holby city, sounded like fresh starter. Probably old gritty from a mental factor. They sat about IQ talk, a small drift of what to eat to stalk. Gnocchi and the initial entry had been obscuring where the door warea was. The one from Holby is something to deal with, something to sort out, something to be friends with, eating for looking for ten minutes.

Friendly signs could pave the way for Doris day, did she have one? Friendly signs could make connection, link protection. The friends that look like the friends are good signs. Anyone that looks like the rose at the pizza place is up for winking and cabs. Anyone that looks like a friendly rose at the pizza place gets a salary whack. Anyone that looks like a friendly friendly rose at the pizza place gets to bgo back. The traffic lights don’t work on the road, the button won’t press. This is more reliable than pizza in a mess. Could a worse place be chosen to eat pizza, could a worse place be frozen to teach mess, could a child cry with more sincerity. A child bawled on the way in, sympathy. A child with true ears warned serenity. However, no to the canteen says pizza alone, no to the mass en stream gets bonsus points to clean. no to the time fill more drill. No to the no, say no. all alone miss joins the match, all alone miss plays thatch. All alone the answers are very short term, all alone the day is done. All alone the crib is bare, all alone the hairy share. All alone the bible basher, all alone the cradle snatcher.

Be religious!

WTuesday 21st
Wolf alert trains the packs, send them out. What a pizza with names of met backers. The people that know how the junk tastes rare most keenly avoided. The ones that share whisky and bathroom taps, finnickerty. Sober drunks makes dim sense. Sober drunk scratches to rinse. What goes on in the scalp, what goes. What goes what not. What goes where what. What was the grand knot. What says lights for James invention. What pretends to history luck. Detention!

Dither on the street, go in. Dither on the beat, go in. On the street on the beat, go in, just go! Question in and out, go, question ask and pizza get, go. Question about the pizza, what a complication. Pizza, tomato, cheese, onion. Say one eying, say cheaze, say turmartow, say peat sir, say more. Moors and sighs and chores, add chores. Signs and moors, say sighs, leave moors. Good moors, say good things, say wood brings, plant moors. Knit moors up with trunk roots, cover up the place with digging plots. Nothing sweeter than good moors, spades, sherades. Pretend there wasn’t lipstick for the doctor, keep back the beauty. Pretend sheep a re people lovely, sleep in the shank. Think long chance, next door. Drunk finds the best dance!

Pizza example drunk, slices to mop. Pizza drunk the house plonk. Pizza drunk the shop lit. Pizza under the monon writ. Pizza drunk the first place, pizza drunk the nearest and furthest. Pizza where is here, pizza for the sheep shearer. Although calamity explains beyond words, be sentimental.

Non follow guage is where the calm Hot drink stands to cool. In the environs of aeration and queues of thirsty tenders, hot can be too short skirt. That lady has nothing on her legs except a coat. The early lunchers bring down the morning in rows of resignation, what are they doing. The man with the beaky nose is the sandwich invitation, he doesn’t suit Metallica. The places stop piped meaning with rallies of confession. At the point where latte is a person, ignore the acquaintance. Could come by latte, espresso, could shake with macchiato. The sales pitch is often guarded with insecurity, the faces reappear like decade challenges. If bedding and mattresses are always on sale, springy heather. Goodies at the counter from the long winter and horse is fed alfalfa. Downbeat the excitement of re-appropriation with certification. Steam rises about the person, Icelander. Pin hopes to wonder what the arrival meant if not to collect mud. Earnest doing knows gorilla signals, there must be no form of attack or the back packers pile. Whose carpet is at the top style? There are times to congratulate, self patting. If hands are modestly clean, hearts modest and lean. While you’re there, don’t mind to buy the team share. When the meeting point has day inspectors, benches and eyes .

Who are all the relations and who are the games. Chase has to leave, he is too attractive. Chase is beak nose, intelligence pro active. Chase is lippy cup, driza bone for keeping up. Chase is the real one that goes away, chase the proper intelligence. Mop looks at chase and threatens to duck his head, can chase agree with led? Chase has friends that live in the prop room, chase is on the antiques road show. Chase is hapenny bits to mop has heard of its, Chase is looking at the arrival of the next Saville, hoping the quality mongrel. Chase is mop’s job, looking after to extent. Anyone of mixed age and job fits Chase where he was spent. Mop has more litter than chase, drinks pressed fruit. Chase has cigars and cliched brandy, hurries to reassemble with the right b group. The late hour suits mop for looking after chase, cues are left behind in half hour slots. Chase was honorifically at the funeral, chase was no need to dress. Chase goes about with a holey vest, Chase has tailors on top. Chase notes pastry brushes, things at bakeries. The proper importance to read is in the newspapers. Chase’s follow is Chase’s age but doesn’t bar stool. Chase’s follow is the same shape as the exchequer and he doesn’t acknowledge the mop with exceptional discretion. Chase is a baddie after all, Chase’s follow reassures the fool. The men with frilled hair at the back are only souvenirs, the whole generation of older stack is drunkenly interesting. The belief that Chase is the set and the worse is yet, the acne man arrives. Despite wealth and muesli pots, acne man is bald on top. Acne man is self conscious with his elbow, he leans forward and wolfs the red jam treacle. The ipod grey comes and stands in his way, he’s turning faster than acne man will have time to.

This is Sackville Street.

Lloyds losses are thing s beyond enjoyment’s treat, the meaning of being drunk. Bag resting on crisp confection lens on sills and leans on thug. The woman with the crocodile clip is wearing a butterfly clip, a butterfly holder, a spring released mechanism of tortoise shell. The distraction allows the nit scratcher to get out of the door, he knew the ones at the table where the embossed tie gets his glasses and finishes off. The sharp examination is almost to point, but being in the bank is a bit too embarrassed to share rank.

The interview again goes there and back by some description. Poor Patricia has to cope with a stack of fresh biscuits, hunking into the forbidden road has nothing to do with it. How can anyone get out of the building? How can tripping be seen as courtesy? At ten minutes past twelve, bread is too early. Hamlet is over the road, this is the ivy. The next mistake to make is looking at fuchsia coloured orchids. The bread would not be as warm at twelve fifteen. could the butter melt for Lloyds, could the waiter say hello without meaning wine is slopping? Could the simple rules of life not be more obvious, could the mena that bend the rules not be more contagious? Could the starting gun mean anything? The new wave of trying to learn without alcohol is kind of comic, take the cue. Say comic to do and the time has to. There is a large green egg on the wall and it has the message to pick up the card. The shop had cards that swere neaked at, the reflection of perspex. The waiter realigns the knives and forks, the setting s to the table are held by still claws. The pick up tools of knives and forks, the hopeful lesson to butter from Stork. the smart things of gargantuan mistakes are the pointing things. The man over there says Daffy break, something to do with the colonel. Nobody is in the restaurant apart from a man that sits on the bench on his own. Nobody includes the man abut Daffy and his back facing friend, and the daffy man scratches to signal get lost. The waiters look where they talk and a fly goes past, he bathroom is upstairs but the dirty hands will have to last. The art ion the wood panel is part of the chart, it was not possible to squash the fly. The chatt size of a large woman walks in with owlish eyes. The woman babbles and signals and the waitress is dressed in a black suit. The waiters are dressed in waistcoats. The senior ones have t shirts, the one with dressing on his suit has maybe a waistcoats, the graduations are different. The fly has gone somewhere. It is not possible to receive pardon unless the fly gets squashed, there, was more than kedgeree at stake. The assumption that rose only has one or two selections presumees house before suggestions.

What a fiasco. When London is being left, get some kedgeree, get some smart, get some scent, get some shopping, get some apology, get some crumbs, get some mistakes, get some marks, gets some tide in the sugar pots, gets some coffee just to fill in the hour, get some been there to squirt the cat’s poser. Get some lean over factor to muddle in on the drunken passport factor, get some marathon. Although the explanation is very complicated, gets some marks with checking dilated. The restaurant is completely different to the sensation ball bulge, the restaurant is not staring and not comparing. The nuance of neurosis is gathering with invention,call in al l the ideas and get the bus home again. The point about what is doing goes about doing like brewing. It will be significant if the time is chewing, the place knows about the rest of the population. Why go about in fitting standard locks, people on their own are tied to the copes. the copse that says. The best place to advise the art covers the face and expresses the hands. What went by is Narnia lands. Knives and forks spear the rice, spoon to stir the espresso. Stained glass window is Tudor, the grooves on the panels are Mondrian planets. Some like gannets, the word for tidy is turning on manics. The next bus leaves on the ivy leagues, the rhyme to what this place does is basically a corner and finishing at the right time. The time of the bill is collected at will, the man is right on cue. The place is unaware of what to do except to send in someone new. Spinach, I’d like Spinach.

all the french boys wonder why the bendy bus is straddling the crossing, about five sequences go by and so does a number nine. The Albert Hall bus turns up soon, the excitement of an old invention. The last bus home is waved on by the get back creep and the morning has been wrapped up.

so long int he tie rack, so long in the smart hole, so long in the sneaky peak, so long in the nice fold. So long in the mainstream, so long with Prince William. So long with mice and men, so long with wrong foot again. the leather jackets get re erected, the hoards o fa barges reselected. What use is the au pair to questioning all turns but what she could wear? It was wrong enough to extend the journey into lunch, extending the interview to experiment some punch. how long should the day last with name as the fortress? Although the place to try out thinks ing, likes imagination, there’s no use in pussy footing.

There were chances to win glances, were chances to fix lances, were places and smart laces, were patches and smart snatches. The side of the street is clearly marked, one to thirty one and one to fifteen. On the same side of the street the spaces meet, on the same side of the day the finances play. The people from the band stand are relieved of their command. The people of the dither wand prefer to abscond. The right place off for genius is mainly disgrace. The smotty people are only snotty. The spoon is best for kedgeree, knowledge from me for free. There’s always pool.

Read back the written and marvel the position.

What’s your nationality?

What’s your nationality?

What’s your nationality?

someone looks Scottish, that’s their fault. Someone looks lanky, that’s one support. A turned back wis there to square, the end of the path is checking what to spare. The funny people have hitched trousers, change rattles about knees. The main qualification of disparity, the main seminal waste is disparity. One message on loan is hello Bugsy Malone. The girl has a box at her side, there’s a gin palace in changing the name of a guide. Hello snooty sharp, hello snooty harp. The chance to compose a fresh idea touches the nose. Millions of positions grow flowers in greenhouse zones. The smell of rotten feet is guilty on the streak. Can someone explain duty free? The car comes from Italy with a false number plaste. The spoil is coloured like crust and foil. The spoil says what country

Wednesday and confidence.

Boo hoo for brushing teeth, slipping back to leather sheath. The order about the world is indignant again. So what if cook turns her back during service of egg? So what if cook knows the knack of hook liner sink? Nothing in the brain is important to the intellectual when cook’s jokes are circumstantial. Think all the think likes, the re is decorum at the canteen. Level trays and rising steam, there’s no room left on the left hand shelf, how mean.

dogs eat garlic to stop the Baskervilles, the aroma of dog poo. Would rosemary and thyme do the same things, would the take a nice position?


There’s a marvellous place that serves prawn crackers, the history knackers. There’s a marvellous place that drinks teenagers, even when they’re twenty. There’ s longing for Ugg boots when twenties hav e had their day, there’s a seat at the round table for knights of sitting around. There’s cool ad groovy, junk food. There’s the Chinese. The Chinese are coming, the Chinese are coming, the Chinese are Coming. Repeat this three hundred times in varying volumes and then ask to be entered. Sherlock Holmes smokes his pipe in the car park. There’s still apparent relevance with going behind the truck. The Chinese are a friendly bunch and the match is switched on. so many years in terms of gears, the old man watches, he isn’t frazzled, just old.

Cahill and the echo, that’s the point.

Bye bye always works, look round hear farewell. If it wasn’t know n to hear bye bye, then bye bye bye beye. Get arrested for saying bye bye to things that have not protested. The state of schizophrenia has a lot to answer for. Say bye bye think bye bye. All the reasons for being in bye bye, bye bye. Where are those nice Manchester boys, where and who were those big skinhead boys. Who are the ones with English accents, who ion earth is everyone?


What was that was said? A retriever, golden, a green man switching, a perfect time sheet, a whole roundabout full of eager livers. All the people and coding quivers, the whole thing was set to go and then there was a penny.

May be its the roundheads. Nice halo dispensers turn the heads of class, there’s side to side in tails wrap the arse. Oh bother, say s our adventurer, she is a beggar. Stick the problem in the church, that penny picked up deserves charity. Cold charity, cold cold. The man in the church comes out of the hospital,, he is somebody. The man in the street is a seal, the ones in the asylum hurry their meal. Where is there a place to sit down to wonder the best of it. The idea behind news and tales is not to hunt whales.

I spent today typing audio, audio typing for a law centre that isn’t firm. I spent today and yesterday working where other people get on. I spent the time without a break, did wonder why the time sheet did not go through.

On the way to work there was a small girl who was told to drop her phone when she was on the pedestrian crossing. O f course I picked it up and right in front of a Volkswagen i trotted off. the girl’s sister brother one or the other was nearer and their mother, hear their mother, her mother is a bitch, said so. The mother said thank you, I said she’s dropped her phone. Basically the ilife is tough for beggars without puff, they pick up the queen’s bugle to get her to answer. Cry wolf says come back dancer, the man looks like a lunatic in the asylum and so does his dady, everyone is mad. The next best thing to get on with is work. Cross the road and start to be berserk, the places for pedestrians are going to say drat.

So everything is washed out by Friday’s hope of saintly shout. Are the piped investigators good men or zealot equators? The Van Man men in the vans are


Traditional Britain isn’t as peaceful as ghost land. Strive for the solid abase argument. Traditional Britain has proper steam and dirt, ghost land has characters like Franklin Roosevelt. FrR comes by the veg shop with his bendy knees that stick out to the side. FR doddles like Charlie Chaplin, sign for the long ride. Ghost land has fresh fish, large pink salmon and a bakery that has a woman dressed with paper on her feet. Ghost land has that’s funny for the quietness, that’s talk for the parking space, that’s gathering about the hot dog van. Ghost land has genuine seagulls who call from chimney pots. The gull scratches his head in time with the flowery thought, what a good sound. The time for horses to trot past is haphazard, throwing in for sentry maze. The morning is quiet, so it is. Everything is what for? Thought has relevance in sliding about, there are points to make but nothing to do. Sound of toast is extra crunchy, lavatory flushes for the gentry. The least explained person has no friends, pedestrians try to help. There re men that want some weed, they have time’s history to plead.

It isn’t glaringly obvious for meaningless passers, ones that make difficult plasters. The grill of disappearance is only go away to the crow’s caw. Should Saturday morning be peaceful or chink wall to missing brick. Should quiet be complained of, simplicity is rearranged. The ghost town of kids’ book is always regular, so’s the cad’s book. Somehow there’s mind blending with Gatsby and Noddy. The neighbourly cough is enough to send home, the place to go is go it alone. Who really cares for more than self containment, only sockets and switches. Dumb signals are easy to recognise, doh, doh.


Gas! Petrol fills fatigue, cue times the body. There may be intellect above the flesh but isn’t that anybody? Respecting the gut has tears and tantrums. Respecting the open and shut is keeping ahead of arrears. The temptation to turn on again fills in with central navigation, turn the television, turn the radio. Alternatively these streams are baby hoorays because speech is meaningless on its own interpretation.

Very soon and one day will be temptation, permanence, temperance, the last two muddled on pence. Don! Don! Doh! Things must speell themselves correctly to mean exactly. The resonance of an Indian marriage.

Indian girl gets lumbered with drunk Southall, he plays a 40K snatch to amuse his friends on the patch. She supplies two years of amusement, she can’t wait to cook him dinner over the telephone. She is pre disposed against him in some way she doesn’t explain, this is attraction. He is cornered to promise some population, she is infected to improve her isolation. There are Indians in all of us, Cherokee whooping. The standard gifts of setting up like trays of coconut to symbolise crop. People harvest their disbelief with old tradition learning to weep. How could the learned ones be so naive? The intercity line does much to achieve, everyone is detached. Who wants uncle bereavement to father the bribe’s behalf? The girl is lucky to have a roof. Best knuckle in with solitary proof, nobody stands for rings and roundabouts.

Water traps in the coffee pot mean problems with pouring, the content of life is built for ten minutes at the altar. The only welcome news to have is that time can. Wait about and get a stick, prod and staff and learn to spit. Profound thins impress the princess, she is countenance to digress. /there goes the bin man!

Where do man and diary separate?

Diary has I did, I would results. Man uses a tenth of brain. alter woman. Diary assessment is neither fiction. On account of the language, diary sandwich. People within the diary affect one conspiracy. Easies t diary to list the wish, ten points for commandments. Diary shops the gross allegiance, example for a population. Could everyone survive peace like Ann Frank? appropriation ahas clarity besides informality but there’s no warning about MTV. Rooms and caves of urban raves mean what exactly? The musical path has a godly staff, literature with culture always breaks silences. When the wrong songs are is important as fixing wrongs, feel sorry. Blend words to jumble the quarry, everything used to be close together. Blast and shaft are for the dig, investigate the compact worry. Worry makes sense of construction, marble face pilasters. The space between words could be three spaces, accepting the font. Sentences as single words, vote labour!

Minus twenty years to that, find the torch light. How did the hot countries see when darkness had no battery? Could paraffin go beyond the thermal layer, could bringing up the bottom mend beauteous repair? The sunlight isn’t good for skins to endure, the ship’s mates get scurvy without vitamins. Hack through the work is idle man’s berserk, he can’t even pour the coffee, has to he where she is a she. Zip ahas a hair trapped, release the slip lane. Shoe has some tar stuck, nail finger to blame. Oats are for breakfast, uncooked again. Paper could be sold but wings have no name. Storeis to digital have numbers as words. The time is BOB to 808 state, BEB to 8.38. There are instructions about the simple directions, just learning to pick fruit. The whole day is enclosed by navigating for King Canute. What a procession eventually goes it alone when the jewels are sinking in the bog.

At the cost of many profound statements, there goes a ladybird in spate of undress. Stylish disguise to life’s simple ties can stick to digital wit, what would 8.41 mean when the number 4 is shaped as a Y. Keyboard press and digital press have different answers, the somebodies and the roundheads. There must be a chart to explain the reason why roundheads are easire to remember. The other heads are the roughnecks, the whites to the reds, Lancastrian Yorks, Capulets and heads to tails. some divisions wear pants, the elastic invention marches with ants and brilliance. Why dredge the opposite partnership to invigorate reflection’s diary? Be unaware of over the glancery. Sore elbow and a street laugh combine to mean the question half. There’s no need to respond with knowing the meaning of fond. Stir cheese and be French, baguette for the wench, moins cuit for Tipperary, teeth sinkage to crunch and squidge.

Earrings have backs and fronts, nephews have lots of aunts. Why send away the troop when siding has taken thought to reach sense and scoop? Why determine the individual to mark exception against residual? The game for outstanding requires a simple world of no similarity.

Digitals and roundheads reside on the pages, there is concord. The dis invention of concord prevents the wrong leadership. when the mark has been obscured, there is car dealership. Priestess has the main complaint of being underused, she could rule the whole world. Priestess in the sky knows answers in the clouds, measures the rainfall. Priestess finds precipitation in tears, everyone sneers except the fans. Promise good weather to appropriate lands, assortment to habitat. Priestess lives in a million countries, only few send concord. Priestess in her bathroom with cleanliness to marshall bog. priestess of wetlands, always in the sky. Chances of landing are made on the eye.

Could there be less harmony, could there flee?

Get out the way, sedentary, sedatory, inflation.

Precious ties can symbolise eerie times. Get past and through with one o’clock guns. The brisk face of telling shows the drop some lace. Stitching and relieving are dependent on pain’s beauty in recovery, dim sun, weak sun, leaf fall, tumble. The adjective about past tense and presence is once there was a fine day and so there is.

Don’t say so to this ridiculous louse, hives head for heaving is only for spraying. To signify doom isn’t attractive, there she goes is the sooty shade on clean brick. There was an industrial revolution after all! Saying no to everyone would nullify coal’s relevance, get on with less fossils. Coffee grains are the new cup’s refrains, marginally younger. Has caffeine anything to do with taste and is the second question necessary?

Some dirt is exceptionally shaded, the colour of money. Volume about one pence is the level of quotience. Respect one for nothing to stress the importance. how does the action spell? Dimension removes imposition, rooms house. Jet fluff and blue fluff hunger for Dyson if they know what’s good for them. The start of the show has the undercarriage of advertising, will it pull off? How many times must the crime be constructed until it gets a success?

dimension gives way what it doesn’t see in drawing, shade on ability. The pretence to understand is slant on proclivity. Teaching has the guide to eye’s on virility. There could be some talent in pop up books. the chest of drawers is drawn from the outside, it isn’t possible from all sides. simple outline lays on the floor, dusted in chalk to Frost’s stalk. The most compulsion about detection is lifting the angles. this is how escape pretendes, steam rises.

A4 pages have bus stop stages, there are departure times. The good men and the bad sperm are always hostages. How pure is fluid that it cascades? Get the woman dry, she has to wear shades. Slippery slight drinks on the guy rope. Mark up the pegs ans the most appropriate lives. Sun flits across the carpets are bold time’s dyes, how the sun revolves is oval till the shape of slit. Sun shines in terms of corners, apparently round. Dust sheds for inside warmth, newspaper is the day’s half. The bean has a wave, it likes to be ground. Tides are all crashing, from hear the airplane sound. How many times can risk propose to die? Every blink is the wake of the eye. With false compensation, the canyon ins small, with one blink’s preparation, the idea has walls. The difference between rooms is guarded with purpose, the difference isn sums is money to priestess. The horn honks, it parps, the horn sounds the dogs bark, the horn speaks to the fog horn, the horn pipes to move along. the horn could be repeated in hands, mouths, cars, fouls, all blended to claim the same thing. Who deserves the nine thirty fours, who sits down to work.

Risk examinations are too late for trade off children. The currency of being jailed and expecting achievement are partly de railed. The life appraises the past as The title. So long, eight years old, so long! Red thread on the window ledge, red thread! Blaze obstacles as inanimate barnacles, rock is something to cling to. Set threads as the strongest leads for crustaceans too hard for cloth. The sun beams dim where vibrancy was a whim, the effect of drugs is just like soaking.

Describe a penis shape to the introduction, proof of identification. Nudist colonies are mental health fondus, there’s physical barrier where there’s idea carrier. The free soul has no burdens. At accelerated cost the t shirt Lacoste. At accelerated cost, the object is most. At accelerated cost the horse sales pitch, at accelerated cost, nothing to tich. Value with bargain is richer tomorrow. Judge on the starving throws forward some fat. The presence of farming is skin to the mind, women have bags and men have jet lag. This rhymes but needs to be read back how profound is really that.

Nine forty four is all Ys. Nearly comes afterwards. Word relevance spares what it means with dictation and speeds. At some level words are on side, there’s the C.V. Whose thought precedes recollection to produce an instant performance? what use is what said when said depended on paper? Nine forty nine is mostly yeses tool. The number nine says yes before number ten. Cleaning would sacrifice the morning. Later on the water would be drawing. Spend the muck in the afternoon, doing is long shading. The time to bathe is best in the morning. The time to reach the word is said, best is open university. Seven years to do in three, ten years to make the tea. Keep hungering or the column spin, the time is nine fifty two. 09:53 am

10:33 AM

Two timing, fixed and moving, the siren blares because nee naw husbands. The saw is a vibrant tool for skilful work, it isn’t for the standard pendulum. Up and so down do much for sickness, decide not to be sick. What a clever stop watch consists the reader’s selection. Book of the month is rival exaction. The daily charge of red and go back again follows a theme, shortened to statistic.09:57 am

The shelf life of living is metered in doing, there are deadly experts with numbers written on their shirts. Play rugby for snooker, the random comparison. Bars and crisps are squashed like flatulence. The time to say puts The in the way, the announcement is going to boe how.09:58 am

time to make pancakes 10:27 am, vanilla pod, flour, egg, random to weights’ listing. The main thing is to tune into Radio 6 to hear the Power song an d the jingle about anarchy. Saturday and the time for flipping what could this mean?

Yesterday was obviously a disaster according to measuring but the story is still obstinate about admitting the accomplishment. the persistent strain of immigration is stoic to resisting. The natter of radio two appeases what the pancake is, sideways thinking and if subjection.

No post and 10:59 am.

Did get kidnapped, 11:15 am . SS5 11:20 am david bowie theme tune. Who says theme? Who wants to stand around hoping to rock and roll, who. The problem swith study doesn’t sit to do. The most worrying hing is reading back again, the band say lacked away, the band read fear in the way. The band are suitably disadvantaged to have sensitivity, the likes of this is only madness.

Well done!

It could be better to be vendetta, getting back an old self. It could be better to pick some fetta, salad goes with cheese. It could be better to get rewarded, the pancake looks like once afforded. The time to peat pancakes is in the afternoon, but what about morning baker room?

The Northumberland

Funny bag man with short legs is red faced and wet and the thought that things are longer makes Spearmint Rhino. This is Grafton street, the pre strip place where the boders meet, the tank up glass that means streetwise, the clever penny dropping out of the queer glass. There are a lot of strange establishments around here with funny carnations and letter neon types of clearer. the idea about what the city is is complete as cop shows. Tandoori and Jessops have ways of meaning Sainsbuyry bags, the ingenuity of shelter from rain is something angled on the head. The time to have a good tune manages to walk past proper Mancunians without minding that they say something mean. Can’t remember the word for stilting means stilting, the brolly is wet for levelling, compensation. A man has put his hearing aid in his pocket and he thinks the sound of clinking is nearer or more comfortable. Random thought and read the bible are times to behave like more than a satchel. This absorption is computed to tasting, where the next place to go is short of a bus ride. The reliability about what to do when trying to remember half listens to men at the side, half considers the theme tune, more halves thrown in for halves of less deduction. There was never a day to be spent for which way, never a year to live on how to steer, there are cues for traffic signals.

Have just been to buy a cookie, did just go to buy a cookie. Have just been to buy a cookie, did bang at the door. Did just see a large nose Harris, did see a large nose Harris. Have just walked down empty street, did go down empty street. HHave just thought about what to do, did just wonder what to do. Am just part of one suspension, word to word for time’s invention. There are more people than before apart from what they wore. Time to go into the shop, actual shop. Time to explain the mission, was the mission. Being in the maroun, watching the discussion. Having the profile, asking the custom. Scratchy adjectives to Monty Python, trying against the teenage cyclone. There are twenty year olds that represent have beens, they are pot exposed to open caution, friendliest nos the same as fierce ones. The actual number of people related to Tottenham is caught in the road on the road in side a bar on the road by the road. The random adversity suits trouble for university, but cities graduate the order. The girl has lemonade and soda and the baggy clothes are less by mail order. The something or wother and the something or other, premiership results Lincoln city five nil, macclesfiled two nil, oxford united torauaq aldershot Scarborough burton albion crawley ctown one nil fortest green Hereford nil one, Morecambe, Stevenage, two nil Tamworth southport York accrington Stanley strophy, grapys athletic althletic on aggretagate woking aboreham wood aon aggreagate premier league, Aberdeen Dundee Kilmarnock herats, hibernian, inverness Rangers Scottish first division hamilton queen the south coutnyee Dundee st Johnston St Mirren aberdirrie Brechin scottish second division for rvfag grenta alloa apromoted mortan ayr raith peterhead sitoling Dumbarton scottish third divisio Berwick Albion cowdenbeath arbroath east stiling Queens park east fife three on e conferece not work shop Harrogate dtown eter orjn jucknall Worcester Hinckley onil one lancaster city staly bridge two nil fvauxhaull, conference basingstoke hurock bishops Stortford.

Broslsch, san Miguel, guinness, Carling, extra smooth.

So far seen a kennedy compare a boulay one ofver there, manchester similar, ish very widely, Luke by name someone at the side, time watcher at the bar, could be griend or foe by far, scratchy, and similar o something watchy. the task of looking for friends in likeness sequins is the oddest base to exist upon. Taking the hairy Einstein at the window with all his wild spriggy hair, coughing by all sorts around to spare, the match by patch by story swatch is from the start unfair. The man with the jumper has an umbrella and uses his arm to walk on. Mild celebration could signify the upper station, the cookie in the bag could be thrown away if it didn’t mean anything. The invitation to walk into disaster is omnipresent like green and all the green scarves. The smart people are milling around and going past like baddies hat could be goodies.

At a certain pitch of rudeness everything is very clear. This ics close to home and the students here are friendly sheer. The sheep without a coat likes the process, the whole gruesome excitement of barging round, then at a later date. The prospect of signalling unlikely fate has Chinese warriers that punch because they’re being talked about. The prospect of signalling unlikely fate is brewing to discharge. Where is fermentation among the hungry brethren. Early leaving is the stuff of being driven, the meaning is clear to going and re-adjoining. The most outside person is the most forefront person. Picking on getting out is sometimes part of the script. Condolence and reassurance build on topical idolness. The wait for indication clicks down by the wheel. The decision to concentrate on circumstance is government meal. The watchy goes. One by one the count down knows, the mystery concludes.

Wigan one two west ham, mcCulloch. Championship results. tim Henman beat lletyton Hewitt to reach third round of the Miami master.s .

Archipelago Restaurant

Caribbean crop to got to Alaska, baby bee. The Northumberland gateway is solid to simple harmony. The friendlily people are relieved to be left behind. Come out of the pub and cross all tracks refined. The northumberland is obviously warning unless the whole institution is friendly to the morning. The rear view of the northumberland says bother to thinking along the best wand. The northumberland watchers had cautious women, not a syllable from their dissemination. Social leaders mean integrators, the side of words like Bruce mean more for Morcheebas. The real issue about wanting to do something good presents itself to the home counties truth. Will Isobel match eher farming potential with regards to not being cynical. Isobel’s level is above her station, she looks at the empty restaurant. This is Isobel. The place to live is healthy expoert. the place to give is comfy armchair. Isobel has a dinga aling armchair with peacock feathers and dim lights. Isobel thinks she’s a guru and wants to attain heady heights. The problem of risobel is she is useful, says things she thinks are relevant to men called Rousseau. The cooking book of Cilla Black is in the papers, there’s a whack. The Chardonnay is just the choice, the name for universities. Charldonnay and Spearmint thing. Round the corner the bell rings and the waitress makes welcoming. this is the place of lots of sex, guru red and dangly glas.s there are propellors and buddhas and black and white maps and photographs. It would be easy to decentralise and say the day with all its transvestites.

On the bus was the transvestite with her kidnappers and contre tons. The bus hit a car by the hammersmith roundabout and the people behind went to stare. there was a man outside the Notting Hill shop, all bald on top buttoning his coat up. This coat has a loose popper. The transvestite reminded Australia, the kid fell down the stars. Never mind is the only message to odd people with stair repairs. The kid is supposed to have feelings and there’s no relation to eggs with grieving. The whole day is polar to disbelieving. This place has got stone symbols that could mean anything. there are clear signs in shops like EA there are clear ones in Starbucks. This one is all spiritual with cuban music, there’s no one else to share the seat. one table ha an orb, this one has a fan. The elephant there and men with pots on their ac,. there’s a trashy string hired women that must be respected. There are coffee coups to inventive, a zebra and a trojan Clydesdale. The velvets and the peacocks and dragons and mirrors are all incremental. The gted and green and gilt edged wood all mixed with the guinness from before. The dodgy expert crossed the road to implore , this is a place of been there before. The cone points down with sparkle. this enemy is archipelago.

Place is friendly but what it did, nothing to do with current well hid. The haphazard members of staff know as much as saying Idiot, that’s why whatever that means. The resignation of the idio t plonks about and wonders about Ibrahim. There were sounds of ibrahim yesterday, the Archipelago knew about the way. Story mapping is a trend and so is eating.

Is this place open at lunch time, yes but not on Sundays, the wine is a bit drunken, the place is full of buddhism and swirls. The emotional challenge to meet spearmints a bit like having nobody to talk to. the Australian waiter is so down to earth he is a didjeridoo, and is the accent of the Australian woman who probably speaks hindu. She wears self tan for protection, this place is armed against he likes of me. rahipelago and the sights of the east and moods music Diaspora and dispellation, breaking wind by mouth. The woman and man bend over on the till, he is a hundred and twenty degrees. there was nothing wrong with Northumberland save what is t connected. this place is a s university. University archipelago to the tantric moves of Ashcroft on the radio. Strange lives of doing down under, reaching for mediterranean to put asunder. The vague meaning of distinctive decoration can blame the transportation. Chardonnay is still chardonnay, breath test to have a nice day. The swirl to invite a backward response is all about wol on the table and illicit substance. set enough back ground and press for profound. The nice charm of government minister beats pointing at the temple administer, it changes to fist and the conversation carries on inaudibly. Te doing about sex is all dimmy lit, this is about furniture removals. The van man yesterday moved trouble with a young man. The young man said don’t pas, the old man said digress. the old man was friendly though the acceptance of the young man was more important. The part about wisdom and theme tunes is catholic to some extent. Big building and time is spent, the next meaningful place to go is red and raw. here comes pudding with a bill in the lift shaft. The portion is minuscule for eight quid, greedy traveller with carbohydrate. The point about early arrivals is welcome, the early arrivals turn up sooner than seven thirty. 07:01 pm. The funny sighting of the small mister flighty is a lasting image of hilarity. the funny little squat ma with funny face for a tan. The funny idea that people are there to sneer, the whole world is waiting for a scratch to the back, some luxury treatment.

One bottle i s the argument about explanation, what the taste. In some respects the prospect of what has just been is bad, all the references to stripping slightly mad. The funny reasons behind going back and drawing are what’s left behind, The idiots and zealots are aware of cleaning glasses, there’s a waitress leaning glass and she talks to immigrants not being keen to arrive in the country. should the eavesdrop be on the closest to hand by the kitchen, the ordering team or hthed decoration. What would posses Manuka honey and the bean with a sting?

An interesting couple arrive and say they can’t see. There’s posh and spice for genuine heel. The group from Liverpool and somewhere shy talk about daring, not of the dye. The posh ones are further but too early to be proper. The Liverpool northerns all l say cheers and glug. The music goes ting ting. Liverpool say things sound nice, they heard of that. The posh ones murmur and he is a writer. He might be a lousy banker, but he is also a writer. He says square meal and knows fa famous actor. the music get more pace and some wha ing. He says alligator. this is nice and ramatic. The liver pood looks like a mere cat, do you think so. His knowledge of wine is Portuguese. The Liverpools are from Brarnsley, vague locality. The waitresses are loudly giggly. the problema bout discussing doctor reports is relevant to the doctor retorts, the old bat is here in me. Ther value of words is next to currency, the burp has spent. Onward, onward, on with baked Alaska. The end is not said until the chocolate has paired. The sleeve and the Italian wash, the burba banquet, quite spicy hot hot hot hot. something Hungarian from the posh corner. The waitress s puts away the bottles. the lady has blond dyed hair and her friend circuits her neck about the room. what a method of surveillance@! Starter in the posh sector, there’s a tinsel tree with an owl between here and here. Sniffing there so may be this is competition. The signal man has his back to here, his shirt is striped. The starter is produced. The bell goes, woman says sorry and lots of chatter. more wind. The rope and lift factor are kind of exotic, that is the word to outside something. The group get offered ciabatta and Irish soda bread, so much for equality. clang pouring splosh splosh, the wine gets poured for posh. There’s no need to centre in on what and what not. the funny people try to go bowing, and play computer games, air hockety, this is direct dictation. Where has been before says really sweet, the Liverpool north like the taste, they could be australians.

Music woman uses her lung, she talks in Spanish, she is all contraire to posh and his photos. The more interesting side to has been is all embarrassed. The sound of ward is over there, same idea and she’s like Clare. She stirs her straws and wears a red top. They’re by the picture of the lovers and the Liverpool people don’t make shudders. They have a bottle of champagne finished off on them . the funny waitresses are sort of transsexual with strappy arms. The broad shelters to women’s quarter is about wearing silk. The point about having a fan is to wive it. Didn’t eat the stingy bean, Alaska and the state of mean! What could the bean taste like and what would it do to say take a hike/ the slash and the espresso form confrontation, there’s gaspaccio. The funny posh couple could mean anything. The funny grouping are discussing. Wonder if outside it is still raining. the bean is to be boiled with espresso after all. The sting had been removed.

dpn’t say the love is fake the posh ones are all sitting for their steak. the posh ones are all caress-ish, they’re not courting after all. The group of five are busy in som e thrall. the man with a stiped cshirt coughs and he doesn’t want to. chocolate made with rosewater and pistachio.

who is to blame?

Suspicion loves suspicion

The inability to eat in a restaurant is suspicion. The inability to self contain piss is a twat. The Manucunians prophesied the twat, the twat. Twat foretellers seem to be friends, enough of that. A muesli cookie is delicious, muesli cookie. The road to snack and piss in jars, piss in jars. A transvestite on the way, a collared coat on return. there are no ends to the ways of city time yearn. the job of snatching is what kind of person are these?

simple task simple task simple task

eat in a restaurant

First find a restaurant, then find food.

archipelago has oodles. of all the realisations to find, weeing at the bus stop released one bind. Giles did wit with patricia. update the document. 09:04 pm

Where did it all begin? It all began at the theatre, people behind were chattering a barter. The kidnap began from close quarter, it just carried on like alma mater. The need to hug is hug. The grumpy resolution about backwards is shrug. Get the concern off! The most relevant person in the universe is available. Whatever face intelligence, standard response is naval. The same uniform face is varied disgrace, there are shades. that muesli cookie has glace cherries! Wrapping up sounds like something emotional.

Who was the one that sayid hold on in the underpass, who was the woman with the coat and our daughter pass. Who the fuck are these people.

The wrapping up sound receives a kind of poor emotion, rich somewhere, The wrapping up sound is bigger to mention. The wrapping up sound is bound to turn the head. The wrapping up sound is pieces of led. The wrapping and unwrapping ad present sound.

grumpy wumpy grumpy wumpy


Guarantee the lives of the snatch , be a dinner lady. The transvestite molesting solar plexus for asking sons of daughter whoever in the quarters want to be let alone. Although they entered the competition for super human zone, they want the best for Kid A. See the streams rush about, the fame of being name to hit, the unfairness of that! Little voices par p parp about and people like Richard and William join assassin rank. The best thing for Brer Rabbit is rabbit. Strong thong language is supposed to look about and spit. Strong long sandwich is sick enough of stress. All round persecution only points to constitution, has nothing to do with it.

William is more familiar to han Richard, glad to see both of them. Underpass strappers have luggage tied onto them. This sounds like detonating language for kamikaze things and doesn’t sound religious although both of them are pious.

so what about who is transvestite. so what about the friendly wise black mum. so what about considering where to go along, the answer is still about a haunting. how can eggs be rained about without a degree of fright? how can nature dismiss the value of grafting? How can going in and out of rooms be rafting? How can the able become practice, anarchic assembly. The kids do complicate the personal considerations of singular damnations, some citizens have no say. This point of view needs exorcism to stay, there’s too much scratching and lifting to compose the correct side of gifting. The tidy elves sweep where they didn’t hope to reach and want something to be pulled off. breach!

What is the point in reflecting public opinions, saying evil.

I went off tho the launderette to fulfil the prophecy abut the sock. there’s a thing about drooping the sock and rustling abags and there’s the boots woman with her hand behind her backs. In response to the laundry trouble the problem could be racist or murderous, it could be about dirty laundry. The problem about simple household task is reading satellite dishes and wells and murky things like suffragettes. The personality of heroic proportions has a lot to contend with when mistakes make major forms. The launderette is a job that didn’t used to mean anything . It now means dropping twenty pence, dropping a sock, something that doesn’t mean anything like someone else said it would. There’s no clarity for blind fisherman, always blind. There ‘s no story like continuum, carrying on. The laundry is just like the washing up, just like the trace of soap suds in the sink, sometimes the white traces do show up. Sometimes the bob above the water is just on meniscus, drowning with mercy to gasp for the discus. oh, help for less of a trauma affair, oh help to mean words not just thrown in the air. This paragraph is like yesterday, fishing about. What it could mean could only find shout.

Shout about something. Shout about pumpkin. Shout about the third shout after something and pumpkin. Here goes Cinderella with arson, parson, larceny for the Hill of jack agility. There has been a jack theme this week, it was music in the pizza restaurant. the pizza means eastern and insurance, the pizza means bullying neighbours. The eastern promise about traitorous reconnaissance has the patient wondering how to qualify for an apple, endless references to apples and furthers, lands of exile for cain and his brothers. The endless ties to starting with endless, that isn’t fair. The shadows of expectation go among the where oh, where. The film about the launderette was very exciting to some extent and there was hot weather at the time of it when the hill was notting up to summer temperature.

What a lucky escape yesterday, what a dum cum that says cum by lately. The sock is obviously the story about the baby with a sock in its mouth, or thi child with a sock in its mouth, hitting people killing people. Only one person is required to stick a sock in it. The dumb chance of explaining about what the sock is and who did it makes shoes important. The shoes get pissed on in pink panther moments and the piss is taken as something moribund. The washing spins round in a whurr, the machine is likelier there. The cost of dropping things off is like the post office, parcel for Jane. Why would jane and washing make any sense, and why would Jane be the reason to get tense? The washing and the sock and the bush family all flop about the street with shop extras and neighbours more indicatory. The local concern is all parenting and fostering, local trevolting to continue discovering. Every discovering about socks and dops leads local people to mark up their tucks? Why would the local people take any measure on what is for craps when their only laugh is to twist their shoulder straps? Why would the level of criminal sort anything but what they have bought, and why would negative input resemble dictator’s tirade? The one. One million, one million blood cells or something. The number, a single jot is only a zonely. Just lets establish peace and forget about the washing!

Don’t care is what this is, don’t care. The enemy is over there, all around, don’t care. Priority is don’t care, don’t care. Hostage is the label care, forty degrees. The people that seem to be something, lump something. The same mistakes means something, weans something. What does the world mean to the destitution.

The understanding is that the bitch is back, this is a farce.

Heavenly stealing and bitches and arse, pass. What is supposed to happen to people that swear all day, they are supposed to stay and go away. The people that liek blame have to write it down. The superior things in life just get a frown.

With special reference to the boots woman, she’s a grand ma that used to say hello, she was employed as a look about to know. Neighbourhood watch is most annoying, most toying. The suspicion about the whole world is ultimately breeding employing, enjoying. the problems of one personare theirs, plurals.

highlight targets of distaste are children swapped and they mean nothing. highlight targets of distaste are all the people that watch the shopping. highlights of distaste are spending and fakes, fuck off the real thing. The real thing has become a dominant factor.

Real thing real thing real thing.

Ding a ling ding a ling

Minority concern for fairies and goblins, the girl is bewitched to corner her stitch. What does this mean/ ? The slash and burn of and and or, the crare for either neither drawer. There are too man y choices fo tributaries in the vast swamp. Eradicate the empress for their provisions, she is made of derisions.

speaking to someone with a Scottish name on mother’s day. Eating without leaving anything much in the bowl. sticking to guns till the firing line is facing. wrong ending the barrel to hear the call of ‘fine thank you’. this path of understanding isn’t heart breaking, only administering doubt with certainty. the rain falls but inventions like Andrew are nightmarish. Yesterday was Saint Andrew’s day for crossing the road. Today is seeing blue tits and wondering about veg . There is sick in the road by the pub, fairly reliable.

After Mothering Sunday there is mothering Monday.

the conservatives spread themselves like mothers without Margaret. although major was mother was pale without peas, although hope is spelt on disapproves. although conservatives are people in Australian hats, although majorities don’t doff. Look theres an attractive man skewing and squinting especially for here. look there’s an attractive man that saves me to sneer. look there’s a well fed person wondering about leading, whatting mothering. The disused face of exception

The best discussion occurs with the enemy. Today is Monday.

Monday 287th March

When good competition rivals, the best goal post. When hard competition rivals, frosty conditions. When good and hard make studs useless, postpone grip. When pitch melts, hope for stud. Posts stand all weathers, light alters. Slippery is the shadow of water. Rugby is the winter season, barren turf. Rugby is the tag for passing, lemon lemmings. The green ball of spring sautéed. The acorn of waiting, germination. Should the ground accept the pound, determination. The fertile ritual of leading public school thinks together to raise expectations. The letter H is only so high. Trip the wire to trapeze, afternoon play. Theatre stitches the night through. The most romantic aspect about rugby is being the mascot, the dribble of football gets lifted. Try to represent cheating with arms for cradling, legs and arms, arms and legs. Only half the body is used for football, tossing versus the net. Like neptune underground, under sea, rising rugby fetches free. The diagram of eclipse is set to rules, the best games for best rules.

What are the rules of first fifteen, first eleven, training to match. In the morning exorcism, afternoon the place deriven. . What can happen? In the event of flying saucer, grip?
Talk about red hot poker, red could be ohotter. Peachy ambition, less fierce.

The cleaner cleans the sink with fairy bubbles, something so absorbing and the task is supposed to mean something. The approval of overseeing is

Jet black haired nurse, why not go a nursery path? Miss out the cars and wind instead, behind the man who holds books. The dinner is fluid and unfilling, wouldn’t a shop at sainsbury’s do? the portion of incident meets precedent and hurrying is ammunition. Jet black doctor, hair so shiny. Path os shopping Ryman many. Jet black nurse, jet black hair, jet black and jet black. Who’s the little boy? Can’t find file, lost in folder, can’t find pill ha ha funny foster. Can’t find things for thing s to do, order find a nice appointment, tag and chase for social ointment. be a pervert to th e coin of attraction, be disgusting to breed from . Sheraleigh bulls have less to read from, they don’t see hats with feathers sticking out. Things to see and things to shy, just persuade commute to try. Go the different way to day and see what the jet black does, see what would happen if the route was milliput? What is the purpose of trying to vary when doing is clicking on the telly.

who is the black woman in the telly and what is she supposed to be with smelly.

who is the jet black who is the pretty shack, who is the funny ha ha with strangers.

who are all the nice contributors that are nice to hear from. who are all the breeding worries with desertion. who are all the minority majority people with all their spritely funnies. who are all the sleaze bags with top daz bags. all the door fronts with super fonts, saying feeling, doing weaving. the kick woman has something to

life sciences and elderly el doly dolly people, breaking water like the passenger.


Tuesday 28th, the same time as Stephen Fry

fIs the lack of a chart at medicine time supposed to represent alack of conduct, is the faffing about supposed to lead to there’s how to do? fifteen minutes to find a pill means in formaldehyde, busiest time in the queue. The problem with dispensing the truth hopes the patient will put things right. The chart’s not in there! The pill’s not in that cupboard, its in that cupboard! The entry system into permission is bizarre, only a mental institution, stress institution. The pretty nurse is nowhere to be seen by the way. The number of friendliness is administer in-formalness. If dinner is rushed, suit mushroom. If dinner is only mash potato, what sort of vegetarian? The omelettes are frozen for frozen eggs. The lasagne has tomato in. The spoons are close to gravy ones. Pudding is served from the far counter but when the sponge runs out it begets brought back to the savoury stand. The trays are in high rise levels, the number of sane staff appears to increase.

Message taking is the weeken’d’s plan. Because Darren is involved the message about skipping Friday’s meeting could have been in bold. There may be no meetin g with Newton on Wednesday, Darren’s staff to stand in the way. There’s no sense in ringing for an accurate description, the minuscule meaning. The big friendly smile of stay there a while accompanied neighbours. The voice of recognition could start to mean quavers. On only the Buzzcocks the tunes always get difficult with space to think, even from simple vault. the next line is all complicated with what beats the omnipresent. Its bollocks to have history with hiccups, that was a hiccup. The diaphragm any minute turns up, there are subtleties of madness that really could show up. The beat of how to time dispensation into concessionary treat. Is the patient beginning to dictate yet? The news shows a Venezuelan with clap happy oration, topic to the day of harmless ovation. The genuine button wakes up because a woman shouts in the street that she hates someone.

The rattle sounds the trolleys of Sainsbury’s. There’s a lot of magnetism about doing worries. The decision to simply must have was interceded by the estate agent. How patient is the crocodile to want to join the single file? Cooler than the red dress is a backing track for the most of the night. co co co coola than the red dress. The colour of trousers and vests is thoughts of reading gas meters. The craft involved about reapplying for jobs says Bold.

Who’s the social worker called Sarah at Kensington and chelsea. Cheryl’s life is going for free, she’s the reason behind the being older complex. Cheryl’s guardians are keen to set her free, she has a similar problem. Cheryl approaches the person with wanting to be like me, she represents the girl who was invited to tea, past tense. the intricacy of Cheryl and all that is closely to feral and burial. Cheryl is quite a close rankin position of circumstance. Cheryl’s problem is the same as the brief case in some ways. The brief case problem and the sock in the mouth problem are both available on the days. The clarity of thought isn’t actual to the type that sees the record. why is this?

Intercessionary conduct and something falls over in the flat. What was that? The process of gravity makes something jump but that was loud. The re could be someone in the flat like the conservatives, think of that. there could be someone in the rain, it sounds dry outside. The scratch doesn’t belong, it invites its self to prong. The likelihood of talking about problem seems to go along. The prospect that someone knows about a file, caught in the aisle. The impetus to read and write at night, get a fright. The lyrics to rhyming slang, tooth and fang.

Tuesday morning, after lunch, Tuesday afternoon.

Just lost the morning’s work by pulling the internet chord. disastrous meeting with kelly who is slier than the telly. The problem with kelly’s darkness is having to go int and whitewash. Kelly requires the exact statement to mean he isn’t fired. he is ridiculous. The going slosh of undoing the sash is keen to . Confessing the dream is no less sorry than desirability, sounds like bills. The children flock against kelly’s rock, he is insane. his mine is me, I am to blame. Kelly is a word and a name. Comparison Frances down the fanny lane. Teenage complaints of knowledge equates set kelly off on the wrong right foot. Kelly is a lovely name. In his charge there are lots of responses, there are weirdos all over the place. Keelly’s worth is kelly’s rage, he is the intellect. god knows what telly does when odd is the heart shape.

The only concern today is abut the brief case getting n the way. although there are nice people to look at there are more reasons to quit at. the flavour of mushroom soup is important to the whole group. the council are on strike, they don’t work for people they represent. the hideous woman has had her hair done up in a blond coif . it was important not to agree with kelly and to shake his gruff. the ivy grows down from the gutter when it hangs. the day’s impatience even has good weather. the possibility lands when an entire word is fucksculsivity. kelly and cells and mitochondrion and neenaws. kelly is clever.

kelly says how are things, he says well done about age sixteen, horse nostalgia. kelly stalking round the pitch for hooves is unfair. so what if an achievement isn’t disclosed, so what if bridgle paths are undisclosed, so what if something is self completion. kelly knows about the breeding problem and has nothing to do with it. I have scores of achievements and have nothing to do with them. did do the olympics, do feel bad about Ainsley soup. the flavour of making up the difference prompts he difference. somewhere between competition and concordance the service stops. the twilight zone is the pit to the tip, the Bugsy malones. having a doctor that isn’t good to clip is shrugging off recovery to clip the lip. how many times have the services tried to be kind, and who serves the services.?

Cheryl is a case for comparison, she could be misleading. cheryl had carers and sharers for leaving, she almost lived in the same box. Cheryl’s problem and going to Cobden base luck on the steer groups. the most important thing about misunderstanding is transforming the landing.

Is veronica veronica or is veronica like her? Why should giving change for twenty pounds in a car park mean part of the ark. Why should picking a nail up off he doormat mean blackmail or rug rat? why should having seconds and thirds mean insulting the cook’s nerves. Why should the big tall man look like a doctor but sound like an obstacle. Why should pretending be the name of the nun?Why is it easy to do on the plate? why should having a bath at three in the afternoon mean money’s vacuum. Why should being tired matter? Why should remembering the word for Hanger lane mean could be Bayswater. Why should worrying about tax mean pepsi max. why should thinking about the television be more than the arc’s provision? why should someone from the mental health ward have more important things to say than someone from the news team. Why would zebra mean constitution? why would resisting have any value?

There’s no question about tax indiscretion, the if story is how it came around. There’s no question there’s nothing left, the if question is how that came to rest. There’s no question the swindle is lost, the if question recovers the cost. There’s talk on the days’ news about unions. The relation of a nail on a doormat and the french demonstrators means the brief case didn’t arrive. It is difficult to settle the anger about what to do about what hasn’t been passed. Unpassed tests scram in the attic and n the day area and in the night and all about. Breaking through small things is quite an achievement, the mental health man mentioning where was hanger lane or bayswater invites a conquest to the coffee quarter by shepherd’s bush. The relevance of wearing stripey stocks, socks means the zebra crossing. The tv shows an autism advert. The problem about choosing who to like is seeing people you don’t like. The inevitable clash of standing up to things doesn’t walk away from things. The fixation with giving and taking things is generous to charity. The

pub crawl

why is pub attendance some sort of pact on the twenty pound note, and why would property people have a room locating target shaft on who is and isn’t meat? why would going down in the road in the rain. why would going down the road in the rain meet windy blow backwards to go back again. why would the reverse detour feel good, and why is the draw for chocolate about should . shy is the more interesting time to leave the time when the rain brews. Why do the people on hospital get to do their living without having to forgive, only set about forgive. there is very little choice in a wheel chair. the recuperation process is about lying back and drinking for free.

who feeds the addiction


29th March

the importance to dislike kelly has something to do with blaming the proportion. what Kelly knows is is fault. there is nothing kelly can do but refer his opinion. this is a measure of capacity. the thwart of maybe and maybe not is the notice, SOLD. frank brandishing is irrelevant like the communist dictatorship. progress on the prompt to smother but lift flutter is gracious bucks. the polite skills of the section are honing where the seventies smelled. council work of the beige edge was obvious to the small league. age distinction does value the lie for lifetime harbouring, a swimming teacher. the

the value of twenty quid is to give it back, hey, come by snatch. the group in the hub burn with curiosity about things like private things, so rings and responses. Are there any faculties that aren’t available, if so available. the horrible world has messages to note, someone wants to be useful. there’s no use like following the right path, doing and sharing to the good calf. veal is the next obvious word, reveal. chambers of having and doing, spending to gamble. the margin of excitement is minuscule, levels to the one patch man sitting sideways with his bum. the one patch man is a regular at the puzzle, he’s been in that seat before with his pirate detective see. the job cancellation relies on the twenty quid usurpation, there’s still a long distance argument that could have been saved with a little bit of succulent. the disappointed team in the rip off beam have different senses of value. the beggar only wants a nod. the standard beggar doesn’t dress the part, how odd. the standard ordinary risk is none at all, bag in the hall. the tonal phrase of worth is this one, this dandruff scurf. there is nobody to talk to.

whoever would have thought dictation would be a billed voice, whoever. whoever would have rested at the till, whoever. whoever would have stood about, dictation could shout. whoever would have thought aloud, the opinion does time proud. stand and deliver.


Thursday 30th

kelly spelt murray to throw the word in the air. does much to to do to say infill square. The slide language of isn’t said is only tread. the administering team are only half fed. on the slope ride of coincide, the metal cool rolls, the chord for leading is bought and buy sold. the intricacy of testimony says one to the edge. the losing of words is as hammer would sledge. pull the word where the saw. hit the word slide the paw. the peacocks of song slots are feathers.

You can’t taste cheese in the market and expect to get away with it, you can’t say ore to the reference of a good bargain. the man says he’ll do soda bread for one pound ten, say next time more. can’t say taste the st. george and take the really fruity cylinder. can’t say I’m stronger with dexterity, the customer from behind just whips his long cheese cylinder with a weighty swerve. the customer from behind knows how to spell preserve and pays and slips off. the rainforest people make lovely light food at three pounds for a feathery scoff. There’s nothing to bite into when the guru is knowledgeable far from sloth. Gurus and sloths are forms to examine. they other each to her like ham and gammon. the olive goes with the oil and the puccle soaks the coil. fill n the space with something to tap, make sounds from voices or background trap. the thread could change in the day.

so far donation to the rape rescue people. So far purchase of a led pencil, so far the purchase of lentils and cheese and olives but not the Moroccan. there used to be lovely vegetarian moroccan parcels. the market in the square is open for conservation, it used to stand in the town hall. the farmers go there to stop the supermarket brawl. it would be good to choose the best thing on the menu, it was made with strangers in view. everyone coughs as if they don’t have mucus.

the tables in the room are mostly empty, then the lady coughs on her bread. the tables are pale and varnished and the top table has old people with hairs of led. the sounds are mixed with local progress, the high street doesn’t come in to confess. the point about note is reservation, the sets of two knives and two forks are two times important. The market should go round the right way but there’s always lessons to lay. The lady with pretty shoes stood at her sideway, she had such pretty shoes but after the market the people were thicker. the crossroads is things like tasting cheese and saying more. what else could have said from the previous score?

plan to do the healthy thing and plan to say with practice it. the continual bad example hopes for more school. the continual residual is living with residents, arm brushes and dropped pence. there was a one pence on the floor but left that this time, silly straw. the novelty of lesson learning doesn’t bend over to pick up. the room in the time of tune has louder volume to ward off flies. can this work? in human tunes the pasta arrives, it is hot till it cools. New page starts with ingestion, the volume displaces congestion. take anxiety and spill wheat piety, take echo and attend the statute. It is awkward to type around a plate, words ad foods should congregate. the re is no time to eat and talk, there is not type to eat and talk. the anenome vases the dahlia in the vase, the glass is blue tinted for flowers. crystal glass is for the hue of the drink, red is rose, rose is rose, white is pink. the tint objective to aura is subjective, the white could be rinsed. the smilers are confiders, the place goes down hill with anonymity. there are two musics to the workers and the waiters, this is is harmony fuses.

there are cracks in the pavement outside, a veritable task to inspect. the things that goi on and go on again, the cycle s of unusual inspect. the room has heather init, the nose drips at the end of the plate. there are more statistics of probable happen when write down road learns how to feature them. could watching the tango do the tango without forty seven extras, could doing alone be considered as one when counting looks the camera. only one eye to the topic of fragility, the width and widow of window sub over look. is something interesting to watch after food, is something worth coining after the hungry mood. keep em keen.

the purpose of this would not think without the type link, the compulsion to live by particular habit. would the relation to the situation have sedation to the mood? would conurbation appreciate the neighbourhood? surly social always sobers the whim, there is weather in the general meaning. the grumpy people have a choice to lend their voice and the mean people have money to spend. the world in perspective has zoom lens invective, good bye to George.

why did George seem irritant, why did shoving George mean tipping nothing. why did the space overwhelm the metal trapping? stand from A to B, go C. stand from B to a to C. Stand from C to A to B, there are three letters at the beginning of the alphabet. the starter main pudding, the left and right to sure footing. the drink and thirst to taste, the cotton thread and lace. the tap and turn and twist, the thought and stream, list. the straw pipe suck, the one way to use is stuck.

today is full of a lunch challenge, breakfast was meagre and tea will be sandwich. the boring waste and eating ends fight between the student trends. how will the pie turn out has become the navigation of homeless trout. there are fisher people in airs with manners, what does everyone do. the actor people act and the politics talk. the learners pass and the dogs walk. the most important thing for the dog walk is to run. the most important learn is not to lean on. the most important talk is to do. the most important type is to follow through. The head bows at something, watching for twelve’s pumpkin.. There goes the spoon, lost in the dishwasher.

there were many people to watch in the market palace, don’t swatch. there’s a trend to hinge hotch potch. the ral slab doesn’t leave, the weeds grow between the cleft of causeway’s greave. the greave is a profession, smithying. the chance to prove could be hard to fulfil, listen to the mill. the chance to be solid and horrid. the good industry says florid. the bad industry is part of the good industry, flossing teath before dentistry. the order to that is ornithological. tautological, April fool is on its way.

the outboard motor to new paragraph discards the time as one and a half. the boat has bobbing as well as yobbing, energy to walking can be done seated. The air is at sea between the furniture and he has an Egyptian or inca name. the top of the through stuff is older than weaving, the threads are energetic.

when the element wraps there’s general interest. the invention of wattage, cottage. the invention of new arrival, food survival. the invention of topic, keys and pockets. some people have nothing to worry about apart from the television. some people are universally smitten. this is satisfactory for tapestry, the general understanding. the television is another word for role revision. the manner in which to do things would not be awkward. the people that leave early go with pioneers, the skylark is fun for chasing deers. the point to being more achieving is answering from the level distance. the table stays in the same place throughout the duration. when the grand old duke of York has ten thousand men, ten thousand meals maybe.


ten thousand watch the man at the front, then scurry away and think of an aunt. the ones that retain ten thousand’s name, see ten thousand. see one man in one span, ten thousand. victorians have cousin spans of choices, mildred does it better than Wilfred. the televisual family is shopping. appreciate to time slotting, the bag lasts well. the adventure of keeping the level is Neville, un monitored. mental health institution s are the closest tanks of constitutions. the statistics of the observation requirer art’s attention. the point about coincidence occurs with Brian Johnson, the a man that apparently won the latin prize in running. brian’s real name is Don and baby powder. the use of what running does is not as good as it was.

in the nineteen thirties, only running explained.

in the nineteen forties and afterwards, then the nineteen sixties arrived.

in the twenty first century the tag carried the mag, even green subjects.methods of communication men and Ragu and uncle ben. methods of communication mean now and then. roundabout meaning is very long lasting, ten seconds of every way to the goldfish. there are strawberries on top of the rhubarb in March with a yellow round fruit with icing sugar. there are patterns in the cream around the rhubarb and there are more arrivals than could have been represented at the beginning of lunch. the immediate effect of sitting down is putting knees in. the immediate effect of arriving is how was it going. the immediate effect of breathing is doing less exciting. there could be too much impact.

the affect of nuclear technology is speed. at twenty seven minutes past, peristalsis, and at twenty say thirty three, divided. half of twenty seven is thirteen and a half. 3.25, 13.5, one third one half. Brushing off the pass mark is always cleverer. If there is a time to stop, there’s time to spare. If there is stingy cheese, there’s always rebound. if there is more fluid, a bolder river. if there is tenancy, there’s room for a pet. if there is permission, room for a vet. if there is decoration, scissors. if there is definition, cleavers. if there is goods, trimmings. the nearby happiness are always achieving. the lady turns her newspaper round so that she backs the words in spiral bounds. The order isn’t changed, only the leader lane. the swivel is human marsupial, the fork is a jouster’s game. eating could mean something beginning or ending. what a world not to announce the innings, but what grievance prevents the natural precedence.

Anxt continuum is flick’s opinion. the glossy has a smart page three. the skin texture compliments the general knowledge about the leading face. There are everywheres to look in one place. Look no further!

there didn’t use d to be compulsive strain to keep the dog wagging. there didn’t used to be national energy to mental saving. there didn’t used to be three ways to finish off the couple. there didn’t used to be stress with five o’clock stubble. nyer didn’t used to be the language. they’ve saved my bill for one forty five. neyer.

All the way home, regret the rinse. Rinsing out the neighbours is cruel, those attending friendly places. the top table all look exhausted, there’s a friendly woman doing jane verbs and the intention between them is background force achieving. the strangely sober friends are all sitting babout. the strangely admirable people with al l their pleasure so to speak. the nearby people recognise me, they laugh at the table response is bleakly. there’s a resolve involved in feeding back.

its obvious the people are local. obvious the people are tied. obvious the people are awaiting. obvious the people are together. obvious the poeople are interested. obvious the people are accepted. obvious the people are devised. obvious the people are jobbed or were. obvious the people career. obvious the people to meet. obvious the people oto match. obvious he people to thatch. obvious the people to listen. obvious the people to watch. don’t watch the people obviously. don’t look at the terminology. don’t give away the ideology. be friends with the people. the people knew the drunk when blue, at their happiest times. the people knew small grew, there would come a time. the people knew the people know, they know the intercity time. the one watch the hotch potch, the

patient wants to be let out, patient complains. patient gets atmosphere, calm down the rains. patient wants slander to tsling and hurl round. patient wants candour to mince on the pound. patient wants doctor to do as he’s told. telling to doctor is patient is sold. patient has value where patient attends. patient is laughing where patient befriends. patient wants to be like ed by the doctor without having to tak e advice. patient superior patient price. patient exacts where patient offends, patient determined to buck the trends. patient has a lot to say about the doctor, wouldn’t want to give the game away. patient thinks the best thing to do is to go without dinner.

study of anorexia

patient has issues in early stages, food and information, brains and supervision. patient likes to hang on where others trip along. the lesson sinks in when patient is angled. patient is flat and undimensional, crags of the growns are ceilings of upwards. the space of unemployment is mostly anorexia, the time for new holiday is tan to the solar plexor. the biscuit earnings show themselves in feeligns. the menu is gorged with answers to feelings.

anti anorexic

has less time for panic attack. What does the flat mate say, simply delicious!

recording to doing, relay thinking.

how downbeat can the meeting be, how ordinary. how behind in the queue, over there to listen to. how exceptional to star e and to bore, eyes averting chocolate easter eggs. there’s a teenager with mousey hair, all clean and Nike. there’s a yob of aged sixteen, fifteen, fourteen. there’s ana ge that could be smoking, there’s a cavalier in front. proof besides the main attraction, source to target prozac action. stay awake and be fulfilled, stay apart with god’s life. stay focused , droopy, whirring, the question is the same for searching. there must be impediment that catches up, like the cold potatoes that weren’t ready. there must be recording and producing, long tubes with chocolate buttons.

telephone census needs to know the nationality. the caller rings with stutter, just to clarify White British. this is the day of the Whitechapel party, ides of march at thirty one. the day is Friday.

Friday 31st March, that’s begun since last paragraph.

the scientists are quite interested in the time travel document, didn’t they know? the best part about ordering the brief case is the compact pencil, it means kerry packer. I’m an aboriginal for the confession of ethnicity. the plan to re-appropriate funds is kind of sexy. the newsmen and the restaurant men all started to smile. there were smiles on morning television, there were smiles until the .

products without sugar are withdrawn on the news, product recall. the bogies in th e nose get pcicked. the nurse ruth looks like Anne Bolenyn. well she’s not Catharine of aragon or Anne of Denmark or jane Seymour, maybe a bit jane Seymour. ruth has gone arty and more feminine, she has tights on. ruth has her hair pup like a public school girl. ruth has more people in her office and her friend paul looks bemused.

consistent agreements with the human race involve spreading out the ration. the plot begins to lessen the thicken, the stranglers are out. there are more nice people everywhere and the prospect of a reunion tends to share with the jolly good embryo program on the tv last night. there could be a role for wayward ho, there could be a chance to speak out. after the bonfire, after liam’s name is in the benson and hedges.

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