Closely and by supplement, the concession, that none should place the

Circus is dealt

Jumping the chew

Beautiful wreck accosts seat corner; there isn’t a work to be spoken to stead the prevention

Forty out of forty

Scissors the speed limit

Curriculum vitae proclaimed a bit; there’s a loose sweater.  Some bald treasure goes afoot, the same half as a backs street; safely last.

Here goes the speech

‘Assess me by my diary’

Miniscule picture figures the window; it’s a figure from the cast; one of the coasts that match the leer and leap.  

Embroiled in the epic of love; somewhat smeared.

One hundred and eleven

Horror bids the engraving; Good Morning

The espense is encoutered to entrance, with non permissive rates by Rum. Enjoyment courses recovery and bends.  Mewing from the cuddly cat.

All bands of the sermon are layered in bricks

The whistle nosed

Freize the expedience

The queer emerge

Laughing out loud, apart from one, alone

Disembodied to moan, befriending cabbage; ah, the word.  A dungeon sings, heavy in the trip.  Beak tyres revolving in lead.  Pestilence assumes the verdict, peaces of arguing courtship.


Blister Boot

My Darling I love you

Words from nineteen hundred end

Scatter petals alternate sequence





Wear My




The circuit is cornered, sprinkled grit blinking for uplift.

We removed your toes; that’s the size of it.

Hobble joy; decoy

In return for a lantern rose, nose

A bull chin


Life to the scariest sin

No icicles from it

whips to lease

Beneath thy nose, crows

an electric snap, slip

Bowl intestine

Be stirred in going

Lift spoons the elbows

Cushion the tip

Bitter cast restoring chateaus

Brewed the frond

Peering slightly

And then swabs

Mopping bread

First ties to seat

Opposite virtues

Pride sheltering second cons

Moods banned to victims saw

Having all of them

Symphony 1812

Love on the engine; disgracing the find

Lest hunger bows to effluence

no surrogate entwined

get bars for the powers

and semi dental grind

sailor, gather my fown

fling the wind loan

boiler, bruise the article

lend on a whisper

flan, draw the clock

pin the

brew see me see

Buffer the fade

Every hard particle 

grammar to raid

Flexor the gangway

bug a new moat

Four bit sounds

clean shires

At this point the Timbuctoos

Fair paris dressed in lesser flukes; the chips and the Cares Arc Stands, mulling cards to bonga grand; all grossly civil with touches of weave oh,; the limited ocuplet, perusing the green floss; how saturate and grace code the ride.  As poor to effect as barret singlet, the funny house devoid of glee.  Then other such as bo.

How the tasks

Then flame tomorrow, pise and rust, the swellements of gus; lay fly the

Arthur Con What


What worser for the innocent

Scratch cliff to hang th balance; puffs of ice to chalk the biscuit; spam around foods of thoughts to soho; how the culture, show the grid

And biter paws to scrape the lead; ahead with barging in the creed; what colour?

there is marjory, she’s a plover

That no signs to grow of deed, the parsley kit of somber

Who came to show the poster?

So long a gong without a character; the bleed







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