After the war

By franwords

January 31, 2012


Category: picture, poetry

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After the war was after the war

There was a big long sigh

And a belch

A bit of sick in aftertaste

But everybody was glad

That it was over


Everybody said it was

After the war

Is what everybody 

Who was there said


During the war

Was a reason for after the war

Completely bionic

And then peaceful


But that was long after the war


I was born so long after the war

that my grandparents 

were practically dead


when i was young

i took extra classes

in everything

felt tired at bed time


i heard it was after the war

that it was generations ago

something for book people

and wintry churches

walking sticks

bread and butter pudding

sitting in sunshine with pigeons


after the war there was lots of cake

lots of petrol and salami

chips were exchanged for holidays

and everyone felt better

that they were after the war



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