In a perfectly nice place in the countryside with big trees and lawns, there was a perfectly nice house with lots of Trojan horses, neighing around in paddocks with picket fences just like Texan ranches. 

There was an enormously fat man who liked to copy the famous WC who smoked pipes and drank whisky.  This is circa 1495, a date when the Picts were positively active.

There weren’t any fat men with pipes who drank whisky until the late fifteenth century when the

And before there was ice cream there weren’t any beaches

Diatribe is the google for chimney; there was plenty of soot

And in the perfectly nice place in the countryside with big trees and lawns, there was an argument taking place in 1695.  

It happened down the wire of a modern telephone, calling the wilderness the dog’s bone.

This afternoon there was a book about a mystery solver, who did nothing but perpetuate flappy hats and versions of going for walks at home.  The 1695s didn’t have any jobs, so they rang the SHOUT and sheepdogs bandied about with waggy tails and breathless sleep. Actually they were quite happy.  It was actually the demonstration involving Ulyses who was famous but scarce.

The world spun about the onion.

Everyone called Juliet

A baby boom corrected the firmament, and

Ducks took the walks with rubber bins

However helpful Ulysees was with his fancy team; he had gone off with the whole exertion for rowing boats and flying shoes.  That may have been Perseus or sink a bus, but the Mediterraneans required the security and weren’t at liberty.

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