Makepeace groomed her cat back at the dog.  She was thinking of Jez, a one armed clamper of folk as pets.  ‘Come here, Breeze’.  the dog looked on and wagged.  The sofa was purple with green spots.  Makepeace felt a world of odds and ends.  It only worked for her; no friends.  From time to time they would throb over how to rule, ever as happy to leave.  Thus queen, thus droole, makepeace was shorter than strong about personal science.

There was a law

There was an azalea


The election for the fix for life


Three elders, a dahlia and rosemary before divorce

Damage and wind, occasional blossom.


The groom reappeared, in the shape of a hog.  It roared past the window, scattering oranges.  Makepeace was wisdom early; she had a dear for what was next.  Then she hid.  Clouds formed heads rumouring the wash to intrude.


A copy of smudge the gerbil was feasting on a sunflower

quite near a pet shop in Hampstead

Long live care, snapped the door with bars



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