With all due respect, genetic enhancement was bestowed upon Lisa Marie Bombadier the day after she gave birth at eleven years of age to a puppy dog that became as well advertised as shit with a toddler’s laugh.  the year was turned into a grooming kit with special tissue paper round the comb, and a hoof pick that wasn’t for cleaning out the hamster cage.  another crop, another calf, and the sun would beam or rhyme through failing the invisible mare; modernity with a history blend.  she was the scriptures, and some of the romans, and thwart, yes caught upon the ambition to send.


Somnambulance; the condition of a lively imagination

Features of impregnation



Blanket lance

Cupboards and dates






Laboratory shampoo


With all due respect, the case of Lisa Marie Bombadier has been put upon towards wilt; a shire where her condition can retract, that her faculties subside at the earlier age of wide, and that she become the rest of one complainer.


Harvest as the inference of crop from womb to womb

May we all support carrots and vegetables, without damaging the prospect of gratitude; accept the offer to live away from poisons.

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