By franwords

May 1, 2013

Category: writing

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there may be a source of square meals, like having heard of the mormons.  not the money on the tree, not the fleece on the tree, not the tinder in the box, or the man witha a wooden leg.  eurythmics play on hot and cold; round the room with being hear.

daddy is for knowing best; mummy to contend with.  there’s an app to reach for self absorption.  how interesting to live at the great escape.  be the sign of a banker.  be the sign of an engineer.  put sleep down to excitement.

twist prescribes with unbeknown.  trade fix a sex for the prostitute.  a greek head is the front of a boat.  there they are at the field day.  there’s a school with monitors; private guides.

by all means agree to inoculate.  send for a tear from a handful of dust.  legislate the lost relation; receive and still be curious.  mentally bank bison to incline the dyson.   then extend and pull the slack

obvious secret excel the precedent

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