Carlyle Circle

and the woman kept saying Copernicus and Agricola though she didn’t have long, and there were nine men hanging behind her.  and they’d got the man from the other men who’d moved in to remonstrate his cousin’s likeable feature.  and they had it cut by 3 minutes from 8 to 5 and they’d left a space to be sandwiched in the seating; third row back and lots for noticing.  And I’d got in early and chose under the stairs when two arrived to frivolous jaws about curtains.  and they put one to walk past like a Harold.  and another came and ate pasta from Tupperware.

painted my nails

they were protestant reformers; the ones that were hanging.  and at the end one said she was planning her funeral.  and one in the front looked like dressing up.  and I wore mine like a nipple tassle and wound it round.  And a woman called Buttons talked about the sheep to elucidate behind appearances.  she was conquering nature.  And after her, a Williams called Louigi said she knew Mr McComish who diagnosed inter cranial annurims, and that treatment was ongoing.

then a marshall stood up and said Cardinal Newman, but not the dressing.  That was 1852, and when I got home I put on a jumper that smelled horribly, and not properly like mothballs.  He was quite serious.  Discoveries not made in universities, first name Eucharius.  Hurried on to write down what came after.  Put dissect human cadavers. stop. comets. stop. copernicus.  Then it was Agricola again; colon 14 principles and the laws of mathematics.

They handed out gilt invitations, but not until after tea, and the man had made them go round the unlit exhibition with a withered arm and isosceles above open books.  They were magnified in rather a capturing graphics of green.  And I was behind one on arm wheels, and she made her escape to the far side of the exhibiting island.

and they’d said to miss the over crowding by optioning upstairs for tea first.  So I went in to start the over crowding, as it didn’t seem sensible to have to yo yo.

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