By franwords

September 11, 2013


Category: writing

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This piece of recreational grandeur is Romantic.  Gentry adorn the shore in a huddle round a moored boat.  Whoever the men are, go casually distinguished; one set ahead of the rest on the poise of thoughtfulness or speech.  Composure through adventure, the men are at injunction.   They display reasoned retentions of the spiritually learned.  Loyalty not too earnest.

When the visitor reaches the picture description, it emerges as Bonnie Prince Charlie doing an escape.   However the artist deliberates that the plight isn’t fugitive.  Therefore on a his cause, dismay and anxiety aren’t to be found.  That’s because they’re regal.

Considering all the wet weather and uncomfy lumpy beds, these men on the run have done admirably.  To be a good person then would have amounted to looking like a rugby player quite often and hoping to find friendly wombats with hot coals.

Mental distinction in physical duress is today treated with modern sanitation and the invention of windows.   Those days were more about the ceaseless highland games of missing the plague and the gallantry of sturdy tweeds.

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