Peter Doig

The RSA is a place for big writing,
DOIG was a draw up the stairs.
A living artist requites the implied
although the aesthetics aren’t obliged.
Chosen message isn’t obvious.
My impression was partially enamoured.
Considering the pictures giants.
Bold opportunely shrinks the visitor,
which is nice.
Gallery is luxury dooh dah,
though the dots spot the waif.

Metropolitan man is business pat
Scruffier fare on refinement tat
careless slouch on the top hat
busy as a wife
Pictures vaguely disturb and prompt optimistic doubt.
Moruga strands figures in a landscape,
boat pictures pluck use off activity.
Pelican man is where he belongs;
cleanse a culprit
flush by a waterfall.
That man dragged a dead bird.

Pigment isn’t everywhere
although blocks of coloured bricks

Paragon sheers orange off vermillion.
Players catch themselves on vibrant tint.
Man’s leg by pervy lever
tide man about to throw.

Leisure as a void theme
What goes on is not up to Sharon.
Beauty does to warn
Wisdom wrong denominator

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