John Goto

Take the subject of super imposition, let me introduce you to establish the stamp.  Should the blot be ink or mud, and can snobbery always be so. 

The artist I have chosen from recent years is John Goto.  He propositions America as a place to go to.  The emigrant might be drawn across the counter, across the pond, across the opportunity to respond.

The provision of a new country; risk yourself to be invited.  Subsequence and continence consider art as a tool, an inevitable form to fill with propaganda.  How all things muddle up fun together.

Goto’s art was an infective voice; he was not commissioned to fill up the boats.  Of the art he acquisitioned.  The poise of doubt and industry clue up the push on urban grids with purple hues.  There are missing squares like the closets of suit casing. 

Presume an artful intellect as a tool

The lightning of spirit can shake the fool. Artful darlings rage on toasting the spa.  There they go in luminescence; across the complicated essence.  Meticulous is brave, is drunk is punk is fucked is funk.  Invite a starving quarter to thrive.

A captive audience may tire of adaptation.  The succulence of layering is sweet; all family snaps, depending on the occupants.  Art was put to use to design advice.  Therefore it; expendable. 

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