Therefore I made my way down the principality twixt th’ junctions and path findings, and presently encountered not one that I knew. Though on th’ stage that evensong, thar whar five en’sembled to each in congress amongst whiles of laddish escapes. One was brought in latterly, and may have been of modern conception, though not necessarily terminal, and chide I did for his manner with involuntarily would to some extent.

And the man on my left was just like the man who had died that morning, and thus to his surviving lament I paid my inquisitive airs. And presently a man with a tooth and brush pen came out to draw upon an office tripod. Then every’thing ended and the back party hadn’t happened immediately so I enquired of it and collected a spare book.  And put that down in the subsequent room, looking and returning trace from the members enclosure sign.

This was composed from a breakfast desk the next day. And a woman in a yellow swimsuit with bottoms on. And one in red trousers with a belt slightly like Wales but without a hearing aid. And the fire alarm went off, reminding an appointment with bi polar Wednesday.


Half way through the show we all felt love sick as it re-dawned about the dead man whose living evidence was beside us. Refer back to paragraph two. ibid

Though previously I had gone to examine the child of a pretend clown and had come away found out about that, and not thoroughly jointed.   I had entered a strongly turfed convenience area of lime green. There was a picketing fence, and inside that was a chance to wear flatulence head phones and watch Nicholas Parsons.   An english lad there was not with my taste, though all were english. It had come about just when my photographic compartment had run out, and considerations for crowds had consumed my passing.   And a man who wasn’t James Blunt stood at the green gate on the way out.  Then a singing dispersion of Kristian Scott Thomas by a ukulele on an outside corner

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