Cook Typewriter ’99

My dear dynamo, I am charmed with the fish cake you sent me. The manor born was not nearly as interesting. It is well past the age of old temperature of the ole notes of subsidy. today the telephone rings for the most part, and there are more places to send the under ear knows where. Mrs Barbara Seed hasn’t rung back ever since it was made known that she was remembered for her enthusiasm. At lunch there was more baguette than filling although nobody said thank you and I did not do the washing up. The ex director is still hairy handed and it really ought to be seen to. If the last straw can’t mend the situation the obligation could be all mine. The should all meet in Janet’s bar before driving off to Malibu to play squash and nurture the old fool of second lane cars by overtaking them. It really ought to be the end of sensible paces to embark on yet another job. if the Spanish sisters are to unite then the rest is pointless. if they were the Wonderlands in Study Crimbo, it could be up for the RBI. Why on earth the Marks and Spencers of under pants went along with it, i don’t know. if the Skipper, with the bushy tail knows about being smart then the future is brighter than the program would suggest. So if the Number one Philippine could get into the House of Lords on the merit of disco, it would be worth suspending the present scenario of income tax. And now fro some real language. Freestyle ace style and stitching are all the world to pretend the sense for delineation is no more culminative than the tendency to live over the w i ten e ge, and the sense of gently ruling will have gone over the mist fine stnan of dominion pleas, for the night sown bees of common went worth. And so Tobago carried his girl over the waterfall. it was not that he had fallen in drink sake for the last Thursday, but that he did not seem to recompense the flaws of speils of committing tributaries in the same way that ought to have flown during the tedious tate of the wellaby shoe. And with this, the queue began to go down, so that the bar codes could take more credit for the distributary process that the south winds of Loch Nagar, on a hard note of scowling passages which had hitherto been the dial gu for watching out. and so after the little hedgerow, it was decided that the mice of Mitcheldever should be relieved from their self appointed job of chroming. And the small elf flowers were told to return to their habitat in order that the only onion left in the dark patch should sit quietly and await the maestro of certitude in order to take instruction on the Nethe by fish cake law of going unnoticed. So that by the time the earth sausage was in position, the small lesbians of Sir David Worthings Brigade Against Starving managed to ease their way past the situation of complementary breakfast so that the lime pool frost cakes to mention only a few of them, for indeed there are others on the list who could not consider themselves to be included in the way that Fortresses remain open to the public plot of Map settlement even long times after they have blown down and gone away. For even the outlines of these sorts of settlements are enough to disturb the diggers from their office compartments for a nice day out in the sunshine, in order to make colour brochures which are good for the collective life of a coffee table although my talent for history was never recorded. Although it has to be deduced that todays opals are yesterday’s beer mats. For in the process of this remarkable seance in gathering hair pins, it must be fore mentioned that the best slices of garden prose came to the Fly storm sent by Hades who, in a fury of telephone bills, sought to end the mere delictation of harmony quests with the plain assertion that bicycle routes are for driving lorries. It is 9 pm and the last time we said that time was up was the first sense and third fourth and fifth lines all at once on the previous page and on the second line of book making so that I could never return to finish my book. And had it not been for the late session of jaw construction it might never have ended the first, the last, the second and the instinctive. And so to the weekend where the driven saliva of the Lion gate may be observed mutually with the feint sense of sundials having to survey the passing coast of who goes where in the course of the five o’clock shadow. And for the areas of nothing to do, the muscles of splendour must remain in motion for the order of the week to unfold the trial of all puzzle which bears heavily on the slouched shoulders of singular par queens. Although I would so much rather have my own tongue for the gesture as it ought to have unfurled in the deep swimming pool of the worst visit to the toilets in the zoo. And as if the farce of all yesterdays wasn’t enough, there goes the skinny waist with the skinny shins which reminds me of splinters and tall stair cases, large scenes of intermediate berets, the resisting French Latino and a lift shaft for giraffes in capture, long may they roam. And from this dizzy height of wanting to remove that ruddy step ladder from out behind the marble toilet basin to should be considered, oh why oh, my it should be full withered on the rung of all cha es. As upon a monkey stool, there are some chimpanzees who never listen but with congregation. For in the passing of sitting next to verity there is still no construction which bridges the European in to the box wake of Finnegan. And should there be any more recompense to love it more sincerely that the weather with which all pipets such spit the drops of disease release nodes? Yes no indeed hold hitch and ide sall and hoe, jump and toe, jily and sow the old keen stream of new born dairy lee. For it went it for it baked it for it liked then saw it went it, for the old bit with the end sit, and custard slows your old green toes for the dynamite that might have been my practice. For of course the residency of pearls would not yes it would not could not should not know that this continual assessment is not only boring to the fan clubby show of doing another episode, but that the boring life of yes to your particular sort of agreement is the dullest the real dulls fullest julliest lefties singularly westerly sense of going about and minding ones own business. So that should you or any ball misses the heel it alternates the keel grabs the handrail and goes up and down and along the flat oatcake of wedding Super Novon when the effort of all charities was upon us, and the shower of dandruff played paterson with the inner drops of ever supposing.Soap stone my pockets lightly covered by knuckle duster spring time. It really is funny how a light shade climbs my room. Where are you from, Mr Dragon fly? It is very important to consider the of course, it has to have come from Millionaires row, given the name possibly from laundry, possibly from luck, who knows when business acumen steps into salvage the screws of strange origin. That is a friendship basket and there are certainly sailed the ship man, I know the beard from back door greetings and considering saving graces, it is wild pitching to relinquish the role of a pin on short bread. I am afraid he went for Ruth, like along lost store card, he will have gone there when we were away. It was something in the carpet that told me of his treadings, and the crumbling passage of approach was now familiar from the day when he had by stood the bottle tops, the back door botttle tops for two pints daily was strangely skewered by black birds until cream became cowdray poison. The life buoy of bottletops is a poor neighbour with hideous mileage drinking down the gulf of current streams to hedge in on any port of lucretian, Cretin. That is a cretin of whackadasial creation. WAKOP for ye gogo ye dreadful spindler with coffers cuff links for security measure. Who is Victoria? Vivien traces cups of tea for the brewery.
The stolen child (1)
The stolen child (2)
The stolen child (3)
The stolen child (4) Life is care free.
The bicycle chain is a kind of clip. Hey nonny clip clop. The tuning fork of reason coasts by on a wagon wheel. There it is, right in front of you if the logic isn’t solved soon then the whole noise will erupt at your volcano and just imagine all the lava flow there was in Pompeii, all the granite in Aberdeen and all the mountains there are to climb in Scotland. The tining fork of thunder bolts on through the bay od=ette just for consultancy, why must the dark passages reach for commune? This is Aladdin’s treasure and the tin charmers are rubbing away for any potion that will reach infinite choirs of appeal to drown out the dumbing of side effects. With so many stigmas in so many lay bys, in so many suggestions they are visited. We are visited at the dusk of dawn of duk of dawn in splendid robes and concrete stools to constipate the antagonism that wreaks war with fire lighters in a stoop to crackle the old stob against the swinging of talking gates. The spool drips with yoke flavoured gunge, with crystaline cheese and an almond donut. Many almond donuts almond pastries along the pave of Dave’s slabathon. Your dentist would cheer in outrage for a tankard of next day delivery. The you the we there is the way the fact the etre the be the he. If the memory, lets consult the you and I clause, not that I is My or that you is thinking in any sense of my sharing or your delivery, or that these yours are my sees, without have a slice of cake from a quality Street Tin, not that the purple sweet is mine in any more of a way that is given. That change could have gone from my hand to his address, pick your own raspberries is PYO to again in verbal dialogue, with peeving faces of related horror, not that they were there much more than will, not that the will with crocodile clips and lab stools, as if disposal has anything to do with my selection of Wednesdays, whether or not the bin man has been today when the channel news is fetched for a Thursday on some day to day last year. Now they wait outside.sizable pip to the bowl translucent in the ebb of stirring this bowl contains my pip stop dop dash draw cab taxi ranking for the next spoon my pip in a boil of courgettes quote receipt old fashioned spelling with carrot dices with softened sides the gut of christmas past can stirrup the ear drum of hooves and hearing pip squeaky clean, eats the swallowing fluid pip capillary of teaspoon injection myst they masticate just as a simile? Dr Ptr Carey somewhere on thelo be as far from customer rating as pip squeaks. Hear the tune of the pip squeak and co in the break down of nutrition uproots and harvest troops and labour without soil tends the violet stand of flowering for two weeks or more, nothing more, but you said or more, so the flow binds independence of the week, never more to seed inside on a table. Till rubbish on country lanes is a freedom footpath for a small girl in a blue dress can smile, will smile, does smile at a splodgy worm in Essex. The city is a god store with harmonised food packs and resurfacing efficiency. The re is no harm in a two rise conundrum. your memory of malta lies with me. your memory of malta is after the war. YMOM is of sand and sea, ymom is walls and peers. Yom is on holiday, and on a moped and with marbles and some small friend who is climbing trees. Ymon is a beach towel with slate and chalk, it is Greek Fetta cheese and pickles in York. Ymom is a coast and breathing, it is toast and teething, it is yakult and vitamin D, it is feng shui and lighted candles. Your memory of malta went astray with a do, it lit the living room with country fell walk, with wet ness and rain, with stumble and strain, in an order to collect whit pebbles and feathers as emblems of treasure. Your memory of malta, this is my line. Your memory of malta is a far off place where languages lived were crucible to a hiding place. Your memory is mine, your memory is time, it is time that I sat there with brothers in two, with wet hair and sea tide adrift on the crying moon. Those rails of collection to goad the fare way in laughing trance of uniform pay. Your memory of malta is actually agog, for your memory M is my memory G. Ymom is Mmog, your celery bum is my loss, your difference is an albatross, whatever you hid in a Radion, it is not the program, whatever is claimed as founation has the legitimacy just as a footstool. Whatever has kicked you in thick clauses shall no longer be my bucket garnet. The Hijack of Wyoming. Green grasses of Wyoming, the trilogy, my friend Flicka, Thunderhead, The Little White Horse, The Enchanted Wod, Title, comma, Title hyphen. The hyphen made its arrival through the Bank of England the Bank of Scotland the Bank of Ireland in Baring view of Bangcok, the Sudanese sultan, the Maharajah of Bognor Regis, the Daily news and a bag of Sherbet dip. The bank of Norway, the bank of Sweden, the band of Wales, the bank of Papua New Guinea in the last stakes at went worth, the shimmery shiny bank of hotch potch, the lebanese freight train, the Californian governess for Canadian geese strays, the new insurgence of key tones, the Four Musketeers, the CC Dish of the Day in Mayfair, the next person to catch a taxi, his wife, the lifeboat manager, their typist, half the cast of Scottish dancing, a friggot of indulgences, the best protestor, a fresh haggis, some book keeping staples, Mrs Oliphants left shoeThe nuclear DinN. A party has been written about before by the topic cases in sturdy columns indifferent to papier mashe a1b2c3d4e5f6g7h8i9j10k11l12m13n14o15p16q17r18s19t20u21v22w23x24y25z26 12 if the number a isn’t, then b2 goes nicely as 1b or even 2b in order to get of ob and all the gloom of Hamlet. It is not Confucious to follow a program of better living rooms, at least with a greenhouse car and rhododendrons in citric roots for the establishment, tho who can blame the road network? The rhododendrons probably just another out hose for playing digger doggie roaring road works men digging people digging ms you and mr you and im jam reaction to rush hour traffic far in the country wotaclimate laying down the wires and strimming epilogue fuge in c minor. its all envy has brought me here. Its all jealous has trodden the trace of buried treasure beneath the path of cables and growth pattern clinches. A sewage 17, a su assuage.
Le weekend, 57, e313g, Lock hedon, sim, earn, head sponge courtesy of heinz and cadbury courtesy sponsorship we are all on holiday in animal farm say cat say dog say mouse say house never let a saucepan boil dry, open this end first, say cat say dog say house simon says in case it didn’t guess art in heaven hallowed kingdom come will be done on earth heaven forgive trespasses forgive trespass against lead not temptation but deliver from evil for kingdom power and glory the deer exception to animal farm part time brambles and rollings could not speculate for satellite, tho it was feared that those outside the moon would not reach wellness. Custom fed for bribery arrivals, tho surely caps are manicured too. Here is my parable. it stamps short proof for disgusting, the proof is in the pudding en provence, say Bupa, say tour guide say caravan say smile, say me open. The bean is nosey posey. The safety catcher this sort of history will not go down. On its volcanic quarantine.May I say here and now that it was not Berkoff that wrote solitude into the lines of my brow. if we are to consider the reason it was left to the treason, then all to forms of folly succours the course of paragraph. From the beginning, when banks were mountain passes, the slippers trod to construe all that was raspberry ripple, from the deep pool of brown ochres to the flannagin clap of thunder on the edge of the moor howling the shevy lard of stowed noises into the fray of patter by dit dot comma. And all thought it will be rendered that the weekend of dressing gowns was closer to Hannibal than most forms of lecture, with popping eyes and saliva all over the place, with weird and thick forms of air in collision with Met office maps, card bard fuses and xylophones, lentils and Digestives, long Johns, and party spray, billboards and pop stars, expulsions, revulsions, the Domesday and lesions, there are none that are criminal. Take the Ajax seriously Tad the bB side, got the sea side, bake the D side, fake the e side, jake the f side, cake the g side, lake the h side, make the i side nake the j side pake the k side, quake the l side rake the ma side, sake the n side take the o side, having to think as hard, having to say the alphabet in rhyming steps, just behind the one in front is the next banger, the next lexicon, the next offspring ping, ping goes the jitter tap behind the rolling role of dynamo, in certain prescription to the ip tip stip of the old school clock. With a pause for clause, the mention of digital energy does the all out access of broken lights by Eros, does the harpoons of onions for the soft trap of spy latch. Generally the degree bodes well with the soft kinesis of going lightly on the course of action to cramp on the curb of military roasters, to suage the gaze odyssey with falsey lashes and wonder only at the stte of recompense. in the full gut of wrench forecast, trying on the sharp cape of residence is possibly the worst line of address. And in the fulcrum of designatory bleeding, there is but one more full stop after one more, but i forgot to add it before return. Soho is wrong to the detriment of the joly parson who sits on perfume store with a blocked nose for banking. Lower B hold the range of literary curses that creep down the dam ask rail of seclusion for inc. Relay on the margins of crazy storedom. distance no object. Being excited by all, the meteors inside the light house cannot partition the storm as if waves were charged for deflection. And in the case of the second half of anachronism, there is a flood of tears beyond the lag of back ache sliding inwards from the bathroom like a large mobile phone, ringing on the striven edge of contract completion. Oh u r a bore. I oura bore. its me here on the g g go girl of eggerty neggery nig nog, taking cartons, felling bertons with high yield ratios for dinner with winner with sad to see you on yer one agen and so nice to have u over and want it comfy with marmalade, and come again soon afore u go. I mean the other way ruined, with those little eyes becoming four as if the supermarket hadn’t done a bar cose without realising, well really wot is going on round here. And as if u r anything worth a sking as king. Cude uv askt, hec that those wee bairns we funni which hair know anythin ata boot lettin an prayin.Mongerstore goes among the face, a new place. the forage croons playful woes, shap glances, there’s uncle and cousin. Box potatoes make scones of spider plants, courage throws sanctuary pale cord roots to hand. An established miser confers a home upon stealth by success and emulation. Pop art thunders catchment upon learn’s case scuffing grit below an elm’s bough. Seat plasticine presses flesh squid self winded in and through meniscus bob legged particles, striven pendulum cones the hard shoulder. High is curfew to u turn, some railed smile guards the wheel.
Furtive lends a picture covering space on a wall, a bottle shopping and a setting. Bread mountain platter spends Friday lunch scraping after prong soft blends. This is a long way. love dog incantation bow wow and marvelous. There’s Brian semi detached, fairer and with more company. An ozone laughs comparatively on, blowing sneezes of liquid on similar drains from Liverpools smock. this was explained without a brochure as a tyre’s proposal to glassy quaich. Rubicorn oarsmen fellow fable in these ways. Sliced blobs mitigate several adventures that greet tutorish gates with good supermarket options. Not necessarily so is today’s cheap sorrow. An impairment canon forge barge hiders beneath and among turns of pool division. Vintage is transport, whoever likes turkey. Sit abouts perform Constantinople’s ear sometimes on canvass but further among pigeons clipped by white feathers. A kind of gin palisade of shoe rubber life bands play among defeat’s purr in low gear. Brisker wind invades cock bobbin. Some hundreds move on blue water and inflation.At the top of excitement drive, after the zoo, the toll bridge and an ice cream not until the way back, live the pink roses. Twenty years later they will have been planted some while ago, and possibly papered over. The list of events is more episodic than sequential, like boils and sores that are seen to be believed. The trial of the Ram Edge never came to much, if it wasn’t one that started in the waiting room. These are the days of hungry drips and mouth was, of guess appearance milliners for Kubrick’s smokey lens. The slither has nexted on its laurels and along with west ships and other tribulations, the war and peace artefact curdles on. May the queue enduring for treatment begin with a store for the snare trader. it was never intended that Court should have spoken in tongues too. Thus with religious for and intervening comedy, may the name forever be pronounced Frrrrancestarrrrahsterrrlingymedrrramamarrry of abercairrnycrrrieffperthshirescotlandph73nq behind me, and may the goal be guarded. My hat it has three corners, three corners corners corners. Song the geographical fugue song C middle C or keys in major minor for long/ short sighted allowances, francisofassissi francesofasesse should all glasses compensate the penalty of distance? This distance is tea drinking, london living and reminiscing from a meal in fish cakes and the dread chchchc ch ch ch ch ch ch illi which no longer bears the same relation to straightness and warping. It is dreadful what they did to them and us and me and my teeth, my brain and all of mastication inclusion of herbivores and wild doctrines. All is in attendance for the simple kite of BSB. You see, they were all bought over on Monopoly, perhaps it goes with the territory to say and in remote control, lest we feel at ease with the story teller,,Going, going, going, gone. And all together now, as in the Doomesday Apolcalypse of Mayoral selection infinite leadership goes the saying AND. If anybody wants a list of devotees to pronounce down with bacteria and up in good faith then tally ho. Enter small little fat boy red hair sweet scoffing who is thirty on the fourth. Enter the nibbles and eats of delicatissimo for the special occasion of being attacked in cookery. Enter father christmas for where can he go the rest of the ear year yar only once a yar. You’re only once a yar when you’re Christmas. Anyway the long and short of it is that I ended it. I blew the whistle, but subsequently failed to stick to the original story of recreation due to the ultimate hazard of live in communes. any Mr Stick what has a stick insect got to fear? Mr Stick there’s a story on Mr Stick somewhere. The traffic warden scene is an OUT rage and although costumes and Declarations of Art could counter the preposterous act of kind concern, which really was the most marvelous of George’s medicines in Dahling, let there be no mistake in double yellow lines. Enter door to dentist house in Chef’s equipe, sometime reception, photo geographical of course its the National Art collection. Enter the door to dentist house and be dressed in a coat without clothes on. Enter the door to dentist house and wait with bated breath. Because the dentist, the professor profession for confession has oodles of drilled out charm and it encloses addiction with granite and pins and needles and dead mans arm roly polley. Buck up your ideas young madam what are you? You’re a little madam. ha ha ha ha ha our little secret blast, what is that little secret? Catarac operations. It was possibly the beginning of my world in unison. We have a blind fold failed from the circus. We now have a heidi hi camper in a hamper. The authority of cowardice has the flavour of edges in ledges of crap. That woman storms it in his big hyacinth. We know wi william Wallace and Rober the Bruce resemble, and it goes without saying that frinds alone are friends in need and for all of Friar Tuck’sggentry, there are municipal tradings.
The Fire Drill
The Country Code
The Brownie Oath
The Guide Dog
The International League of Other Pests, The Global concern of Fuck wits, The Trans Atlantic Alliance, The Treaty of Rome, Good morning Herriot, Round the something somethin the ragged rascal ran, Don’t blame it on the sunshine Christ
ha ha bonk. The Almighty queueueueueueueueueueu for treatment is really quite astonishing Eh? eh? eh? Carthoum time? ? ??? That’s all folks. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. I may be small but so is erosion. Many friends and many ways and many many mantras many money money. Apart from the Queen and her set of kinks, what sit got to do with it? Constipation of the hear t is like sugar and brandy. Amylase and fructose may need some explanation in the meaning of extrapolation , extradition, extra martial, extraordinary, extra sensory and exciting. We wish there was a translation for sneezing. Atishoo dust to dust, ashitsu ahsitsu. Mr Sneeze is snoozing the anaesthetic bruising with all sorts of Bassetting succcess. Brroo ha hamblam bamba MBA perhaps hoha. Fast, faster fastest is the religion, Good better best is the creed, cereal kellogs and frosties. The man in the hall was a small boy then. Thank goodness for charles patience. I’m bad I’m bad yanowitimebad ynowiststruwinebad yernowyermo whospad Diamonds are @ ever, clubs R clovers, hearts are tards and a space is a spade. Some people have terrible teeth and some are there to be remembered. Why can’t I draw a spade? Cluedo beats Monopoly as the rainy way of dispensation good vibration lets hear it for the see through rubbers malchintse. Eggs are rich in vitamin B12 for the goodness in him which helps to maintain healthy blood and nervous system sorry functions. Scrambled egg for tea. Per 190 35.5 % same button RDA in vitamin D per 190g 110.5 110% in vitamin B12. When I am stabilising the whipping cream with dextrose, tetrasodium diphosphate sodium alginate wheat flour there is somebody stuck in the pipe, the wind is sucking with flushing, sugar vegetable oil strawberry jam 8% glucose strawberry sugar syrop acidity regulator punctuation please citric acid sodium citrate colour anthyamins gelling agent pectin butter water glucose soya flour milk chocolate sugar cocoa solids milk solids whey powder emulsifier soya lecithin flavouring muectant sorbitol salt fat reduced cocoa powder emulsifiers mono and diglycerides of fatty acids soya lecithin colour beta carotene flavouring acidity regulator citric acid flour treatment agent l cystein produced in the UK for sainsburys supermarkets Ltd Stamford St London SE1 9LL. Hell yer sell. Liver Puddle in a. Miss A. ms AThe fulfillment of concern peaks with the bank holiday omnibus for over half a million viewrs who are diligently on board in some way or another. Charlotte and Tiffany grow the days investment with a chortle of telephone time, in the same way that Mildred grew conversational hair over the beat of Heathcliff’s hooves. Moorland straits under preservation from the lens are magnified in long stills of seclusion. Galleries use myopic omnipresence as the jugular biscuit of interface and the Carmichaels are not invited. Davy returns to the windowsill with his broad brow of secrets on hold for open scrutin. Only private lounges and prescriptions will know the rules of consequence, for the mantle off the still moor is now a sacred work shop. By night the rambles gather cones, PAs replace toner by day. Then there is song time which insults and enhances diced vettable with Swiss bouillon for the lunch of all semesters. Menu ¾¾¾¾¾¾¼ = Guest speaker QAQANOYES. As a matter of fact, chewing on lines, Juliet lamb, a new consideration
The pavement is no longer of any use to Dav’s pretensions, for it is slow, unreasonable and leads only to corners, shops and stratits that would buy him into everyday produce were it not for the impression that he was there to sell them
Everyday Averylabour Give me away hey hey hey
Country living kicks in after a five hour drive in past Surrey sequences, and the beachey headland crowns the brow of southern cliff tops as if sheep should love in pasture. Mavis Dilberry too has grown to love the glom of youth with a renewed zeal of posture and accountanccy. This life passes others on a turn style of infliction that causes her to steal envy so she need not guard against it.
I’ve never met Mavis. I’ve never met you came to me suitably tailored for friendship in the small hours of embarcation. It was decided in the interests of all aboard to service destiny POSH for safety reasons. The booze and fags made it past the flirt junction, meddling the honours of curfew and grace, striving to maintain the distance between man and dust bin liner. The lineage of Cilla stretches the plain of birth marks, warts and bunions into working order beyond the frigidaire. Tonics and gym blast the passages of nuance with migratory rythmns of DICO. The big voice of DJ blends the outcast in habitual mercy for lost causes, endangered species and neanderthal tides of rectitude. Of course, the real deal is very rare. Several languages of custom precede the suitable Sainsbury onion like furlongs of layered shells that dim the spin of washing. Lust incarnate beckons Davy towards our Graham and the showdown commencing enthralls until the Alan Partridge Chapter swells the glow of know catch without a cradle.The garden is full of azaleas, the cat is full of cotton wool. It speaks the lanture of kitchen curtains with fish garrotted for the blurry slurry mingles with fresh clothes and drawers. The cat has been created. The cat is on the flower the flower is growing up the cat. The cat is stuffed with cotton wool. The cat is a teddy. The cat will keep the clothes fresh the cotton wool is not lavender. The cat is a flat teddy. the haberdasher is a wild cat. The tom cat is on the stage. Teh Macavity is Macavity is Digestive biscuit cake for birthdays, seat with raison condensing the nestle tin of cans and cherries for cat tastic crunching, with margarine lining and slabs as bricks upon which the cat stalks and gardens are divided lest we stray towards the Cromwell parlour with more Thunder Birds and wild budgerigars on collars like flying cats if you don’t believe that fish fly.
The louding din spin spins with dark colours in water hot n cool without glove to dye the flux in rising.
Same page and paper walked the man and the prophet. Air is breathed through the mask of a book long folded in the camouflage of love. Four sounds rare spent in the evening, and on singular blades, the grasses weave them in another haha
the first boss of Oxfam wore Chemistry skirts and Damart in the League of Voluntary will not sway, buckles, draft excluding in he name of persevering winds, long socks and garters, handing out the poppies, know and fooling, and showing the difference. She was not met but through surveillance of pink wafers and drop scones, the ivy shadow of curtain leaves kept close to the path of flapper box so much so that in the end it really did arrive. The Hovercraft of Youth swept up the outskirts of common sense and struck the tooth and nail of aging stys as well as a glass eyeball on duty. The first boss gathered rounds of the untouched pastry as jettisoned flour unsifted, un golden and smashed to the core off mile by n measure. It is not particularly good any more when basket weaving signifies rehab.
The second attention came after the plains of Australian labour after the Paris Retreat after the Office Agency all of which were paid in kind specifically, all of which make the GAP of youthful intermission in cuculesque whirls of opion in the third person of reaction. The second attention to which the Parrot crows is under the seat belt of stature in mourning. The neon electric plasterboard above Davy’s desk isn’t there to be collected. Its covered in units of yellow notes with biros and felt reminders which complete the occupation of clutter. It is not as if more unhappy days have subscribed to the underlay or that recent plans are set to obscure the real agenda of municipal life. I’ve never met Davy. There’s a spotted rinse of him across the television. The couragette of prize vegetables is what Davy will come to encounter during the course of seven episodes in a large municipal.They said it was Brutus the
its an absolute
Fortunes cookies
Your hair is longer
Why the hocus pokus
When the dog barks with sullied means on the far off dreams of letting it go. Swell of course these finger type the next toe to tapper with a high heeled rapper on the big hill dapper on the low scream sapper. Look at it this way on the side angled lens of caution so that this plain of single brain can jostle in for comfort. heel the same way that two lines fall upon paragraph.
Were going into retail.
Murder 1. In the fable on the table slowly.
Death 2. On a a par with that old car and linoleum. The trip. The bailiff trails past the store room. Folly, s kip. Please note that this will all be written down. Circumstantial pences. high wired fences. The leather belt. The leather belter. The blether felt. Alison there my looking glass over her shoulder, the large dog, blew chain away.
The single facade stepped on my toe and winced with laughter Poor you, she though out loud before getting it on again with an onion ripe for the sort of goat salveson that we deny sorbet. The mango sorbet of dalliance means that you are frozen in life as crystals collect on the ledge of my ochre. With nobulent tides, we are calling out to be white heads. Small collections that grain the parting centrally, fetta agulent with some zest and all the while we are speculative to the winsome sake of drafting yop yop. Yop yop. Yop yop yop. End of yop who goes there for cultured portions when the only demonstration which stands in wait is the matron of belting out the fine path of ardour. And in a while there bids no yelp stronger than the the the the the the one two threeee. 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 left left left left left an left an left and left and lef lef lef lef stop. space. Young stop left left left lef alone alone alone 12345 12345 12345 right mounting up and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and hup 2 3 4 space, count last bidding, we will hear it i say. Famous last words. The Count House has two counts in it. My count and your count and whether or not we are able to do it un due x troy is da rate of exchange, with nobley knees to keep a cap on things. The silk ribbons tied up the pressure cooker for steamed vegetables n toast. Nothing quite like it is the menu sent for. I scream raspberry ripple Ice cream chocolate banana black currant Delila where’s your wall chart and the blocks of bricks take my reason for gathering the entire world together with a line on spending the exact proportion of science with the other half of persuasion. So if you will succeed in plotting the left hand in front of the right lest right e pi centre is the horizontal herpes of going from left to right. donerty well wisdom wore is gold brisden with vacuous spaces for the old boot in there shoe collection and though we would like er chance for blubber lips to concede that four framesnext to nothing with florida bakering past the sat shell fork of linear crust, from whence the sincere lady grows her own wings of division and siphons mortal wear from culinary carex. Get it not the good gang of remaining here, for many stob says pass me a loo for opening the cause for millennium. You will got o Tiger tiger in the hollow cream of pancakes for tea. what did you have? We had pancakes for tea, to cry for Wendy on earth will they be ready again to face the lent over the edge of the bowl, by the dripping moisture which profits from the hot late the oh so cool plate of a gas oven not designed like the head of an omelette. That surely bakes your cheese and fray with out delay for just ver there in a terrible scare is an early for bed reason for globules. Basing he terrible mist of saunas from these crackling vains of strawberry. Yes, its the strawberry one, the one at the end which depends on the opal of all stones to suck dry suck seasons which breathing straight passage in panky lanks for the ravenous porches. Sweeping the porches so brightly to yield that adjusted nostril from the odour of underarm gunfire, and to harvest the lines of justice into a bed pan, underneath a mattress of bygone refreshment. Selling topiary dolls those funny little topiary dolls with breadbaskets to hold on show, as if the sappy fool could excavate a bookshelf. For he middle one is perfumed with a terrible dour not fit for marketing marie claire, only the potporri is finer as the dust grows with time leisured for admiration, abstaining the real drag of manipulation fancy for more lines to sweep clear the dizzy afternoon of junketing the overlap from one doll to a party pooper.Please sit quietly and long enough to lesson without spamming forward for checkout sat the forty minute lapse, without inhibiting the sotry to the fallen studies of feeling where lunch castrates the queue in two in inches. Good morning Wendolene, won’t you sit quietly on your granny’s triumph of being here for your your mother’s school run for your own brain to inhabit those of ears of yours so like yer uncle Jimmies, so like the monstrous tact of knowing what do the separate features of collecctions bring in all sorts of form reports. Who is the intruder. I am telling the intruder into positions of my address. A. A stop. B stop. C Stop. D stop. E stop. The language mutters not on whether to carry on or not talking. The literature transmingles the dogs bodies. The music sounds like a load of cods wallop. the irony has wzxxed ears. The play station is a fast processor. The next day is deft. The small stethoscope is a hand lens for doing the healing. Single layers of fortune are burned into the dyes of secular cohesion at least until the die hards of special objects to this sort of practice begin to slumber out of active presidency. So in the meantime there are some people without hobbies who sit around in preview for what is best for their agenda. They tend to feel tremendous in minor projects however un notices because there re so many small businesses who cycle to work and who have mortgges. In the meantime, they raise up the dead talent to see if it works or nt. And at the same time the dead talent appreciates the favour and asks for a double moccacino with chocolate droppings for an informal interview which nobody will notice and is far preferable to the weird psychosis of blind folded pop stars anyway. So why are they paid what they are paid? The decency of insanity used to be the mild preserve of the strange lucrations on bad taste pretending to be indifferent to marketing the backdrop without parents. As if the interview process had anything to do with germination . As if they should rely on anyone but a handful of people with greasy hair. As if the endeavour to be qualified should be so whole heartedly unapparent. As if the tradition of sitting on the pavement was an expression of the gutter. Until the end of the farcity when degrees wee issued with millicent forecasts on whether their right to behave should be an entitlement or not. The greeting has taken twenty one years of ice cream denials. The meeting took twenty minutes Greenwich meantime the younger brother had a much more promising future than the rest of the tribe who do not have any ideas what is going to happen, because they can’t all be green without envy. So the generation of my opportunity scales the charts of nature which led combustive forces into the field of chemistry. Pie chart lice on itching ambition grades the st in elocution. For the most part, it is the programing claterty clinch of the hard done by the brain tumor who people dislike. With the three layers of efficiency bordering the last lane of judgement on a bad mile of road works, its hedges and ditches of interface for municipal congregations. Letter of permission. Letter of submission. Quotidian exclusions. Special formats. These are the four stops of ABC and the last hedge in bramble row, if there is such a place on the train line with silly words and little goodness on the out shore of next lines for hammering out the little ping pong pang which means accuracy at all times and not minding if the next word is the right letter or not with a ping pong pang and a space with little little little little like that word with the little which is higher than the other bit with your nosey line on the computer which don’t have to be spoken of spoken of spoken of tip tap tip tap qwerty ping and ping age in where is the back space? To my self and no other this persists as the first name. To you and all the others who founder on times fortune, is the end of all blame. In the glass of insurrection lies the shadow perturbed. Withholding and protection are the feast of Michel Caine. To the brains of slurry sauces swim the nerves of sour juices. Send the force of several gorses on the flank of under hiding. Growth in flurried expressions sing the noise of engines blending and leering for pitch for a match hatch prophecy of hammering tongues. Unfolded knees wind bilberry tees thwacking harbingers lengthily without curses.
And to the next paragraph paramilitary paranormal paranoia. And in the feint typer hops the meter. And in the first wife blames our charges. And in the special brochures we tarry onwards. And in the formation of salivation there are encumbersons. And in the ridiculous plays of being paid there are blosses. And in the spurs of rivers are pipers to the tune of supply. And in the nexus of fruition come the yellow oranges. And in the next line is an overlap. And it sits in moderation of the board of supervision. And without any hurry at all the heartbreak buttons up. And the cardy in caption stills the phrase. And the next sentence parodies the colloquial breezes of you. and the slippery nexus gazes for horizons and long openings. And sometimes there are times to be considered. And after the flight of their decisions it is realised that without passions of influence, there would be no hostage for striving to settle the goods of duress, which sit breeding the knowledge of your soliloquy. And in any case the two tier system of obligation hides the tree man in level branches. And in any case the long negotiation is only calm on the tongue. For the nonsense that some people spend on forwarding their past into some kind of trances for dances, for future stalls and Belindering Cinderellas without normal coaches for city linking the lids of lashes in mascara. For who cares if the opinion is not gut welding to the terms of as it happens. As it happens, the presiding judge of Jellaby has summoned the entire gathering of complete verse and psalm to the point that nobody has languages. he always plays trumps to the understanding force of grounding. Left and right along the square holes of crossword in pavement sheets of kurby shelby furby games.the surrogate norm, but for all my teas in sanity, the incubation of strange fiction is cadging a ride with my reflection . Or so supposes the infringing rights of shopping commentary which play the battling flumes of familiar voices spoken in turn of suits you and really worth it, not that it has any current affair with my account of earning. I mean if I was suspended equally by income then the order of bribery would take a legitimate hold on my dues and dues not. I am 27 years old is my years and my wages 27 is my due to you in all stages. 27 was 26 and 5 and 4 and 3 and 2 and 1 and blastoff is the only count down which VISA increases with expiry.
S, back to reception and the imminent light of diary vacation when the only orders are brochured responses to the industrial code of email. Hayes and Jarvis internal is something staged to put my day into the picture of things. I have a large tinted mirror in front of me, tho I ought to have used it to closer effect the splay of expression which now slops about without edit or forecast so that the under nines might feel secretive lest they cast themselves as weather vains according to the local draught of phrase requiring yet another animation. Elsa normally fills in for lunch and is probably the joint most interactive communicator in the company with her infusion of Reili surplanting the missed appointment for the support team. Its okay to work in Hammersmith and was and still is the message for anyone with an education that needs to be squandered for in real terms, the pace of success can’t be sustained for long anyway. The constant filer, with a nine to fiver will still be taking messages into the long dark age of rank and file with no need for city breaks or passport renewal, paying due care and attention to he inobtrusive needs of office supplies and transport. I saw the face that looked like a count and another that probably plays lawn tennis most weekends wherever he goes. Todays break into decibel fashions brought on the patent compilation of handbag, shoes and jacket all with silver fittings, and a lunch hour spent hiding in the library from the exacting stroke of five to three which made the smoker snorkel. I still haven’t really finished with last week or put in the part about the beehive and seeing the Pat lady in burgundy which ties in with this mornings Rover, don’t quote me on the make of it, for zooming down the sky walk, just to see the scoop in between. Tho it was more eloquently thought before I went and had to. last week, still putting in the bit about Addison Lee which was extremely interesting to consider Aspergers and flower gunge, and could it be true about the doorbell? This friend and that holiday are far and between the hits of Hollywood and what about the familiar Henri on the notice board?
Its very difficult to get into music. the legal implications or exhalation in harmony are too exotic to consider. The blue wall and plasters are sticking together with strong adhesives which wax the stamp with some ingenuity tho so far there has been no effect on my ear. I don’t think there’s much for me to do so two days could include tomorrow with a long lunch break. I would like to teach the elderly how to use Word for Windows for basic correspondence.The homework of socialising. the homework of socialising all began with comprehension. Understanding homework lies in the comprehension of socialising. This takes me to our guru in charge of the evenings entertainment when we were all due to leaves school and enter the open market of scheduling in order to formalise our dreams. of course, in those days it was easy to mind your Bs and Qs as long as they were perceptive, since the departure lounge on life does try to earn respect purely in recital terms. had it been recorded then that aesthetics were the one thing which confounded us, the staff joke of being entertained would have drilled us up their gardening path of protocol A protocol of manners is dangerous for the over zealous observer, the surveillance in knowledge finds it difficult to equate all passengers if only one man is in charge. The bull dogs tend to escape with the lateral profusion of boiling suet. The original bay leaf can only lose its flavour but the real worry is the fat effect upon cooling which cleverly seals over the goodness below in an unrealistic representation of social studies.
Having been to all sorts of gatherings I can’t claim to be a Bennet boy of solitary starting in the tender times before the millennium when cup cakes and rag tag courted their own boundaries of back yard delinquency and pondering friendships which only the poor deserve. No, mine was much poorer in the ways that advance Wind in the Willows, upstream from the scrutiny of Victoriana and in the number of doorsteps that were home to me. This queerie folk way led me to peoples private parts of heart which absorbed their places to centre with mine, in that fascination or friendship, which ever applied to the freak or human, which greats the first hello. Last week I went out to dinner and it was not very like the sixth form barbecue in that we were, as ladies no in mini skirts and the concept of transport did not resemble free time. The lost voice is somewhere on the beach, its picturesque and stormy in alteration to the needs of hide and seek. It sneezes atishoo onto the shoes of busy passers who tread rubber and swing their plastic bags. It disappear round the sound of rustling sponges, we are all blending an anthem between the folding waves of traveling frequency. Super savers lisp the creed of windfall well into October as the brush for sweeping crushes against the gutters and grasses of mishap and opportune. Wo betide the weary of exchange says digestion to the bean stalk of matter and fact in the case ongoing Jurassic. The planting feet transport these walls from the mud pack of disco tot eh cause of another reason, and at last there is a shout from reception.
Hello. It transfers the solids from retracted stupor as another lick of the message stump whereupon friendly tea bags are replenished from an unknown hand of multi lingual sills in the eastern hemisphere of worship and vocabulary which adorns each box in the siphoned haze of he Orient ear drum. Bank them if they are redeemable post passport, current account them after the Liverpool medley in freestyle, freeze them without assets, liquify tokens for the jukebox, assemble some for a bacon buttie halfpitch them for percentages, nullify those from obscure retail so that they may be fixed to a donkey, make portions for interchanging currencies, clip the cheques and the slips together, but not with a stapler, give some to charity, bake the chocolate buttons into crispies, receive your statement from a hole in he well, megalomanica with a large fry in times of preceding the billet tape so that circum fitting ostriches may be quantified in accordance with the lean over stereo for adjusting the tribunal in monetary niches, clothes are necessarily circumvoid in the letter heading expenses of he material wealth as registrated on the even plateau.
Worst case scenarios, the paul jones endeavours on my behalf to entwine the egg with the incubator. These events as prescribed by the wit of the eventual diagnosis are derived for the dis attraction of the pleasure dome monster who likes to ingratiate he sensitive follies of uncertainty by distorting the question to the terminal gaze of the spinning wheel. These are the rotor spaces which can hybrid the passage of constant velocity up until and including the vitamin extra. There have been ways of sequence which lotterise ministerial accounts to the tool of instrumental decor, and the appreciative role that goes with wallpaper has been abandoned on the Russian front. The consecratial woodland despises the drain age of contemptuous footpaths, given the fact that ulterior swallows have no imperfections. The countess of slavery without genomic adornments does what serves the best interest APR in. My guess is that poor returns are unlikely in these circumstances of interruption. Moreover, the subsequence of addresses will only fill a garden party that grows its own compost. The adjacent fields of speech impediment reek of contingency but the following season is not illegitimate by decree. This brings me to the beast of wisdom small d. Contemporaneous foresight bleats from the stance of low stature, and though the subject is selected in accordance with account, it can only peer from the back of a chair. The guiding freight of Brown owl constrains the entry imbued upon oath, as if the initial exclusion had no connection with membership. We are in agreement with Australiasian circuits when we drive to the right of the whirlpool, and besides the tortoise resembles the cuckoo clock. The dust beneath the keys parodies the oven with its circular nobs for dialing better nutrition for flipping omeletters can toss up the flare of a tomato ketchup, only to stick up the grease spots from a fried onion, to show universality in accordance with movement, these pages flutter by on grease proof cake tin as if the plurality of thought should owe the menu to be read. Food, glorious food, cold jelly and custard, while we’re in the mood hot sausage and mustard, food glorious food, hot sausage and mustard, while we’re in the mood, cold jelly and custard. Making room for starters is a memory of nachos dipped in salsa dancing for something to swill against the gin barn. The fizzing cloud of a sparkler makes cottage cheese the answer to formula. One I am not of your making. 2 there is no partition, save the stage of curtains. 3 the anomaly of intercourse is well removed from the last Roccoco object. 4 the response has no bearing on you 5 is the number. 6 is the spread. 7 little pigs went to market 8 of them stayed at home 9 of them had roast beef and ten of them had none. 11 is my statement. Goodbye to all twelve.Flesh & bones
Both flesh n bones in an obvious case of ecstacy and comfort pulling the through flow and elastic band of a heard phrase upon delivery. These samples greet the unknowing martian with made ways of lame leather to the fatuous applause of a scolded hand, to the flouncing days of mystery spy glass, as if it had anything to do with Alice, and for all the torn ultimatums, it was only a request for a brushed carpet, for a lingering cheek in tongue, for the accurate pig of a lemon in slice and for knowing the right place to park the car, we’re talking driveways insteads of streets UC. The Little White Horse sees left and right. Now let me weak clearly for those who cannot bear this recompense with sorrow beans. I address you myself in the mutual tone of all our encouragement, for tincture has cast aside the parallel weights of discourse which hinders paper and family banter into the far flung realms of prosper the mirage, back and forth from inversion without consequence to the limber of U or I. These roots were found on Friday’s lunch from the working producer to the record shop. If the dye was cast from the art shop then so was that old man on his stool. Meanwhile, the travel spent from there to here was interestingly profound in the glow of dull reflection for the time it takes to produce piles of lettuce was surely a passing carriage towards a short haircut and new posters. This mind is thing in new ways of reasoning the constant gloating through the worried ring of pale refraction. Let it not be a voice that ascribes these deds of horrid nectar for the inhibition crows with guilt from an empty vacuum extra c for looking and only because of £2,000 a term disabled the skills of being reliable beyond half term projects. What stands there in a frame of beige wonder, cursing the riddle of my opposal. Let me say lie to the absence of implement in my role as transgressor. What is transgression, a question split in two like a slice of chocolate for the appointment cake, angelically garnished by that elderly garnish of youth, as if that fault were mine inheritance, but only for as long as the sell by. Jesus stands in the kitchen of youth, marking time through the eyes of duped children battling valiantly for the course of a wooden spoon without denial. All that is denied is considered to be chosen. Did you yes or did you know? Having it now and in the meantime we shall revel in it. At this point we is the question, the unanswerable Q which gets away with occult blaspheme on account of rendering someone else’s theme tune, this one being their number seven, somehow un chewed to the theme of auto reverse, and what is the song for tones diminishing? Pleasure Park is the main attraction, believe you me. Testing the bucket swing instead of a ballroom jitter has led to many new advances this side of corn wall. Smudging the picture gets tabloid relay into the onto under by way of advanced free way. This is all analogous to yesterday when the e may have been missing, but the word didn’t look like trees upon the moor of analytical exercise. Right and left, that is very interesting when there is none but colour. Encountering others, what are they doing in the here and there of push and shove illusions after the event? The only certain action is that by which all doubt restrains to uncover the bleak outpost.The distance in time of stores from listeners needs no description from live TV, no adjustment ariel, and quite often it is shafted with a back log of realisation that corners the suspect into a safe chance of alignment. This mornings henchman joined the people for breakfast with a stir of defective reassurance over the film saga of stalking in a golf town, and these are two sides to disability. So Monday came and passed another see dream with an abstinence for conclusive doctrine, until today is one day Sunday and plans collect like evening shutters for tomorrow’s opening for a new way. Pretty sure has been cut off this afternoon by the essential scissors and JK, so its down to the hair band and a three month grow in to resolve the style of wearing. The banana top and turquoise sleeve were thirteen pounds inclusive, so maybe it means jogging and ballet and karate and swim wear. So, after the train was last week at nine, and this week has been waiting for 630 in the boudoir alternation with stage expeditions, a dinner with the man from Devon, such a genius, poor boy Orbs. Messenging in and out of the west end, the starry guise of Diana near the application forms, the wrong concert, the final email, the new hand bag and oh, what a funny coat before mussels in the crab tree, a pint of coke, the new bar, seeing the Woody, considering doctor Zhivago, buying Yorkshire tea, staying in on Saturday, staying in on Friday, and all because THEY are more real than spinach. Extracting myself from Perth brought with it a full week to explore culture, join the Sustrans, cycle around and up and down the Brompton, to avoid the Angels, to think about Hoovering, to eat porridge without milk, to stare at harpers, to listen to builders, to turn on the radio and turn it off again, and to have several extremely interesting discussions without going anywhere. This culmination of expertise has consequences for other people who need to ensure these lines aren’t downward, and that scruples should be served face up. The type set lists these times with a voice which has been removed France, but hasn’t kicked in to local dialect. Hum ha, where did these buttons recover such a beat of hostility tot eh passage of story, where third rate transgressions are battery leads to the carousel? What number are we on? 35 Ronald McDonald and all his special meals. Bad haircuts were invented for bad smilers. I shall have to sort out his dress sense. Two minutes until the current pop up feature on yorkshire, interviews and jack pot passes. Observation mark three quarters on the riverside could have been an interval dancer, thank you. Observation mark one quarter this morning could have been the trilby. Yes it was on a Macintosh ed bi route. Mondays travel arrived in reception after a ten minute sit it and departed after work with the lunch box in the Ram. There has to be something in that, tho it may not have anything to do with vacant thrones. Another Vice Versa, which adds to the Lumb bank collection of neighbours and cousins. So many of them on creation courses, the destins are detained islanders with statutory licenses in booking. 4 majorcaclassmatesemissaries on board the dragon island, ready for the long haul to Tobego with crisps cheese n side salad in minty rays of after dark day glo, swilling particles of ginger beered memories with the fancy flight of Schloeur and tinted grape juice alternatives to diving holidays. The motor harness of all neurones goes flip flop up the chart of counter paddle, while the Spaniards clap the waves of breathing ripples. Don S artissimo beckons the hurdled drinkers with a light apertif of skating on siesta , when marjoram checks the board over soliciting emails. More jeer than back chat of impromptu nets on castaway plauses for the thwack of man survival.
The words keep dragging themselves along the type cast as if they wee in the back seat of the driver, the maestro turning into random drives to do the shopping for next years liberty. Thats what homelessness does to you. There’s Victoria plum, who should have been segregated although a holiday round China can’t be compared to the standard travel brochure and here we talk some existential. In the woods of Mr. Allen they are unquotable. 32 Kray. The standard visit for an intern can last up to one hour although twenty would have served as more than a greeting. One minute in time abroad is worth a beer in Fulham. And with each hour of serving, there is no knowing what brew will be bon from the local. Consider the shared set up, refer to 30. if a place is challenged in friendship it has nothing to say but lava or flood, fire and other kinds of weather, for it has been planted. Like the diseased body of a bad restaurant it can only entertain a return in rent as assurance that it is kept. This place is France, where garlic may go down with bread, but not alone. Blending the brew of fresh beer tastes better. Hops, rice and Barley Hops, rice and barley hopsriceandbarley. The Pro form as Wilfred would say, is an easy formula, if it is treated with the washing up was not as important as the stirring in. Give anybody a job to learn on holiday and it could become their past time. My receipt was a formula for speech. 1 tone together, not rising, and concilitarily conciliatory conciliatorily understated. Lure them into a modicon of self control with your incompetences on display and on view, not just in front of the helm, but all around the ship. 2 Value the argument. 3 use reticence enticingly 4 Frame a view off a shared world in common 5 Take no notice of being alert. Cast me down on the number of patient days aboard the craws nest. Shin shin up the rigging amid the pitch and placid seas, when upstairs rolls by on downstairs and the meniscus forms one day as an atmospheric bubble. Perhaps this is the still from outside the womb when brains alive is another potential spaceship and judgment is Barcardi in law. 6 Chips are essential to the enforcement of revolt. Point 6 is the hardest to handle, for though it was a measure set by you, they have nothing to go on, it requires invilsibilium unt memory lodge. The gate keepers are worst of all 33 BSI because if they alter the passage of speed with all their fastenings in an ever practical rebuff which sends recuperative ideals into a spin. The picnic maker weaves baskets around the provisions of goods as if they were hunger themselves. Eating stolen goods of anger can be hunger, just like the chopping up of shoppers panier can be claimed as food for a bistro. Oh, when did I go to stay with permanence? There’s no use in resenting a burgundian jewel kit, or the boxes of plastic beats as insult to Fakenham, but the ivory hairbrush was or was not mine. The pressure on belonging has made coffees equate with agreement, just as sunrise opens daisies. Filtering through these belongings as costumes on derivatives has increased market speculation somewhat since arrival in Fulham. Those old cords were funded by days of monetary patience on horse back. 34. Millionaire short bread. ibid. You’re my friend. This rule has only applied membership to the victims of the ‘really’ world. it canters about on the wrong leg, takes off on the wrong stride, but only invites the message of encouragement.It is almost a week since the Sunday platform, although I still haven’t mentioned the Scotrail Jacket which somehow three dimensioned from the schism article on paper. Sightings like this encourage the listings, 30, TB and the wonder of appering Mays brings summer months into new climates of return for the traveling sparrows of old africans, far cruises and the embarking quest of noble discovery. So the reason for the train ride eventually drew in, more like seventy minutes on time for late appointment, and it headed off with me inside till London. There wee three contestants more at my table of four when we reached york. They settled in with re unified chat about Radox preferences, new buildings on site, sleeping arrangements and comments on the old school hymn. the words were all about young ladies duties, fresh, fine and handy to the cause of their husbands vigour. They sat straight, shared the values of interpretation and laughed at the privelage of the Red Stairs. Some things don’t change on centenary and it seemed that reminiscence was only to last until Kings Cross, for they all said gbye with good natured polity, and resumed the courses of their lives for another measured interval. Its the world of the prefect. The far end of the carriage had seated more of the Edinburgh breed whose causal relations always prick my awareness. Whatever the age, there’s usually a stage for the long haired loafer to comb their hair my way in a display of swallowing sandwiches. Full of vitamins and minerals, the essence of outpost can glaze the passage of trainers in casual wear for formal airs of sensitivity. These ones weren’t that special, but they’re still compatriots until Barbados gets the better of them or they fall privy to despotic glares of bitterness in the age of anonymous celebrity. One of the girls could have been a car. Gleneagles ones might have been an influx for reeling. Thirty one White House Intern. With all the moors behind me, there was still the Frame prospect ahead. Overtaking the reelers in socks and sandals gave me legitimacy for conquest in the way that car keys never have done. Still on time for nine, it had been an informative trip. Although it wa a graft on last years performance, the shooting lodge had solidified the slant of inquisitive industry as far as the Russian Connexion had decided to reconsider the line of taking aim to the skies. Jungle Formula had been helpful in establishing the ominous scourge of mozzies which plant the bites for Dracula’s biothon. Kind of the car to remind me of his consideration, which parallels the stance of the bed eyed monster marksman, tho he says its all in the blood. Centuries of tapestry stage an atmospheric gentry to rally out the cast of the mad infidel. I’d agree if only it hadn’t been me, for the itchy marathon has been cast upon me more than once, if not twice and thrice. The littany of ghoulish presence can only be run as a silly story from outside the gates of hell. Thus, the well trodden track of habit cannot sustain the innovation of new histories, among which they are almost specters themselves. Home and garden, face and fortune, now and then. The illusion of then is not visual but spans all tenses. Then it was okay then it will be tends to juggle about without the minder of being particularly aware of which way they are leading themselves. If example must be insisted upon, th birthrights of wild horses needs to be imagined in this field of enclosure. Incidentally, the choir sings Balshazar fro seasonal rhetoric as well as a new tune to hum outside advertising the feeling of shoulder to shoulder.Sat down on Sunday to skim through what they know with pictures. Lately its been the Telegraph whose sense has been tempered by Weekly readers, and the style has shed the Times film of inside information. After all, we are equal stars on CCTV. The William camp have come up with some features on first day freshers, and the promise of his complexion braves the display of example by precedence. Striding between heritage and jeans, its good to savour the odds of two parents. Considering the international weather reports, progress is good. the front benches are not at war with the cloakroom, the IRA look like pretty fools, the compulsion to determine has been undermined, and TV has turned friendly. The train has been delayed by sixty minutes to allow me settlement upon Perth platform, near an array of pot plants and so I lounge with an outstretched elbow on luggage in deep sunshine of appreciation. Cars whurr gently over the railway bridge, the bill board sends each driver the shared measure of access with the sweet cost of confection that never really crashes. It is not like the northern lines of industry where the continental sound of sweat fuels the notice of export with complex chimneys and land scars. The flow of holiday failure gobbles at the success of time in construction, and favour flights in on the seas of environment. Changing times replace signs with plaques as each Bonnie Charlie exfoliates savagery for a cool income. It was a long while back that I first came to visit in the days of mind sweeping winds, news agent outposts, chips for everyone who hadn’t found Italian, free parking, nurses, doctors, bankers, farmers and lawyers. it was all Darwinian. Not that the remote control of staple relations are contingent to the human form, but when yer livin with an ape, everyone’s a dog collar. the most interesting holiday in Gibraltar when life was nothing but a bargain, it deemed like Charon had lost control of his job. In the way that people speak to each other through the fanny of a six year old is a strange design for a mouthpiece. And whether the camping in the woods was part of getting back to nature is also beyond those silly lies of personal description. Pruning the roses with secetairs or secretary’s secret airs is all part of the terrible horrible. OK dokey, Gibraltar, chemotherapy, AA withdrawal, kidnapping from Kirklands, Hideout Heidi, Spencers, Isle of White, Gibraltar, harrods, Margarets, Lumb bank, Hinton, Caputh, Lister, Westminster, Tall patricia, The iris, Berkers, Bells, Even that chore which way?, Moors, Zebrugger, Panam, Slobbers, Sado, Potters, Pins, Various sales white slave, Hotels and B and Bs, Newcastle, Arch, Harrods, The Old People, Scott. I’ve been meaning to list the events for some time now, but the coincidence has been marking time instead of listing it. The method of histrions has generally been melodrama in celebral halls of capacity artists whose response has been permissive at most borders of lenience, although taking action would have been less possible than prescription.Kidnapped. Backing out of the driveway makes me wonder at the coarseness of solid stone, how the trelissed force of three large steps should still bear the weight of all memory onto the gorge below. It is without clarity that leave filter shafts of light through the noise of gushing water, wo that the imminence of place could be any forest floor, any juxta pose, any hidden treasure. The barbecue of mown grass perpetuates this myth of going down along at half height of lane splitting time in two and of tripping down the hopscotch for a glimpse of tomb stone, of boulders, hedges, stone stairways, the cave, the bridges and picnics. I’ve been here before said the pudding to the starter although in those days were not times for membering meals. What follows me through is the hued voice of worn slippers, the fast trace of the circus, tangly styles of hair, cummerbunds, long slugs in the rain, the fortune of fame, caterpillars, uncollected rubbish and H2O.
It was too late to go calling in on the first gate so I trod on by and to the assurance of keeping appointment. The echo was there in the unusual staae of remembered faces not yet met. the kitchen, the lunge and the podium are all new vocabular to this in a mountain pass sequel because the quarry of hiding diamonds does not betray the cats eye. Well spent is the circumstance of encouraging weather and crunching chest nuts, for he chapter nestles long and far against the tide of visiting islands. No matter what the adventure of Enid, this place returns to the corner when the tall slope gives way to a new goodbye from which I have not recovered.
Sail the voice in the tall trees of oaken branches because I rest in their decorum.
I miss the boum boum party and the se through souls of jolly singers, as I’ll look back on the legal wrangle which trades conformation for that deportment with ignorance. There are buck and barn, the call of the owl, the tasty day of small friendship which sustains a frame of mind removed like a slide rack of changing slides without commentary. Forgive at the sentiment of tangibility, but the sorry course of refrain has kept witness a hidden stop. The silent witness kidnapped.
I remember the mambo, the little black Sambo, the membering mumbo, the. The inevitable course of ageing strikes these notes as letters from the numbers of years when arithmetic was mental. There is no need to reconvey the attempt to know an old friend when the theory is not a written quotation. If I was there for bargaining the larger ration of my time, it is not knowledge which qualifies me beyond the syllabus of hearing. Things are static now. Where are the gypsies, the vagabonds, the where do you want to be, small fledgling, little gracey, simple story, mother placey? Where is your wind, your span, the elephant man, the caravan? All sucked up by Daddy long legs before daddy long legs had two, the sad shoe sayd fly away from the playground fairground. Oh I forget the mightof feeling light with protection. Souffle and nettle soup.
This is the place I grew with trace
This is the mound of fox and hound
These are the stairs of castaway cares
Those are the toes of ripples and flows
Yours are the bones of traveling lands
Wishing a face in a song for a port
Casting the lot for an elephant man
telling a song in an afternoon coup
Falling around we laugh up the hill
Teething a smile I hold to your hand
Places on the gravel
Long winds to travel
Messages to heart
Play in a cart
The long wet slugs
Folds in on silence
With shaking knees
And bright berries
Listing potatoes
In a land of condensation
Singing aureoles with gurgles thumping
The signs of hands chumping
Removed from these shores of inversion
And coercion
Go on then, give it a go, do the actions
And so she did the actions
and this is what she sung
Last night as I lay on my pillow
Praying hands, tilted head
last night as I lay on bed
Same thing, other side
Last night as I lay on my pillow
Very obvious with the lips
I dreamt that my bonnie was Dad
Bring back o bring back oBringbackmybonnei Hands out, arms in To me to me
Bring buck o Bring buck o Bring buck marbonee to me
Hilarious, so hilarious, just to do it again, the funny lady with the green fingernails. Position to barter makes nonsense of gathering senses. The falsety of recollection has remained a constrained emotion to which the grafting has gibbered the layer of stairs since trod.The event, the stoning, kiss my arse was in the onlooking moor for a hill pony, her best friend for a prefect in a place beamed up on the shadow of ‘its an instant’ in order that I might come to perfect the innocent course of action. Misbehaviour in a badge has come my way in a Mercedes, driving my thrall as a passenger, it is ten years on. Post university was the first stop for reunion, as if crisps could have scored a goal. As with all the others, biding time for lunacy pends these paths of progress in a set up to bewilder the Afghan upon a tie to relinquish. What is the forgiving introduction supposed to achieve when the front bench of scrutin swaps sides to stroke a whisker in grooming? this question has appalled the size of development so that meals are eaten with a forlorn greed that mourns fantastic promise. There’s not much to berate a weasel in the crime of youth, save that homage should dwindle into respite for a different kind of lance, the small bow of weather stuck crow which indiates and eyeballs over the hair line and cheek slurps the aid of understanding, to the wise crack of Bryony, not that I’ve read the book. My passage is hindered by the stumps of my beauty, that is to say that those weird clouds of ecstacy enhanced the sharp object of my brain to induce those clasps to un lynch their mob of conduct. Il y a un an. Olders and betters have always plagued the dogs for free school dinners and a better line to tow than the wrong master. This fare is unity, which fixes to the hilt of incandescence, what does that mean? summoning these populates for casting only serves to remind the brain about the Asian reaction which begs to show disdain for the confused line of friendly suitors. The event, the stare, the glare, the smile, the interval, the lair, and now it is time for commentary. Connect at, connect Four is where I’m at. So this can’t be such an old typewriter, or how long is it since the symbol was planted? Handing hand with this kind of serenade comes the dear post of neighbourly white gate. But that is so long ago that it can only be providence that next door patches are no obligatory. I know this old food is tasteless and without culinary coquette, just that a bred degree should lead to a reappraisal isn’t automatic tenure. the lines of down turn weren’t as they seemed in he days of mother bounteous, or in the ways of letting things slide. If only the wake should cruise on from shore to landing then it would set the guise of marked gallantry. On the navigate mission of sailor suiting their circumstances, this hand has played the loyal battalion to the cost of satellites, miniature sagas and the great unfolding. These planes cannot fly their oceans into clear view for the sake of not pointing the finger at em. This complexity of witnessing horror is not about two hotel for the price of one as far as these virilities are shaven. However, this forgiveness was never owed credence in return. It is a value like this which shatters completion when the oversight appears to have skipped the booking of exchange. There stands the line of trees, here is kept a hive of bees, the clouds have been floating for some time across the plains of Britain, and since the derision of sky larks is a show unnoticed, the Billy man chooses to settle in the style that suits him. It suits the convict to note the careless loss of memory so that his imposition may mark the course of time in the manner of all men, and in the way of most things that appreciate the illicit curve of learning, until it curls in the neon glow of their own and fair steel of hand writing. Mocking the scribe on subscription, earning pleasure in the mending curse of righteousness, semi colon end of paragraph, thank U and good evening 2.Enhancement, further trees and amazonians. Multiple twangs of delirium, full bodied and illiterate, swell depletion plays only round the corner. Seljurk enters among the Viking hedgerows of suburban deer stalkers. Invitation to eat permissions the food to drink the lug rest awhile un cajoled. Clear silled menus with pontefract on archapellago grains a fine ringed marsupial dapple check. there does seem to toby to be a spot for dancing by instruction. modular disciplines won’t flash until days, subtle to rolling brand sanctions of dispersion ensuring days are always of a different number like good sweets.Fraction adjusts hinge cogency metered in perpendiculars that flap without vibration. Some grab cylinders off to the park, levering kicks of pounds and ounces. Clippety clop claps over the river further than blackbird on the ear. Leverage mends dog’s poop that bends a tiller’s waste out of season.
More notes on the man that went before with bangles and rabbits but the car man from the poster in the loo’s well presented a stray.
Arm says write that trains gel spheres from handed sheaths. Entrance is the first act of significance. Penalty serves love’s investiture standing base prides with electricity to blind alley fieldings. Though affection plainly states in single lines the challenge broads lip sentry peals of laughter. Session colonnades resume plinth amendment by draughts on leaden pan sorts. It says apostrophe NT to does or C n in speech that lend points erroneously for the fun of juggling to mark times.
Non oppositional burglar mediates the subjective replacements of good. Bookish rentals enrich foul play haunts with valour. Knock knees on sticks chisel bark ‘n growl fences Margorie swaps feet towards the barracks, impeded by choice. Sip chancing marries the fold and familiar. One trod forward claims the heel mountain.The kingdom of Robbie began with a lesson of instruction in persuasion. the paper trail would start with no clear indication to go, no note to read, no hair to consult, and no quest to reach save the Holy Grail. as with many states of confusion, reason obliges conference with impartiality, often in the form of a riddle. It is november on a turn style, with livestock in a barn. The grand union of June. Octobers places, parking traces. The avenue without a bicycle has sheep in hiding. Original Flora bay their leaves to be eaten.
This is not Demetrius.
The difficulty of an autobiographical work of personality has an arguable tedium of prose. In many ways this is the object. the single currency of story telling is like a clean up job of assimilation, propriety and flare mask the baldness of removal vans and side cars. The facility of YOU is valuable in the understudy of cloaking daggers. if it were down to your enquiry, the legend would unfold as an Oxford companion. Does this persistence deserve you?
The mind cast of a panel on TV, the busy body firing squat falls silent from the rebuff of a photon caption. it recalls the Balinese horse in the context of heroism. Who is to know what is inside the box? Pandorarodnap. The schedule of inversion is a busy one with the news reviews of Shipman Saviour, the lady with a cape on has changed her mind on lifeboats, the shore is not a sign of emigration. BBC7, this is not BBC7 for it takes a full half hour for the weather to be included along with Jeremy Pacman and Wogan’s car wash. this is Friday and there is the music room with Gabril’s arms bands and another host for signing n. Every chat show conveys the manic message of half hour incubation, of murmuring triggers, of cheesy spotted birthday pies, and of discourse. There’s a personal message in every pop song apart from guns n roses.
Seeing Harold on tuesday, with all that hair but for what? At least I saw a friend on Thursday, for it turns out that Sebastian is not a snail after all. If there was a case of Goldilox, this would be one of them. those are my friends, those Sebastians are my companions, more than any millions sold for evolution and the MRLP, may they always lie in capitals.
I’m reading this out.
Reading out a speech.
Third person, enter third person. There is a funny lady in number four. Enter fourth person, fourth person. There is a funny invitation through he letter box. It means that the funny lady will have to go to it. There is nothing more astonishing than a stamped addressed envelope without a stamp edict, you are related if not on time. Greenwich, London, Los angeles, rio, Singapore and Delhi cat essence of measuring equations.
The confiscation of royal mail, may they ever be consigened, led to the gizmo of pulling faces. The envelopes are resigned in a flap top lap top of a burgundian triptych of zip sided cow calf on loan for a birthday. Present it to his worship for introspection so that the outlook on tomorrow may be Debretted to his account.Bibliography track roxanne track roots track drum kit track Yehude track fading out track birdie track my girl track muppets track godsavethequeen track mercury track ollyackers has got nothing todowiththedewardureis track George Harrison’s piano where did the kiss track the jarvie surgery track not that they were to know track cats track Mouline hasgotnothingtodowith LICA trackhgn2dwtrack marine track Yasser was not supposedtohaveanythingtodowith the plastic population track banarama track much better take off track isthereanybody plastic that sn’t included with barbie track bubbles track feed the world track scaffolding track snowman track itshdve bin me track velvet underground track sight and sound track mmfdandl track chaplin bedcovers track diana track joseph in the stable track bum staple track remote control track visiting track track returning track friend for life track seal track dolby track grey owl track dead or alice track question track siren track administering track whothefuckputmeonsomanydrgs track hello track baby snatching track jane in her long grey coat track jane is wayne track decibels track the yew tree track over the border track looking to me track reference track Audrey track new line track Christmas track kiki saw trackethe pink house track paris track the large dark cloud track let there be light track another escape track so many uses for a small pair of nail scissors track white water rafting track the staler track protection tract the infiltrator mark healy track my ear track next phase track overwritten track seal again track the Ethiopian track the very large pacific ocean track survival track the orent express track those huge waves and such a mal tiny blob and all that way in the cruel sea track nobel prize track psychiatrist char track the mercy of the beautiful water track hostage in the neighbours garden track Rothschild track the jolly roger track the next day is next track weeping market places track dowehaveto putinthepolpotpinochetworldeaderconferences track leukemia track radiotherapy track yes track video track optical illusion track turkish delight track don’t like it anyway track brain scan track treatment track bills bursar y track chequeplusaccount track test track medical track mental track test LP track CD track test leaves ontheline track bulgaria track not enough notes on the line track trains track teeth track yank them all out track plastic surgery track look at my cheeks track spotty lip track sticking greta pins and needles track bog down her labatory track herinhis track the amalgamation of treason track nine nine nine to be continued.
Missed out on TOTP trac one to forty from there to then and now again. the immediate ageing of a short flight in fancy. Where on earth did the eel come from, Mr slapstick? Those teenagers are a geniune company, shedding overhaul through the tides of location. The plow, the potter, the gardening berk, the small boy plays the violin attic, the prefect handwriting, the whisky afternoon, the Irish gnome, the decadent nicer the geography field trip and maintenance fixtures are in trouble. We meet the Blue Planet of Island Indigenens at a firework display of tooth decay, all smiling through the piles of seated composure. Eclipsing the neanderthal celtic drum beats of out cast ware house bus shelter and homing device used since the capture of Troy before carparks or international after this before that the progress of breathing fill stop.Take this is a vision of white shroud and street lamp. Its not Florence, its not the nightingale, or the bird song of a dying day after the office in Horseferry Road. The peat and the whisky have plowed the field full cycle and the pattern shies onwards without fashion in small shoes, a long waist and navigation. Wednesday was good, Wednesday’s play was good. Arabian palaces sat next to her flatmate, then me and then the thin stick who painted the tiles and who didn’t relate so well to the flat one because of her name. There must be more reasons to the Luther as at the beginning than women’s lib. The re organisation of space has realised the career of a key lime flan which will hopefully keep in condensed freshness for Tuesday’s event of Shepherd’s pit. Receiving them in will renovate progress, depending on who can come. The dinner check up is a strange way for closeness, and I still only wish for more of an online friendship than I have ever really had since back then. the equation of mutual sense is an old sister that has many washers, it is not the exclusive right of way that guides the motorist. For those on bicycles, checking into the sports shop is a safety hazard, considering the water supply that escapes the exhaust. Where is my voice fixture? Oh, the tie dye of olives is a far cry from this old man with a nick knack paddy whack givadogabone this old man came rolling home.
The beauty clinic has long been recognised as the Eiffel tower of liposuction, the triumph of suspension and other processes which don’t equate to old adages in the same way that these ones are strange forms of compliment. Like the weasel of anecdote, the Bruce Forsythe of calm, the hurdy gurdy of insolence, the nemesis of stratum, he acquiesence of birthright, the penultimence of income, the obstruction of destiny and the four seasons, they all depend on doubtful word search. They sit across the wheels of random push chars formulating the debate as if it was valued by license. Indeed, my lords and ladies, there must be toffs. There must be toffs with pattering hearts, there must be wise ones. There must be tree top toffs and healthy past time boffs, thinking toffs on buses from here to Peterloo. three must be toffs of all costs in the galvanising throng of wandering sequence and toffs to stay on after the party. Here is the confusion of toffee knowledge and it needs to be claretfied and whiskied into vintage toffs for masters and splintage sploff in brain sprongs. For well it is to give into the master card of cross eyes when teeth are ripe with dentistry, when the squarky shoe of infra dig sets to on a daily rumble, when parachutes live for the safety strap, when any dog wags its tail. Indeed my lords, ladies and gentlemen, when the LLG is three in one.
My life as a highland breed has led me to the low ground in order to take stock of shooting stars, the order of anarchy persists through a poisoned meal and there is no tally for blame, save the abscess of incubation capsule. The abscess of incubating capsule first wormed the big toenail of Theseus Thebulong, the brave slave from Pythagoras, when he was writing a thank you letter to the Great Dane of Glamour this side of the Tigris and that side of Thessalonica, about five months later than prophecy, although the music then was much better on the radio.Life in the pond is prone to the flux of algal bloom and rare species of sound that gurgle on the desk top of discovery so that there is quite a lot to report from the ice berg, counting Mondays in units of queueing bricks, Tuesdays in thinking, Wednesday monsoons of ice packs and the brother of long and lanky for tally treasure blurb in dictation. further ado in heaven brought boxes in bodies of dead enlightenment although the engine room was not afloat when the deposition took a stake in practice. Some things are valuable like skin cream and yoghurt, the sweet straw reminded me of Simpson and Delilah la la.
In plain English the show was great and the episode of M and W made the bring back all the more interesting with the after dinner speil on forestry. In plain English, the simple tones of Ireland are a merry banjo. In plain English, on tippy toe toes is all within reach, according to surface area wall colour and christmas plans as usual without being too suspicious or anything and providing the network can supplement the chocolate freeze in funny little men at the foot of the stair cases. Well, the letters been sent, today should see acking for Saturday, and as long as I get in touch with collection, the short presents shouldn’t bee too much trouble, providing there isn’t an enquiry on hereditary insinuation in the use of breakfast language in wind up as if the situation should mean to be improvided within the scope of gardening fractures, as if the patron tone will ever vacate the apple oesophagus. And besides Brixton, there is any wonder that inside lines are overtaking the calm sense of celebratay which leaves trains open to digestive forces of prize giving expungency. We are not shedding humour on the preposition of five year plans and mere manipulation, but fortune will prevail.
The separatist cause in Silesia commented to the battalion of their own design that new style Persil was not necessarily Radion compliment. I put it down to next door which has very little to do with the voice over of walking prospects and the eating has nothing to do with diocese scales or autocue.
There is an ochre meal
There is the underside of a war ship
There is
As for the whole Albert injunction, I don’t think much of it. Nerd one two three and all for a great big wank of poetry in motion. Stupid blur and stupid skinny man worried about luminosity and the disgusting croon so concerned with getting to the bottom of things. Well, it made me sweat for a while of brinking but indeed the effusion did not last longer than the car park, and therefore took no hold over n or c or p intertwined with pleading s or any other conspirator of nosey parker, in leagues of Israeli level danger, but just for the evening ticket mind the runway of puffing candles on exotica trips and all for personification of the bull fight, name me ferdi, me. they justify the margins of past pensions, chewing nibbles past sausages and onto the peanuts, some managing celery and wot for?
Call it another name for sponsorship, perhaps market forces keep separate hours of distinction, how artful. s o n s o r l o v e r s the heart attack condition never held sway to branic conclusion, and would it remain just alive, the beat can overcome short pages.I remember feeling sorry for stealing the art wares now that I’ve bought the brown Dylon. the confessions of trivial implications salivate the jaws of mad onions, everything plural and indiscreet, bay city rolling for a handful of chives to garnish plenty chests of worry protection from inside the plastic lining.
Wandering yet again into the market cavities of good crisp stocking shops as if yesterday’s strolls were just passing clouds deciding to ingratiate these building has taken a lot of block busting out of their sails, for the old Market man says he is my relief tho some Tom fool could be harbinging carpet bag to the letter head of basic circumstance. take the slug and mention the lineage of pop and there ye have Burkina Faso. At least its good that the slug thinks he’s a gardener, as the other route ahead shall be recorded in the projected maths of all our slime. There is..there are..not there is shall construe this to have one leg shorter, one that measures one leg shorter, in the gallery of all capillaries, this flux of degenerate Indy pop bleats to the sweet curfew of raw consumption sings the shazzer mangel of aquarious foot stalls, nein Esterhazy.
A depressing phase of sugar grazing can’t be enough to detra bag of pop corn form the city junction. this afternoon saw many friends in comfy jumpers, and I still can’t leave the media alone. What crunches past now is an evolutionary docu soap into the living, the recorded living, the giving, the taking and there afterlife. It is much more preferable than the pre Columbian wasteland of not having a hat or wearing wrong pajamas, of grieving into the wind, of answering their questions as if it was doctrine, o remembering navy blue as a matter of bread and butter, of watching them change me during lunch. So much depended on what was going to happen after lunch that I became as grateful for the chicken running on battery energy for a game in corn where every side ways is a nose long glance of suiting navy and liking things that are plain because it is my birthday. There is nothing I can do about my birthday except complain that induction is as inevitable with the coming o a new job and that those who don’t belief in life apprenticeship should think again the next time they go a seeking. One week later and I ask you to consider the strain of astronomy, yearn the symbol of indomitable wealth which guards those acres of shrouded stealth into the unborn streams of frozen fears of incubating farts from the wrong diagonal of weather arriving on bicycle sea tracks in an attempt to host the olympic nest of all picnics. This was made in Western Germany so please tend with German pride and salami and pay due respect to the needs and requirements of such a naval officer, given that he has now landed with planetary arms into the field of prognosis from whence there is no surrender without faith and no victory without a flag. Given that certain belongings are quintessentially cellular, it is not intended that he should leave his meals untouched, or that tooth paste flavours should be an inherent clause for choice. We are unaware at these pastures that the fledgling tracks of maintenance should incur a space between fixture through which returns rate redeemable upon sale. Covering face in a why front should owe the expertise to encyclopedia Britannica, the human genome and the back street forecast of miscellaneous ling. Should the interred presumption permission to disrupt the discourse. use of Ritalin, opium, bad smells and soda water can be washed down with Mary’s dairy, non clotted or still.A. Mrs, A. Mr, A. Lord
Tycoon Jiminee has the straight jacket record in baby cord. Classification animalvetegablemineralwelldonemotodermarsupialmamalbirdfishamboebasilidliquidgasin thesaucebuster of learning A320 FLS baby you can drive my car. Since this has all been said sooner whaat happened to the scribe? Bogey man, fortunedsdaytimetv, carescurtsey passer. Brusselsprouts fifty times fifty equals fourn hudred leaves and some bulbs, how many? Serve with real home made jam, they can be mouth watering. The sun is up for action. He paints to the wrong end of sunlight farawayinwales taking a head stand to go bus mba mba. The molar molarex a sizexasizeseemedumyexcercises. Then nutcracker with Mr Low too large for the door. Somehow DU have a diary? OWY worry about the cam corder. To outlive somebody is to rest in sure deep water. Cliff tops to seascape without beach plateaux or land spit rockery. Staying alive could cost an album. Incarceration, we are enemies aenenomies need feeding like the sacrifice of mount Helgar and Davy wheatcrop. The shovel mixes aggregate to pave over mud and undesirable damage to footwear. Churning with fabular chemistry that everybody knows about. It is a worry that there will bee no income from the state of affairs which brought unprecedented closeness to the allies in fright of a simple spider. Oh, Miss Muffet, there must be some other way to persuade you, said the large spachelor of worms a wriggling. What do worms do? Spear mint is unlawful. The ball the wee ball is bouncing bouncing bouncing hell yer sell boing boinb bab boing boing boying with balls ahem.
So long Sammy Jo Jim Bob Mary Ellen Jimmy Sue and Roebuck, who employs the bogey man?
The garden has sparrows fled and the next appointment stalls.
I am four, I am forty, I am six, I am sixty. We are having a conference about it in the interim of ten years, but another ten have gone by until the printed word has approached for ransom. Wining over with yule tide ain’t much use in strategy, save the old sentiment for an arguable case. We are indistriminate certain of the umbilical measure. It is this house of Grey Hound that orbs with watches in the unwound grain of primary seconds. Discarding leaves for non renewal, yet why should love speak its name, for it is not invited in trial, and will not loom the weave unspoken for. Repeat the hymn again, but in another loft conversion, in another enclosure, in another century with different toes and other breathing, with more variety. Give me more variety next call time elephone, give it a bit of credence, a semi colon would dwell with more sense than the charging bloom of buttercups posing as fat drops in soup for every day consumption.
By the way, this was supposed to be entitled The Cream Slice with the appendage In order of appearance, Thin Wedge, Filling, but not on this page.
People have been catapulting me with innuendo so its tempting to line them up from Murrayfield gladioli to the flint stone pellets of fast living cave men on a tea break from ostrich farming, not to mention the great em borisment of double standards. As agencies go, this isn’t short of talent or introductions to salute the Herbacious border of Garden schemes millenial in the queue for supplement bunkers with all mod cons and condiments, cata baly tonic for a score on the last laugh hysterical with complexity to stodge inovasion through appligatory monogamy to randomly know where non will go forsooth, to be the first digit. There is a first digit but not all are numbers, even the work force sign on to as much, and that is the first digit. The response capital R and that is the Res ponce of the First Digit. Sure, honey that is the response of the first digit. Radio gives a prize to caller thirteen for being both unlucky and right about he phonetic sound of o n e one can one Co-Ca-Co la. This is an old caddage in vocular junctions It is not certainly anarchy stewable that super trance can hit the beat alternate.
The farming justice of jets international is coagulate for a great topic. More encouragement is needed and the most remarkable of all adventures comes from the tale of the turncoat. These inventions are like collective trays of dandruff with small voices of insolence on both sides of the beaker.
Does anyone want some more does anyone is the back slapping arse of all neglect and the blue bottled message is GYO. I am distrustful of supper and glasses but sill surely go without gloves or independence to stake out the gooey fodder of explanation since I am of the raw seeded chance of diasporic work shopping immunity that so grapples the chore of investigative doorsteps.
The Elliot persuasion transmission is leaving choice to the gates of rolling stones and by passes. More warnings lurk of late luck and stalling bucks and empty trucks for wimps capital double you. Nobody expressed the a plain language of question sooner for its not as if the McEwan is a new cavalier meant to say beer. These are not new store is out of margins but most live don’t get the TLS as a normal life placebo for prescription. The name of polyaxid with euphoric beitole tryposerate biglocside combined with half terms chocolate mouse pasta quills and seventy pound shopping for growing men and appetising stimulate von gutterte I wonder why the stressohirelaxing. But even so its not as if the churning of descrippery adverbs could offset the big name, for I am all for joining to plan of importance, and its not as if I would have objected to a spot of critters had there been a spot to talk with on the windy wall of climbing roses. First address of the record it is binned. Why is Scott in murder red. Some lines aren’t questions for asking. the habit of turner driving is the sticky fly catch zippers. It is plural to consider opinion outside one’s own mental circle. If these quotes have superceded the propriety of known mettle, I cannot rise in dead language. Intones re torturous in supposing for a garden barbequeueue for the sake for nourishment i am bled, forlorn, accused, misused, overrated, dispensing and gratis factory ha.The inevitable conquest between Saul and Gaul where x = x is bound to come up in conversation amongst those who make a habit of talking. The olympian foot rest which carries the motto daily corn and the rest has been.
There is hunger although it should have gone after the aka paragraph, caught up in the ordeal of sledging without a hammer. Being the curdled curmudgeon of hunks and tearing the edgy chop of grilled breath slicks ouchilly and vapours the trim snip of green. Sheer passages un woken for a full turn in batting again the ball was in? the standing creak glazes for hot chives. Sessions furl on tenancy leanings, chrome bills the cratchet.
Mots, mycles, bot micycle, michael’s motor bicycle bikes botor mycycle. There is a terrible clan drain afoot. The tank drips to be tested and then Sulliver runs in.
Since subject has interfered there’s not a particular gauge of terror, aka give it over, mind your own business, travel card. Meditation publishes that a spade is a spade when tracking. The summary of multiple opinion remains permanent in role play so when in doubt speak the snake role with custard and jam. I have not one single stream not one single dream not ever compressed as ironing. Reaching the blur in stereo lunchtime should be shy for gratitude. When the falklands war was going on there were a million and one things to without probity. When the Chinese coup set in on Saigon we were fortunate too. The olympians have a fine word for rules without war, it is necessary. Face another banner in slight wind, another flag of Julius, should they share a birthday rinse of brandy to render the flush surprises.
Face the epilogue of substance, of one with the father or was it extra? The blue BW nestles in the boredom of masked reaction that insists on intention prejoratively and similarly relinquished as well deserved in the hospital of enterprise. Black n blue n brown don’t serve but to condition head from thorax from abdomen in jumper trouser she cloth with hair as thread for missing the skull. Nobody else is in divorce over occupation the way these follicles swim with jelly. Private eyeballs have been inturned to scout the next endeavour. the trainee has Hula Hoops battered and sauced by the shop on the corner. The only wing to sing in threes is on a parvis with alomeo and brine. In this manner the course of sentences had invariably wound along the veering tip of lullaby just as shoes would show had they the print of passage. In all other aspects the upward strait of diverse literature had planted solidibly good stubs for the path of march fence.
Decisive trances were the ore of feeding pigeons when the day came to trans liver the mire of good practice. Charlatans gooseberry wynching the long tan mirror wirror worry on reflective shoe stickers. There’s more to this than shoes said the auto pilot in remote control thunder to the sparrow. And when the dog awoke from the frightful spate of blinking toads, and when the toads thanked the blinking dogs for taking over, and when Avalon wrote the treaty of calligraphy in double line spacing to confuse the down stairs from the higher cares, ti was legible to some on the wrong side of privet to appreciate jungular chaos.

The long evening is a sheaf of paper long resented, long drawn out and destined for the scrap of common thoughts assembled. The neighbours live in close seclusion of camping in the separate waters of Davy lounges, their adopted dreams are shelved on hold for talking in plural episodes for shared troubles.
Come to think of it first Aids is an old friend, then there’s the dancer, the snail and the long eared hare of Aesop in a collection of prose which marks out the years in new releases, sessions and part conference times in overhaul due to congregate upon the ledges of infinite justice. Streams of rowing boats bask and slide through the slippery coast of venture. It is all there to be expected, paid for and relinquished as learning so long as thermal is the underwear of flight.
Shouting leaves the party in a terrible state
What happened to shouting as a manner of speaking? During dinner, its always during dinner, there had been a majesty of oatcakes on spread. Martha Humbledunk had lent over backwards to prove it and most of the cheese had been summoned especially. She found it difficult to hold a biro. Indeed, she had a pen, a real pen to prove it.
I’ve never met Marthe and neither have you.
We shall now proceed with the main dish aka Davy Wheatcrop ever since the barley sugar advert had tripped him over in the royalties clause. the sledging is over between slaves and reindeer. It is over the cloud of thunder carpets and mini hedges that guide the rule of overviews. As in the custom of frequent expedience the howling gale marches forth in isobars to relieve static junctions of infrastrides. Left tethers, right weathers for girl in brollies and sight binoculars. Creatures in shifts that drift the long wood from briar tup and seagull. There are hundreds of car parks from lineoleum brackets and each ton is initially cleaner.
The Christians came to name a conker. It is the tree of the chestnut that ripens nuggets of brown warmth. Of all the statues in the garden, the one that gives shelter from hail, tho it may be struck b lightning is the lung of all minerals = shift +
Conker cake, conkers, conkerers in conkwest of birthdays knock. knock knock huse fair me who enimenimiemo uhohs turning po knock knack paddy wack givadogabone thisoldmancamerollinghome 12345678910 and counting. What are the rules of conkering? bumshoekneedoorhivesticksheavengateimehenorpheoranythingsounding
Davy Wheatcrop wakes up the office by dismantling the alarm. the chattering place tags call it a night and prepare for standby. Unlike the laws of bag puss, the murmuring lines know not of sleep ful interval so they have no torture of conscience. Settled by multi facets the full stomach of one man is measured in density but it carries not the weight of opiate or analogy. For all the personifications in dimension the course of such lines are beyond scurvy disbanded. Green tea and lentils are in saturation of such effacing tones, that trembling leaves jostle for correction. MarsupialaipusraM=threequarters0987’and65underscorefortythrepoundsatslashtwentyoneinchesstarquestionmarkpercentonethird. This is equation EQUATIONOITAUQE with reflection upon Davy.James Frain’s nostrils, Frain’s other nostril and Frain’s. James Frain’s on the plain of sneezes brings with it the wild soliloquy of mustard tension beneath the shade of briars torn by moody tunes at dawn. the all depending narcissi from council hewn pots by the roadside all stem the reasons of awe until the Frain’s plot gets read with continuity and we are put out to safe pasture. With clover trees and humble bees the micron calls the lofty thatch ahoy and considers you with legs acrossed in case of having to hop home on a one manned band wagon toppling blisters for pop stars and the unusual dentures of everlasting baubles. Neighbours by pass the silent gesture of a slammed door inside the pauper home and await signals to receive the milkman’s orange juice with fizzy punch of UHT.
Expectations are all dominions encircling the long fort of wall against castle, of ladders and stairs of whisks and arches of benches and angles that are grown from root clippings. And when uncle muncle dined with four stops of bitter in Cheshire he was less than surprised to bear his conscience without a foreword, just like the common soap phrases because other phrases are of the non curricular sort which nobody pretends to understand. Wish it was in the gargoyle, not having to look askew the multi dotted Areil with a beam changer on horizontal guidance for their kind of forecast. But maybe there’s a space for lunguage and baggage, even if only the notes would be interesting. The wobberley x y z wishes the westerly wib obwebstein in spite of everything.

Remove the dearest most exciting
Never mind goes not in writing
Style sets an inspiration
Furniture with consummation
Have a seat in retreat
Talk aloud to night defeat
Rattle off explanation
Waterloo for school ovation
Constant answer equals question
Decimal is a measure Asian
A to A five point five
Dotted punctuation skive
Doctor says helpful goes
Doctor genome bends to toe
Knowing what to think at night
Patient learns to trust his might

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