long ago

Long ago in London there was much sex. Long ago in England there was much sex. Long ago in Europe there was much sex, there was some in America. Long ago flatres opened leg width and the slobs lounged, different to the vikings. Long ago there was overflow, Guinness filled rivers. Long ago there was tenement, shrouding indiscrepancies. Long ago flux of heave ho was classic, romantic, salaries bore Oxbridge and board games. Long ago music interwove, then there was choice.

Long a go vinyll wa s supplemental. Long ago, the brain caught the train, set up digs. Long ago there were bedrooms everywhere, no need to share. Long ago eating was polite, no matter how by vendor. Long ago swung chariot low, pedal pushed to slide the walk. Even though walking is attractive, it is curious. Long ago it took one to know, mainly generals. Long ago fllies were seen as cables. Long ago, punctuation went for go and the rest harvested during the afternoon.

Many of the labour men were attractive and they were in vited for tea. Long ago that wasn’t me. Long ago potatoes were cheese and jumpers shirts, long ago girls weere perks. Long ago the idiosyncratic took the attic, halt is for immobile.

Long ago the main reason for animal was kingdom, Job had sheep. Long ago there were less things to keep. Long ago the eye looked for the leg, long ago turtles were not red. Long ago the glory halleluliah was the aisle, gradual the supermarket style. Long ago the label was the quirk, hopefully smirk. Long ago dust men had been further than the awning lean. Long ago the world wrapped night certain for less plight. Long ago there were swathes unlit, coals could knit. Long ago search was dim, merrier mores welcomed in. Long ago dial was alone, not ringhing. Long ago single majesty, messenger for land’s end travesty. However the swarm looked the swarm begot. Long ago the clang was fork, fninger eating was chalk. Long ago the heat of pepper filled room.

Long ago breadsticks were crumpets. Long ago belly was the only go. Lard was butter with children fritter, wail women to the clinker. Long ago peace installed the dense paranoia of stone, nobody home. Long ago mood cyclical, poet to less avail. Long ago projection was important, otherwise ipmpotent. Long ago zoo keepers were girl reapers, next valley hill. Long ago the save button was unforgotten, this is true. Long ago bobbles on cardigans. Long ago, spanner imaginings. Long ago, carbuncle and flow, things in the river. Long ago life wsas the giver, not council. Long ago council particle, who belongs. Long ago mud dollops and pongs, things best left.

Long ago design came, periodic to blame. Long ago age discharged with fountain’s hourly barge. Long ago, design rescued the similitude of nodding off. Long ago beauty caught caough, long ago tiger meant wrath. Long ago the jungle was for slash and burn, such greenery. Long ago the french did it, they veneered the doublet. Long ago the french went dainty, tight as fainty. Long ago the film slipped, millimetre broadcast spit. Long ago the art of projection altered near detection. Long ago the radio noised up, there was help at hand, sip with a cup. Long ago the wisest got swept away, there were better revolutions. In most cases this was true, how about submarine.

Long ago the life set up, twetnty years more than a tup. Long ago car was a lamb, long ago ham was spam. Long ago brown was tea, milk for Heidi in the country. Long ago lady low, men wore hats for obverthrow. Long ago talk was speak, learn the lines a life to keep. Jack sprat says Jack sprat, his aname. Long ago the path to perk was adulterous fame, only to avoid it. Long ago lasting out was more sinceere than longest shout. Long ago the bread van looked like snack. Long ago parents in the know, long ago custard and bananas.

Long ago performance meant pajamas, look at those. Long ago shorts meant Bahamas. Long ago the tickle was choke, long ago threat was yoke. Long ago the most inspipid person was cause for coercion under the quilting. Long ago news broke out, get out of bed, moon less read. Long ago moon meant meet, quiet night treat. Long ago key was store, there goes winter, home is floor. Long ago cat was caper, getting up to smaller charter. What’s the mischief.

Long ago strung guitar, twang the answer send it blah. Long ago the people strode, passport to the time and mode. Long ago the bletherers joined in and the smotherers made skin. This is true. Long ago for the onset.

Great thinkers crash nouns, mean explosions. Great failures do the same. Great countries wear blinkers, there is podium. There are films about secret strives, blessed and ethereal, town planners are remarkable casting space. There are heraldry for tenure, better to live the day. When story given has taken its wyay the Capulet holds handsome.

Here points obvious great. There points obvious late. Now the word for too. Dust is overdue. Great settlements involve planning, human kind myriad manning them. Although freedom is vice for lice, dinner price.

Cut nails on Tuesday, darn Wednesday, that’s paper say the lemons yeah. Rubbish is Thursday Sunday, pattern Friday Monday. Wahishing Monday tiggy winkle, cooking Monday by the issinkle do. Although seasons are greetings cards, none are new. Aisle slots that, always revolving, leave the strays to problem solving. Leaves fall off and worms pull, fascinating duel.

When the sad bad lad has gone mad he croaks space.
Inter stellar faction sets satellite pace, the reunion. When marsians land in copse woods, everywhere to hide. Poet shouts tannoy, clearest envoy. Holy won’t answer intrusion, it can refuse. Opinion to manner is likely fuse. Extent of apparent is marching and valiant, what do the stobs do. Justify paragraph!

Long ago kindergarten, garden. Long ago, security mortality. Long ago lesson to vitality. Long ago confession versatility. No entry on flu, go away shoo.

Keyboard ha ha drops the baby overboard, ha ha. Thud goes time and the field is there. Long ago over there was afternoon walk, long ago distraction filled sky talk, fly geese. Paul Jones goes circuit to the room, one down ten to go. Paul Jones can stop to the music of time, baby vine. There could be more hope in the room if Cinderella drew. Long ago dust swept, it sucks. Long ago brass polished, paper cups. Long ago duraglit show. Long ago up stairs, lift extension for repairs. Repairs live in the town, sliiding pneumatic. Blast the sprout and potato, raw coffee overweight. Drop is pants to Cinder’s ants, hte whole world saw. When arms have use to hug, shrug robot. The need became such that letft out of touch, away with it. Lun n Poly sends lolly to recuperate, twenty year spate and the Costa Brava is insaatiate. The entire region of continent swathe is muddled in with million rave, get over it.

Drop the baby from the grate, hearth of arms to hold late. Drop the phone, and hte line, dorop remorse with bounty vine. There are far more opportunities on stage. Persecution begins with harrassment, no intention with basement, just opportune for looking in. Wouldn’t it be nice to drop by to drop limb. When the arch duke is omnipresent, big mistake is only levitant. Word invents it and with slang, level best is read Kerrang. When Bathgate and Bishopsgate change lanes, cusiohions earn tidy gains. The baby did thud, thre’ere’s no doubt, what’s the story getting out. The baby was cold, mould, sold, better down there, told. The baby was largely unaware, ground is harder with care.

When explanation is evaluation, years go by. Getaway movies live to try, there’s something twinkle lost the eye.1

Radio 4 Avast revolution Alit and Fatima, Caliph of Mansur, long run shi ism. Zoro astrian revolts, but avasts tolerated though muslim enforce dress codes. Abassids in fact perceived as ruling elite, Omiahs rose with Abassids , non muslims had to pay tax. islam dominate territory more than conversion. Islam agree pay tax not pay arms. Abassids arabic speaking nation, pop gradually shift to Islam through pull not push. Huge empire to keep together with garrisons, Cairo then Fustate but governors hoped for investiture from Caliphs. Golden Age of Islam baghdad and Basra, cultural rev war with China that brought paper. Poets best pai dand most respected. Praise for rulers, hunting, wine, discriminating salons and kings, singers, paper appears at border in 751 capture paper makers possibly. Replace parchment and akins. Neo platinists. ABasra as important as Baghdad. Bedouin custodians of Arabic language, totally oral cultural. Abu Nouess the poet. Hareme significance, abasids developed enclosed female court, parallels and hierarchy same with women and men who only me t the caliph. Queen mothers come in 800 very rich and cultivated, own accountants. Harem cross politics to string revenue connections. Harajites thought anyone ould become leader, democratic. Communists and anarchists too. 900 independent muslim dynsasty not aprt of caliph fate. 2 sons began civil war Mahmoun result in death of Amoun. Arab and wetstern supporters of Armene, damage Baghdad. .5m people.zero point. Turkish slave soldiers and mercenaries, slaves likely to be more loyal superior fighters. Central Asian steppe pushing frontier. Hugh Candy and Robert Owen and Melvyn Bragg some woman. Militias of cudgeol men, caliph not go on jihad enough, Turkish slvaves and pop fight in streets, Abassids move out establish capital in Sumara, out of frying pan into fire. Caliph then vulnerable to mamluks, slaves give not take orders. Caliphs captives in palaces, garrison capitals, guards intent on payment. 950 Abiassids relieved of poewer by lineage of warlords by Caspian sea, restore order, established as protectors of Caliphs, who were Shis. Abasids Amira Benison. Next week Chaucer. 925.

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