Keep fit

It ‘sortin autumn . Oh but we want the pie. Plead M to rain where nit comes in. Our yew key pin. It was an ugly way to be quiet. The sand kept o’ fer the summit and grew. Doubt for the forest repair. There was no need to panic at the forecast for James Dean. She may not go, but she won’t be here. The muddle subtracted failure and began to beat. Ouch goes subtraction, serendipity sleet. The hunt was to begin with a ruby haired fortune. Midas at the clutch of Roman auction. Straight way fine, to delete the syndicate of book allowance. Force the hand of candour to replete. Ooh I’m picking up the plaster. There was a disgusting note for sticky fingers. Loose the receptacle for cheers. I’m a sedentary bird with webbed ears and my camera is a lump of. The grounds men blinked at their sheds and marked up the spades. Goose fowls the red brays. Inclined, Ming lined. Boos fallow the raid and by order the gusset barn. Leave semolina lemon alone. Get barrow the over boat. One back look to like the knack and crumb, ripperty shack. A man stood in his doorway, his former fiancé . Soldier curled the radio nerd; all were sudden rooming. Then coffin ahem even the stallion. One bursary towards the husk. Claw pretty season till dusk
I am fat
The dress won’t change that
My youth is powered to fritter the lobby. Come letter and slobby. I am green. Then daily as much as bean. Good crumbs my aunts have clones. Obsess the structure with broken homes. Busy dowels over vowels. Carp the gull my Langham. Robotroids the closures, doors a noise, bent particulars. Forget not the water hot. Some stones forgive my high. Medusa. Thou art a head. Python fix the quota and lead the squeeze. Ouch who rescue, common deed. A but in all potato and bereaved. The hucks, the socks and licks. The top beginner sense of mix. A foot clasp a boot in lead. The gram, the phone, a barter open tone.
My son is a sentry
Don’t choose that
Bat off again . Fagin home. Woman after worship. That chicken that foam. Not the tarn. Decided as do Lady Cribbins. Then cribbage manage a sect. Chew all the cotton and glue
But I am to retort. A close escape. But constant bar my load. Cape. Then found a scrit the yacht. Be not fought, a hundred rot. Gloom at the heirs days. am personable the country haze. Opiates my sons. Sands another goes adrift. Command boo fit the pot and croak. My male my let me cross. An orange, a Haliborange. The sand upon a moron sermon. A good reform but nope. Set by all . Charge as habit. Oblique, guess to surmise. Petty yet the snivel. Desire to know; all wide at dough. Duck do greet thy gaze. Win in bed but no. Win out in bed but Yo. But win but glow. Be goddessy and ache . to turn round and bully.
Affair then fix departure. Marry good summons the jury. At the Liberty at the limit. Make a grade in broomy. Jump away after math. Half comb half a wreath. Feign the limit of Kevin. Swayze form the chord. A delect ur bill Kermit. Pie top the match. Sheriff starch. Rum skid the pseud and be. Don’t know what a pin numb berrys. Kneel at anger. Please gloat the room. Explain to hedonism. My how the yuck swell. Oh vibrant dare. Play suggestive wheeze. Sick tit the clutter knit. Two to fifteen seconds. On said on lay. Hang a squillion earl. My cat bay. Mike sat. The endless merry. Done about wake and gun
Annie pop it in

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