Blue Mischief

With my banner. Constrain the hour. A face that does. I am the time. Little noise. Chic. Should the charge be points. Against decimal crews. There are three layers. Seven becomes eight. And nine but none. Advancing counts. Five against five. The mid side. Foot the split. Playing whose dive. My friends at sea. Nelson’ Sadmiral. Have you got onions. No but I have shallots. Denying vegetables for variants. Spinach won’t do. Just have carrots. Long lense kaleidoscope behind the port. String gin for cottoning. The hide of jolly quotes. All aboard crisps, sultan vinegar. Why no birds after the spend. Gammon side to phone a trend. It is apparent that a course has been ground. Available to the Wong bird. Travel dodger from seams. Coast flighter empty dreams. As dunce to the pitch of gait. Treasure pads from chips. Copy to paste. Such tools from vous. To honour stitch. Thorns promise bride. Regardless.

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Weane imposters; all of us but you; my other staff are my legs; fingers but tent pegs. Goodbye to the stream; blood bathes withi ; I am tissue glues the word. Every sad day about dens; scan for croutons, the abyss is shallow; seal the hit. What you are won’t fit port; bobbing to tread. At last is highly seized, so all the long the long command rum.

Sock says touch my finger touch your nose. She is employed. No head but my waste; the appointment wheelie. Dazzle Christ with glitter in show; be half caste. Tell me; why can’t you find Napoleon’s stool. Sheep dips in the pen. Cowardice for shootqi g. There is a volume; mean about rooks and crows; peace of the basket case. Long body in Venetia; centuries of wood in boots; the flower cleaves to crime sequels; grams of pollen settled to attract bees; fault brush the head of it. There is no doom in time; bless the reasons; quotes in flame the bold; they conquer on discernment; then snatched; cut my lawns. Breeze stock the pavement; grid the pen of peril shine; that look that flea the rumpus daily. Argue with a cleaner to cook the bins; score funds; plans disused to find the heap; claim ranks. Some neatened to cost last; onward to groundsmen with mowers and hoes. Queues nettle to nerves and Ives; how the birds. Athe. Don’t say where the stool was; it went away; got cottoned onto bugs becAuse it was a hot day. More lettuce the moral greens; crops distribute. Pasta towers. Supple masters; melt down the hard cheese; nine o’clock the golden rule. Bleed the vice with blocks of ice; Microsoft the frisk. Am the widow am the gay; less about priest, the scatter say. For all one thing at hand to do to shake deaf hopes.

Scratch under the b. Product offerance. What have you done those that won, gone. Thus staying wholly undertone; reminiscent as fuel to distance; sanction the calm; command join and host antipathy. Speed young Horace pet and chose the bag; strap igmony for pit bellies. My darling Charles I have lived here under craft; vessel whisper oh yes but I remember. Bin Laden came to stay. I’ve got creepy shoes, then rant that no one salad ter live here, the mayor had to move as well as the priest and if anyone shies I’ll be there. Amids the night of picnic smoke, a terrible babe about the party route; they didn’t invite; me excite and they aren’t meant to be here. And the one answering to clones; aisles for invitation moans; she that did prevent is not spent and the Elies. Taunt apparent spot the didohs; it was all. Wears the glove for push in love shove; spider only tip toes. Angry views about the house; whaling in the museum. We have this tat for that crimes when ends make pick rights; the blues and the bower all sit bites; leave my throne to me. Zebedy doors the entry; fizzing skins. Mettle praise the deans but by what parts; officiate punch and verve with games to clue the.

When will I speak and on what day. The silences of mind toupe. Menu of the sho. Constance meals of love and hate; bitter against the souvenir; what bait? But of course the indelible vowels; whirred by plight the settle goals. All should move; best disguise the right. Hither fingers to accept the kit. Any form despised or amused; fodder to shudder from one to another. There from the training camps; banana fritter; the rule grind the nose ahead only one grey fool personal steal, the ambience of any vet. Was it the round heads who wrote the spots, and were the plants empty of plots; did they just charge and were there any tusks for notes. Any settlement leads the lost; as bound to pick a carcass go; topping the fit to selling with the crate; multiples of success, with obsolete plans of overgrown marriages and trials of exotic goats; lending pens to strangers in return for milk at breakfast, what becoming the grid; a moley coaster; flattened holes to vast persuasion; any trinket yonder deep; but that the child within; let me see; violent twos. And the crowds; heckling moos. One draft one freeze; report the ill trance that comes again the coat hath borne out; as learned to quick the remedy. Slang to grift emotive tough; could the glory chorus from one to one. And to one and all; all mirrors divisible. Sock the carp to carp ghost; holy pies to far seas; Pacific Atlantic continent; land to land in voice; once bet that the shares are laws of taste but surprised in love, never eased. And though unpopular flaunt; one gymn with re convention; watch fan at the half mast; kid crews attend on fathers; then muscle; then noun; naturalised the hunger. Then by what gain begin again; except the trial; each vision starched and by the crisp as good as well. She sings painfully in doing well; let that hide.

Every Harold applied to the code of what; look that up; it may boomerang. Dumb found the after dinner; some form of grill to shiver. My hoods cold so I shall put it up. The pack shuffles as were the maxed. They were all gifted to feed the outrage; and by splits and ton sequences; only chain reactions; nothing sought but home pies for. Relay blend of one love; rejected clutch the clam; nice to see spam; aboard afoot, my kitchen I love you on my head the top of my town; in fact a foot away from standing up. Maybe the grass is pointingI am blown imaginary bean on toast at birthday Christmas; spoiled to be delivered; each thought made on several heads; this port this fine; in as much beneath a quant.

She wanted me to make seks shilly satisfied noises so she wedged the cotton wool she had and died as Apple on her throat and a dive under her chin. I vaguely remember nothing except that she had turned out very calm and cheery in the end. Apologising only makes things worse I do I don’t confess to time shackle cheese. SCSI spinal chord. Don’t be afraid of the pseud to occur, fall out the spring; all serve; all due; game sets grand any stand 15 15 the else’s land. Be not hung to expect more; but the feud to live a little more. Percy feet the consequence of clown; screams wimps and jelly beans, the Solent of given up. One wto error for terror in clouds of steam. Pu the bet on; starving. Hostage am but army; streams towards streams; bound to converge on sustainance, but handed round; isolated thicket of out Stan; envelope from pearly gen, empty tout the rum, rummage; raise the charge; all hyphenated; bidding fraction, selves at auction; one hit deed on broods; mush of the chicken spect. My, my, flullerby and the rage is pet; pit. One gouge to tend feign, love is bad is lamb the same; one thing to quarter brain; though by snare the harl edge; oh bullet me for a for; bone the pledge deepest bore; leng then lane; all vow all dame; pr, far same; banned allowance, claws reels gunned awake; pre fact the board claim; advance on post, slandreadream; groove bowl bond on bond aim; harm owns drift, boat nod the endless gift; as yet wasted, plain hour drummed ahead, dyes builder from soak old; the penny less fade; banshee lost as by dim route, un encumbered bread; then but ports; whoop health; nice; score prates with itchy courts; how I did without boo lit. Chick aga Fargo; blank seed; roulette; back; not back; summoned; shied. Any will any ride; welding clues to lo, lo,louvre; study shade shape; supplement quake; all theirs left; face left ass tach; emblem brov to rove and survey; doom okay but the thin thing that gets away; fate fats tuned, toned and trend as dance the bold expirt; sunny tin, mad for dyson; made suck. Thus pace, fuss lace; another X session; no longer disused, you said er. Therefore gunned; grammed; floom feta the goat hound, yum, vented; next room.

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Hoower these people and where go, apparent is Mr poy row; the sass and the blow; some competence to rail; some drains to lead; purely vertigo; all systems greed without want; designed as anoint; some jealous patch about. The rest; snout and bizarre, though bizarre scant; inhibited by jest to laugh, free that by blood, brie, vapours of taste, somnambulance grace; as consumed to consume and be more; the feast. But by command distend for the semblance of kit is wendi; all bollocks too pen duel; private but by that snitch; as the grade back hearts, hearts bitch. This code for ever slowed; conflict post them. And for labs and executives; borrowed; as of learn fine kettles; shine; hobble self, a myriad line; exactly what never did, except. This moan ad ex elect; primed; green; roast; all curtains rome; fine canapés,bates, the round beans of blend and teddy. But yet the frisk; lowly ache; some chance fizz; some fake. The reserve me your glove, I have personal flue; one hit through, that every man could;

Halfway to pee your turn to stay. There isn’t an exception to you whoever you are. For my goal is debatable; yonder star. That I should rest applauded; good as a bitch requested; shut. And my body is to brew; that decided I am. Which way spent the sand; I have timed. The calciums. Love is disposed for a sense of history; reputation; none of the sorts were caught or primed; as would the penitentiary; only wild shined, the rest bursary; generalised to self adversity; inclined to reawake; oh yes and oh might; potential U Hugo; Mercury spanned, the muddle. Concerns to have concerns, lightly; let the oar be wet in foreign; but hold but plied; as in the use; piled. So meer go meekly; craned to personality; as sore mood furrowed weekly; less the bover hour; indiscreetly; as hoard on its own, marrowing bone; what of my doom; the sum. By less politic, fuck; apathy; fuck; tone in the head, dude. Reserve by another season; on the wind; none signed. But liven the market to turn around; spawned to graze; but sliced; disembodied to hiss; rules raid the license; your fist the mammal maze; finger leg swift with furry bits. Interims of lance, suiting hunger to love custard; lets romance mustard; all entertaining flustered, since wire should the dove; jettison haunts, as a shove. Comeby but meekly; with the stake and gain half; yet to fight and bawl; yet to ignite recall. Mangoball; pear’s charity; the gloom in certain rapture; reserved as prey to light the fire; pits of antiperspirant.

Steps down to the boiler room; down the steps of annoyance; background Jazz in wait for the puff; roll down the crocodile turn; jaws fixtures to opn; stay back to grid the deviance; shutters they were all. Prisoner commence; act though. Can edition; prescribe them blond adventure something dismal sugar miles, one spout. Man isolated to trawl; cake; dive the privet. Can I have. Look good; look bored; the grass rout of discount; to the spot rooted. A pea que are beware; despair under. come out cat for an hour in the weather, but go, cat, tartan clue. Any face any mile; as hot at rust; wet gates, felt hats; countenance fats; as lips to laps; the reader covers; message removed from idle bothers; hitched at comet; light years on black seas. But swan but brothers; managed cheese; distance feeds liner fairway. There publican glam the rock stud; penny farthing soap sud; be bland foretold the hard way; acid roast for Sunday; by clover greenery. But snored the doom say; as by country; WW dot from Tuesday. Wicked but doctor’s lot; chance for punter pouts; what liked what got; kind of smooth; calcular move; trouble for double crows; family muse that entrance seems; as if by age, age dreams; the plot please, please grows. And at last the Bears pose; goldilocks managers; forty fives for baby rose; and by clues, harmless ends.

And debt to tunnels and bends; culture friends and comatose; as by warble, a rat; as picture, spat. All dreams all woes, piste the blues; skidding extent the mill flues; ass nots not seas, the escapade puns dictated pores; for events deceased the brood whease; where are my gems; come by the cordial turns; dips to alter groom burns; as by terror error breeze; the last days of whipper, Bellamy plods. Resort of garden, garden odds; by the dig the grog; fiscal tunes for halting stallions; tease only test; corpse prick; the manner move to death’so wick; cope the perk; starred. Instead for use, yew tick; so set the offender make mender.

The doubt, doubt strick; positive order bogey pick. Make arrest, make peace; word swane to perform; cast the jewel inset. Make do make mourn it wasn’t was; what is the word. And filled cold, that fake grieve; gobble the years to miss it on Turkey; bruised years roused gears; mechanised murl in me; tougher the tough with boo hiss strife; make light of queer room; but commanded queer fume; spam the harm; face tin; eat beans from price; cover the form. The I know tune to sigh set. The one like Dynasty form; instead; instead; that star forgive me yawn; play the creed; go simply need; as by fuse reset. Exactly from greed that a tape should russet; outlawed; too bad to be good; as tales from elastic bands; severends, sever spans; that cloudy flowers. Extensions paned the facing windows; measure seamed as an advance; potted wind potted hole; great halls and sequel stills; that wrath floats as limby trills; domestic article strap; water the roles. All blind all kills; glower the weak in ignorance nills; un blamed; untold; free. Smashing punch the flea; tally to sympathise; behind belief, then managerial brief; insulting the prevalence of care; enquiry for Harvey.

I love your big nose
Whoever you are
It might belong to me
One day
Just like your furry teddy
I know it fell off
With the spectacles
And uncle Jim put it on
In front of the station
Because of the sun
In the coming grain
My rainbow of you
Is Richard of York
You are schizophrenic
I have Alzheimer’s
Referred pain

But I don’t like funerals. I am a funeral. There was courtship all over the floor; trails of mud. And the radio played Cymbeline. And what of Hercule? Common flu. No account t then; phew.

East the quarter! Eat the quarter! She watches the she as she does. It’s the session about hiccups. Itchy nose. There’s giggling afterwards, but not all the time. A polymath over the page. That’s me. Is he? The bus veers. That’s the bit after the stop. They’ve just been picked up. I know how to make a desert island, she thinks. That’s me. It’s only ten years. What? Alzheimer’s. It seems to be working. What? Not eating the relatives. One sip wine has to detox. Where are we? The bus veers. It’s a quarter past five. The Friday afterwards. I lie cold men. Frowns. The symptoms are coming back. Stiff elbows. I want to go riding. Does he. Might do Norris. Sent him a lavender plant. Sorry; my knees. Isn’t a hypothesis. Just. He complains. Don’t you agree with me. Don’t want a complicated doctor. Harold Shipman. Good name. On behalf of those that know. Let me out. Trouble reading this, NATO update. Who’s he. He’s bad. Gone to lunch. Distort a truth; malevolent purpose.

Various hoodies spun about the brown girl; the bum in the ring; adamant rule as a counterfeit school; lend me plaster patchy picker. Prom the horror not so wrong, the stool, the sun, always the pre pun, dyslexic for a re run despite the sheet and pick of it; yet all hail damson gin. Home aid product of confusion from discerning. Who laid the stone? Kirk on kirks moan; how the Jacobites shone; any neon then calm, replete after jabber Woking. Passed over deceit with Haydn. Very willing. Very willing very chilling, the box of applause; construed amid the diamond laws; what of peace to wizards boast; the vanishing owe the van fish; stream for a gal to blurt up the blast; trumpeter the itchy eye; yay round the mountain when she. Some kind of involvement by some gruesome remedy stitch the callous try. There goes Mr big pre fuse. Story collection round the plate, pocket mention; condoned for a constant pie; wound likes Popeye. So glow the after show, direct adorned with bows; maybe Cupid knows and will reflect; PTO.

More than once upon a time. For it was to be a best seller. There was a sprain. It was indigo and yellow as a beautiful day attends the flower that everything was alright except sweet that sour the inflated balloon had no more zoom.
Plop. Went the stone marathone tune was handed round gentle distortions against cruelty, such as had become the terrifying conundrum. Enter Malvolio, helper shelter. Clapped off by criss cross socks politely, evidence squarely. Oh, misfortune dim the lights. Nice and winky. Tragic in magic skills. Meningitis. Power to awkward summit; two plus fours. Special dentures once rehearsed fall about the padding pool. She’s good isn’t she she is thorn I my wool I am cloned listening to respond. Behold. Criminal doorway fresh as a baby the good books of bond, serial feely suspend orders found, go in peace, no one sit down, it was Sunday. So no one could wash. Or get up early. The inference of Marley. Bobs her uncle. Surely. Enter the vice maidens. Making cheese smiles. Discoverable lies eyes. Don’t mind clues. Thirst; match dues. Due to be signs. Oestrogen. Plucked curls. Though most remove. Lines. I love you million times. Don’t send me out court. Direct my prayers. To sodas reach. Compares. Aslam. Leopard in lamb roast. What of Yoric. Any mph of miles per hour. In the mind hell and Bacchus. VineyardbYoric. Jelly brains. Meek. Don’t stop, seem until sold. Frequent faith may buy me. Another huff. Gone to Greenland. Salad niche. No meat. No ties earls. Sandwich the Dharon invention. Tools. Coals. Stoke on Trent. Poise. Un remembered knees. Implosions cost with no apologies. The rumour. Um ah. Move away. Know cannot. Canute buried under boils. Raspberries. Syncopations. Rules. Then tether the diamond. Just like Granny. A pirate. My house your house. Flowery. Go to wine; simper. Behalf mood; older. Right under cover. Dismayed. Amused. Rub it out further. Stay in tact. Premadonna perfect pact. Sunshine quarter owe the chills; moisture. Batty breath. Persuasive. Tell a swear it is. Quote. Three ninety nine. Wrote. Counter the costume. Sublime freedom. Everlasting tan. Achieved when courage bent staff.

Sang yer sang; bile boast. Wound excited; pearl jam. Loner invited the frail. Ours. Dust on the sea. Pick on me she. And she, she a he. Tag I bury my loaf. Praise then eat, continental punnet. Father on father. New day. I am not trusted with writ, for each is my case; self assembly strained, never to fight the priest. Use the attendance; convert the fleece; prejudice thou wast immune. Yet lo, for a method vacuum, two feasts for tyranny, one disbanded infamy. As yet I am conspired; deluded, a most horrible stricture endured; fallacy mild as a fish, reserve mine the chase. Here I bloom, proud, defiled, nastier. Ho waver tuned, sat. And it was next. Ermine two, tall. Might shift, call. For without these spirits here is no memory. Ho glorious waste; passport weaves my band; abuse thaw misuse, MUsT.

Tame notoriety howled; less crack smiled. Every nine eleven, child; one form to haunt; applaud the taunt; memo unsafe. My righteous hand is full for a waif, yet none yet roam, expeditions my race; slot solemn as mine as cold. Semi pleasures scrub included. Nothing but this instead of sin; riddle precluded fact; I am not in. Angered gauntlet sung, melons. Lover up inspired go learn. I know my birthright! Cower, craze, hatch; plan for curl spam; a scythe, a risk, until as pearl as plain stitch. Active chord; a sheet pry as a cloud; some law teach; it just links, creaks. The bed rot by instance got; goat. Another pause around; not one sound. One multitude, bleed a refund; dare. Some headache to sound; back fetch; complaint aboard ground; include. Silence should, hatter yatter. The whiles, the sours, the makes. Cover up the drops, love heart water. It was hymn and hymn 300 but to cheat and hit; stare with blind eyes; think, prop, smote. Yon soft, yon gymn; a stile; fix a graph, revile. Lifted to fight at terms; strange ways on goods bruised; boiled; yet not as not sowed.

It can measure, it can wake; my clan as disgusted as frequented can. It’s my stares at the names, the do its, the woods, any soap lay the difficult task. Catch coke, fast. Good woman the basque of crying; I am to be dead; deliver. And from the shower a wick; report aught, remote; go live with bubble, squeak. Leave detection to take it. Yet by morse defection, as of by love, denial; rave; no thing o. Lie but liver; then by a master this doubt this way, at least keeps back water. Terribly proud town to win. Dash dot dash, no power but wane; chasing on; troubled flaw, delicious waste, a food no sound from greed; misconstrued. Emotive to deed; sound and rescue; the pitch of sway the p for double you. As assaulted, marred, displayed; my rent; the disaster. Implored copy host the order; green rude all round a coaster; up and down; personal, not notion; the crux; everybody as such. Base establish bash; conjoined wits. As a speaker, as a crash, the parliament quiche; Merlot cogs, story sex; ever so close, the whizzing sledge, salt solution, lake, one tune, one force. A deaf girl wild but keen; enraptured by death not to seem. Crowded quartz; a resemblance; what’s. And sometimes leads; self opinionated checks; the stoats; any loves; castrated hearts; wrong balls. Confused by conquest, rancid ransomes; holes; neither golf; quips. Smells blood; brood; quite likes to search; spits. Does not really know dead right. Vendetta relenter, oh alright, alternative negative. Wick bastard. Horse a lamp. Charged to uphold the enlightenment. Abolish slavery as the example; forge ahead in one place. Tarred to toll for lady shares; grand gloves too shy; vapid proof read dimly; one of those earls. Better with tremors than veins; slut lanes; passion bored to be ill at all; ever ready pretence; slick sly the milk round; dog to shepherd dog. Evade to hang the stand up; brave the man bold. Another Marple, Mrarple fed; convert to solver or be a muse. Ever hurt, ever cold, something hypotenuse. Then to promote the bends; after sum, sum’s friends. The interim of

Fred west went to heaven and became a janitor to an apple tree. Rosemary west was the apple tree. There were lovely ducklings. All the normal people were encouraged. Trouble time was justified. Morals of the story. All the people that sounded. Maybe names may be keys. Living though was tested. Another King Arthur. The real one only lived once. The future infested. Try hards; dudes; work tops. There had been only one life. Not dead enough to be rescued. To be or not to be. Now that I have. Made a black pudding. Sanitary towel. Bug by grit a Hamlet omelette; of course as everybody invited is. Really you’re so and so’s friend; there you are. A line with Constance Puce; a form filled; name; killed; address, drilled; there shall be a holiday. Everyone else relieved; the sequel interest; walk on; jerk for a jerk; mistrust cheesed; match patter the autograph; first and last. Do you know yo o e; the funny thing is. All about the siren; madness outside. And yet heat; self protracted feat; sauce in the silence of pride is perfect; altogether shame. For what good truce comes appalled; the empathy pledge; dug about enthralled; wired but stalled; self evidence to use; a treasure. One ply genie; goose plates; spread early breakfast; plant trees. Tell goose plant trees; trees for saws; waves. The sling of multiple choice; accuse. Know facts used;primed and of themselves defined, as of the.

Listen stowed, learn timed; as of foes. Afforded once, and yet by debt conformed, resolved to warn. Sight, site. Big Ben. Considered of God, hopeful to waste; amuse, peruse, ease the waste. The rich with half a fortune, lapped across shoulders, standing broadly. And what of bile, fizzing cheerily; tonic mood, tonic don, the rest appliance; me the invoice. All Mrs to moo the White stuff; supernatural, healthy silk, cocoons to sigh the Yellow River. Vast, empty, bleak, the guess of the weak; no forms, no shears, except led; as mothered. Herod. What plans invisible sisters; besides to all equation; free fall all bins or tanks; aside whims; aside seeds; lay off the purge, blather freeze. Giotto a crypt equipped to walk; more semblance greased the pepper port. Then according to talent, worth a visit. No bribe face; pause how dull. Then of bones befall; tales tsll or Ethel burger; wasn’t she choice before the illness. A clause to all wares; a force, light of light with earthly tones. Then spires, then urns. Zones; how magnate got flu; how then you. Dream in voice; young flame; blinky. Cherries for years from Spain. Retired pots; eased up with jam packs and bumpy rides. Callous mystery to chemistry; stick to repel epiphany; cure. The deal endure. Earlier to lies flaunt; as procured a stalker potted. As by gods as by loads; astounded.

How are the precious fettles. All fine. Worry on. Pound sign. Passport to do anything West; even better glitter; he’s alive; well dos Fred for that matter. Extremity survive; compound to innocence depraved; as sparkle as the nominee; stand back. Sorry the Sony legend; pram of annoyance; empty shade. May I think on you, don’t quote me. Alas a band with shackles, addictions to skittles. Fine but for the state. Crystal but incarnate. Third word dyes. Up yours, prized. Again the odds. Open spooks. Creepy fallouts. Where. Heart plus heart is already watched. How dare blond mince learn to mime. The shock of slit. Yup for a part. Playing hogs. Tips from spikes. Ends with Eden brylls. Advance to scare. Oh virility the loop. Then amongst thieves patrols. All room for rows. Bobby jumpers, sores. As the life of injury. The rest, ah the best. Take care upon the ward; dismay set store by indecency. And give through nonchalance. Mild tones of reproof. As daggers as g pop the creaks; claws swill the cat bowl; praise. As a monster, steak braised. Lippy lines returns capital. And Rome and Jew. And Romeda Who. The lair tho hoe, performance go. All sets of union. Boring rigid; as. Restrained as starch the colourful plaster. A screen a ditch, an owl, a stitch. Some baggage from chore; delightful score. And but the distance, core. Be diseguised and amused, as, not for; entrails return the theme; resign. Then a job then a grade; mist. I am not French yea Siam; no in deed what sham; dive a dual go and forebear. The use, the shortbread; puce haggis; a paunch, a locket, half a grouse. The mean Mexican wave; out in a group; starter platter troop; a scrape to fit, then bawl what word, exceptions unheard; bright hot. The fit, the quote, the ream to enquire, a ballad, a team, a sure fire. The band, the spade, dress peat, spongiforms gloat. The good all good; ignored; bad, sad and hard to grow. I do quite fancy my hands; strange thumb; half way to boxy moron. Encourage the barrage for what wop; nurture the same route; for what elder what shot; a spasm. This is my reason; redress; as of the split from here to Paris; yet to acquire the hoard; a bullion go after – shout. Quick senate. Lane, lean, vine stone, bemused. And sickness seeds disappoint ment spam of underdressing spam; a quilt without a boat; a horrible fork. Then prade upon the axis lesson; as to others bidden to fix; hooray for a gripe, a parent pick. Just for a bottle, a glove. Five gallons petrol tears; a trip to the; totally. Red dress, attack the slinky hay; poor cootch a fallowing yellow. Then buttercup spa; a bridge lawn; the upturned face the dribble wore. Expiry general confuse land. For in our earthy rewind. claw. She is nothing. She is like me. Why do I want carbohydrates. Ascent about tools; comatose; jokes by riches juxtapose. And on whom; laugh; place; the pronoun phone; exact or retardant; subject to chase round. As if anyone could distinguish compliance to carrot juice, and everyone swore. Table dog, broom, sure; the rest by Mercury. Swivel thanks; dozen rants; bloom fume party heir; a flaw a way to call; pricks endured. Carrot an acorn. Carry me there oh to see; I sit among a daffodil. Trumpet for a caper; short distemper, resolving odds of how to come to. Reck and be joyful. A ham bun, guess the stomach to know goes in it. Weigh that, it does accept pounds and pass through the squidgy sounds. There is an odious note at the end; relief that goes with duty; friends.

Arguably someone else got my feelings; being found. Temptation left to bowls and second helpings, nutmeg ground. Genitals incorporated body unmanned; thus w definitive career, another bound. Glaze on distance toes; bend the will . Dislike of excitement sincere. How to benice; a kindly tear, but all the links are fees; jarred on the save up; briefly red devoted; slants at goings on; the quantity. As removed as born; unidentified

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Say nothing, famously morning, famously evening, rearrange. Then sit, then stand, the hour. Braise oh praise the sea; these. Lack against happiness pays; often by rare chase. Once conch a chunk, tell. Of a feel; sound the alarm. Of God conceal to share dog to be cruel; merry to lead. Then strip. Ack the set down; cook with glaze the sparkle dual, drink yea put to task, sceptre clunk. As in the fond distress; league, as of stolen times to image. Ten years at the steed; watch out sore hat. Advert is the knead, yet ply with eye; they. Gurgle knell the girl tell, raw as a boyfriend seventy she’ll. ascertained prelude, share shock rectitude; exchange semi for toad; another drams relent.

All queens all women, chip the gain for losing; nun on down the bowl; form pool a red dot tow; example me to school. This a blank verse. Pitch at the bottom of love; very grave not skittish welter, run on as a finish. Ghost of a tale, tell tale tit.

We are not your friends said the commentator, for he was employed to manage a family of shrewds. The act was a step away; chain gang the bicycle. Everyone berates me thought the million. Names remained inscribed to brand; recipe all round. Concentrators.

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