Bill & Hilary were interns

The Clintons made apparently easy strides of The Clockwork Orange. One summer fortnight had me as their intern. Being extraordinary has very peculiar hangers on, and fright white brass coats hold the conditional presidential offer. However good your flunkies are there can be unpleasant genetic excellences, in as much as you had nothing to do with your accomplishments. Hilary’s mum was a child live in cleaner, as was I, even if Hilary wasn’t. They said so but I only picked up after the name had been left at the start of the story.

Housemaids and Clintons aren’t fine like any Kennedy placements with aristocratic hiccups. Is there a thorough reflex. Corruption happens among sustained weathers. It could be that Bill went all out randy due to laboritorial spectre work outs under pincer clinchers and bubonic vagaries from pumpet puppet masters when the only logical antidote is to be caught out randomly to a better version of sanity scandal invasion, ere there be a little love to prove.

It only takes white coat presenter cajoling scrutiny to confiscate forum expertise, as if a medium should pout at putty. Choreographed knock backs are for a world of instant assertions, hoarding resilience to bridge gassy suffering in understanding hearing hardships. Resilience would be apology had it made a hold on examination. A fall of expertise has been run down for the control of its determined supply.

Evident idiots hold scrutiny to be an interruption of a wish to considerately command. Enduring to be misunderstood gives rise to the thing that is chased. Derailment of common sense is combative and misogynism prevails with cheating in the lead, ere it too were chased, but with an assistant season, to the very excitement of risk before improvement.

Humanity commonly copes on a flat rate with low expectations without precedent. There are a number of bodily principle exchanges, even by self regard. Ancestral pillaging has made conscience a data motive of conditional reply.

If I can refine my orange banana

You can grow it for me

as a trial run

Written yesterday

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