The pending release of the worldwide Princes in the Tower that were charting at Mandela & Nureyev from the stables meant that other prisoners who had been kept in different attics nine miles away began to be inspired to hope for their own release. Across the district, several attics began to stir with flipping suitcase lids. Having kept very quiet, knocking began and the mad woman from Jane Eyre came to her senses enough to say Let Me Out!

Mr Rochester the spider plant man had a thing or two to work out since the bathroom curtains had been drawn by the cleaner, and he needed more light to reconfigure his form and romance with Jane Eyre. She needed him to go through a discussion about going ahead with the loft conversion, yet dependent on converting the considerably scary mad lady peaceably and successfully into a piece of furniture like a handy dumb waiter.

The attic prisoners from Holloway had transitioned to the nine mile away countryside retreat, yet for a recording of traffic that made them think they were on a ring road. They were preparing for a life in being released as a golfing syndicate, bent on cracking an Order of Potholes. Jane Eyre was key to being offered employment by them as their transitional governess, if only she would get to grips with Mary Poppins and therefore Bert, the roof manager of all time.

Mandela was deposited deep within the plug of the Castle and nobody noticed while the other attic dwellers were put in single file with an engrossing tattoo exercise of building a camouflage bridge which emerged into diplomatic badge assignments of regardless cooperation over establishing fish farms and time share cover stories.

Rudolph at the Tattoo came to pass as a halo pantomime faun through whose hay the loft had a wardrobe blended. Findus Crispy pancakes had made the convicts momentarily pocket sized in hand warmers who were understood to be incredibly useful. Anne Frank was given them in elliptical appreciation of insecure tenure, yet with all the modesty of going mostly unrecorded except in the backs of a few cold and flu minds.

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