Agrarian Gym Span

Cooperation is the Corporation in a progressive sense; brilliant for standardising coordinations of & for expectation with regards to supply, quality and guarantee.

Prehistoric times to complexity and harassment made variations for hazards, lottery chances and rackets. Trades take trust and variance within generations.

EasyJet (a co-invention) isn’t anyone you have to live for long with. A brief association to the thing you need gets you from A to B. Transport is yet for effective and loyal abandonment.

Commonplace confers not to the emphasis of risk in freely sustainable (and therefore variable) markets. Lettuce doesn’t have to grow all year round 24/7 on dried blood.

State leaderships to society routinely make signatures for increasing engine work.

Past infidels could be relied on to explore and return findings to monarchs. Present conferences share to computing, ere monarchs to rebooting. A country is but style in trade.

Over emphasis to economy ‘pon specific bias to power has yet to substantiate freedom in consideration to selection. The reality of expression in the face of collapse does but surrender ideals as reasons, despite spiritual inconsistencies for addictions to slight change and return for partially informative recovery.

I run out of buns when I have crisps.

Whatever seems to be good for everyone is that they can love bacon.

A pig has had 23 piglets a year for so long that pigs per se are actually packing in.

Forgetfulness of the best means that most humans hopelessly miss stupidly kind and funny animals. Pedigree to enduring tough weather cycles means rough stock never used to need sheds but for having thrifty woodlands.

Machinery means tea with Aunty Flo presumes vehicular get in and go, even without formative weeding fitness.

Cotton picking supported slave trades but metropolises today would have health fun in an annual stretch out month to a sunshine go at organic garden-farming.

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