15th February 2012

The clock had fallen short, but the rhythm of blues was open; lilac with down the hurdle; a form of style; fields cross while.

Descent was open sea; some place with a forehead; pat.  there was a strange man in a cloud; he blew wind; lilo.  Fuzzy brink; a relay; the Saturn tryst where boulders crammed and flew grey; became blatancy.  The man in margerine; corrected as thumbs do; presented gulliver pet; what was dove before clone.

Fly slows; window line; buzy brie the knock stock tap of lunacy

Horse put in the mortuary; Fuseli composition; simple hate; no don’t want; dare you.

Oh but the tree spoke

You’re nice; you’re paid; alas, dismayed.  There is no need to grieve; snippet delayed.

Follow the hair in the wood; find a bottle, could.  The stones flew off the left, the trunks creaked.  spinach in weft.

Want to write; confess; want spite; mistress.

Neither the choice for systematic loss; bugle bead.

Mentor plague; swarms of me; tag free to swing.

And in the book; loud at place

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