Annie Two Shoes

By franwords

March 3, 2019

Category: writing

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One day we went to the shoe shop on the corner beside St John’s Kirk where it had a sunken foot measurer with advancing metal plates that had green flash backing lights. It was like This Is Your Life to see the chains on spectacles lady go behind the curtain a few times to find the size. It was decided Anna could go with her, for there was to be a Rod Hull sister act. Only one person returned, apparently as an employee of the shop with the correct sized shoes.

This Thursday I photographed Anna by mistake in Oxford, recognising her only afterwards by looking at her picture. She was probably led away to relative orphan safety due to issues of there being a sniper babysitter. #toughcookiereplacement


The replacement relation happened to be part of a diplomatic move to embrace a Ken Dodd lookalike called Colonel Godaffi (duck) in a vaguely resembling way, apparently with equalising surgery. The girl wouldn’t have known her supposed role, and was put down to being stupid, ere a dangerous intelligence came to be encouraged to be artistic to be saved from political crisees management. The cultivated requirement for discretion was hampered merely by a few usual scenes at the top of the garden around the disused well. Lord of the Flies was hinted at, along with interspersing me to being put down the well with stones thrown down at until I agreed to call the name correctly of the replacement sibling as a rescued exchange of deserving peace to a non respectful counterpart.

In clearance of this, school holidays were staggered so time wasn’t often shared, and much were put about the assertion of there being safety for all concerned, considering the unlikely scheme of grown impositions, when courtesy and sibling status came only to a head in terms of bossy refreshment, ere plucky plans for the day in separate activities, ere disputing shared friend reunion alliances ere character inclination patching over gradually until the more comfortable lead and dozy watcher on. Much made of divorce and inconsequential life choice, ere reconvening by reset if proper pent up hedging ever breached the clever tack around expectation to be the accompaniment to elder status with supplement.

She married a person very remotely slightly hardly unlikely not really like a very long away sort of derivative to Russian not especially adopted through presidential persons keen on tailoring.

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