By franwords

March 24, 2019

Category: writing

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The orgasm to surrender in defending pleasure can be but being required over a part to play mong as many recurring reference to be called for in matters worthy of a statement, ere putting by a dissolvable internship to being looked black in the eye and going all out to be requisitioned in the act of heading into compromised ability, ere being secured remonstrably by enough of a glance to be repeated indefinitely through a large lance, ere a pipe for a dance to go to bed from.

When castle owning Alan Partridge went off to do city work experience, he let me do the house keeping as though to a lifelong childhood friend. It came as no surprise when a group of *cousins arrived for tea, though they kept extending the stay until they threw a party for half the UN, and I was able to return home relieved of the duty. A dance invitation every other holiday continued, and eventually we looked on Alan as a shortage of partridges.

*polite *violent

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