By franwords

July 23, 2019

Category: writing

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A stack of immediate reference can put up with blowing at the time,

Such as grip of the commensurable pen

Write down more ways than one to run up & down on

Sail off seduction to study the normal at Listmas

The past continues to present(er) interest

Saying what you don’t think is due to the time and effort of making it fit in life theatre, and continuity can be expected. Reference by being put among intellectual worth is a chance to sort (yourself) out. A neurotypical device is able to take on giving a lunch. Receipt of messages can (always) be averse to a case in point. Can’t wait till tea time. Thunder is coming with you. Heralding a person of inspiration to have called things within (you) are then put among those already bound to be commodified to respecting approaches formalised already at sketches. Chipping in a personal exhibition can get controls with a pocket notebook for what to draw out when the time comes. Stirring sensitivity to fix on is bricklaying to preparing cement. Time wasting can applicably establish a house to correspondence.

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