HMS Crown Popperty

By franwords

August 31, 2019

Category: writing

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Mummy Jane Eyreing, real name Jess & guess Lenny Reifenstal (so says Dr Prof John Cleese) is usually poisin as a (curtain) & floral seamstress. Peculiarly she still part time runs the show of a bit of a job in marriage expired 20 years ago, though she’s since been a Londoner.

She’s retired but likes to tally a ban or a say in the envisaging committee about the occasional significant appointment of permanent northern staff. Who also operate the country estate (crown estate) by attention to (seance) through revolutionary hell in meatballs.

Yeserday she pade a visit to (my) wireless breeding quarters for she was on vacation a mile away so she left Walkers shortbread fingers through the letterbox of my (post) office. For once she left no accompanying post card of mixing sMall leTTers & capitals. After a standard patience to waiting she could be seen receding after 4 interspersed couple knocks under a waxy hat with the brim up and heather in it.

Not 5 years ago a nice standard Grail secretary lady gave way (died) so uncle & all interest whipped round for anyone matronly, capable of perking drowsy as a whole approach. Would I like the job? Pleasingly the then successful interviewee consulted (me) the feature daughter, and the ex gardener lady & beaded tractor lad there stood. What should significantly be overhauled? A tremor like meeting was crammed of sudden compiling in W6. Put fire alarms in!

All agreed, Kashogi even showed and thereby cracking came on as congratulated and a drug activated obedience substance dissolved & subsided to a submissive order for an immediate bedroom bounce to servicing. It was watched naturally by those around who disinterestedly then made off before the (finish). An Aficionado is made by watching the compound in (un/surprising) dissociative action. Trunk country.

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