Ad Astra

One of my (old) friends Brad Pitt has made the effort of starring in a movie about lunar travel. The missing piece of personal history for (me) is as much to do with NASA equalling Buzz Lighthouse for explaining the peculiar family charade of having a FAN family in order to cover up a family. In the end, you can’t overtly know anyone without making indications of disruption that you might be capable of normal interaction. Every milestone to an obscure program carrying on is that you (share) twisted ambitions to calling the network shots. If you think you want to marry & date your children, the dispute of whether you have any is best left out that by such insinuation (you) (cannot) know them. Outwardly being afraid of Elderflower cordial is a parade of insulting the military effect that (your) life has a national and disapproving elder backstory. Being seen to be anti enthusiastic and keen about (your)self is a favour for a general carrying on, except that the project also opts to self destruct, or at least minimalise the form of living in participation.

People stepping in (even the Krays, Kermit, & the top 40) to help you out are still trying to install empathy in (you) because you only CAN only pay attention to those with star quality.

This review isn’t so much about the Ad Astra film, but I’ve re coordinated the starting point over why all the Ronnie Corbetts have gone and been filled in by polar bears without enough ice to stand up.

Just imagine being surrounded by people who are there to make you *agree that you feel better that your family aren’t already dead. #spittingimage #unmissable


Proof of living is a lie.

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