Husband part JC. (B)

By franwords

October 8, 2019

Category: writing

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Ever being brought to the forgotten self is what John Cleese is, but for getting to stay there. Spectating is often the world overboard to having a hope of being fished out. A trajectory to having a word is but to have made it (work). A name can be honed to its best reliance as a wide base of a triangle into then putting out a (fairy) point. John addresses his mental wife (me) as a dignitary to not having left anything out. Pet peANuT. Holding a public account to having had one opened has a latter consultation that by inspirationally shining, it may have applied to (d) (l) tie. Having the implement (pen) handed to you is to have taken on an all clear round. Wooden passages polished down the middle by frequent treads have but verges of collecting jockeys at their side of the edge. It matts for every(one) to be one person. A sheer affect to requiring guidance is made at a love dismay. If you book to (go) anywhere you may have to be taken away.

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