Between two men on who the mother is may or not involve a third, fo(u)rth or fifth person. A cumbersome thing to watch on is by impermanence a relief. Reinterpretation by a need to see would also come from guilt, (claim stated) having tested over antipathy by going at speed. Had ye waited a lifetime to be in the clear, to the kitchen would be vaguely marching in.

Collection to everything by gradually engaging recurs for the better, ere a readiness to already being (over) fed. Ignoring & not altogether bypassing had contributed non assertively at a direct flatness, ere a switch of instruction would better be (bashed) without irritation, commandment imparted after giving, such as necessity in perpetuity to a (monthly) habit.

What couldn’t old killers do that they had come to be like (and follow) you. A disembodied voice is rumoured to being a celestial source. There you go provides at a distance equal to receipt of optimism. What there could amount to eat had but wished to make an entrance together.

A rightness is a right forever to a rightness of subtraction at what it is (has). Oft, sculptures are impractical, ere perception to cutlery were momentarily passing in for purposely being hid.

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