Passage to & from wanting to know ?whant) love is

By franwords

January 8, 2020

Category: writing

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Pining Ants

Having been dropped onto the Amazon canopy from a plane, it doesn’t feel near enough to what you normally do.

When a head on its side has an open ear to be dropped into for a dozing listenership of catching sleep and being prayed for, it goes with love as for the (reconciled) deep.

Not many present accounts of ants have made a living human a home for a year to the colony.

Wrigdigling within me is felt as a cause as a (age 14) human host, though how can the relay message be moved, when ants hide against the exposed orifice to shared termite senses of externally encumbering approaches.

Multiplying ant numbers means ants have to dispatch themselves intermittently by pealing off due to an all clear, trotting out tribes as small walls of ants, subject on occasion to overcrowding & location, often in the geography block so (everyone) scarpered, yet for the most source mystified.

The premise of an injured toe bone got a booking at the Lister hospital. Pon senses of being surrounded, more ants scarpered imminently in the lift however there were staff in hoover white jumpsuits. Baiting the rest to leave singly & in pairs under bright lights was that they were (told) they had reached the sun due of programmed takeover.

True story Footnote: The style of this story has to be pondered on & translated at sketchy outlay. Commuting to being (in)different can (have been) absolutely different.

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