By franwords

March 7, 2020

Category: writing

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Ignoring by bypassing a situation is not as doctored to be (as) assertive. Place & not a person named. A style to being handled by a (wo)man in charge had accepted at a switch way & multi task. The occasion is to holding an entire life & keeping antipathy in hand. Had ye to wait to be in the clear. To a clear view & mini danger. Why wouldn’t you go marching into a kitchen. Wasn’t bursting for the catcher to hold in.

Briefly listened had moved along & re secured at a catchment. After saying is re endured at which is(n’t) your p(r)o(bl)em. What couldn’t old killers do that they had come strung to be strike alike. A disembodied source has a voice that was rumoured, such as laying decipherable demands to rest. In retreat of optimism were accompanied at giving (to) another foot.

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