What’s it like to havanaffair with (SHitler when he doesn’t exist & neither do you. You went and stayed and then you got ado(l)pted for him to be your dad and walked up the aisle (when you were suddenly rich) but you weren’t handed (on) to (only) Romeo. The sub story, the real story is all the (community) care about. The toy story to any moment in history & time goes by the usual (surface) and the one underneath and the one in reform. Bullying is a culture all on its own and it needs others to join (out/in). There are no rules by (the poppy of) war (which isn’t). To have made (baddie sympathisers) rich with a few business ideas means the do gooders (procedures) need the money back when it can’t be so easily dropped. (Arms) because the amazement of a (really) awful truth inspexpires people to do terribly good & bad things. A (hitlerish) person shuffling around in a rebuild notification is a person with no power but the auditory acuity to (people) paying attention to an invalid government who are no more than fans at the inside information to (goingaheadwith) saving techniques. Shall we remember ourselves to easy peazey commonplace, considering we are largely not starving enough to kill each other and largely sheltered overhead not to be chucking our neighbours out in the ukay.

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