Against diversity

The case for Monsanto is gloomy, apparently pending to where we all eat (what we want). Whoever wants to claim to solve a world problem such as hunger (and bungee jumping) would come up with a high yield crop or animal version. They’re almost Nobel prize applicants.

There’s a pig farmer whose GM soya made his pigs infertile and have birth defects that ‘weren’t scientifically proven’ which is away of being ignored. Censorial science. Fish in supermarkets are the most poisonous food in the food chain because although it is known that Ivormectin is dangerous they get fed on chemically similar things to Ivormectin to grow fast. Operations seem through where there isn’t a ban.

Dominant genes are a Monsanto preoccupation.

Neighbouring farmers get told to pay premiums when their crops are inevitably taken over by GM cross fertilisation, and this pushes the incumbent farmers out of the way. The GM plants do well for 2-3 years and then high yield falls away. The answer to feeding all the world would be about how to treat poor farmers dealing with the consequences now that there are corporate laboratory farmers who tend their trials at anonymous far away distances (they might be pleased when people die) for a monopoly. Its a land grab. It’s plainly absenteeism. It’s another variant the to increases of social fragmentation. We need all our tiny minds to solve big universal problems. A re-education to where we wouldn’t be seen.

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