By franwords

March 1, 2012


Category: picture, poetry

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Eulogy September 1997


I know Granny

I know her wrinkly face

But now that she is faceless

I wonder where she’s gone

I know Granny

She was more than a face

I sat in her garden

Eating Jaffa cakes

She told me of yoga

And who she saw at church

There are memories of distant dukes

And rations in the war

Abercairny sees it all


But now I cannot see her

I can feel her in the park

The question shouts repeatedly

Who are you and who are you?

The answers not for seeing

Because its hidden in the heart

For listening now

Was listening then

And granny hasn’t changed

To remember age

We remember youth

But I wasn’t there when she was young

Its age that makes us foreign

And time which marks the map

Words are always out of date

I listen to the wind

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