Bend over, bend over, bend over
Flow is a petal begonia
We stoop for the cap
That sits in the lap
Beatrice, Ulysees, Hercules

Smack, smack, smack
The proof is in on the tack
The jockey is late
From cleaning the grate
Smack, smack, smack

Pat, pat, pat
There is more to this than that
The fence is a farm
The car is a barn
Ignition is set on the bat

Fly, fly, fly
The air is up to the sky
The rain is a cloud
And heaven is loud
Jumbo jet

Flaw, flaw, flaw
The hoof is rounding the claw
Noses and eyes
When set in disguise
Can get to go out of bounds

Smith, smith, smith
Galloping over the ditch
The scoop is a stride
For anyone’s hide
Smith, smith, smith

Groom, groom, groom
The melody of a perfume
Plopping away the grass goes ay
Shine, shine shine

Broom broom broom
The gorse is sharper to touch
The log is a dig that landed a fig
Smoother than pass is green

Morse, morse more
Horse, horse, horse
Clippety clop
Clippety shop
Dot to dash
Is over the hedge

Through through, through
The puddle is closer than you
It opens and shuts
Without spilling guts
True true true

Kennel, kennel, kennel
The corn and the Mennel
Chum is nice
For Barley Magrew
Echo, alfa, foxtrot

Pope, pope, pope
The soap is on the rope
Men grow old
On porride and mould
Hope, hope, hope.

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