Felt compromised by the body double that had marshalled the passages, and presumed the answer was self explanatory. went to the cathedral and saw one chewing at the door. went in and found a sweetie wrapper and did some tweeting. walked out and found a curtain pole. ran a stop and found a purple bag. then saw the one who did the walkie film sitting with a plastic bag. was going to get off where i thought thomas more was but didn’t and was taken past the bridge. still didn’t get off and got taken over the bridge. went to the pub and was served without. felt surprised and wanted to linger, but signed out. got back to the start and had some soup. peppercorns.

left the blue bottle in the pub and went back for it. the man had put it in the bin. the second order for coleslaw and celeriac had been turned down. didn’t know it could do raw celeriac. listened to the agents. they all said not to go to united agents. had wanted to find the neighbour and go off to Saturday or somewhere.

read robin on the video and liked his agreement. felt there should have been a true and sincere person at the winning post. put the new friends on the internet and went to bed early. got out of bed and brought the washing in. felt bad about the break up. all the people after dinner without me. felt mashed about the questions from the truck. didn’t say anything and got feeling rewards. looked at my wand that is sticking up from the desk.

have plans to do more river clearance. bound to get busted. there was a woman with a dog that looked over. saw a fly on my sock. used all the pegs except the red one left by king lear. the alarm clock still doesn’t need a new battery. quite like axman.

got pointed at from the other side of the cross. the man siad the real wasn’t a replica. felt like a replica. jettisoned some friends. thinking how to send out confirmations. the one about that one not being a fibling and the nanny job to the nanny. very much undo, to all attempts. in proper sentences, the beginning is my millionnaire.

feel like a communist. self negating is apparently dishonest. bring along the ishonest box and persecute the I wish. have been quite rude for not thanking. therefore more than thanking, retaining tanking. have to and don’t really have to but there isn’t a story board. Well sometimes there is but then it just gets out and does an advert. should have a goldfish but don’t need one.

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