Theatre Royal, Haymarket

without meaning to, the convenience of lapsed time backfired on Dwain and Elspeth, whose real names were Shakespearean.  Dwain weighted the balance of pressing on to catch the 5.50, though he was to miss it.  He was a passionate man with red socks who hadn’t encouraged the heroine to do more, so that she might go away and present herself in its own time.

five years of working for the chain gang meant she had lost her bicycle and had a complex about picnic baskets. 

a bright green man walked in under the flood light, pausing with neutral tones at the menu stand.  His hat was tipped, and he left as neatly beside the wheeling floods towards Victoria.

I know you love me, thought shakespearean elspeth as she atoned with the side of her cheek.  she was a long range missile, with multiple skins; the happiest in daily remindings.  Take; break and go gently. 

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