Neutron Particles

Arriving in Washington with light luggage is the kind of thing Gary Barlow might do, with a friend in tow like an exercise bike, peddling back claps and hydrant pills; all going towards the opera, but settling through with a panorama.

There’s a rocky stand in Union Station; a wrought iron upper circle with french chairs; a wherewithall for marble and bamboo.  Net curtains up high drape away the pigeons, and souvenirs mind cabinets for bus tours on the ground.  Being left here is by design; principal route; connection in line.  Spot a baldy; set a porter for a taxi.

Murmur corks the party; voices trounce with spoons and footfalls.  It’s midday; ten tons thick to an outside esplanade.  Jefferson and project.  Tour procure business by Harvard; down to the button and plank.

Strand a broad in queasy dress; knock a cone protect the slip.  It happened to me; the prickly entry; whoosh the orb of imperfected duty.  A diplomatic sandwich of landing alone; orient the squeak for an open zone.  Two clouds for melodrama;  drumming up the down has landed.

Grown age women; dipidy lama.  Two sounds; two times up the stretch and crease.  Smile a misdirectred century.  Here for the president cheese.  France appoint the board; crab act the cafe au lait.  Off to the side on a walk.  Space expunge the most of moisture; loll a tongue the elephant.  Fetch a claim.

Intercede the price on temporary end.  Panic apply the salt; before, before and Lahore.  Dizzy quiz to a helipad; land out the radio.  Summon a carpet Horatio.  Steasdy chop the arm to lean.  Praise applaud the stall; soon in for special.  Up astray with sushi.  Divide bride the paradigm.  Confound the lawn to run on fun.

Cottage cue; discovery.

So there I was, at the extension of a forward plot.  Unprescribed to speak for history.  Maybe a future collider on Vermouth; this was what the Spartans famed.  Actual complimentary; watch out a smile.  Two by two by slide.  Fix of a monumental addage; perceive to wait between performance.

Nothing to end for; stark

Minus accomplish the level defense; treated out of caution.  Wonder plunder auction.  Brief survey exhumed.  Street to light the lollipop.  Struggle kick up the Verdi; some kind of keen with Mahoney.

Minus one from common sense; blue shot black the green away.  Resume, falter; presume quarter.  Set up, stand down; she’s out of me for being her own.

So there I was, being kept.  Beserk pretend the verbs.

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