who to ask

he isn’t that mad.  about time to feed the horses.  they aren’t that bothered about culture; its part of the ardou.  of a fine day; a bore to replenish stock.  a someone to dinner with ordinary lunch; bits of toast and stops to crunch.  hard cheese never mind the soft; just not the cottage pot.  all around the way; letter open ivory.  maybe an invite, maybe a card.  no one someones and humble bards.  look out the window for there she is.  there goes work and pass a hedgehog.  shuffle a duffle and margarine; butter the chance and carrot the cream.

slightly annoying; amusing dozing.  hear about the shepherd go where about the fold.  misunderstood to weight the cheer.  how the chins sank the conglomerates.  oh for the sports and distant efforts.  a room of weekly sweeping.  twice to open the creak.  there could be someone at the side.  there could have been post; oh there it is.

drum on an over drone; guest abyss of them again.  an oh for a duck to heat the belling; belligerent thirds to casual cords.  abstemious to open minds; box wines by the biscuit wreaths.

and luck to be inserted; nice to be instated.  sock at the foot to plop the ice.  light the fire to cheat the lemon.  go around and wander in the home; help can learn to join.  arm at the side and move it tomorrow.

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