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June 7, 2013


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University of Edinburgh Graduates Association;

There aren’t many members.  When I applied to attend the AGM plus lunch there weren’t bouncers other than library romans and dead physicists.  A huge clumpy carpet swamped the approach.  The breach of stairs was empty.

No sign of Gary Barlow, only prelates with Coats on Arms.  Empirically polite was a thin man who was unobtrusively ready to command with quite alright.  Mr Freshwater from the journal appeared from where he was.  We negotiated placements, and Lady Mackay moved up.

All present to steer the inheritance.  Minutes went, and complicity read the Constitution.

Life membership prevails over annual subscription; £100 is far cheaper.

Membership 1,500.

There wasn’t any argument about the shouty mass of non attendants.  Really, graduates who like each other keep in with disco and share boaty holidays.  Competence takes an age to distinguish.  The benefits of EUGA could counter swatch the decades.  Join for life, attend functions and offset Presidents with Tofu.  Wrinkly experts are explicitly engaging.

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