today monday

By franwords

January 6, 2014

Category: writing

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slept little in the night with overturning thoughts about breakfast.  resolved to delay till after ten to miss the road meet, or go early in the dark and head for the railway hotel, where a fine banquet of fresh fruit is laid out in a lavishly spacious tea room sized corporeal empirical semi breakfast ball gown room; or perth’s attempt.  the wake was an intermittent nigt of fixing back the union of the makeup man at shakespeare’s house, to whom the world is a committee.  the very many years of plus minus plus, and the elastic embankments of extreme swing, between violating car droves and rescue search lights; copper bottom pots are on the list.   the globe was a usual place of work; elevated in one sense of aspiration, that the mindful extent should be sucked up to reign the wobble.  though as the years wore on, a systematic shift pattern that made no persons to overlap with frequenting, and therefore, lessen the voluntary dotage due.  the always new ones; earnest the group.  disperse the gang, the intermittent haul.  though good as any for the flourishing verse; painful after the language anchor.  but to blink with tepid retiring.  thus, life closed less on the facile, though benched on platitude. 

today’s clarifying watch is on the dream as a valid vision, that the secret construct was ungoverned and entrepeneured, like the voice of a number one.  though a handful on the 24, for who would commend the Fauve.  the reigns aren’t luminous cones, nor grids, but rhetorical bids, at each arrest of precioun.   for all things leap at the unlikely, if they are to command a fresh boundary, and still convene a worship from the start.  don’t let the sun go down on the grievance; fine advice without a group.  for sole Dahl is battle style; the habit known of not to phone.   a resolute ingestion of tidal inspiration, bad for innocent quantity; again mark again to look, depending how long.  

all day blame arrest the wet.  the bravo on shutters, new word of zombie importers.  that a higher command might be fay’s engraved.  the man the lead on the pipe.   of the bazzar tune; shut it out.  therefore wish expect the doubt, and be amazed. 

then at five past seven, searchlights in the square shone on the bushes with a running engine and an open boot, and the school lit up.  it didn’t go away till i came out the house and walked past with a face in the opposite direction, when it then closed up and drove up from behind me with a sprig on the number plate.  the day being the sixth, and the end of a five day challenge to go not out and devolve every last supply.   so it was dark, and the rain splashed down, and a monday habit of this time hadn’t yet been struck.  but the woman from the single house came down the road as known to do on tuesdays, wearing a christmas hat and a business manner.  the pom pom hadn’t been her previous, and through inflection, she said fran is that you to search a mild arrest.  and was it the first day of term, but the huff is a new expression, and banter is garbage, resisting to pecking evolution.   thus serves a colder shrug that it ought serve a reprimand.  so on with lack of humour; edgy less perspective. 

and sat backwards with eyes shut quite some time, knowing enough with 2 carriers of recycling, and an excited view of the dining lounge ahead; only for drifting 2 or 3.   alighted after a hasty push chair and walked towards the bin bank only to hear clattering glass with collection, and thought about the match of purpose.  didn’t turn round to reach breakfast first, and the man stepped up and drove his lorry away.   put most things properly apart from a shard of glass that went down the cans and plastic.  walked from a bin to another in the wake of another man, who dipped his gaze against prolonging the glass.  six heineken buds in the brown and an ice cream lid from the ground at the bus stop.

towards the hotel from across the garden could see no lights on in the voyage room.  went in to find a new breakfast passage with an all day menu of spicy wedges, and no paniers of sliced kiwi with melon, mango and pineapple.   the buffet array intended for guests, and yet this morning had no deliberate expectators; only a father and child with an ipad on.   no inclusive caffetiere and no laid on philadelphia, but the hash brown and the mushrooms arrived with a slice after scoring off tomatoes, sausages and those other things.  was meant to say where are the beans.  requested decaff and the instant came.  the nice south african no longer on, but a not just as nice travelling staff.   but just as nice. 

pruned the time to leave by drawing up the sketch book and painting with an improvised glass and the rack of water colours.  filling up between the lines, till altogether an hour and thirty when the lights went off for the sun being up.   then stepped out to an oncoming navigator with a hand held ipad.  then down hospital street to the scotland bank for a balance note, and then on to the cairn cross to submit the salt and pepper for new blue glasses.  the man advised a revealing route to the other jeweller who’d have questioned the ownership, for he knew me to be a local having read the tune.  he couldn’t do the glass he said and i said the world had antique people. 

went to the health store and got in the way behind the nuts and dates.  couldn’t see the mung beans had moved.  didn’t remember the sunflower oil, but got 2 packs of lentils and the usual porrages.  was going to head left and then deferred to visit audrey to see how to tie up victoria’s bric a brac.  lighter hair in the dresser.  she laughed and we left it to it.  then m&s for the sprout with cheese and breadcrumb herb things.  got vegetable oil and the card worked on radio, which it usually doesn’t.  thought richer than oswald mosely.   often do.  too early for ramp traffic.  turned left, went ahead and reached the lamp repair shop that doesn’t exist these days.  expected seventy pounds to repair four and t’was only twenty five.  forgot the light bulbs.  went to the veg bazaar for the non m&s sprouts and got something else that made it 1.82.  no brazil nuts again.  thought about good decision and starving, and continued on to a few eye to eyes but mostly nose shuttle, though not at pace.  all bus members lined by the stop for a perfect board.  hesitated about tracing paper.  hoped not to see the man with short arms.  went in for tracing paper with superior service from the manager on dual duty.  expensive product with 10% members off.

back out for an hour to spend and went to the sandimans for 2 g and ts, a lovely old library space.  saville on the views and lovely lamps.  hadn’t mentioned the watch shop.  he’s mending the free flat clock that has run out at the back.   back to the stop to be forwarded at the queue and inflected to a front seat with humpy baggage.  mrs dunn restopped the driver and fell up to the door, catching the step with time to make me step too late.  said she hadn’t her watch.  she’s all sprouty.   knows everyone and lovely, a word she might not use.  eyes open all the way home, bolstered by the diary hero; a fool too.  shade, scrub the shade.  rain waves against the bus, lightening eventually for a semi splatter not as wet as half a mile back.  mrs dunn knows more than sandra.  body language advanced expression.  never freshly choiced to sit beside her in november, when she met my face.

thought about nibbling goats and then sheep.  put the bag together with the court and the garden reach to let the light. 

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