though i may return to dunblane as the short wombly man was passing thereby and it may be a deed to re-investigate, though the former proportion had seemed a submission of crime skittling.  the presumption that profundity goes on in the actor until the place is the fascinant factor. 

for my condition to re home would too readily be able to leave the children for other ones that know the answer, that have house tops and daddies with concurring plaster.    the ones here have care as a theme of revolt, that the study class bruise to achieve the bolt.  brave, silent, listening adjutant.  that the self conscious should show up in the wrong.

the achievement to use neglect, after the fact of the rabbit.  the skulk, the hulk, the adjusted rug.  prodded at with unusual tact; just as if reset might pamper the habit.  the loyal disdain to complain again, that the sort is courted, that the sight is hoisted.

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