Socks and sandals

By franwords

May 16, 2014

Category: writing

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Got met by someone who didn’t know.  Saw a beardy couple.  Said was it upstairs.  Wasn’t dark enough to turn on the lights.  Went back to the passage.  There weren’t any double doors but found the empty ball room with a man or a woman at the end.  Got there and the people came from then on.  Got a tall man who ran things.  Talked for longer than usual.  Felt welcome and told another tall man to go away.  Said I was a Labrador.  Stood in front of two ladies.  Said something at the end. 


Said no to a drink.  Said it again.  Got encouraged to sit down.  Got put off being right and listened a bit.  Met a woman next to an empty chair.  Had already done an hour at least.  Sent off the wrong plates and got the vegan back.  Haven’t put the speech in.

got rushed up to by a priest who then sat down. Got opined at the politic. Another priest sat down. Didn’t talk about death. Man got up and left without being noticed.

Its ten past three

got asked why I was there. produced some drawings. got called a clairvoyant. pointed at a plate. Looked round for a plate. Said I didn’t like them. Who. The family. Said about direction. Said less about revelation. Got looked at. Got told about the other half. Was charmed a lot by a genuine woman.

Think Anthony Hopkins was at Fred West’s house.

Left the A.G.M five days ago. Got asked why i was there. What. Liked the indirectly. Thought the initials stood out. Wrote down about the separated chaplaincy. Bishop am for lasting out. Saw a greatly aged beauty. Am scraping off glue.

For in those days I had to be a bishop and an archbishop; it’s why I never mated Roger Scruton.

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