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By franwords

May 18, 2014

Category: writing

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Last Friday I went to Marylebone to Birkbeck college’s upgraded venue at the University of Westminster.  I was expected to be a script writer, and the only person who knows this is me.  I haven’t told anyone how I produced American Beauty mainly because i draw cartoons.  At the course there were problems with the air conditioning which was a nice announcement of summer arrived.  At the interval I went and drank a fruit slush and told a man called Oscar that he’d never win one.  There was an afternoon of the godfather for me to fall asleep in.  Oh that was the next day. 

The french couple in the fourth row weren’t together, and I met a rejoinder upon striking up with the man whose bronze was reddening with muted purpose.  There’s a very pleasant hospital hall with scattered furniture and lengthy tables.  At lunch I heard from a small Russian woman about her movie project on Coram whose life was devoted to baby saving and soldiers. 

The speaker on the course was right in front of us as a Hollywood liver.  A normal on the stage. A Blockbuster method is watched by heart; obsessive drive, change desire, change motive by heart.  Norway Erik found me from the second row.  He isn’t the start of Brad Pit; remember he was weedy.  We cultivated on another break about Tom Cruise’s bi-polarness and have plans to meet up with a friend of a Hollywood boxer.

Self is cast that writes a story

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