Play Writing

10 things seen out of a window

The Wile

The Bird

The Herd

The Sound

The plaque

The freize that won’t come back

The cup of tree

There and back

The minstrel delivering the bond

The track

Lift the window; sounds of the intermission. Louder which came quietly; a call of the wild. Verdant lushings of green geraniusm. They’re on the ledge, which aren’t as hot. Its the past.

Bird was the wire; Buzby chord
A herd, tho’ more domestically chored
Crickets; far more of them
The plaque was a black tooth; less bronzes then
The work of art; wit fixed for smart
Adorn the drape to a Roman
Tea, without milk but lemon
There and back the mud the clod
Minstrel of the chirpy man
Delivering is a watering can
Bond at reach; the traveler
A track that didn’t rut.

Back to present people

One does a crossword
One does Moscow mules

one does carriages at eleven
one does boundaries

one does conjecture, unspoken
one does them

one does Lemmington spa; enjoy a minimal cast
only yes of 20 men and of thorough types

one does everything; a lesson of every consequence
and then,and then a solace and a crowd

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