Steven Berkoff

Whatever there is about being bald, I’ve commandeered all slang. That won’t show in this speech; its my aside that i write hard plays. The heay pen about high rise, the club,the call to invigorate veg for the biscuit. Pound for a pounding of plums. All this talk for that.

Advertise my string violin
Primark wear my vest

Its rounding to be a bobby in the street,
watching them pass and noting the black eyed beans

My entourage are all good; all savvy with my vapid Robin Hood

Self save
Self serve
look out
Your nerve

The principle on poverty is apple to ripen,
Hope is not too rotten
That’s our Sharon

In families which aren’t my watch
Spat for the hoop of an age group
Its the 17s to 70s
That was the 80’s

Its the impression of each subsequent suppression

Act my word
Fer yours
you heard

Cough it up for love
honey and hot lemon
pigeon the dove

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