Spiral ’02

Eidelberg is here, borrowing shelter on corned beef humour. Move over, fatso tablets come with chip savoury and Mexican whip chase, the arcade attends to counter. The song begins in b, lathering margarine to bite frequent snacks on fallen crust slabs throughout journey surrender notes of whats for tea.
Talk spreads on ham ‘n brie in France, jam at home, anchovy for other people’s fridges and sunflower spreads the summer.
Ounces drip various liquid on Tony Sherraton, searching for panther goes on. At last, in written scrutiny the session opens, page one on Wiltshire times surveys opiate birthdays with current study. A breeze persists outside with Spanish literature, the good man was once in Hong Kong, double sides turn to page two.
Wendy struggles upon a character score of cream onions pre washed and ready to chop home dinners that people watch on TV benches as she watches them dream through. It is not certainly bad weather that gives winter a name. Convection begins with C, substituting N with autumn’s Brighton, Blackpool’s brush to Bristol creams in blue bottle batches born to chemistry.
Pen lifts the nib with curious hand, back to the ashes ember the grate logs. High Barnet’s wandering soul fuses tin canopy from thatch eaves, persil spills the gravy. Handicap shelters eyes from browning, stalling crows fleet from overhead views against sky. Birds fill every page, flap, flap.
Feet scores trample the Peak District, rubber wedges curse the final answer if worn through labour. Bethany does sums awkwardly ten stones, three, four, five caught a fish alive, seven eight, ten back again. Posted stop marches lunch hunch minutes even contours. Halliday trees malting brown leaves, twenty two buses to Wandsworth, three old friends years ago, the ramblers invade positions without realising the queue, or so says Bethany’s brother vestite. The caption organise constrains car puncture to shapes of gutter and thin wearing, Bethany is not responsible. Police respond flights to blue arrows of Sherwood, but this doesn’t fetch Bethany’s tights from harm. Ovid met Ulysses in Latin after Greek, then Maths before lunch and games asserted on the first breach of term.
Welcome Finchley to Ogilvy state conference. Inlay proceeds with stylo glen pocket, electrifed since the last war supplied peaches for the dairy. Vegetable round up creeds bullion at standard Friday markets from Thursday sales.
It is unclear to enlist the flavour of Stork to save Uganda bellows yellow priested wireless. Ask buzby instead of Buzby, and this puts Buzby out of a job. Rain sets in matches, the bus loads meet for petrol but weather is finely intercessioned.
Young prize volunteers laundry needs collectives in wicker smile hosiers for Tracey to fill. Pier in long harbour promises export. Tell the joke now, lend a hand, Bosworth says the little Sevcik.
Polaroid moments awah, the fashion.
Interest falls on the Nasdaq assembly to subscription, but the breeze carries on foliage and Mildroid picks her nails. Flower stands on ceremony in the courtyard. Tilda copies Louise’s walk at the factory, motioned by Kurt’s boots to hobnail the floor of standing brazen.
Muscovy rumours ache a livid jaw for Brian’s load in sympathy, scans the page is upward loathing, inconsiderate of the Victorian age. Lonely boots fit Michael Hazard. Copious deed strings ledge hedges, encouraging civic bravery to sparrow and turns of silt parody. Enough barnacles are enough barnacles, even to sea resorts in July. New age fangles the shape support of separation. Kevin won’t match, embalming evolves to savoury.
Show times to open days give Alice the practice ability to person the blend of hardship empathy to Dickens, Wordsworth and salt. Reading at sea groyns a snatch of peanut butter deludes a tame gull into friendship where boats don’t sail for seamanship. Please break the riddle, cries the shore master tiding urgency with excited youths to date against safety. Uncle calls lip service the freshest breath there is. Gas boils up a hearty roasted toast with Twix n tea to boast. Gravy searches for missiles and avoids peas and carrots, contrary to Sunday lunch coverage of the Bosnian crisis.
Where were we?
Contiuum, Castigate, Project.
Almond bank statements perform disclosure debits in forms of eating and leisure gates. Where Cynthia wanders amongst transactions, the purse is buried later. Only freshness permits invention. Madam Hybrid expects the persecution to explore. Logoid feelers construe the board for a flat landing.
Sad graffiti ennobles the claim.
The place must be exposed, anything from John in a dining car foreign to him, not that we know lines, he pouts contradiction. Raiding must be furnished vestibules, worried in the hall way, seated or throwing kitchen parties transpose after eating dinner beds with fresh seasoned ventures for the next day in history, no wonder!
Teach fencing to guard ye gates on, telepathy is unreasonable, fleeting looks abhor the crow. There goes necessity box of escapes, martial stranded on communicative. Say Jump, Lez beefrenz.
Several packs meet upon the heather because some weeks are permission on fallow plans. Please move to Australia rolls three dice, after is vegetable rice and biscuits, nobody asks.
Mr Speaker does the syllabus well done in court. Pass the chocolate pudding. Layers have gone over to increase the definitive outline. Spriggs of holly on quack. Impy, skimpy parlez vous, Gideon buys the walk Odeon, Radox.
Still being there in five years time the path wends along the rock face river, diked on popular hedges and long grassed nettles. Still being towards ham for lunch, the house adjourns at four before usual fives advocate.
Ham, spam and egg.
Tow pathology visits a country house, hoos hoos been done before, zion was even earlier but best gardens close early May birds as weed spectacles untended to wilderness by June’s stretch to September. I bought a pair of flip flops two years ago. Ladies and gentlemen, tip this way.
France is a stalker, bonnet, beret, Chamonix, that vanilla cream ice cream sundaes, pasta pesto, never heard of suet, gruel at best mascarpone, grapes and cheese, forget the mascarpone, never mind pizza dishes other people spread should be gruyere but comes as mozzarella all in stretch limos of nourish supplement because the conversations no good without it. Peanuts, spam, peanuts, ham, the dish of spain in gammon, the left ventricle, right clothing apricots on tooth picks honey coating. Somebody took the wrong leg and the world caved in.
Fifty two weeks, a few spare windows and endearment stagger on. Everyone hates you, vexes Sophie with a pen she wouldn’t buy. Paper mate 2000 stick med, nails need a trim.
Life begins in the dormitory to dedication. Obligation to finish a pen infuriates the environmentalist. Ants are on my side, but won’t crawl. Humanity the strangest militancy, hurrah seems pen is the traitor then. This pen swears oaths upon bic back plastic sticks, thinner nibs, broadway stokes, rangers, odd staves, buskers, the illiterate and please write home with skill. Brodie is a hobocrat, given the paper stick of Aspen. Donation follows with led.
Investigate the source, don’t serve creed. Biro is clearly discarded to make a pointed apology impossible, some pears, radox, gambling, dog, dolls uk.
The eradicates move me on time to quarters their way and mine. Both in a room do together well done in wallpaper’s boon in the window. Transgressive verbs of doing well.
Boils. Peter is shy about the taboo that Dr. Doolittle admires. Periodically woven into Peter’s arms, things pop through anxious fault, none other. Insecticide begins with I and ends with E. Herbaceous borders propagate the eye and nose in summer. Care is taken when crossing the road is difficult. Vanilla ice cream is peas in a pod.
Don’t shut the book shop! They’ll paralyse me and fix the adventure! Don’t laugh at my sworn headed outfit, don’t trouble, don’t contradict, precede, exceed, resemble, enquire or placate me.
TRIO bunny dough rob in sons.
One hundred, lend you my fate for a notey joint. The late arrival custom, the late so and so is on time. Welcome to the slab, your watch is faster than expected. How many shepherds do you know, sheep, shearers, shenanigans, shiites, chevals, chaperones.
Howdoyoudohowdoyoudo, dawn treader.
It thunders outside, the washing was on, it was dropped on the floor, would five twenties do or one more?
Permission for words is thrown on the poor so they have to use slang. All the worst sins are cloaked in cunt, cough, the DJ and names like Stace that may reach porn.
Borrow the loo getting the analogy, hot tank, cold tank, burner, septic tank, cistern, ink, bath, candelabra, there was a time.
Three old ladies stuck in the lavatory, they were there from Monday to Saturday, nobody knew they were there.
A work in a chip shop, in dem fries,
A work in dem factory, plurals please.
When custom emergency stands in permanent ink, more aside for yourself be you injured or escaping. This maketh a scientological claim, knitwear. Minority failure, Tarmacadam, toll.
both in class,
then laid an eggyone.
Hullabaloo, capsize.
CEO, album, artemesius, there’s always philanthropy. Hop scotch, trestle, move, clear, bombast, extra, trigonoms, metronome, pleasure, Louisiana, insincere.
Doodle explains where the passage goes. It is not read in lines of sound. Maybe the wire goes in directions, that’s all. Reluctance with recollection leaves aeiou at one twenty one. Section obligates find pride in chemistry. this misleads the current statement to the claim of notice and appeasement. under the sink is liquid gold, and Peter tires of cousinhood to rock stars fabular mission of radio times in symphony.
Be good to yourself as sorted crisps are onioney to apparent claim. This works for Julia who affirms a proficient keyboard to relay. Mention Eisenhower and snoop a cop’s fancy string vest. Eat the cake in quarters. Consider bogeys as professional slime films. Radiate ether to sons in law, make pastry at least once. Call telephones an earring sale to Van Gogh. Remake the examination, strive against curly parsley and maintain catatonia to fixing the aerial. Striving to like them is hard to take use to.
Birds and worms pop in and out copy dex feuds the caterpillar. Inside roamin’ a’gloamin frame sets to drip formula search calls and the tray slop sensor case brawls filing pews about second number sevens that slipped over.
Sit the overs, ban the clovers, barn hysteria with acknowledgment. Tape the overs with hysteria, land the clover, stand in parsley. Fix the wedge, mend the sledge, furnish deck and mill the hedge. Jessica reaches open practice. Pigeons coup the loss toe tags eating bread somewhere public. Man in the house covers mouse and gin. Paint the coat indoors. solace goes against will, have dinner on time. Interest in tragic labour sores the non doer canopy with foliage not with clouded water. Green case absorption, worms glow better in darkness, level crusted wax tends to Arthur Daley.
Gran marries Chippendale too, to tea at the joinery. Carnival slang bango, keep talking, hearing incidentally, scruton cocktail. English fancy native corn, fetish to sugared water in bowls, messenger crumbs away. Gobble door plasters by sweeping tins of wax polish guessing weights off linear countenance, pretty upkeep, santander.
Arabic, Norway, galoshes, treacle, pest, flavour, temp.
Box shows the colour of oatmeal. Who might have thought you a study ceiling poking on mythology? Hearing aid mangers crop the ripe bananas fingering adams rib on molly coddles prayer. The species gives a private hunger to some empathy group established with Aberdeen Angus on cow prairie.
System one hides the cow for solder the moo’s recall spells onions and gravy for next June, the moo gets branded back, the scorch yells mookit for jacket. System creams a bond for weather, same goes for cotton. Instance one is much the same but for Geronimo cream the ice is cooler, discursive of signal failure, but field is a green to drive through moos being heard and tawny faced.
Cuthbert’s fight lasted briefly, mend rattle on the blind, and Cuthbert cherishes adventure but gives cursory to fusion. Simple agrees with torpid force tooth and paste, gleaning pleasure from cavity rolls. Nowhere that fly has been has yearned for him, other than hymn practice by weak forces. Deck chair indicates Doberman city with innovate balm to fold and stow in cool sheds. Side soliloquy junctions Garth with keen attentions to special effects. Abscond red bicycle the minion orders of participate eventually gets drunk and combs. Face a seating plant to organ grinder Stavros. Guilt shores past legs in rows. Frilly edges on aisles mark a gangway over there to SORTIE on stairs.
Is this how you speak?
Job interviews go according to plan on the fifth and sixth of a spring month. Ten each day attend panels of twos and threes. Sensation gives reason good blow cascades in about for circumstances. Second round workshops prime the counterfeit. Speech only to those on team spanner ships, crucially is turning sages. Begin the open meal bowing the spear. Custard adds later to please exert the force. Miriam’s daily men scrub potatoes, she thinks for Bolinger on leaving trains of passenger floats.
A boiled oat simmered on sharing fag in Parisian twills, for duty free blonds of loyalty suck their personals dry. Bryan Adams multiple top songs, West life, Roy’s membership of the book club is nominal to profession. Grizzle chops implies enthusiasm for youthful grace and charm’s length to reach over and whisper a joke. Caspian is now in charge, rooms go freelance until cleaning.
Operating plain friendship, apply soap disinfection. Friends enable their hands to flagship stores. Why mercy is keen untruly, judge bummers the hammer adjournment. Goats of cheese, Isabel must eat cheese. Leaving school’s folly is wide open, devotion to paying, scoop and role.
Earth, wind and fire, bar ain’t Africa.
Loo, Chandoz, Biddulph
Your book was brought to my attention earlier this year, gorgeous Scooby sends his packing. These are the notices that find trouble, roof exports, silicone trips, marching pants, the jezebels, Matlock, Sidcup, Everley brothers, Jim and Sue. Spots of wax on my floor, bury the chip, scrub the floor, back to syllabus passing Go for standard returns, its the best way forward.
Can anybody draw?
Blowfeld mixtures assume a green farm to patronise a stag bull chain from flighted sparrows. Gather sits round at later than noon to spread cheese with chicken soup, no chickens are kept but in cubes. Smart land rovers shack the concept, smart land rovers, keeping ends out of minders, cajoling the rut lends gravel on bad weather.
Say hello to Alice, hello Alice.
Alice, are you queer? Alice, do you have goes?
Alice looks back personally licking a green one and laughs. Loans to parody don’t fuse with sitcom. Distinguish knee high to failures of streams and lost caboodle springs open, how anyone could know the telling. Ordinary forward capsules inconsistent with marching. Saber tooth dog, neo, kitchen roll swarms and a trip to Crieff after.
Professional’s pang with brush strokes, things happen somewhere, Billy’s itching pledges mundane, the right cable. I scorn every pit. Questioning you does it probably, moments of shining, I’d say. Ramble kicks on to the home strait, everybody does it with a cleaner.
Down, across
Friar is a straight shaped yoghurt, hello pot plastic, don’t talk back, milk in a bucket, breeze tube. Duck drake, skimming ponds, leaves in moon ever grew there, Grecian urn, pottery display. When hostage, peace knows Aquarius.
Keep doing the shapes, Mr Kinesis, avert all sentences.
Something caught up with me called the order. That’s how they explain flu lag once brethren pass it on. Sylvie comes knocking, downhill fancy note reaches the floor, the only contact. Marchers from bute lilly pledge greenery hands. Real syllabus is for cantankerous names in pinafore. That paint leaves with hill pussy of skin and broken hieroglyph, eight thirty bar tenders on shift, best pieces navigate what. Kosher cruel with ended backing tape.
Don Juan again grinding
coffee digestives
wheat bacon
flour bacofoil
tomatoes bananas
cereal pizza
bread sausages
yoghurt spring rolls
bananas baps
Jif ketchup
T roll pringles scones
nuts tuna
chicken marmalade sweetcorn
baby bel dog biscuits cauliflower
onion henna brasso
coleslaw nurofen fairy
crisps roses sprouts
earl grey olivio
tea camomile
Differences are kept in the car boot in and out the dusty blue bells.
Once upon a morning star I wonder how you are. Throw away the Stanley Kubrick! Scrape off the wax! Comb your hair forwards, tie the laces loosely, never mind Nathaniel’s persistence. Marathon stranger to imagine the picture we are looking at, concentrateonwhatwearelookingatcollectiveothestoryweatheragreesmanforlunchshameabouthebackgroundheelsonthefloordontmeanhillyunderfootonebyonethefadinggetsrenewedmobildcircuitconshotchocolateandjillycooperintensityovershapetogrowthdeadmendontgrowontreeshowtheboycanswaplivesiwon’too.
What the issue at speed SLOW Go 5 laps EXIT
Sugar and coffee joined up writing.
Stubborn experience you’ll get a bargain, 99p.
Give the name to Marcia, any hatchet cry the birds flee. This is what class sounds like. Nevertheless anyhow short changes a superstition omnibus. Helping he aged seems a good idea till Feng Shue voodoo kicks the bucket. Specific Anthea doesn’t join a community group, instead prefers introductions. reliable source attains grand relations with adventure, has she time to kill? Youth doesn’t shit failure. Stainless.
CBBC PO Box 8999
W12 6WR
Slightly poronographic.Spiral Two
Need of description farms apostolic eyes of closer supply. When need wants a market there may be fresh vegetables to talk of. Glue bound manuals value walls and men decipher from late appoint to catch with paragraph.
In so far as shoppers march, confusions swell abhorrent wiggles and trip lethargy among bounty salon. Thursday gone spies the mark of queue, tall and black vexation, moderately timed on one to miss, bringing here’s menial compare chance to jostle that despair’s marginal shop will fit re-order. Stand fraction adjourns watchful keep with assurance to sink deliberates, the notices and whorls of term. Fitted jacket smocks label times again stack toga eternities, common colds, spraying seeds, get the biscuit tin.
Lurid chase on winter skies blaze white sovereigns of parlour, gammon shake’s uncle was a greedy pig. Confederate earls munch on with jam, settled for sprigs to enquire what with muse that food adorns most of the holidays. These wheres are husked beyond notice that pays sentence with extradition. Later ones enroll smithereens to grow lean and segregate more acceptable toward, if not by the decade.
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Try an endemic purge on maestro, something or a car ordained by thatch, credited and recently suave. Inter continental stones monster ocean floors in plumes of enrichment. These are poisonous gases. Recently snare’s option demeans a guided trace that revolves daisies and wagons as objects of marvel, let theirs alone. Try filter over that, present authoritative jugular vowels and redress beverage for autumn snack’s equality.
Scud is reprimanded for describing acts of swallow in the vicinity of paper, swallowing water maybe latte no sugar. Lady cue’s box weighs observation to entry’s submission to the rule, no drinking. Scud’s level goes to ground in level coffee, on lack of apology and infrastructure’s was of a paper cup.
Scud won’t lend a certain name to paper, ward of example here to quandry an illicit act of rebuke. Reams of slur ascend goose flight, marvel to flap opinions of planes where men think. Generous peoples quote induction, serving mood where synagogue stows. Untouched cares of nasal mist. Babyhood, writing mongers a severance pay’s injunction to grow, landing woes on cast ahead rod that may be pried open. commend a hook snatch flume from thicket and bee, treasured and shaded. Elegance throws a glassy stare, staved form rungs of adornment. Miniscule lappers beg diffidence in cruel effusions of sandy shore. Carnival B to B’s A that A sparted from Z’s finale, scrounging new turns patch to italic in garamond, lean from churlish times.
Deuce compliment on advancement then corpulent action foraged with hay provisos. Semi latte wins daily.
Yet, lusty lords, I have escaped your hands, your threats, your larums and your hot pursuits, and though divorced from King Edward’s eyes, yet liveth Pierce of Gaveston unsurpris’d, breathing in hope, mal grando all your beards that must rebel this against your king. To see his royal sovereign once again.
The open country, Gaveston pursued.
Eventual graduation leaves Meredith time to take stock. Curmudgeon slicks of haste are tender, enlisting he sandwich course of carry folder. Embarrassed links of hole that tenure seethes revision to doctorates coursing with life on sensibility. young frederick was drunk after the play in which danger thousands of tiles threaten bathrooms of exposure. Olympic stealth crawls the fly sheath to fry batter scones and spit on jam in readiness for bath time.
Its funny to think about screaming, melodic to outward bound and the screech of laughter. Commiserate wheeze brink the choker up to air frames of light junction, seemed among mortar stores for distance. Presumption here calls foul whereabouts beyond mild children, amending souls from dreaming lumpish gwandwanas.
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Not friends maybe squirm through hatch radio arpeggio, carving tunes, enjoying the same songs. Banner forceps rejoin surgical frame’s lullaby tristess loop, choral symposiums, esquiring flatulence. Ovid gets stuck on plastic scrolls. finger spreads jams instead, laying formica, learning renewal, hoping magnet and porus talk. Emphasis of height, spartan chairs, disappearing walks by linear ears. the whole party conference cheers. Exception stows nook response like button rows in flowered heads, doing up cardigans, tapering collar and scruff. Bellow crisps on stilton hummed at five point scrawls to section, corded fuse.
Peters, Fraser and Dunlop Group
503 -504 the Chambers Chelsea Harbour, Lots Road, SW10 OXF.
We speak prangs in sequence, bumping offers of criterion. A library in place, scenes of hurt, spatts of paint, bellies of leer, bunches of posies. Gradual stair top pages, bobbing to castelate un dusted in spree pickings. Bind staves of strand sheaths engage some terms dry deviant upon the arabesque. Everybody reads the yellow pages, van fronted, mostly English.
Root position, first inversion, second inversion, base note root, bass note, bass note.
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Some o’ the series are back in locum, breading out pads of secure vision, stapling cross paths and Catholics among the rhododendrons. Most blossom becomes the fly’s jet black, laying Hertfordshire with Faberge, surviving the winter. When time allots the suitcase in mannerisms embedded in providing the best by handles, its all strapped and in transit. Some o’ the scenes see farce episode as a joke of their belonging, lengthily explained among parts of national security bound with limited attrition. Welcomes back hybrid runs for decent bogs as standard.
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LAMISIL at 1%spray.
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Its not so bad that swallowing is an art form, the castelate frontier. The warrior gear Marcel eats toast. The weather’s bad, mentioned like heavy drifts or baking, the toast goes down. Forefathers of spit polish Marcel’s ergonomic finger, one in baking, the other drifting as the fork lift stares in a cold and northern rut. Narration’s moody flare splays reams. The cupboard gum proffers jam, hunger and sliced ham. Maltesers knew the furnace is robbed, settling patience bricks in stern procedure. elemental order in toast, Marcel’s thumb, the city of long poles and inventory, all in masked attire to modesty. Large struggles furnish lairs that bide. Open sky, opiate brevity and constant of no gauge.
The hero isn’t here so school gets on with it, coating fit and stable apparently numbered for seating worth. Lap lazy ways of window plots creep among players, each song harrowing and sip to someone in row four. The plot portrays number two one two, oblivious to other jackets, brightly cuffed with squall. Narry, say marry the two’s vision, and what’s between may no longer set. Strong is Jezebel bing bong thunder clunking, wordy names prayer the wanton call to gramophone, now bibbed in practice from those like Sharon.
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Bingo’s over but that’s every Thursday. Regular callers, unlike the Jehovahs make their welcome stay inasmuch as bearing up endures. Some sustain for years at times of crop and civilian alarm. Heaven knows theirs are squared. My custom to condiment goes with ready ketchup too, stretching garnish coverts to best left indoors if you know that the dog eats too few bones that are legal to chew. Some call potatoes and semolina the bollox with jam and cheese less current than steady bread, more urgent than chicken nuggets in goals of toasting, barley, winter herbiscus, deli oat stakes, humble dink and herb, dead man’s arm of the yore tweed and sick note. When Baxter arrives, say pork pie, do chicken n chive for Celia, a good oven roast means yum, and when Mable’s teeth fall out it is rude to stare. Persecution goes with flare, its not enough for sirens to end there, I say still the flares into garden ornaments and curdle Sensodyne. Drinking straight form the bottle is Jean’s appeasement.
Ring up Wendy for a vindaloo and some bourbon and tell me what she chooses. Its that spam again tell her, or she can forget it. Very menu winds up at a tenner, not including drinks or start ups. It is pleasure to behold, the square meal in miles of malleable chamber. Boris is breathing all over the one tether of dominant stream which fixes us from resembling him.
So I read the quote over to Betty and scored a Christmas turkey, she said to lift a goose from harbour which is why I thank her lucky stars for sailing through. She skivvies here and there, all over Westwood condiments giving he scrape on all our fat and fancies with a regular glow to elbow. We set up on approaches, all gurney and swatted to another Monday so she knows patience counts apprentice with wear and tear.
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Ectopic is a sharp detail. Marion’s face is cornucopic, and education shows it but the film isn’t a good one. The engine of tennis fuels a station. Backwards and forwards for all boys called Rory by the lion that precedes them to praying balls in waiting hay.
Customary speak the toss of serve, does well to remember bake of shoe to black tar and bruising. Just as Darius always swore there’d be jam at tea for his mother, so the biscuits are eaten all day and tennis does not rely on marmalade.
Esplanade Garth traveled a lot from politics to become a foreign passage. Halting minstrels often follow a maiden flight and then cry buckets from a factory that has blown them with desperation. Garth was high and low on earning and seed.
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Another national concern grips the station, shelter slavers on conjecture and Bethany longs to call in, all so negative, this failure try.
Shorn again granddads hewn from D day disgruntle balshy stacks of lost brogues, coming numbers of alleviate spurn the island shores. Hogmanay is not best practice, vital that everybody parts on terms.
Ringing up the legend of millennial construct, the small practice of consort goes with party animal. Cynthia feels no name to her readers so Clive it is and the fusion welters. Margaret Drabble becomes readable at sixty, just as pasta boils in salted water.Those are the nails, that’s the cabinet, anti clock should lock them out, rotten planks, glovelies putting the sauce on afterwards, lettuce roulette, pig baths in sugar soap, side of the cooker, loose screws, plate with a chip, angels, those were her saucepans, the planks as if she’ll ever lead the blind, turn right then left, bending, the tool kit, uncle screws and screws, scrooge, appetite, chopped onions, scrabble, how the rubbish ties, pots, fish eyes, flooring, funny umbrella, gave it, little dish pony, haberdashery, Ronseal, the hammer is yours, those are my tongs, the stock jug, keep throwing, that says oak, ladder danger, right handles and left ones, fixing, mending, altering, planning, dog on a mug, this one’s safe, those are yours, bathroom tiles, a good book rarely, hand wash, substance now there’s no fairy, destiny pauses, always use fairy, tin cakes why those shoes, rubber mephistos, Georgy’s boyfriend, June, my neighbour, things recover, work top, fly pajamas, orange ones, jeans, my nails, grit, scalpels, pictures, Georgy.
Names in circumstance go with dreams, pan came and went. Sofia popped Jeronimo’s bench, tools of the trade, I give you Quintabelle, lady of the lake, dusty jacketed ones, there will be hamburgers after lunch, Tracy goes forward, the Nolan sisters, half past two, there’s bad working, Anna random, the real story is brunch, weekend is Spain, glossy magazines, perforated staples, Cunningham brands of shoe, Eliza and Bertram fetch pansies, name of station, unfolding, three musketeers, car boot sales, tagging on, helpless gesture, receiving think you, watch telly, thank night rider, read a forecast, blow the gale away, next invitation, private gloves, drawing stares on the landing, Jackanory, pink gypsofola, baby names, disguise regards, crystabelle, dynasty french windows, on call, bystand, emergency, relegate that will be nicely.
Introduction another word for beginning to middle and end.
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Opportunity spoken aloud, begins the implement of cup wood on handle. Most appropriately, cherokee is the by word lauderdale plasm but then nobody dies and the drift goes RSVP to Gozo or Honolulu in Sunningdale for half the year. I bought a castle. It was thoroughly need and when the cue came it seemed the happy visit of come and go. Those ones rung those ones over old bones. Steroid measure plates in tow with septic tongs and bowls.
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Silence of the tongue
Legend of the lamb
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Ornothology early birds
Thornbird, quail, turkey, cuckoo, hummingbird, sand snipe, turn, starling, thrush, sky lark, finch, bullfinch, black back gull, wren, crane, pheasant, chaffinch, nightingale, grouse, chicken vulture, diver, robin, cormorant, partridge, dove, swallow, gannet, seagull, curlew, woodcock, goose, blackbird, flamingo, pelican, macaw, toucan, woodpecker, kite, marsh hen, black game cock, peewit, plover, crested swan, pigeon, duck moor hen, puffin, grebe, guillemot, shank, osprey, buzzard, eagle, owl, crow, raven, horn bill, budgie, canary, tit, blue tit, parrot, snipe, ptarmigan, ostrich, harrier, kestrel goshawk, peregrine, falcon, razor bill, stork, phoenix, dodo, albatross, snape, rook eider duck,, penguin, lapwing, wader, house martin, sparrow, chatterbox, warbler, kingfisher, heron, capercaillie, corn craig.
It ain’t that you ain’t seen ‘em, had em for dinner or grown to love ‘em but worm of shy poker don’t feed as breakfast every day.
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The dead begin to filter the library. At first there’s no upset on beaten pages, more animation with disputes of laughter. Photocopy pauses the lidded stages of life’s interest, hand outs claim phrases to oratory. What I’ve actually got to say doesn’t mean a thing but loudness dulls the rage to crease expectation. A manual gets only so far, which stops hooded trinks from complete rules. Note the exception to bitch response,
‘I ain’t, Sue sucks’
might be taken to heart, grabbing by to escalator stairs on upward tiffs about Gary Barlow only this time the brain won’t charge and spew could equal what to wear and groceries for one. Its ten to three, one page forward in years. Usually by night the splurge tapers on following says of several hundred consultations.
Where are you going?
Stitching to my right arm has come loose, next stop may be Selfridges. A van dangling baby head plastic sits outside our road, its white and parked. Stepping out of door, there’s a girl, maybe a scooter, one time a woman that crosses the road, shall we. Notice bags in front on a ten minute stalk some days on. Some photos, pink with a friend in red shoes. The boards that slit on three turns, the vans and bicycles. One is Tom, worried and sensitive. Pass the neighbours dressing hair. There was a tweed cap, see the notice for no smoking. Its bright on a white van, a look from dashboard says blue eyes. Chill morning treads out the stark night. Forward smalls in hand with mums and carers, wop tiny hats to whirl mornings. Separate flux of day’s gait stop to cross by green safely.
Iron railings always by lofted trees for cars turning shally doctors or ones that learn. Ten minute roundabouts, each can potential. Shoes rested on ankles jut the flower bed. ‘Morning’ sheen barriers lift and tuck the parkers in, engines roll at nine am. Squalls of gas purge open cares, a way to do life whatever. It gets up to speed limits or indication. Eaten breakfast, memorised quotes, glued labels, piranas on TV. Sarcophagi fathers in capped boots, clipboard and a spending pen. If the worry trolls a bleak corn the simple con of moving jams braces.
Don’t squalor a hoax reception, like graceless ums at someone’s nose, foolish shares of narcissism. Someone walks by the deal to think what squares them as darted glancers. So an eye shares a smile in self profusion or challenges an out stead humbug. I saw you on my way to work, not the classic group that fates a shot with turkey, meetings or tonic. Whether I saw the way yesterday and passed it off stooping to the same clinch that means overalls and bin lorries should turn and will turn in abundance. When sniffs shove supposed upbeats and change stride, one that daddy wore up the aisle, or cast humours of sun days, Grecian to the jerks that eat salsa.
I take the big magnum for the show of no feelings, the big man soundly nods his own intention and cheap cream guilds wrappers on aluminium. Perhaps that is to certify how the mongoose, in bounding circles treads to catch a tail. Counter fiction is brave, so choosing pawn food seems inarticulate. Ye that bit spatchelor toward stairs, upwards to another lounge, tingeing two tears of glue between walking the counterfeit and sound without telly. Solihull is usual, Farnham, Reigate, then elbows and benign wares that wait or stall or morph their tiny show.Spiral Six
The association cares to mention tailored patterns to the syndicate at lunch pleasantly seated. Some distress compounds the fringd, stapled at large with stereo pins. The conservatores of good jam go on in winter’s determine, patting fur, stamping napkins to replenish turquoise vats. Other consumers shop evenings.
Each turn to confound goes with poetry and art. The workshop extends a milk delivery section to cows tha mood fancy. Livened parks do latch gates. I have a phobia, prompt, checkout, a gloomy confessive greeting for turn. Feeding and refreshing to switch lanes, market truths, apply choice and seem benign to buy a complete set variable to condition, worth and weight.
A beautiful day has been wasted to the task of a packet felt pen, some Polyfilla, an unfit roller and a sketch book. Online card management have enabled their new system for my card balances, manageable, quotable, saleable or other to temp ratings aroundd the locality. Still these are better to the family seed, apparent, disloyal, opaquely odd to congratulation among selves of copy mind. Footsteps haggle shares of answer, slights of age to gargantuan waste creep their swelter.
Short medleys achieve perpetual wash and tumble, assist the hand. Leary pointers bound to whisper sorry to schedule an escape, maleable to death if only. Whose to team member, lobbing stages to centre, endlessly speaking on the silent run, kid in flood, the separate din. The point is to spend a person. A million suburbans in rest when Cynthia thinks wisely. Singular pickle jar crammed among mustard pots and subsequent plans. Method brilliances in hard, better hsoaled in tribe await celery.
Precious, an import waits after much business. Round inscriptions wrap with glue. Persistence is best in frieght, smalls to each leg stand planted. Somewhere between grave and conduct laughs good morning. Emerged strain becomes an honest shunt, TV switches on. A ruthlesss match for scenery constructs ther terrible and good. Bogeymen come clean with credit.
Should have gone dogging, its boring here.
Shouting Arial.
The magnificent stay does the weekender good, a gender of courses to meal and compliment. the seminar of plain living stretches the week of jobs to do. Positions of tenure to lettuce and carrot won’t join canned fish and soup necessarily. Plain rounds of inhabitant circle the annual plan, battoned on physician roundabouts. Someone sits across to list the vegtables, ham cum salad portion decree. Little else stretches the fool. Constant backstops fielding in the demi haze, carruthers andd lambert.
A day not pronged with proven wrong will greet the right holiday. Operations fill the castle, none but bricks to trust leading stairs to floors and rooms for the wandder’s gait of call and knock. It is wrong to magic when the facct bared rises in splinter, the finger pointing. Trubadors bolt shut larched by laquer and coal’s fossil youth pointing rings that fell. Horizontal are boats all fevered in mouldy tropic set aside as boons offering piccnic spots, places to rest and disposals of other stuff. See the leopard sking, the bag jape of name, some prams, omens of passage along walk’s river. This face attires the wind in all forts of doubt and ridicule, both armed on presumption of the same, namely reluctance. A poutish nape cranes forward, wan and cheery swallows the chin, a bit muzzled, sometimes bursting on hello caper storing to checck whether the aliate mend will notice harbours flout. Big escchelon chevrons that cusp air’s compliment, soothing turbulent, minnows, wading blowing fish. It must be upwards, polish and preen, carnival cclose with stares that lid fresh boxes. Without them regurgitates lesser fashions wail to conceive marshal plans again. The sparrow frets then sooner twangs light pastry with hoops, clamours aloft of solid mirk, in facct the mettles of resonance withstand. Such is an upper crust, call it toast or garden.
Project the most distant event and walk away. Conspire against your surroundding, object to doubt andd condemn the close face open pages. The proper day is tenure to contract. Usually get sent back for the pin, something to do with missing a step, a tribal glance, a myriad of these all hailed to the prop of digit wavering equals the wrong sum. Of course that’s all after big green monster or such like so tipping scales ponder, bemused at the relic bridge begorged or original link. a squashed nose is early squeezed somewhere less desperate of effluent sembling to tidy scattered tissue, recommence the game, adjourn to vending pleasure, tease the bag, fill to jostle, a leg to cross, a dimple cheek. Any word beginning to ail shall be trivvial, a jot, unruly furl.
Disgrace is known by countenance so learn copy to begin for happen mends over again. Singular pose does the flounce, an acrobat croons and servants pounce upon measure so monday’s morning shall telephone. All inspire to grout a smooth mould unperterbed not misled further from grief to sincere’s own. Bashful vengeance clouts a song, all minisculed radios set to or alleys that under feed. The bad wronged foot of pointing short routes expire, cooling generous posts of steel blasted instantly and hoped to their monument. A consequential beam now trodden, routed. Trails behold nobs and deflectors, marsians presume files and preselection Hurried gates keep unwanted andd turn among cripple stops wih darkness. A house is seen to care.
The face is angered to be forgotten. The puce shades astonishment from hurt or mildly lips an idle glare, cough’s jettison seems to squander. On balance a broaddsheet steers history furher apart from nibbles junketted in square packs, a splendid flavour. Rounds hereafter will continue speckles arm, fancy plait, bookish hide, corrugation. Myriads of likeness from school, scopic to first whims and trial to be cool. Ikbahl steps aside to introduce false gain, patience is lost to overall strain. Brand new chadd for placement. Potted and occupied, each agenda has a spool of real time settled wih love and gorged by reference. A safe secret in arm’ss length hands food about, carries bags andd pricks among times to shred elder worries of convenience. A level to be doted inquires science and superstition wit tit bits parcels of overture and man came from the jungle bringing conservation, not slash and burn.
Eager ploys expert lingual prose chasing mettle gloom from harmony. A massive expedite from Guinea to New England aged with twenty fears to parent. Multiply those with crowdsin a room, nominate the most poignant and spray odours to a tune. There’s Bach and forward drivel awaiting for commencement. parlance and eye shaddow steely nerves and nonchalance. Teh room dissipates leaving the most bored aloud with injunction never permitting their own false entry.
For Bejams and microscope some laquer stoccks exodus with riddles and spires, many alcoholics. Outsiders breach coates weather and depart, snails in confluence and bitterly cold confidence. Trails of spilt milk and enterprise totting consumation as hard bargain go solemn under hammer and tong. It was alarming to hear in capture how ten past ten was theirs down on invention, ho ha for a slipstream. Galloping among hoarse cantations of recovery peeling new skins to bone, foraging for peaches.
I have two ideas that you won’t like me which expels yours from examination. Good seasons of revelation arrive out of costume war torn, hardly or provocative. Bend ones are unfashionable, value is simply written out of context, exeunt. The chase is on time, tethering blindd reins a slow coach creeps after in some leisure to bogging. The stage oach grips a pint for mimmick and for stead. Real players bound like dogs. Doing what was done earlier not in the senseof yesterday but last year, not by frequency but watching oldd dogs. A handsome given fo the room’s measure of streets between. Met customs adorn every hope. Pointers extract and collude various diaries to pen the navigate of someon’s laugh. All catcch on stowing books, paging their ties to document. Mark surprise with workshop, a common study. this lens travels breadth chested among nipple pimples, roasted pigs cold skinned coins to meet stairs hidden. Satisfactory to conserve an observation fools with ice cream. Sugar sweet sings to an empty spoon, travel sways.
What is going to do with all the litter. Wrapper sheaths to fun days or broken down pajamas, siple tunes that blasted out to stop for. A pen is longer with an ended nib, some go AWOL for blue to dry, others do’t mind an airing. Tuck scrawls for lookish curls.
Let the old dear cross the road. Is this a wise move? Let the dish be vegetarian is it that they let you? Send out regrets that merge the paste of time in lieu. Sup on half a pint, mend the coat, see the nose of Hoskins few. Entangle striving to be good’s timetable, helping burglars. Appeasing the front of text in bold instruction. Respond and resist. An umpteenth brother from arm’s encounter, mind the old trend with quavers.
Mentally everything’s fine. Just been on a trip to near lewisham, not Lewisham but Hither Gren as the most available train in station. The News of he World has put a junciton on the day’s gloom fantasy that screens me with child and man calling together. Perpetual sickness has the inspiration to clamp the passage of turmoil on ordinary glum. Situations could be more complex than minding trash.
Independent repelland on good things, nightly defined to worry actual sheep, the mud search clove clusters gated pens. A biro nib stubbornly amends the standing play. Drawn voices to scope the seated view. Something obvious to repeat our hands join. Stepping a through gilded poem, a lily smiles the giver clasped stems.
Draining pages on good sense, a slow affair wondering all doubts to reconcile crew, operatives capture their flares in the wind. Paper is the same, stacked in boxes, even baked potatoes carry the slum. Blue turquoise walks the same route to lunch. Traffic whizz tops the concrete rail. A computer logs to welcome but the chairs are new. Same dusky trind about the milk fridge and kettle. Strides and people matching tinsel and brocade. Fluffy eyes along ledges, an apple woman hunches. the ledge of Pinnochio tends filing to quiet blues. A lady was there first morning, settleing stacks at his feet. Up and down point lifted waits in the hall. Better mirrors andd a radio now. Bleepy passes, similar huddles, ones that sit by costume, bucket pitted to cardboard displays. Nexxt month Cinderella goes balls, Mickey gets framed, parcels bleed colour to rooms and skewey lies become legend. First a wink shuttered on the slit that few swear by.
Choose the silver thread lending a bare palm’s catch. A foot stool rases the face that stow. Buttercups and meadow flowers. Leaning squares the unforetold, petalling manners with disregard. Stands on end with tiny duration as green fodder on the eye. Only bark grows by year, the sap of cork or leather hide. Strip jumpers twice in wool to autumn’s clip of a plane tree. Somehow there’s farming, crop ridden of oldish tools hung about rusticc sheds wit diesel and grime’s mud. A million summers. Stops of hay twang the open bale. Horses kick the steep hill. A passage stores the doleful yell of gulls from sea. Clippety trots along the rut heaving a belly in raspish leaves. A curlew and guillemot. Sheep forward by the roadd, old women understood multitudes in starry height. Back to the pen scribbles crooked teeth in tow to cryptic fog. Never wish to see the shooting star. Chrome phrase has now outshod stealers boots. fast curmudgeon drives at coloured post. Carving swerves a bended gradient peels the low river. Cat slabbing for a pretty hearth on paper. Sheds that cclout private waste with shelter. Some needs are all season above grand finale, consistent for pledge.
Registration smiles now that phase two passes by the small sailor boy piped among the quaded air, ways to sing an early rehearsal. This gate’s brand hasn’t spoken particular shade of rice but subtle care is required on vengeance which mustn’t appear in idle thought, sifting dolly that she is fair. A walk of guilt andd low presumption goads the ferris wheel to sequence. Steady rise steady fall, one stops the ready pier. Quiet discourse, an allowance of negotiate slamming many effervescence in spun shots of bias and irony.
Spoil the page with a snag, a simple cue to haggard and rag. Another somehting idle spooned in faring pudding. Cream dollop possibly custard, some whip or cheesecake snared in company. Passport plates of dill and cheese, jam donuts wrapped in spam of egged scotch. Seasoned people with delicate pairs of goods and don’ts. Messily gets by with hazard appeasement and faulted jokees. As soon is lynched to square the room, furnish buts or sing with dues pattering through with leavened crust and piles of marbles. Teh swan token paddles by a disused boat hoping to bank and lend grace for a scrap of bread or worm.
Buy the small peas from Tesco but not bird’s eye. A faction of bisuit creams replenish their wares. It is good they are spoken for and Simeon is younger. Muscle pies are longer, more and less hard wearing. A jostle disperses a throng. The essence is out of tact and a brawl ensues of drink and tambourines elsewhere. The upshot remains shopping sprawled in tired grey aisles of comfort or tea bags making for a bus home, bartering with vacuums great exodus and bacck hauling supposition streams of doubt, much sarcasm.
Obliterate layers glue themselves with baking in a gas oven. Dash circuits glut upon cheese straws, light and flakey single to nibble, harder to chew. Foliage stirs in plain breath breathed form whirring clouds. teh gate is bolted and swing sbetween latches. Once is left unshut. A stern clue is blwon away, out it soars on Debbie’s ears crossing her dog across the park. It will not be succh a spoof to cure her sight. Having always seen onions to cry a wedge steepens her fall of tears. She lifts a careful fork to balance then belches from swollen peas. Then a while, then wha’s mine is yours and give it me so. In actual fact the rhyme is complicated, a password for the jessicas to separate leaving jessica sultry from a gormless youth. Non gluttanous craving stands to thatch primrose nd harebells. Sleek reeds obscure the brim, there’s a patent on what the skirt becomes. Mode then strives off sweat and persil cuts that meet ebbs of Joyce from work, a doric column stair, nag opiates of learn and care. Because the coffee is warm the morning has begun, shortly steeps in porus cues.
What is acctually said accords habit, a nonsense of the undone could warp our progress with afffection. It is undoen that a quiet mind spends worry. Crucial apprehension learns to steer. Careful bedroom manners wary of carpets from catcching splinters, drawing the close of shifting curtain. Lap over slit daggers of light, rescue the pillow. Bart does it all wrong and has gulps lemonade in swill to check for floating beasties. An opinion here is a wasted answer to clarity fix. That’sll do a bright star faccing. More fluting. Along Oxford Street in the grey and dead, a petty jumble consumes a pride of being alive. Malevolent shuffles beat tawdry skies. Seals of purgatory on every bag. Forragers task their smiles on winsome plates of glazed lots. She is going there to the table of slicing spam, to the conference of toilet seat ingesting and savouring bladed edges where spool blinds freedom. A studied air of print remarks coloured boxes to complete diction. An asterix man blows a square tune. Teh ploy is for agreement that nobody learns without a twitch, scruples burn without a scratch.
An appalling day contineues. The front bench is un padded, Beckett wnders with an arm crooked head. Fevers are keen to join osteoporosis but flesh is undermined by saturates of flux and the holy ghost flattulence. Barbara is made to walk alone through danger to save pennies, sober up and review her current state of play. Nothing untoward crosses path but the act is newly humiliating in a lack of posture. A struggle transtressed doesn’t leave the same view but tries to cross tack, knit or compare with later. Difference is deadended in marshal’s compromise that saw squawking is feisty and informative. Manly favours do port and cheese. Fetch and elbow flutter of relent and then line painter.
Although a given situation owes itself a host, manners and compliment can usurp the can. An ordained word with methodd learns a colloquial phrase, sais quoi grows up on it, spoon fed, unwondering till banquet shorts the table for closer ears to hand. I never go anywhere but straight sets. This is a secret discount. Wailing flesh adorns jelly or mint sauce. The cattle are lowing. There is time to repeat a week every year. Passenges eclipse trodden stars. Fro that man things are lighter. He doesn’t say why, only the light. Shared toothpaste dogs worse breath. Twinkle toes has boots and a mascot. Women’s liberality woves the trousered hem, scuffing for his laces. My point of brethren is narrative to films of oil. The buttered side up is but aside. Tiffany hollers in her well of despair. A shared washing pact of old pants linger on a complicted escape route. Theirs is walking beside the leg of correspoondance. The nich market explores for diamonds and fuel or twenty seven p for half a pint when milk is priced as beer. My own competence exceeds the resource of written stem upon instructions to search. The alphabet is learned to me. Paste and stick won’t keep up the hostility. Take in children among subterfuge, elements repair.
Invisible parts crop small debts. I will not meet Debbie again. planed actions that bring me here sanctioned with leaden debate. past rooms with biscuit wonder same creams on separate plates. It is harder to swallow conjured balls of disregard the populace of problems. shanty papers flay Staccy thinking ahead till Friday. A quest abides Archdeacon on numbered days to catch. Let enemies fall drinking songs with fellow arms. The ones here are good with known hobbies, team birthdays and sonar pitch. Advised is parody entertained. He thata flows on slight of foot climbs air for a view. Sobriety knocks at doors and faces rules.
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What is this to Freud?
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I say seafood sauch and laugh helplessly or watcch the back of an aisle for close shoppers. Its a minor jar like the classic stem of shaeffer or the hindrance of short change. An undotted eye blazes exclaim to rescue me. this dinge is forecast and prelude. It marvels at peach suite fortitude. Old cynic needs a red bag, meals with stranger ccounts heaving upon front lined jingo for a following year. Rains of Africa coat November here. Loss is a heavy precaution. Wallow bathers in ultra norms, the statutory pylon, the touch unwrapped or dressing. There’s one cigarette andd three bananas accounted for by Friday’s wage. Life floats on cowardice, we go for a walk, dogless with friends in the sky peg of Chardonnay picking for grapes along the tow path. We’ll set the man at fear housed in vertigo gathering lungs on wind bars.
Make out if the high is a joint and people can swim through tracce and suction. Charging mind on glare and imposition. Blackbird hops at deepest rest. The emblum lives discreetly, packets of fudge to the cinema. A budhist iss enough to send a Christian sight seeing. The Christian is unrul and bound by common law. Bud ducks a snake learnign English by the flute. Christ lights up and stubs his toe. Floor boards that stripe a brazen kitchen serving vats of tea to homeless pews. Candles and beads of sweat remark vespered ivy. cotton gins plough the stole armoury chanting sins from valiant knaves. ike goes with bud to cushion heels or wash without watered clears. Something stucck leans on a pitted ear. Fag ash or lemon beer an untouched cup grows mould. Plates of tripping up flask the snare. drones fledge the scarcity ham strung to bones and mouths that reach. Watch the candle it burns, people arrive, this ferris of postponement. Dug gravelaxe of po faces and grim strom always quiet self brutalised. Beauty’s not yours, it growson pleas of man’s desire, a pretty neighbour to lovely song.
The race is lost on me, spiralled with incompletion. One man says ready set go, crack fingers of sublime prose walk among dead leaves. Join a book club, refrain from lonely turn, as garters gape the sock. Miss Onion savages a slow braid. Deliberte steals of syncopation, boated veins that chug tailing stern arms that hug. Nonsense is short, funny losers climb the strain. An explanatory shoulder cribs the causewy, its Thursday from abysmal proof of wandering by a closer edge. An inconglomerate peel tiles language and bonds a pretty after show. Cold bodies are somber too if the peach can only blame a sultry part with odyssey to endeavour.
Risk of brotherless, to the offers of children there is no qualm. Assurance lives to bargain, these hand fists make puttywrits to roley poley. Arias can only warn. Ahead seethes with promise to doubt but at least eleven thirty seven is on time. Set outs bring voyage to line seting the various pari for noted again. Why does the council graph the burly lead? Young John peeves with rage and knots his tie. A grooming kit nibbles a topless sandwich. Fahrenheit is in West Six, hamster scoots the earthen shape, nothing wrongs the caper.
Its an English problem patterened to read stilts of episodes to perfect lunch or welcome stan. That English describes our time exchange. It learns easily when marble cake laughs too. Reluctant fate gets shovelled tto occasion. This is the occasion that sped four year lapse, people drift to caution one way and the other, its been doen. Thre’s a section under the road where the woman walks past. There’s the collect box of a token bear, don’t ignore it. There’s a way to reach the gastric pub, stoop too low and the hing squeaks. Dine all alone on a single yam, scale blesses conversation. Shudder yanks and posey claims to be ignited. Shrunk at the pit hangs a small unbrella. Shoved backwards over a shoulder teasing canvas drips with smart bounces. The cafe fills leg rooms about the bar,, most with dark trousers all sort shoed and pacing for a seat. Khaki tops in Cuba. There’s a single flower in polythene held in bleach tipped curls by a man dark browed and ool hatted. Where can the seating plans go? 26 Julio flanks the fridge opening beard as he’s passed by a black liner. Men coupled with spectacles move left while the blender shreds ice and la bamba gets the speaker. Nothing but chaos where people concern their pleasure. Its conservative to estimate the seated house. Tables that stash end to end seat the hen tapping tils of terracotta. Throngs at night play havoc needing to be seated soon or feeling spare. I don’t have to drink the bottle here on a chari. Grub on a jumper bibs the salsa, so many clothing tokens. The good prop the bad and ugly. Tea cups on plates not saucers, neatly scribed history plethoras with rain’s wet charis. Banana satchesl through a breezze door, less than an hour ahead standds the Messiah, walls are yellow and iron legs scrape, a star on the door has the place.
Marie Cuthbert Heggarty has no job. She sits in a wooden floored flat above oppostie a chip shop breathing dust and contemplating decor. the family base ignores prides of middle England dishing fat stores of heraldry to tasks of cooking lunch. Strange obstacles imbue the rites of passage as Marie struggles to uncover her tru worth. Abduction stands in the face of prospect gathering non selections in greedy palms. Fastidious plans of science grasp on swallowing pauses to proclaim the world will never know th eunremembered. Its just as well that destiny gets confused. Should fair traderswalk to be bemused? For example, the prisoners of silt owe much to the delta but modern toasters re required in Egypt. this is the sort of reason that ddenies Marie of a good view of Alexandria’s library and she as a result presumed guildy of arson’s blind stupidity. Displacement schemes keep Marie honed to drowning under water at sirens mercy sub torrent and meniscus. She entertains battle ships and talks in speech bubbles. This is Marie at the lighthouse beaming distance to folk on shore, scanning mostly water in fright while frogged lies across the straight hope to whurr and land. Its jsut a dusty flat problem when the sea is calm, the way mosquitos and fuzzes plight the bright cone. A yellow flat on the golf course could play fairweather, then zebras, of course the horse is in the wood.
I can smoke the same way as you but we blow different clouds. I can sit cross legged and reflect where I choose. A blast sidles for company, it could be breaing wind for free range eggs. The rip of paper lights fires to stare to the transfixed word for fire is shelled. Smoking kills, the joint is passed to several overs.
Summer is awake to break frost in that margin tram that whistles balls across the net. Tennis indoors has board listeners to fundd. Reach for chocolate snapps back handed and nose pointed. Kick the fame of hobbled game, stashing the birds eye bounce and pray. No flight beyond college the knack of combing hair attends announcement and washing bravely. Sense to fold rules and vanquish slow treads. Sport bands pity to improve, not manners to swerve or dine late junction, spivving cues mask at hiding. One box of Pringles grasp splices of candy, yellow knitted jumpers at odds with gold and crisp, its easy to get over. Second sets of balls pong ping at larger problems.
After the bridge the same park but he walker frights the attention on a scurrying girl whose father ties laces by a rolling ball. Get up early charge two little boys of briht lit eyes. Servant ovservations that wait upon yesterday. The read book gets serialised cast for stranger eyes to agree whose next. That story better portrays a shot window, it doesn’t secure a legend on the ear, it can’t switch to disappear. Great Dane says got any children on board the number nine. Although he’s just an uncle his mobile won’t top up. Harris turns out to be tennis and the old over sixty sits ahead of centre court obscuring one man from play. He’s left for the angled view up top and the sulker fets beaten for threatricals. We spoke about this years ago but it was forecast on the impression of Zulu flight.
135 High Street, Portobello.Spiral Seven
It its not then don’t call it.
Who are the company installed and seated talking in foliage bequest? Wheres and ifs compete unseen around on furniture ples kerthlunking weight cabinets on manage slots and winking. Joan looks for Simson and Brookside, shadding potato famines to holiday in York. The B and B does not move refurbishment the way summer idles rain with fixture. This was the seventies pushing on the eighties to Joan’s Anne now recptive at Who. Margins rock staggers generosity. Hamble barrow’s norhtern tarn evades molecular twant matching soot andd ties neath crust and led. Anne scavenges fashion preferring sharkety to friends in brawl.
Fort neighbours live separate eyes on stalkss laburnum or green edge. Statute banishes Marg from warning Greek citizens with vote badges gardening. Long after Stacey’s two year diploma the filing grows her nails finely peach and pearled alone from hagged claws and scrub racks. Locum birds in squalid pari might offend awning tools for pass time’s worry that should twitter lethargy on people tongues.
Basket rent announces ransom Mr and Mrs do hop squattage regularly spending Sirs, dropping bath hellos acrosss gnome’s wall, though single then to account for. Mileage impetus accords pride with travel. Here and there bus leans in retrospect collecting Sonia with bags filched by long stares in queue and learning to befriend. Swot condition anomalies club classic gratitude on back stop for full rounds more. Lended stature staples porn that blink hysteria stumbles on. Remark fallow codes faour to the wash and yarn. Pet fondles worded string beef and knots for smoothing, living countryside, the opaque and green weekend of clod. Remedy bookds along toll exchange eclipse hands amongst warranty. Individual rumage lenthens milicent confiscation to spiralling rungs on borrowed cues. Hagg symbiosis accords old flu treatment, there in blond slime lending papers, jots and touching eyes. Freckled relevance banks Davis a second look, he reaches left on the smudge door, never to assemble corrective advice through or between a march gait.
Cretinous goodness plagues fair trrade on cavalry quads trickling dance exhaust only thinking to parmesan topping. Illusion has established. Back waters go episodical providing mean hold’s tenure on fruitioin There is only one maze. Trap’s importance exceeds rhyme chancers curdling prong inquiries of flash photography. Bay city pleads in gardens knighted and desolate on fringe benefits. No food allowed in the library costs pancetta the umbrella fold of stripe and triangle, Nadia always begs for pie. Luck upon sleuce is regular morning, not the token of illustration boarded with reading certitude. laddy plant indefinitely chooses to confirm climbs basence on the girl from square two. There on third person argument burns favour layered on council fillet, impatience and non sequitor. Leaning paranoia’s bum goes naked in showers. Stupid forgiveness eliminates cause to self implode. Dear Clare’s expenses shard and splinter, good for hamsters turning mills. Shy mongery buries hay neatly staccked in housed barns. Marsupials and rodents adjourn pet hatreds lingering stows in buried leisure. The middle row presumes farming to the same page through easy twinkle gardens in loud clothes. Reverie interrupts absconscion to B, the pod unloads the staggering legs fairly out skirt but less than twenty minutes. There’s plot agains scavenging, toadd fills diaries under stones. Won’t treacle be surprised to find sponge in green without halo? Absent guests scalds toast with failures to register. levy school dinners balk upon fools impaired even when mid life expects yawn to gape vintage. Muscle enlists contingency on surprise. Blow procedure castigaates an equal state. Bert drops in from time to time, then sags bevvy pew amongs three particculars that won’t age and can’t repair.
Game accords loom buoyancy to ha harm factory. They’re buying up sensitives and swadding homes. Girl that picks noses best smells unlikely. Adenoid clarity settles a jar for Uncle Trevor’s tank attempt. Interns aportion striven crow’s admonition upon Catherine Wheels by fizz again pop. Swathes of the unpaid match explosion. Spectacle ordnance compares with congregate bricks and mortar. Fresh pasted eats and chews unload work surfaces. Neat contamination stands ajar. Mildew rings home around coffee cluster’s brave visit in micro granule import, semi organised in solitary lip disposal. Anxieties deny pack residence to site evictions based pon lunar swathe muggery. Make a bland cup of tea, pass it on.
Burgers share nicely in France, cream is traditional. Harpenden is exclusive and selfish. Spurs acknowledge the passes about fern bends. Boils float from depths of several metres. Submarines lends aquafer through bolus capacity, studdy locals trawl seasons. Entirely busy all year goes to the four star ball point pen. Renew he carpet. Common spit furnishing spleends example interruptions through guest ledgers in modern herds clawing laymen confluence, tubercular neuroses or homeopathy.
Anger man’s wall came down at school, telly in corner all darkness drawn of curtain. There’s feeling in boxes hacked and baked, all of us glared back with tooth. Man paroddy reads aloud interpol, tinker’s chemist pestle maleate in stone. Rains cats and dogs on cold shrew and story. Send aboard commands farce of come and go, practically ritual to form disclosure. Ethan holds fingers, Pru does palms, Chanddos arrets, screw turns arms, throngs ignite ccompulsory ingratitudes with fear team dunces. Recline magnanimously to qualify enormous farms and canopy.
LMNOPQRSTU in the name of majesty, police with nobs on, gob stopped some years on from normal.
I read and write in front. Relish he starter, confound stewardship.
All day detest goes busy thief. Told through extreme, trellis ensues. Briar hickstead, fency port laureate on six legs or eight limbs, freud, sebastopol’s tale, leather clads, iron shoes and bran cantering. Pay and display, RW, FF, PAUSE, STOP, EJECT.
The end is when pop comes radion concertina, bum humming decade truce affiliate. Jangle opiate is now through with fetching sticks.Gusseting stakes the old laddy of liver and bacon. An every man catch of ketchup haranguing circumpsection brazen protection, reflection. This paddded coat hanger marvels later potatoes went and so did pea. Most of the gravy, all the bacon. Liver left over bits untouched. Magnetised agenda door, pleasure kins me Roundelwood and trubadore. Inches and pastry, so what? Let getting on incline Fats Domino.
Don’t realise what they like. Me no populace, right congealment wet in sand.
Leading prayer
Just about had the future of human nature.
Gonna eat more than is expected of one then think of sea lions, remove parcel tape, sit diagonally, read a passing bus, keep the cell phone on, toilet from one cheek, wink at the floor without realising, do the pocket thing, read green slants, caress is advertising. Then doggy woman croceries counts for Liverpool passing the carrots with fruit veg stacking to sweets and savouries else grand heirlooms want custard blue.
I’d lik two pounds, in go the cherries.
Backward sympathy isn’t wanton. Route 492 does well on petrol but dynamite won’t change the Orient. Camden extends north from London Zoo. Place is w east square to survey, why the bricks and mortar angle well.
Wind blows and trees buffet. Floppy benches to fag butts there scalpel confuses Excalibur’s voided sheath. Fools to laymen spreadd on the death of prackerty Edwards, game boards of Saturday shop that began on gingerbread rescues to terminal waste.
Figures of speech become themselves. An opportunity, the discout, towards the dining. Fluxes ingratiate poor Sabina’s emintale spell, neighbours qualify beatnik sheds.
They tend to set the shapes off with a bang or so. the so could be margins of anything strivetty little nib sets off in anxt at predication Bowls flatter the loud song symphony kettle optics alwayss asunder. Medium paste, a way of life. Solex, Baron Feltham, Code Hue, ho ha, downs to you, can feel a lurid sage of treason that says chase dismissed it them, its gone to harbour. Buzby encircles frothy derivations lynch on stobs old remedy and the wench in time discovers. Persistent French renaissance goes through lozzenge fetch attack, fetch, fetch!
Barns litter chroniccle sentence marshalling jumboid tolls for exacting commentary folicle chives.
Case emboldens the tram shaft freight. Cunning the wheel the floor is black, simple attacck. Meaure the stead bacckwards as a days’ work, vent holiday swines extra flumes.
Spot is incredulous, wonders can’t see. Malcolm givverish hurls extra holidays. Shout the case accurately, square the trolley. Linear smudge heckles crispy tears to wrong the room sample accountancy. Spring to reason clips a daily scrape, normal crew mis toad with leisure, spreads and sprinkles keepy marry awake. Electra peels quips in jars, it is three am. Gifted snorkelling, bream, pik and carp, stick with non fiction. Carnaby trails through, MacIntosh. There’s a bit about Stalinese cause to plough adverse condition. Specks of composite adjourn the narrow furrow, crazy optimism melange in stew. Tape academy press forward on pate but cows continue to moo. This quietens a room.
Deserve four biscuits
Maxine starts to draw idioms in straw berry trifle. Subversives reach tools for cold trifle, flavour emulsifies. Thrown away on bad things the sort is spare on short change. Nail clipping season centimes.
The guy that killed the cop stands in the back yard illustrating a good episoe of nineteen eighty in the nineteen seventees, here is the waiting room. Fair Sassenachs approach turf with caution to the marcch of escapade. Things go in box sets after rounders andd port years after fields of goal and racquet chock chps after ddark sequest furtive nomadic excavation. It ain’t true, these blue pens and forms. It ain’t true to neighbours.
Suitable for vegetarians keep refrigertored ddo not freeze 375 gram e 3 times 125 g display until Use by 04 APR 05 APR Sainsbury’s Three Strawberry Trifles made with fresh cream.
Maybe Brando ain’t cream.
Obligation to read pathetic line to honour the specter’s creed. More than chapter one, a paragraph shares intrusions signature. it was by Dickenss that Clarissa does stealing interprets with folk she ain’t met nor breathed on, and is glad for award. No Mussolinis pair the jacket sobriety on such exaction to print. There ain’t much ye can say on a jar o’ Dolmio. Maybe TV complements meal courage but they sky is full of dishes. Atlas goes abroad slinging plates with finish.
The rod people’s ultimate bark is strip poker. Ye’ll git the li’l bism. Broom custody parks outside a devotee in question. Chase has gone on for years and jolly effectively too. Even bitch wenches pas respect on baton pokery, snivelling humble onions, reaping the body toll just for a stool to sit by. These are he aganoid brethren, keen cconfessors of example cards, heart handed on un unsuspecting plants.
Melody trips on the verge gaping at swans of sparce Fulham wayss. In the bones and spirogiro, plenty Curdish gestures, many sweet potatoes, always march is march, a bottom line goes for blank.
The shape of delinquency maybe bags to match. A staple holds togehter, premonition under duress, a simple forge, staking onwards with voltage. Pants on at night in summer some notice a different bum deal,, sort of normal embarrassing than infinite guardianship. What was reading was thre alreaddy before eyes set on before take off but conditioned to report.
Ah every night garrison is harmful but overcome. Morning faces then a collation years on during horizon eclipse, collation charts progress by rake, steal autonomy conjuring black Xs for zen target. No injury by chart and seal appeal.
Realise a starting point with care instructions how to was, store, console or enjoy, then go. This is a gues, a very secret label, top recognisable tto pick from a drawer.
The stand await, a path clears a passer by. Worm becomes a letter on luke warm, so and so is a moron. That’s how the sum chats at table, then empathy stakes them to unofficial moron just a loser namely to family like strings off burnt toast fed birds as an odd custom, one that feathers unofficial rot with apparent displacement. Socks inside out and the force of button pushing, all mysteries to serial.
Cheyvy asks on so and so’s of the loser that allows burnt margins no comment but dandy or lw, then chevvy goes unrequited which is goood for less opinion. All three qualify in vague terms of speech, a complete outvurs smatters another fruit corner pouring the line of compliment on laws of physics. When putt greys the skin cliip a grain of sand is free. Endless people persist their canny fudge against shafted light, constantly blindd as black dappled as mould or cheese. Gung ho the flappy mothe on modern luminosity.
Somebody says you’re nice to your face, two sticks of lip balm, desert essences in production. Continual doubt welds hinges?
Planned adventure, the playground. Maizey asks permisssion but goes ahead swinging. Catalogue flow charts for an agreed measure, falling smiles, cruel sea, limbo, combustion, flattery. Periphic edge embalms a squal. Old nurse broods pigeon. We did these at the caravan site, did them and sped on presuming stationary with bright ideas shout louded for no comprimise.
Tidy whites at gym no use to ladders. Articles on faith custody, recitation pleasantry to foes ungone, splintered pickets pounded hedges, latticing diamond on half cues.
Amenity sanction gender castle, spike roulades bobbety throws maybe to tennis and swing. Radiance, the leisure fort quetens home to absence. properly stifle reads the question pleased amongst maids, the indigenous bow. Open a letter form idiot with forceps of boother. Tides of chum in parlance. Session plaits leading ply should earth falter to crevices. One river, a stow and underground stream all drinking bogs and trenches. If the sea drinks fresh, pain fetters congenial fish to wash without corn. Barry Manilow’s cod protection squad remove junk emblums, ones that plop fairy soap in shipment sweets.
The governor of rude stares sits and stands along the voley plain cult of addventure snacks, lowly bus cars, kipperty scotching, lemonade because the green man flashed. One chocolate pot for each glare punnet is blanced, furhter with peaches of waste accountancy half a league of becoming war.
Felicity half shines, mesmerines and chooses bubbles outside then burps. Queer, just so queer la defense apres. Mmm abduction of blur, mildew strangely magnetises home decor.
Resound the grammar, return to base the rounders match. Teddy strings boxers twee carbuncles to stroganoffs the marsian. Phileas sets the cheese sharing lunch.
You on corrugate rivets, you on tile, tile on. Help salesmen second act is harder hearing. Congest updikes yellow thicket, bigger stones more feasible to lather. Curious about the note. Special readership steams ahead. Trainee flava guzzles the float.
Museum, if it isn’t grudge the story crumbles. Multiple changery gets on without furry business about furry bodies in their ice cream buns. Departmental holiday core does anthology to expression. Mass emotives arrive in time for quarter plan, Gertrude chokes. People did wonder what she was going to do. An earthquake at ten am, sensitively gentle to alarm. Felt lined is the cutleery drawer, Blue Peter with lots of glue smears painstaking calamity noons of what on earth to do. This aspiration gew the hours of teenage with remarkable success. There was plenty position forward that no one seemed to use.
Polyfilla with on standing apprentice cries from Humberside, hysterical at snapping on offend a dwarf day says height ain’t blame level, so shrinkees gloat on super vision. Scrotum sneaks on back to timber, bottle handed after buzzrding. Last spotted hanging a right zoom for beverage. Presume the two returned for second innings a few pints later.
No bargains for cellular adjustment here, tis badd looking here besides the outer hoard. Brain chancellor lynch can’t be sustain cradled alone to Arthur Academy. Syllabus bleeds from here and Lennon bopping struggles in echo tempo. Noises love noises, volume is mine after battle phoned watercolour airplane for egg delivery sorts to dance ten rollers. Show business, Blake, training to see straight.
Antonio believes in daiy speed, curry to say freezing for winter lunch.
Symbols of an age, FACE, CASH, CREED. Open cards accords peril the nicest way according Satay the inference choice. Formula One’s aggrivement affords take over providing elopic triggers mindful of salesmanship. L’Oreal means to Antonio recap the red pen’s ghost for black credit fond of dealing happy faces, wok of horror.
Station people guard the vanguard for the impression path resumes. Path could be order, fixation, reaon, science, line, form, substance, expression? The east or west coast line’s 125 does 125 more than home county. Psychopathic orders of liver and bacon, the great mileage.
CrocSpiral Eight
The paper is thicker and the stip faces. Cluster and patience, the sun de chicken rubber, quiet folorne season, then vestibule do bites correctly. Guard stupor ensembles quirk talk the side hub quad, record, galleon reception, gather gather PORE.

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