Dundee Rep; Aside

S’ever sir nice the way I’m standing out for a moment..S’ever sir nice   Arve gommie lights.  Arve gommie brights.  Light trazzers.  S’ever sir nice.  N that man’s waiting; eze waiting in the wings.   Arve gor me cant dam; three two one.   S’arve got me ingenuity.  S’arve got me understanding.  E love me.  We that loves me.  Then I sing.  S’coz ar says it rarte.  Slightly cannibal.  A bit Tennessee.  A bit bawlsy.  A bit sweet.  Cheering the quiet side up.  Then off they go.  Pelting outside for a fierce peanut.  Legging it softly for a soft spike of spirits and a cornetto.

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